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ll of us at Kelly’s Chic Decor are happy to announce our arrival to the Twin Cities. The beautiful state of Minnesota has so many stunning landscapes that inspire our designers like never before. Our mission is to create beautifully rustic furniture that cannot be found anywhere else!


e invite you to browse through our catalog and start dreaming of that one-ofa-kind outdoor haven.

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ur reclaimed wood line comes from the restoration of old boats in Indonesia. Each piece is one of a kind.


eclaimed-Wood Collection Item 25

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Fishboat Wood

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All of our “fishboat wood� pieces tell their own story. Having spent their former lives as old Indonesian fishing boats, they have been given a second life as part of a beautiful, unique collection of reused teak and hardwood. The colorful wood is charming and adaptable to so many settings. These pieces are both sustainable and unique.

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How do I contact Kelly’s Chic Decor?

You can call or email any of these people!! (very exciting...) Ref: 6800.00

Ref: 6800.00

Kelly Zheng - President c. (626) 353. 9600


Chelsea Kerrison - Director of Marketing c. (763) 291. 1881


Mike Patterson - Operations Manager c. (763) 464. 8999

e. Ref: 6800.00

Ref: 6800.00

Ref: 6800.00

Ref: 6800.00

Kelly’s Chic Decor 810 1st St. S Hopkins, MN 55343

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Kelly has done it again! Take a look at her newest, beautiful finds. One-of-a-kind, reclaimed pieces from old Indonesian fishing boats, st...