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Getting an immediate sale online, especially in Facebook, is challenging. A far more effective strategy is to go for a lead (for example, email address) rather than an immediate sale. This reduces your risk significantly. Because rather than having only one-shot at getting a successful transaction... if you gather the person's e-mail address, you'll be able to market to them over an extended period, until they decide to unsubscribe from your e-mail series. Seven "Touch Points" Make the Sale A number of successful marketers have email series that carry on for 90-days or more. A general rule of thumb in marketing is that you need at least 7 "touch points" or contacts between seller and buyer before a reasonable sales rate can be accomplished. That's why I often recommend using an opt-in page with Facebook. Facebook advertising will often allow an opt in page leading directly off the Facebook ad. As long as you have your privacy policy published on the opt-in page (which is a simple link where people can observe your privacy policy) then Facebook will typically allow you to gather e-mail addresses, in exchange for something of value to your prospect. Things that work well as giveaways for Facebook users, in exchange for the email address are; eBooks, coupons, credit in an account (for example, credit inside a horoscope account where they can get their daily horoscope... and you give Facebook users enough money in their account for the first month free). Softly, Softly in Facebook Gets You Places By using this "soft" sales method, rather than focusing on an immediate sale, you will be building a relationship that whets your future customer's appetite for your product or service. This is a much more effective strategy than trying to go for an immediate sale (were perhaps the email address will not even be captured). Your goals in Facebook should be centered around building relationships with the users, rather than a short-term sale. This is the key difference between Facebook and other methods of advertising online (although a direct sale is always going to be tougher, no matter what the method you use). Facebook users don't like to be sold to, as a general rule. More than any other venue, selling "softly" in Facebook is hugely important. Facebook makes sure users have an easy method of

providing feedback on advertisers which can be the kiss of death to your account if your ads get reported enough. Facebook has recently come up with additional rules advertisers must comply with, which has made it even harder to sell directly. There is an excellent way you can sell eBooks directly off a Facebook ad, for low price (say $1.97 to $3.97) and build your list for break-even. I will tell you more about this "ninja" method in a future tactic. What to Sell in Facebook? Health, fitness and dieting works quite well on Facebook, as well as online dating. Other things that work really well are telling people about new websites, promoting events, concerts and generally raising awareness about an issue a niche audience will respond well to. When choosing a product to sell it makes sense to go for items which are going to get you a higher price rather than lower. The more your sale is worth to you, the more you can spend to get the sale. And the more sense it will make to spend time building a relationship (over a period of days or weeks) with your prospect via e-mail. A standard pattern for e-mails that works is; an email every day for the first four days... then another automatic email every four days after that. This can all be done automatically and easily, with an autoresponder service you can select. CPA Marketing and Facebook Making most CPA (Cost Per Action) offers work with Facebook is extremely hard. But can be done successfully, if you use certain methods which I will reveal in a future article.

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==== ==== How To Make $1377.30 Giving Away Free Stuff In Facebook? Click Below Link To Find Out! ==== ====

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By using this "soft" sales method, rather than focusing on an immediate sale, you will be building a relationship that whets your future cus...