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Why advertise on Facebook? Facebook, being considered as one of the best social media platforms with more than 750 million users, is undeniably a great venue in generating income. When this famous social network launched Facebook advertising, online marketers are activated to learn more about this new exciting feature. Many online advertisers and businesses are currently seeking effective ways to become more successful in this venture. Is Facebook advertising really effective? According to E-Marketer, there's a 39% boost in advertising pay-out on Facebook in 2010. This statistic shows how Facebook advertising has grown into a more acceptable platform of advertising for businesses. With great load of data and other information of users, Facebook ads can be delivered with more accuracy and efficiency. Facebook users are growing rapidly. This means that your reach of target audience will expand quickly. Thus, you will be given a great chance to earn more. These are probably some of the best reasons why you should advertise on Facebook. How to Advertise on Facebook? You may be asking how you can have advertisements on Facebook. Then, I will show you how. 1. Once you are logged in to your Facebook account, you will need to go to the advertising page of the website. Click on "Advertising link" located at the bottom part of the page. Then, click on "Create Social Ad." 2. Once you clicked on the "create social ad", you need to insert your website as this will serve as the ads direct button. 3. Set up your target audience or the group you want your Facebook ads to reach. You can select according to demographics, age, gender, educational background, civil status, etc. You need to select the groups of people, which you think would be the best target audience for your ads. 4. Select the option, whether you want to earn or pay by pay-per-click or per view. Just like in Google Adsense, when you choose a pay-per-click, you will only pay when someone clicks on your ad. When you select the "per view" option, you will only pay each time your ad is displayed to a user's page.

5. After setting up the PPC or per view option, you will now opt to set your budget. Of course, this should be set up wisely on how much you would like to spend for your ads daily. 6. Finally, you need to bid for an ad space. This will determine which advertisements you want to be displayed and how much money you are willing to spend to PPC or impressions. You can search for more tips online to know how to effectively run Facebook advertising. Well, if you want to become more successful in your online venture such as running campaigns and ads, advertising on Facebook is a perfect option. As you know, social network platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and now the new Google's social network known as Google+, and many other social media sites, are all competing to become the best among the rest. And when there is competition, businesses are continuously improving their products. Use this chance as your advantage. Start running your Facebook ads now!

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==== ==== How To Make $1377.30 Giving Away Free Stuff In Facebook? Click Below Link To Find Out! ==== ====

Why Should You Advertise On Facebook - A Guide