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Sally Dudley, Meredith Rutter, Tracie Pruden, Jessica Gilden, Jessica Martyn, Babs Szycher, Carol Temple, Lynda Stickler, Susan Goode, Lenora Mathews, Najwa Knox, Lori Collins, Brenda Christy, Cameron Meals, Laura Bangor, Lisa Shapiro, Joy Bixler, Mary Denny, Lyn Simmons, Denise Kellam, Priscilla Trinder in memory of Jeanne Marie Bellis, Helen Elder, Sherri Stein, Connie Laws, Connie Hedrick, Didi Granger, Martha Goodman, Ann Morgan, Dawn Provost, Cinda Ayers, Susan Malandrino, Emily Budlong, Alice McKnight, Betty Wade Coyle, Cheryl Cauthen Bond, Peggy Beale, Elizabeth Williams, Heather Wood, Elly Smith, Kelly Reynolds, Ann Crenshaw, Christine Verfurth, Elizabeth (Betty) Mooz, Gaye Deal, Elizabeth Upchurch, Rexanne Metzger, Jacque Peters and our 85th (future) Member: Schaefer Shelton. It is vital that this effort be continued and we, as a league meet that $1,000,000 goal. We have a community to serve and achieving this goal will guarantee our work will continue for several generations to come. Educate and Appreciate What is so impressive about Junior Leaguers is their ability to turn ideas into action. A perfect example was the “Educate and Appreciate” event, held in July 2009 at TowneBank in Norfolk. An idea that was literally sketched out on the back of the napkin by Dawn Provost (President 2009-2010) and Kimberly Thompson (President-Elect 2009-2010) while attending AJLI’s 2009 Annual Conference, turned into a successful partner appreciation event! The event was attended by several League Past Presidents, the JLNVB Board of Directors and Community Council, and members of our Community Partner Network. The evening began with a networking wine and cheese, followed by the distribution of a partner information book and introductions by the event participants. The keynote speaker of the evening was best-selling author of Leading from the Front, Angie Morgan, who delivered service-based leadership training focused on taking care of those you lead. At the conclusion of the event, our Community Partners were presented with Partnership Pledge certificates stating: “The Junior League of Norfolk-Virginia Beach, Inc. commits trained leaders, steadfast support, and dedicated volunteers to initiatives shared with our Partners in Positive Change. Thank you for your partnership and dedication to our shared goals of creating a concentrated and passionate following of parents, educators, and children, and equipping them with the resources and education to promote a lifestyle centered on health and wellness.” Feedback from the event was extremely positive and this 2009-2010 League year kick-off event proved that we are truly partners in positive change in South Hampton Roads. Communications

This League year started with some substantial changes...and many more to come! The JLNVB has gone GREEN! TIDEings is now in an electronic format, with the first edition having been issued in September. The electronic version creates cost savings and uses less paper. Major overhauls have been underway to the internal and external framework of www. It is an ongoing process, but we have been fortunate to hire an unbelievable company to work us through the complexities and continuing renovations, 3 Leos Public Relations LLC. Thank you!

JLNVB Annual Report 2009-2010  
JLNVB Annual Report 2009-2010  

The Junior League The Junior League of Norfolk-Virginia Beach, Inc. is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developi...