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ESD: Solar panels are one of the many ESD strategies. Other strategies include night air purging, wind energy and thermal mass

Mechanical System: This system includes artificial lighting, sewage, ventilation, heating, that provides essential services to a building (Ching, 2008)

Structural Systems: These are made to transmit applied gravity and loads to the ground so that the structure will stay standing. They form the foundation of the building (Ching, 2008). There are four types of structural systems: solid, surface, skeletal and membrane, The majority of modern structures are a hybrid. (Construction Systems 2014)

Enclosure System: This is the shell of the building and includes the door, exterior walls, roof and windows. (Ching, 2008)

Roller Joint

Roller joints allow horizontal movement as well as rotation (Structural Joints, 2014)

Pin Joint

Pin Joints only allow rotation to occur (Structural Joints, 2014)

Fixed Joint

Fixed Joints do not allow for any movement (Structural Joints, 2014)

Joints are essential to structures as the connect the pieces together in order to form a structure. Different joints are used in different parts of a structure depending on the materials present in the construction and the function of that particular part of the structure. For instance, most bridged would require a roller joint and/or a pin joint as they will allow tension and compression to occur without the bridge breaking when the live loads are applied.

A truss is used to increase the strength of the base. Trusses require less material while still providing enough strength to hold up the structure. (Structural Joints, 2014)

A triangular base requires less material than other shapes such as a square.

Taping the sticks together at the top helps the top of the structure stay upright.

When constructing different building systems, various factors will be taken into account including performance requirements, aesthetic qualities, regulatory constraints, economic considerations, environmental impact and construction practices. (Ching 2014). These factors all play into the shape, function and efficiency of the structure.

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