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NOVEMBER 2011 | fyi 1

editorial A Lifestyle Of Worship


By Rod Long

have a passion for our Worship service. It is something that is very important to my week. I love what our worship teams provide for us, we are a truly blessed church. But what would happen if I didn’t have that experience each week? You’ve probably experienced that yourself sometime where you’ve been away from Kellyville church for a time and you miss it - you miss the worship, the study, the friends, the discussion and the laughs! You can’t wait to get back there to experience the corporate/family/friends worship time with God. What does that really say about our mid-week lives? Our worship is not confined to take place in a service once a week at church, that is just a constraint we put on ourselves! What we do at church is just one expression of worship. We go through our week, live our lives at work, school, study, sports and then come to church and say to our pastor or worship team … “get me connected again, get me back to that place where I am in tune with God!” But there’s something terribly wrong with that picture! At church, we usually we start worship with more of a praise song, then lead into more worshipful songs … in the hope that it leads the audience into a frame of mind where they can get connected again. But what would happen if everyone came into church already connected, in eager anticipation of worshipping God? What would happen if we didn’t ‘need’ a song, or need some inspirational words, or need ANYONE to do ANYTHING to get connected again? What if we had FOUGHT all week long for this connection to God because it is the most important thing in our lives? Is it really our worship team’s responsibility to bring us to worship? I believe we can treat concerts or special theatrical events with more worshipful reverance than how we treat our sabbath worship. We get excited all week, listen to the music, learn the words and arrive at the event well before it starts, well prepared ... ready. How amazing would our corporate worship be if we did the same?! Can you imagine how great it would be when we came together each Sabbath! Eddie Hypolite puts it this way: It’s not what happens on the 7th day that counts, it’s what happens on the six. Let’s make those six days, preparation days for our celebration of worship on the seventh. Inspired by Kim Walker – A Lifestyle of Worship


fyi | NOVEMBER 2011

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Home Grown By Martin Vukmanic Would you say that you’ve grown in your capacity to love God and love people this week? If you’re married, would you say your marriage has taken a step forward or backward this week? If you’re a parent, have you found a way to make sure your children know they are loved this week? The reality is, that what happens in our homes is way more important than what happens in a church programme. It is at home that worldviews are being set and are deepest values are made reality. Kellyville church really is the combination of lots of home environments where together we make a church family.

Church Is Like a Watering Can In his book, ‘It Starts At Home’, Kurt Brunner describes church programmes as being a watering can. Home is the flowerpot full of soil. If a plant does not have its roots in soil then no amount of water from the can will make much difference? Brunner outlines how churches are making themselves to be bigger and better watering cans however a lot of the energy is wasted as the plant being watered is not in soil. When the plant is in the soil then the watering can is vital.

The strategy will include development of tools that help people analyse the daily patterns of their homes and determine their next step and shape an overall faith development plan for their home. It will then include electronic newsletters, reminder tools, new resources and promotion of various existing resources to continue to promote the ‘Home Grown’ message.

Your Next Step? The Home Grown plan is not complicated - It is simply about taking the next step, whatever that step happens to be, in your home. It is anticipated that this one step will provide a stepping stone that then leads to more steps. Each home will probably have a different next step. Next steps may include: ◊ Eating at least one meal together as a family each week without the television on. ◊ Parents praying for the child as they drop them to school ◊ Parents praying in their drive way, to be an effective husband and father, before entering the house after work ◊ Developing in a particular heart building habit personally or as a home ◊ Using various resources for a creative home worship time at least once in the week ◊ Cutting back on screen time to create more ’together’ time. ◊ Using a marriage resource to take a next step in the quality of their marriage, ◊ Having a prayer journal for the home. There are as many ideas as there are people and each one step can be a starting point to moving in a more positive direction. Together we can make our homes positive environments for God to work in and combined that makes Kellyville an exciting church family to be part of.

Soil Is Your Home So, what sort of soil is your home? And how can our church support you in shaping lifelong faith? Kellyville church is working on a strategy, backed by our Conference departments, that is focusing on what it takes to create an environment that grows faith at home. Over the next little while you’ll be hearing more about our ‘Home Grown’ strategy. The aim is to have each home in our church family make changes to become a more positive environment for faith development. This strategy includes every person in our church family. Whether it be a home with children, young people sharing accommodation, or a single person, we believe every home can take at least one step toward being a more active environment for faith development.




Kellyville An R U OK Church By Ken Long Have you ever received a call from someone asking, “Are you OK?” I have. I have a friend who rings me like clockwork every Thursday. While he doesn’t always ask the “Are you OK?” question, his constancy in caring about my personal and spiritual welfare is compelling. Staying connected with others is crucial to our general and spiritual health and wellbeing. Feeling isolated or hopeless can contribute to depression and other mental illnesses, which can ultimately result in suicide. Regular, meaningful conversations can protect those we know and love. Thursday 15 September, 2011 was R U OK? Day. It’s a national day of action which aims to prevent suicide by encouraging Australians to connect with someone they care about and help stop little problems turning into big ones. Gavin Larkin was inspired to initiate R U OK? by the death of his brother, Barry Larkin, a successful business management consultant who sadly took his own life. He wanted to have a day in which everyone across the country, from all backgrounds and walks of life asked family, friends and colleagues: “Are you OK?” R U OK? Day enjoyed tremendous success in its inaugural year in 2009. More than 1 million Australians took part in R U OK? conversations and independent research tells us that over 650,000 conversations took place as a result of R U OK?Day. In 2010, R U OK?Day generated more than 2 million conversations and over 700 organisations took place in the R U OK? at Work initiative, including the Commonwealth Bank, Rio Tinto, Queensland Police and Centacare. The vision of our church is to be a Christ-centred community church, a church which is known by its caring response to the needs of children, teens, youth and their families in our community. And one of the best ways for us to be a Christ-centred community church is for our church to be asking each other and those with whom they come in contact, “R U OK?”. Its noticing when church members are missing and giving them that R U OK? Call. It’s noticing when someone looks down and genuinely asking how they are. Its taking a meal to someone who’s been unemployed or lonely. Its supporting your friends through their grief or relationship breakdown. You see one day Jesus is going to return. All the nations will gather before him, and he will separate the people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. He will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left. “Then he’ll say to those on his right, ‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world. For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you 4

fyi | NOVEMBER 2011

clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’ “Then the righteous will answer him, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you? When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?’ “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whenever you asked anyone in your church or broader community, R U OK?, you were asking me’” (based on Matthew 25:31-40).

East Africa Aid By Chester Stanley President – Australian Union Conference The Adventist Church, through the work of ADRA, has an extraordinary opportunity to change the lives of some of the 13.3 million people affected by the unprecedented drought currently gripping the Horn of Africa. Thanks to the Australian Government’s Dollar for Dollar program, any donation given to ADRA Australia’s East Africa Drought Appeal will be matched by AusAID. But this is only available until November 30. I am concerned that the response of the church, and the Australian public, to this mega-disaster has been slow and limited. We may not be able to get the entire Australian public behind this cause, but we do have an opportunity to inspire our church members. I believe in ADRA’s ministry and the work they do extending Christ’s ministry of compassion around the world. ADRA has been active distributing emergency food and water supplies in a region with no other aid agencies present. ADRA is boring new waterholes, training water management and hygiene committees in schools and communities and targeting families with malnourished children to ensure they survive this drought. But more than that, ADRA has committed to the region for three years – the rebuilding process will be as long as it is important. This is a commitment they have made in faith, but they need our help – yours, mine, and the churches. I urge you to visit ADRA Australia’s website (www.adra. and their Facebook page ( ADRAAustralia). They have stories, pictures and video clips that you look at to gain a greater understanding of the huge issues at hand. As Australian Adventists we have the opportunity to make a real difference in what is perhaps the most needfilled region of the world. Any donation given to ADRA Australia’s East Africa Drought Appeal will be doubled by the Australian Government – but only until November 30. This is an extraordinary opportunity and one that we need to take up.

Love and Devotion By Adrian Peterson In 1989 a group known as M.C. Sar & The Real McCoy came on to the Eurodance scene in a somewhat mediocre way. Their first song, “Pump Up the Jam”, didn’t really make an impact on the charts, though they did make it to number 16 in Germany. This group, who you would know better as just “Real McCoy,” was the brainchild of producer and rapper Olaf “O-Jay” Jeglitza and the only song that would be remotely familiar is probably “Another Night”. Another semi-successful release was that of Love and Devotion. The “rap” section of the song goes like this. When a man loves a woman, a woman loves a man, Love and devotion gotta keep it if you can. A kiss, a smile, even when you cry, Everybody knows that we need it once awhile. So come on come on, you gotta keep it if you can. Love and devotion is the master plan. I’m talking about a wonderful emotion, I’m talking about a game called love and devotion. Although these lyrics are about as deep as a puddle I believe that the writer is on to something. “Love and devotion is the master plan” If you’ll allow me, love and devotion is the Master’s plan. The bible speaks how we “must love the LORD your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your strength” or said another way: live a life of love and devotion to God. But if love and devotion is the Master’s plan, what does it look like? For me, Christian devotion conjures up thoughts of pious believers reading their Bibles for exorbitant amounts of time and spending hours on end in prayer and fasting. As a pastor I feel somewhat obligated to share the wonderful benefits of copious amounts of scripture reading, and there are many! To be completely honest, I love reading and studying the Bible but any more than about 40mins at once and I get a bit restless. Some of you may think 40 minutes is child’s play and others would be asking ‘how can you sit for that long?’ I believe that Bible study is an important part of a Christian’s life but, it must also be in moderation, it must be part of a balanced ‘diet.’ Love and devotion is not meant to be a struggle. It’s not meant to be a chore, a hard time, or a drudge. In the rap stylings of “Real McCoy” “everybody knows we need it once awhile,” and yes, “you gotta keep it if you can,” but it’s not a “game called love and devotion,” we’re not meant to keep score, add up the points and try and beat those around us. The Master’s plan of love and devotion is the offering of your life, your hopes, your dreams, your uniqueness, all for the glory of God. Devoting yourself, not just your time or Bible study, but devoting YOU. So the question remains are you living a life of love and devotion?

◊ Start a general conversation somewhere private. ◊ Build trust through good eye contact, open and relaxed body language. ◊ Ask open–ended questions to discuss concerns based on their behaviour.

◊ Guide the conversation with caring questions. ◊ The more they talk the better. A problem shared is a problem halved. ◊ Don’t rush to solve problems for them. It is better to have a full understanding of the issues. ◊ Listen to the person without judging them as lazy or weak. They are trying to cope as best they can. ◊ Don’t give advice like “cheer up” or “pull yourself together” or “you’ll be right mate”. ◊ t is important to let them know that it is good they are discussing it.

◊ Summarise the issues and ask them what they plan to do. ◊ Encourage them to take one step, such as see their doctor. ◊ It is essential to follow up. Nothing changes until someone acts.

◊ People who are really struggling often find it difficult to take action. Therefore, it is very important to follow up on how they are going. ◊ Put a note in your diary to call them in one week. If they are desperate, follow up with them sooner. ◊ Ask if they have managed to take that first step and see someone. NOVEMBER 2011 | fyi 5

Baptism - Jordan Wright


fyi | NOVEMBER 2011

“Baptism is really important to me”, said Year 8 student, Jordan Wright. “I wanted to say publically that God was important in my life and I wanted to focus on being ready for his second coming”, he continued. Jordan has been coming to Kellyville church all his life and attended Wahroonga Adventist Primary School before transferring to Hills Adventist College where he is now in year 8. Earlier this year, volunteer pastor Adrian Peterson started Bible Studies with Jordan and friend Sam Long each Monday. Alex Magus, Nathan Hale and Mitch Partridge joined the boys group at a later stage. “We start our time with anything from basketball, to skating, to rugby, to pool, to Xbox” Adrian said, “then we study for about an hour and find something fun to do before parents arrive. We initially started with some basics about who Jesus was and what he came to do”. “Adrian talked about God and how he loves me and that made me feel very special”, Jordan said. “I decided last year to get baptised and I wanted to get baptised at Big Camp,” he continued. Adrian said, “Jordan made it clear that he wanted to be baptised so over time we transitioned into deeper studies including Adventist fundamentals. Now we are studying the Ephesians small group material”. In speaking of how Jordan has grown spiritually, Adrian reflected that “Jordan generally knows where he stands and pulls no punches. I believe that Jordan has progressed since his first studies and has begun to understand that we need to come just as we are to Jesus”. Adrian observed that that for him the baptism was a response, a public display for a personal, internal reality. “Jordan had accepted Jesus before his baptism. I just helped him declare it to the world”. “Since I was baptized I feel more confident and better about myself,” Jordan said. Adrian agrees: “Jordan has grown in a way that he is more confident and sure of himself, and this has allowed him to want to discuss the way that he feels. This allows him to identify where the areas in which he struggles, a rare thing for someone his age. He also has a better idea of where he stands with God”. Jordan is also “trying to be more respectful of others, particularly my mum.” Jordan loves coming to teen Sabbath School and is one of the most regular attenders. He finds that it is a great place to make friends and to feel the support and encouragement of others.

A Mother’s View By Jenny Wright During this period of Bible Studies I have noted how much more confident that Jordan has grown, he has developed his social skills and his spiritual life. I catch him sometimes in thoughtful prayer in his room and he has learnt that he can rely on God for when he is feeling down or stressed. Jordan had expressed his desire to be baptised at Big Camp for the past couple of years. He first went up the front at an altar call two years ago in the Teen tent. He really liked the speaker that year and ever since it has been his desire to have his baptism on the beach with his family and close church family around him. The day of his baptism dawned beautiful and sunny but unfortunately the weather deteriorated to the point that it was pouring at lunch time and the baptism was scheduled for 2.30pm. At 2pm we were considering postponing it till the Sunday morning but at 2.25pm it stopped raining and we made a dash for the beach. When we got to the beach the tide was in and we just had enough beach to all stand on. The sight of two whales resting in the background so close to shore just set the scene for a lovely baptism. My father opened with a lovely welcome and family members came up to speak about Jordan and his incredible strength to get through all the obstacles in his life. This year has been hard on him for reasons I cannot go into, but I am enormously proud of him for the maturity he has shown and the resolve not let this be a reason to waver in his desire to be baptised. I want to thank my family and all our friends for taking Jordan into their lives and homes and contributing to his spiritual journey. There were friends missing on the day(due to being scared of the weather!) but I want to thank them as well for being a part of our lives and sharing in our journey. My prayer is now that Jackson will also follow this path and have the same desire to include Jesus in his life. Let the journey continue!

NOVEMBER NO N OVE EMB MBE ER R2 2011 0111 | fy f fyi yi 7

Baptism Isabelle Malhabour My testimony is not lavish or anything, it’s not like I converted from drugs and alcohol. I’ve always known of God’s existence, but I never really understood it, or cared about it. Church and God were just another aspect of my life. I actually had found church super-boring until fairly recently. I used to dread going to church, singing the hymns, trying not to fall asleep during the sermon, more hymns, then home for lunch. EVERY Saturday! Christianity, God or church never really affected the way I made decisions. To me, church was just a set of rules I had to abide by for the rest of my life. Which made me think “this isn’t fun, this is boring, I don’t want to do this for the rest of my life.” If abiding by the rules is all that Christianity was about, then I don’t want any part of it. So I didn’t bother learning more, I didn’t see the point, I didn’t see the purpose. These thoughts over time, just gradually engraved themselves into my mind. Church was boring, God was boring. Being Christian was boring. That was until SuperCamp 2010 rolled around and I had my first real taste of what christianity, as a young person, was all about. SuperCamp helped me to realize that being christian wasn’t just abiding by a set of rules or being shaped to conform to certain customs, it wasn’t to create a ‘God robot’ out of you. It wasn’t rules, it was a relationship between our Lord and Saviour, and us. The people I met at camp were not what I expected at all. I expected God robots: taught to think, look and act a certain way, but I got a real shock. They were the CRAZIEST, FUNNEST people I have ever met! Could this be what a real Christian youth is like? The activities weren’t boring either. We got out and did crazy stuff! I’m talking water-skiing, wake-boarding, wallowing in mud, swimming in the deepest rivers, running to win a race in the bus, and pulling a bus with just a rope! It was NOTHING I had expected. It was kids just being kids, not kids being robots! There was even FUN songs; songs that got your heart pumping, and feet moving! Even sermons catered for something that actually applied to teenage life! The whole experience was AMAZING! When I got back home I felt SO different! I could NOT stop loving and learning about God. I listened to Christian music, podcasts, watched Christian vides like there was no tomorrow and talked to God equally as much. After SuperCamp, I never wanted to let my Lord and Saviour go! It was real! I told practically EVERYONE about it - and two of my friends went searching for Jesus too. However during the school year; homework and exams started filling up my time, and less time was spent thinking about how amazing God was. The good memories began to fade. I had low self-esteem and became VERY self-conscious, especially about my weight. Sometimes, I wouldn’t eat at all. I didn’t feel satisfied, or good enough. These feelings took over. I was shy at youth events and I couldn’t just open up - I was afraid I wouldn’t be liked and would be judged. I was frustrated about my weight, and my social skills. I was frustrated God didn’t create me skinny or charismatic like other girls. How could God possibly use someone as fat and ugly and as weird as me? 8

fyi | NOVEMBER 2011

I remember one night at a youth program I felt so alone. I blamed it on being fat, ugly, weird, useless and on not being good enough. I was so frustrated with God. I was angry that I had these issues. I couldn’t sing, I couldn’t play an instrument. I was fat, I was ugly and I wasn’t charismatic. This is what I wrote: “Why do you leave me alone like this? Why don’t you help me? Don’t you love me? You said you will never forsake me, but now it feels as if you are. Why did you desert me and leave me alone to fend for myself? You’re supposed to be my stronghold. I don’t feel comfortable with who I am, nor do I feel absolutely accepted in any aspect of my life at the moment. I’m supposed to hold on to you, but you’re not here, why?” I went on to say that I had nothing to offer. I remember crying painfully as I wrote, I was confused, and frustrated! Why did God create me so useless?! This anger continued for a while until another night where I totally gave up. I HATED myself, I HATED who I was, I HATED what I looked like, I HATED what I did. I HATED who God made me. I prayed for God to change me. I had tears streaming from my eyes as I was beside my bed, on my knee’s begging for God to change me. I refused to believe God could use me this way, I felt alone, and useless. However, God finally put my frustrations aside and as cliché as is sounds - I heard him. I heard God speak to me in a soft and calm voice, it was like my conscience, with the one most beautiful sentence I’ve ever heard. He said “Isabelle, you are beautiful, and I will use you just the way you are.” This sent me into tears again. God gave it to me short and sweet; but it’s quality, not quantity! The quality of that message, to me, could not be exceeded. I felt a sense of peace just like Philippians 4:6-7 “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” I’m not going to lie and say everything was fine after that. The challenges did not stop. However I took heart in the fact that there is a God that I worship, and that I love. And He is bigger than any challenges I face, and He will get me through them. I had to learn that through experience. God didn’t change me like I asked. Although, He actually did “use me the way I was” and because of that I feel beautiful. Through staying the way I was, who God created, I was able to reach out to people like me. My awkwardness? I can reach out to people who are awkward like me, and who could not be reached by other, charismatic people. We embrace our awkwardness! Being fat? I’m still learning, but I’m reaching out to girls who are in the same situation as I was. Loneliness? I have friends who love and support me no matter what. Uselessness? I’ve reached out to people who I never thought I could. God works in His own ways, and they may not be the same ways as yours - but they work, like crazy!

NOVEMBER 2011 | fyi 9

Up Close & Personal With Nathan Lamplough By Ken Long I hear you’ve recently been crowned the Australian Putt Putt Champion. What titles did you win? There are 9 events over a Nationals week. I won 6 of the 9 events. The 2 major events are played at the end of the week with the National Matchplay which is a knockout event where I won 6 x 36 hole matches. The Main event is the 8 round National stroke. I managed to win by 19 shots after leading by 2 after 4 rounds. It was the biggest winning margin at the Australian Titles ◊ How many Australian titles have you won before? I have won the Matchplay twice (2002 and 2005) and the Strokeplay once (2003) ◊ How did you get into playing Putt Putt? Dad played Putt-Putt when he was young and I just went along and played with him. I played my first tournament in 1986 and won a trophy and $5. I won the National Junior Title in 1997. I turned professional in 2001. I have been playing Putt-Putt for 25 years On the Internet web site for famous Putt Putt players it says you also won a few doubles titles as well. It says you won the 2002 Australian National Doubles Stroke Play Championship and the 2004 Australian National Doubles Match Play Championship. Who was your partner in those famous victories? My dad. He’s also an Australian Champion ◊ What happens when one of the championships takes place on Sabbath? This issue doesn’t come up very often with local events, state titles played on Sundays and the National events going from Sunday to Thursday/Friday. When it does happen I usually miss those events. The Sabbath mostly comes into play when there is a big event and I miss out on practice that others are getting. It’s been like that my whole life but I don’t let it affect me ◊ Tell me some more about Nathan Lamplough? Where do I start? I have an amazing family as well as an amazing girlfriend and some really great friends. Life is really good for me at the moment. I’m learning new skills in running the family business. Everyday has some new challenges and I’m slowly learning to be patient with the people that I deal with. Life is going to be tough over the next few months but I’m sure that things will all work out. ◊ How long have you been attending Kellyville Church? I have been coming to Kellyville since I was 1 year old. It’s been a big part of my life over the last 29 years and I’m not sure where I would be without it ◊ Tell me about your spiritual journey? Since I gave my life to Christ back in 2003 it’s been a 10

fyi | NOVEMBER 2011

crazy journey doing things that I had never dreamed or even wanted to do from preaching to being a counselor at teen camp. My journey has been filled with high’s and low’s. There were times I was really struggling and not really being able to feel God’s presence in my life and times when God was everywhere in everything I was doing. Remembering those times always gets me through the tough times because when God is in my life there is nothing better ◊ How has our church helped you in your journey? Kellyville has always been there and has been a great place to come after a tough week. I have so many friends here and it’s nice to be able to catch up on a weekly basis. I have so many great memories that it’s just a nice place to keep coming back. Well, congratulations again Nathan, and good luck for the future tournaments!

A Riddle God made Adam out of dust, But thought it best to make me first; So I was made before the man According to the Lord’s Holy Plan. My whole body God made complete, Without arms or hands or feet. My ways and acts did the Lord control, But in my body He placed no soul. A living being I became, And Adam gave to me a name. Then from his presence I withdrew, For this man Adam I never knew. All my Maker’s laws I do obey, And from these laws I never stray. Thousand’s of me go in fear, But seldom on the earth appear. Later, for a purpose the Lord did see, He placed a living soul in me. But that soul of mine the Lord had to claim, And from me took it back again. And when this soul from me had fled, I was the same as when first made; Without arms, legs, feet, or soul, I travel on from pole to pole. My labors are from day to night, And to men I once furnished light. Thousands of people, both young and old, Did by my death bright lights behold. No right nor wrong can I conceive, The Bible and it’s teachings I can’t believe. The fear of death does not trouble me, Pure happiness I will never see. Up in Heaven I can never go, Nor in the grave or Hell below. So get your Bible and read with care, You’ll find my name recorded there. The answer is one word, five letters long, and appears only four times in the King James Version of the Bible. What is the answer? (The answer can be seen inside this edition)


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Family Fete before the concert with jumping castles, clowns, rides, face painting, animal farm, food stalls and more! Proudly sponsored by…

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Life Sketch Winifred Marie Nicholas Wynne Nicholas has been a member of our Kellyville church congregation for nearly 20 years. After a prolonged period of illness, she passed away peacefully on 9 October 2011, aged 82. Wynne was born on the June 4, 1929 at the family home in Auburn on the kitchen table and was delivered by her grandmother, Hannah, a trained midwife. She began her education at the Auburn Seventh-day Adventist Central School but after a run-in with an unfair teacher, left the school and enrolled herself at North Auburn Public School. She enjoyed school for the many friends she made – she majored in socialising and this continued to the day she passed away. She recalls sitting next to Tommy Tompson, John Tompson’s father. Tommy and Wynne sang a song called “Chick, Chick” from High Jinks at a concert organised by her mother at the Auburn Town Hall. And so began her love affair with singing, music and the stage. When she was in second year high school, her music teacher, Mrs McMillan, was getting the school ready for the Empire Day Celebrations. She asked if anyone knew “Land of Hope and Glory”. Wynne put her hand up straight away. Mrs McMillan said, “Are you sure?” Mum promptly told her that she had been singing it for years. The teacher didn’t think she could sing it so she started to play and Wynne started to sing. She had a big voice for someone so young and as her singing wafted down the hallways, faces appeared at the window wondering where such a beautiful voice was coming from. Well, they all got a big surprise, especially her music teacher. The upshot of that was that on Empire Day (24th May) Mum sang like an angel all dressed in white. From then on everyone in Auburn seemed to know Winnie Dayhew. Wynne held positions as a cashier/typist and secretary/ telephonist before taking a position with Pastor L. C. Naden in the Radio Church (which later became Voice of Prophecy). She later secured a nursing position at Waddell House, a private hospital in Ashfield run by the Methodist Mission and she held this job for 17 years. It was a job she loved and was always using her bubbly personality or musical talents to encourage or entertain the patients. When 17, Wynne caught the eye of a sophisticated 26 year old, Maurie Nicholas and their engagement was announced at her 21st birthday. They were married 8th May, 1951. Three years later their wonderful daughter, Wendy, was born. Being an only child Wendy was both the girl and the boy for the family and they went everywhere together. 12 2

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The spiritual turning point in Wynne’s life occurred in 2005. She loved to go shopping and because she read all of the junk mail, she knew every special. But shopping expeditions were her downfall … literally. In 2005, Wynne slipped in Coles and smashed her kneecap. As she had been through a similar experience in 1990 when she fell at Woolworths, she knew what had to be done. But this operation soon turned into a life-threatening event. Through a complication with the anesthesia, she ended up in intensive care with a 24-hour nurse and declined rapidly. We were told that we were going to lose her. Through much prayer, the support of our church and the medical team she pulled through. While the doctors couldn’t understand how she survived, we knew that it was through the grace of God and her anointing by her friend and confidant, Pastor Alex Currie, that provided the answer. Pastor Alex and his wife Bev became friends and have been supportive ever since. Wynne’s experience became Alex’s miracle. While Wynne had been an irregular church-goer, her faith now became alive because of her experience with God. She really grew to love God in a passionate way and trusted him through every aspect of her life, from then through to her passing. She was always happy to share her faith and her personal experience with God. She never missed an opportunity to talk about her Lord. Wynne’s funeral was a time of celebration and hope, a day in which her life brought glory to God. It was a celebration of a life of love of church, friends and family – and a sure hope of eternal life.

Thanks By Wendy Long Ken and I would like to thank our church family for its amazing support through this tough time. Like mum, we value our church family, and the guard of honour provided by the Kellyville ladies as Wynne left the church, was a very special moment. We were blessed by fantastic catering (thanks Lyndal and team), the inspirational music of Alison, Rosie and Alisa) and Rod’s audio visual creativity. We would also like to thank our pastoral team led my Martin, as well as former pastors, Alex Currie and Troy Roberts, for their friendship, compassion and care for mum and ourselves.

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Teenville By Lyndelle Peterson A lot has been happening with Teen Ministry this term. Bible study groups are increasing weekly, Sabbath School has had a surge in regular attendance and our Socials and Friday night teams are working harder than ever. Last weekend we had our very first Kellyville Teens Amazing Race which saw six teams of 2-4 people heading of at 7:30pm to face a series of mental and physical challenges that not only tested their ingenuity and resolve but many times their stamina and fitness levels. With the help of the social teams parents we provided 6 different challenges or “Road Blocks” and “Detours” to slow the teams down. These challenges were anything from singing and dancing with Playstation and Xbox Kinect to drinking a mystery concoction or sharing a mystery sandwich (which Ben Fehlberg assured us was actually quite palatable). But the real challenge came down to a test of mental ability where teams were stalled for up to 20 minutes trying to change the direction of a matchstick fish. The champions for the first leg of the race were Bryson, Meghan, Jess and Paige but that wasn’t the final challenge they would face. Once all teams had been through the last checkpoint, had their clues checked off and gathered together in Access hall with some much needed sustenance (in the form of lolly bags) the final challenge was laid out on the table. Somewhere on the church grounds Ben Fehlberg was hiding, in pitch dark, and the first team to find him would be declared winners. Teams were sent out in 3 minutes intervals in the order of their arrival, with only a few taking extra time because of some penalties incurred on the way. They set of in hot pursuit, but didn’t know that Ben was actually hiding on the roof of the church, and it wasn’t until some strange possum calls 40 minutes later that a team managed to find him. Overall the night was great fun, though the red faces and puffing of the teens was a clear indicator that they were glad to see the end of it! Over the past term in Teen Sabbath school we have been looking at different Bible characters. We’ve had many guest presenters, Nathan Long, Jacqueline Malhabour, Adrian Peterson and others from Youth - attendance has been great. The Shack opens at 9:30am with hot or cold drinks (depending on the weather) and each week two Teens take responsibility for making, serving and cleaning up (most of the time). Last week Meghan and Bryson got super creative with some Mango Smoothies, which turned out a treat. We’ve also had some new groups form this Term with our Bible studies and some new additions in existing groups. The Teen Ministry team is just praising God for the way He is using us to grow Teen ministry and we look forward to seeing what He has in store for 2012. As we come to the end of the Term there is a lot of planning and strategising happening for 2012, we would love your support by offering to volunteer for a Sabbath School lesson or to help out with socials or Friday night programs, or even just supporting us with prayer and well wishes. Our Teen ministry is very important to us as we see Teens serving today that will be the future of our Church leadership tomorrow. 14

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Grapevine ◊ Mark & Sharyn Harrington and family are going on a ‘Walk for Life’ on November 20 – walking together 6km (the average distance women and children in Africa walk one way to get water to survive – though in the drought this has pushed out to 20km in some circumstances). Our walk will be from Western Sydney Regional Park, Abbotsbury to Prospect Reservoir, one of Sydney’s water supply points so as to remind ourselves that people walk this far to get any water (often unsanitary!) For their 4 year old – this is going to be a real challenge, for their 2 year old – he will get a ‘lift’ most of the way – but they wanted to do something together as a family to help the children and families in Africa. Please show them your support with your tax deductible contribution online: http://www. ◊ Congratulations to Jonathon and Janelle Behrens who were married on October 8 – they are both still honeymooning in the USA

◊ Leighton Brown received excellent results at his recent ATCL (Associate of Trinity College London) singing exams ... Pass with distinction - 87%. Congratulations Leighton, we share your joy in these great results! ◊ The Chan family moved house this week, just a little closer to Kellyville and Hills Adventist College! ◊ Congratulations to JP & Diana Martinez on the dedication of Jaxon in our Access worship service recently. Many family and friends were present to witness the special occasion

◊ Paul Bogacs recently completed the 210km Round The Bay in a Day bike ride in Melbourne ◊ Sharyn Low has returned from a short stint in Canberra where she organized a conference for 650 attendees. Sharyn did leave her mark on the foyer stairs of the National Convention Centre however, falling down the full flight of steps in front of a large group of people. Despite the bruises, they probably don’t hurt as much as the embarrassment!

◊ Congratulations to Emilie Cangy on the completion of her Bachelor of Social Work degree! ◊ Nick & Miranda Dunstan had a windfall recently by winning an Aldi video promotion for their favourite Aldi product (Aldi Nappies) – congratulations! ◊ Candice Jaques and Monique Long have had a busy time of it lately touring both South QLD and NNSW Camps – working in their Expo tents for their respective employers (ADRA and ICC) ◊ Congratulations to Dale & Dani Skinner who are expecting their second child in March! They also dedicated little Emily in the Access service recently

◊ The Kukudu Adventist School was successful in obtaining another three years accreditation – the schools staff and students expressed their gratitude to the Kellyville team that helped make a significant impact on the presentation of the school as a result of their mission trip there ◊ Funny Baptism moment: When Pastor Martin had been waiting in the baptismal font for a worship song to finish, he announced to everyone that “Wow, this water is really …. …. Wet” – well, maybe you had to be there!

Smiley Point In Sunday School one morning Little Joey raised his hand and proceeded to ask a question that had perplexed him for some time. “Mr. Goldblatt,” said little Joey, “there’s something I can’t figure out. According to the Bible, the Children of Israel crossed the Red Sea,right?” “Right.” “And the Children of Israel beat up the Philistines, right?” “Er, right.” “And the Children of Israel built the Temple, right?” “Again you’re right.” “And the Children of Israel fought the Egyptians and the Children of Israel were always doing something important, right?” “All that is right, too,” agreed Mr. Goldblatt. “So what’s your question, Joey?” “What were all the grown-ups doing?”

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Getting to Know Your Teens By Meghan Hale Recently I sat down with Jessica Shipton, 15, and Aubree Harrington, 14, to have a chat and learn a little more about them. ◊ What school do you go to and what Year are you in? Jessica: I go to Hills Adventist College and I am in Year 9 this year. Aubree: I also attend Hills Adventist College and I am in Year 8. ◊ Tell me a little of your background. J: I grew up in Sydney and have lived here ever since, both my parents are 100% Aussie, but my Mum’s parents are from Malta and my Dad’s family goes back 7 generations of an Australian background. I also have a sister, Aimee, who is currently in Year 7 and even through the arguments, I love her to bits (and for the record, she didn’t pay me to say that!). A: I have lived in Sydney my whole life and was raised in the Adventist church. My Dad comes from New Zealand and my Mum comes from Australia. ◊ What are some of your hobbies? A: I enjoy reading, playing sport, hanging out with my friends and riding my bike. J: I love writing – anything creative, listening to music, riding my bike, playing tennis or cricket and photography.


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◊ How long have you been attending Kellyville Church? A: Almost 11 years now. J: Just over 5 years, even though it doesn’t seem that long. We visited Kellyville in 2006 and kept on coming back. We loved it straight away and have been here ever since. ◊ What do you like about our church? J: I love the fact that you can walk in to church (on time or not) and you automatically feel God’s presence within Kellyville church. No one is embarrassed by what they believe, because we all know that each one of us there serve God. I like that everyone can be involved as well. Between the teen worship band and the various bible studies in the morning and so many more opportunities, it creates a great environment where all the different age groups come together. The amount of activities that the teens and youth can attend on Friday nights or weekends are the best! A: I like that there are lots of other people that are my age, that we have really good Friday night programs, that the transition between age groups (cave- teens) is easy and that the teens are able to contribute to the service. ◊ If there was one thing you could change about our Church what would it be? J: More themed church services because they are always fun and help everyone get involved. The ‘café church’ services are always great, but this is such a small thing to change. This goes to show that clearly, our church is pretty awesome! A: I reckon it would be really cool if the teens got more involved with the cave but I think our church is awesome enough already.

to judge them, because we all have a story and you might not know there story yet. A: I don’t really have a favourite movie but I really like ‘She’s the Man’, the ‘Bring It On’ movies and the ‘Bourne Ultimatum’. ◊ What would you like to do if you didn’t have to ask your parents’ permission or seek their approval? J: Drive my Dad’s car, but if you have seen his precious little car, you would realize why that isn’t going to be happening any time soon! A: I don’t know. ◊ How has attending HAC helped you know God better? J: Having Chapel every Tuesday at school has definitely helped me to understand more about God. We have different speakers come in and talk to us about their story. Last term our theme was My Story, Your Story, History and I learnt so much about other people, myself and God. I also do bible studies inside and outside of school, which help me to build a better relationship with God. Both bible study groups are small, which is an ideal size, so we feel like we can openly share our thoughts and questions with each other. A: It has helped because being around other people who love god and seeing how he has impacted on their life really helped me with my own journey. Also taking regular Bible classes and attending chapel gives you an extra little boost sometimes. ◊ What/who has made the biggest impact on your life? J: My Mum and Dad equally share this role. They both encourage me to do things I wouldn’t normally think I was capable of and they are always supporting me and reassuring me that I can do or be whatever I want to be; except an accountant. A: Loads of people have made an impact in my life but definitely my parents for always supporting me, Lyndelle for giving me a chance to serve and my friends for always being there for me. ◊ If you could design your perfect job, what would it be? A: Really I don’t know but something that could combine Maths and Sport would be great. J: I’ve always wanted to be a journalist; whether that means I will be a news reporter on television and be involved in the media or if I will be writing articles in newsletters or magazines, I’m not sure yet, but it will definitely involve journalism and writing. ◊ What makes you laugh? A: My friends, people falling over stuff, people that run funny and people’s faces when they play sport. J: Watching my Dad dance – he is crazy, although he calls it “being cool”. ◊ What is your favourite movie? Why? J: I have so many! I like The Tomorrow When the War Began series, Get Smart, Cat in the Hat (I know, sad right?) and 17 Again, because it has Zac Efron in it and he drives an Audi R8. However, my favourite would have to be any movie with Sandra Bullock in it – especially the Blind Side, because it really inspired me to look beyond the surface in other people and not

Thank you girls for your time!

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snapshots some of our favourite pictures from around the church


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quotable some of our favourite thoughts, observations, and opinions from this issue

What happens in our homes is way more important than what happens in a church programme. It is at home that worldviews are being set and are deepest values are made reality. ~ pg 3 The challenges did not stop. However I took heart in the fact that there is a God that I worship, and that I love. And He is bigger than any challenges I face, and He will get me through them - PG 8


PG 2

Ke l ly v i l l e has always been there and has been a great place to come after a tough week. I have so many friends here and it’s nice to be able to catch up on a weekly basis. I have so many great memories that it’s just a nice place to keep coming back. ~ Pg 10




co n f i n e d t o ta ke p l ac e

One of the best ways for us to be a Christ-centred community church is for our church to be asking each other and those with whom they come in contact, “R U OK?” ~ Pg 4

i n a s e rv i c e o n c e a we e k at c h u rc h , t h at i s j u s t a constraint we put on o u r s e lv e s ! at


W h at we d o is



expression of worship ~

I was frustrated God didn’t create me skinny or charismatic like other girls. How could God

It’s not what happens on the 7th day that counts, it’s what happens on the six. Let’s make those six days, preparation days for our celebration of worship on the seventh ~ PG 2

The Master’s plan of love and devotion is the offering of your life, your hopes, your dreams, your uniqueness, all for the glory of God. Devoting yourself, not just your time or Bible study, but devoting YOU ~ Pg 5

possibly use someone as fat and ugly and as weird as me? - PG 8

“I love the fact that you can walk in to church (on time or not) and you automatically feel God’s presence within Kellyville church. No one is embarrassed by what they believe, because we all know that each one of us there serve God” - Pg 16 NOVEMBER 2011 | fyi 19

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fyi | NOVEMBER 2011

FYI Magazine - November 2011  

FYI Magazine - November 2011

FYI Magazine - November 2011  

FYI Magazine - November 2011