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the TRAN’S New Jersey District of Key Club International | Secretary | Volume II, Issue 2


DCON → March 28th-30th #trantips #elections 1. Call your elections rep, zone administrator, officers, and advisors a week before your elections to confirm their attendance. Also call them the day before and the day of. 2. Dress and behave professionally to set the tone for your successor. 3. Read through the elections procedure with your elections rep to make sure you know what you are doing. 4. Be prepared! This includes having an agenda, ballots, and writing utensils. 5. Encourage voters to ask the same questions to all candidates.

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Greetings New Jersey District Board!

I hope you’ve had a wonderful winter break and are ready to get back into gear. We’ve only got a few months left in our terms and we’ve got to make it count! These last few months are going to be packed full of events and doing everything we can to make DCON a success and prepare for the next service year. I know it’s been a hectic time with the holidays, school, college apps, work, and whatnot, but the things we are accomplishing do make a difference. Let’s not lose focus! Yours in caring and service, Kelly Tran

Kelly Tran | | Cell: (609) 432-9204 Facebook: heykellytran | Instagram: trank_

ltg do’s & don’ts DO | CONSTANTLY CHECK ON DUES A key part of balancing are budget and providing for all of the things we do (RTCs, mailings, resources, scholarships) is having dues paid clubs. Only members of dues paid clubs can count towards quorum. Make sure clubs aren’t facing trouble and help them if they are. DON’T | CRAM 20 RESPONSIBILITIES INTO ONE MONTH Cramming newsletters and other duties right before DCON is not an efficient way to distribute information. At this point, OTCs, DCMs, newsletters, club visits, and other duties should be on their way to completion. DO | BEGIN ORGANIZING YOUR RFL BINDER Your RFL binder is your ticket to DCON. Putting it together can take a lot of time. Begin now to make sure that you have everything and are accurately portraying your term as a lieutenant governor. Please follow the guidelines set by the district. There are certain dimensions that cannot be exceeded and other details. DON’T | NEGLECT YOUR HEALTH We have seen some of the coldest temperatures in a long time and with flu season hovering over us, iI wish you all good health! Please stay warm and healthy. We need you working at full strength, so please get enough sleep, eat well, and take care of yourself. If you are ever experiencing something you cannot handle, reach out to the district board. DO | PUBLICIZE DCON ON A BI-WEEKLY BASIS The DCON Registration Mailing is only going to be distributed electronically this year. We are confident in your ability to make DCON a success just as we saw with 3,039 Fall Rally attendees. Please do your best to publicize DCON and we’ll surely reach our goal of 800 attendees! Having a larger turn out will only ensure a better time at convention.

r o f n o i t a r st i g e r y l r a E ! h t 4 1 b e F s DC ON i Midwinter Tr a C onference is ining Feb 28!

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The TRAN'S MISSION Volume II, Issue 2  

Elections tips, LTG do's and don'ts, and upcoming dates.