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THE TRAN’S MISSION Volume I, Issue 9 / The ELIMINATE Project

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“What does the Eliminate Project mean to you?” The Eliminate Project has consumed my life for the past two years. To me it's the first cause that I have been able to donate money and see the actual impact and movement it is creating around the world. The Eliminate Project will be known worldwide, and be spoken of by future generations, this causes saved millions of lives and was one of the first global movements that aimed in the benefit of all no matter race, color, and religion.

~Sean Valdivieso

The Eliminate project means the world to me. The Eliminate Project opened up a whole new world for me. When I was nominated by my advisor and president for the SLP subcommittee position in my junior year I was shocked. I never expected this kind of opportunity and once I was appointed a whole new door opened. I worked with amazing individuals from throughout the Kiwanis Family and I discovered that I, along with the rest of the Key Clubbers make a true difference in this world. All it takes is $1.80 to save a mother and her future babies. And each day we are closer to eliminating maternal and neonatal tetanus from the world.

~Erika Lim

Cut out the Social Media Bookmark!

 1 baby dies every 9 minutes from tetanus  160 babies die each day from tetanus  MNT has been eliminated from more than 20 countries since 2000  A series of 3 doses of tetanus vaccine = immunity from tetanus  Woman + vaccine = protected baby  US$1.80 protects 1 woman and her future babies  The ELIMINATE Project saves or protects 61 million women & babies  Eliminate = <1 case of MNT per 1,000 lives births

The following visualization is designed to provide you with an empathy building experience of what it might be like to face some of the challenges that millions of mothers and children face every day- especially in remote areas where MNT often strikes. This activity can be used as a meaningful icebreaker as well!

HELP RAISE $15,000 for The Eliminate Project and TWO KEY CLUB DISTRICTS will receive the following INCENTIVES: 1) A YouTube video of your district's cheer (or messages of your choosing approved by Key Club International) will be posted to the Key Club and The Eliminate Project website for one week. 2) A feature in The Eliminate Project monthly newsletter (emailed to 40,000 subscribers around the world in 8 languages). 3) A cover photo on the Key Club Facebook account for one week. 4) Recognition on stage at the 2013 Key Club International Convention in Washington D.C. and the equivalent of the total amount of funds raised in Elimidallions (1 Elimidallion = US$625). 5) A surprise snack for your district at the 2013 Key Club International Convention. 6) A lava lamp and a framed photo of a baby animal (your choice of animal). You have until ICON in KC.DC! Let's see which district ranks above the rest!

THE TRAN’S MISSION Volume I, Issue 9 / The ELIMINATE Project

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THE TRAN’S MISSION Volume I, Issue 9 / The ELIMINATE Project

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Best for: All Kiwanis-family clubs Timeline: 2–4 weeks for preparation; 1–2 hours on day of event To do list: 1. Schedule it. Pick an event coming up in the near future, such as a club meeting, and allot roughly an hour on the agenda for the spelling bee. 2. Write the rules. One idea: The speller must say the word, spell it correctly and then say the word again to receive credit. Omission of any of those tasks means a US$2 “fine” is assessed and the participant is out of the competition. 3. Write a script. After choosing someone to serve as emcee, write a script including facts about The Eliminate Project from the website ( Here are some examples:  Kiwanis International is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to improving the world one community and one child at a time. Spell “global.”  Maternal and neonatal tetanus kills one baby every nine minutes. Spell “maternal.”  The abbreviation used for maternal and neonatal tetanus is MNT. Spell “neonatal.”  Tetanus is a dreadful disease caused by the bacterium clostridium tetani, which lives in the soil. Spell “tetanus.”  Infants who contract MNT usually die within 10–14 days from respiratory failure. Spell “fourteen.” Put your own twist on it: Don’t like this format? Host a traditional spelling bee or geography bee where entry fees go to The Eliminate Project. Or use a map to identify some of the countries that are still affected by MNT (see progress). Don’t forget: Include a presentation about The Eliminate Project with the spelling bee to reiterate the points covered during the competition.

THE TRAN’S MISSION Volume I, Issue 9 / The ELIMINATE Project

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This fundraiser might be a little tougher to execute. The idea is to get a popular or high-up faculty member (i.e. the principal) to consent to being taped to a wall. Pieces of tape will be sold for an amount of money (recommended $2) until the faculty member is completely stuck to the wall. Some Problems You Might Face  Getting approval from administrator  Finding a suitable faculty member  Spreading the word What You Should Do 1. Plan Early: Often, administration doesn’t want to put a stop sign on a fundraiser. The only problem is timing. Administration needs an adequate amount of time for the event to be approved by the appropriate people, so plan as soon as possible! 2. Talk to People: Ask around to get a scope of who would be a suitable faculty member. You can even do multiple faculty members! Make sure the event is something people would be interested in. You don’t want your planning to go to waste! 3. Include Everyone: Get the whole school involved in the fundraiser. A downfall of some fundraisers is that they are Kiwanis-exclusive. When it comes to fundraising, it’s a group effort and being exclusive will only be counter-productive. Who knows, you might even recruit a few new members!

Share ideas! There are over 265,000 members in Key Club who have something to bring the table.

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THE TRAN’S MISSION Volume I, Issue 9 / The ELIMINATE Project


ELIMINATE Walk at DCON 2013! Written by Nikita Daga, Division 3B LTG Wouldn’t it be awesome to raise money for the Eliminate Project while you are at District Convention? Well, you can at New Jersey District Convention 2013! On Sunday morning of District Convention (April 7th), you and your fellow Key Clubbers can participate in the walk to raise money for ELIMINATE! You can sign up as a club or an individual and it’s free to participate. This walk is a great way to bond with your club, enjoy the beautiful sunrise, and raise money for a great cause. You can also show off your 1920s themed T-shirts and take pictures on the beautiful shore line! Talk to your advisor or your Lieutenant Governor for more information on how you can attend this awesome walk!

Walk a while for a baby’s smile. One step closer to eliminating MNT.

THE TRANâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S MISSION Volume I, Issue 9 / The ELIMINATE Project

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Governor Nicole Ventrone

Secretary Celina Baquiran

Treasurer Joe Toumanios

Editor Zachariah DeGiulio

Webmaster Lucas Dos Santos

Lieutenant Governor Kelly Tran

KCI: THE TRAN'S MISSION Volume I, Issue 9 Special Edition: The ELIMINATE Project  

The ELIMINATE Project!

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