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Using Facebook advertising means exposing your product or website to more than five hundred million users of the most acknowledged web 2.0 social media site. More than 175 million users log onto Facebook every day; in other words one person in five Internet users in the world is a potential prospect. This year, half of the World Wide Web surfers will very likely visit Facebook marketplace each month. Until now, the number of friends that you are allowed to have is limited to five thousand and engineers are working on increasing the number of friends that a user can have to more than eighty thousand. Exposing content and videos to huge numbers of friends might be considered as good free Facebook advertising. Facebook advertising costs might be estimated while you are creating your ad, prior making a purchase or even submit any billing information. You can see what their recommended bids are, per clicks or per thousand impressions, as you submit your target criteria. They have what they call a "bid estimator" which gives you an estimated bidding cost according to a range of similar ads to yours. While your ad is running, you will pay only the amount of clicks or number of impressions your ad is displayed. Facebook advertising rates remain affordable and more flexible in comparison to the other pay per click companies in the net. Facebook advertising coupons are used to encourage new advertisers and attract savvy ones who would consider making better returns on investment. They are usually redeemed on virgin accounts without prior advertising spends. Coupon codes can also be bought on sites like eBay, make sure to buy personalized codes because they can be used only one time. Do not, obviously, bother using publicly published coupon codes because it is definitely a waste of your time. Like the good old PPC advertising, Facebook ads offer demographic filtering instead of keyword bidding; you can target your audience by age, work and social status. You can also choose the location and language. First of all, you should very closely watch your ad spend to control your advertising budget.

Split test your ads help you improve your advertising performance: Your ad copy should focus on what you want the user to do and your call to action needs to reproduce usual practices of Facebook such as "like" and "unlike" for instance. Try different images to see what's working and what's not. Notice what groups are passionate and likely to click on your ads. Study the demographics within interest groups and split test according to the gender, age and marital status... Test your ads on cost per thousand impressions (CPM) and once you find a good performing creative switch your campaign to pay per click (PPC).

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==== ==== How To Make $1377.30 Giving Away Free Stuff In Facebook? Click Below Link To Find Out! ==== ====

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