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Sergeant at Arms DCON Dress Code Hey Key Clubbers! For DCON, during the sessions, workshops and meals, all attendees must be dressed in business attire. For girls, skirts/ dress must be at least finger tipped length, a dress shirt, no flip flops, no low cut shirts, no shorts, no see through anything, for example lace shirts. We recommended not to wear heels, you will be walking around a lot. For boys, they must wear slacks, a dress shirt, dress shoes, and a tie. Like last year we will be having our tie sale. Business colors usually consist of black and white, if you really want to go all out. If you are caught breaking the dress code, you will be asked to return to your room and change. But fear not, there will be times when you can wear casual attire.

Curfew All attendees must fallow the schedule given to them when they arrive. This includes attending all sessions, some workshops, and being back in their room by 12 am! The sergeant at arms committee will be checking all rooms. If any of the rules are broken your parents will be contacted and you will be sent home.

KCI: THE TRAN'S MISSION Volume I, Issue 6  

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