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Stephen Kelly NEWS RELEASE 8/20/20 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Auburn man finds renewable source of energy while chewing Double Mint gum Auburn, AL — Stephen Kelly found the cure to our world’s energy crisis in a stick of Double Mint gum. Kelly made the discovery after dropping his gum in an experimental fertilizer during a round of golf. After chewing on the gum for 10 minutes Kelly began to feel his gum heat up and eventually explode out of his mouth. “It was the craziest feeling,” said Kelly, “One second I’m joking around on the green with my pals, and the next second I’m watching my gum blow up.” Research since Kelly’s accident has shown encouraging results. The combination of his saliva, the gum and the fertilizer creates a reaction that will soon be integrated into a sustainable energy source of tremendous potential. Scientists predict that it will take some time before this type of energy can be used to fuel cars and airplanes, but it is expected to replace battery power within two years. “I’ve gotten offers from Duracell and some store brands like Kroger, but I’m holding out for Energizer. I’ve always been a fan of the musical rabbit, but I never thought I would be in negotiations to replace the Energizer Bunny” Kelly said. Kelly has expressed his complete control over the name of his discovery. “I think the name should have something to do with power and energy, but I also want it to be kind of mysterious,” Kelly said, “I feel like I’m the Austin Powers of renewable energy now and I want the name to be suiting.” ### Contact: Stephen Kelly Professional Gum Chewer 205-541-3077

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