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"How you do advertise on Facebook?" is one of the common questions asked when this social media platform released this new Facebook marketing feature called Facebook advertising. Facebook Advertising through Facebook Fan Pages Actually, advertising on Facebook includes not only the Facebook ads feature, but also involves other strategies used to generate leads or sales by promoting your products and services. Even before the advertising feature was created, many individuals, businesses and brands have already started advertising on Facebook by building their fan pages. Creating a Facebook fan page is free, and because of that, individuals and brands are taking advantage of this Facebook feature. Through these pages, they can have the opportunity to promote their services and products to their fans, build their reputation, and successful Facebook fan pages are generating sales through this form of advertising. How to Advertise on Facebook through Facebook Ads Now, how do you advertise on Facebook through Facebook Ads? There are actually five ways to advertise on Facebook using Ads. These can be through sponsored story, sponsored social story, video sponsored story, box ad unit and display ads. Facebook advertising through PPC ads are a paid form of advertising, and so, you will need to invest money to be able to run a Facebook ads campaign. This type of advertising on Facebook requires knowledge and expertise on budgeting and creating effective Facebook campaigns. This is probably the reason why many brands and individuals are hiring experts to take charge of their campaigns. Tips in Running a Successful Facebook Ads Campaign 1. Plan your approach according to your purpose. If you created a campaign to generate more sales, to attract more customers or to have more likes and fans, then, do it accordingly. 2. Be creative in Targeting. You set up your campaigns according to the group of people who are most likely interested about your ads. 3. Run and Test several Facebook ad campaigns. This can help you determine which ads are effective or not. 4. Set up your budget properly. This is to avoid overspending on running your campaigns. This last point is especially important as it can be very easy to waste a great deal of money

running unsuccessful ads. Tight control over your budget will stop you from falling into this trap. Following tried and tested methods could see you return results you could only dream of on the offline world and once you master Facebook marketing you can repeat the results time and time again.

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==== ==== How To Make $1377.30 Giving Away Free Stuff In Facebook? Click Below Link To Find Out! ==== ====

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