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Mortgage Planning Tool

How it can help you

Mortgage Blueprint™ Software

• A unique interactive tool. Take clients through the Mortgage Planning Process using their personal information. • Generates a customized Mortgage Plan for your clients • Excellent tool for client annual reviews

Mortgage Planning Client Database (Client Monitor)

• Clients, deals and referral source information in one database. • Automatic client download from internet and expert applications. • Complete mortgage history for clients with multiple mortgages under one client profile. • Ability to segment clients based on Mortgage Planning profile. • Ability to send segregated CRM messages based on client profiles.

Goals Worksheet

Allows you to collect data from clients to analyze their mortgage needs and cash flow against short and long-term goals.

Wondering how to build wealth in this economy? (Introductory Flyer)

General overview of mortgage planning and the various needs that can be met. For clients and referral sources.

Mortgage Planning Process

Outlines the 6-step mortgage planning process. Helps you sell clients on the concept.

Tale of Two Sisters

Booklet with a numerical example that compares the different paths two sisters take with their mortgages. Demonstrates the long-term possibilities. Two versions – $300,000 and $450,000 home value.

Making money from your mortgage (PowerPoint Presentation)

For client presentations, large or small groups, with a financial planner.

Mortgage Planning; how can it work for you? (PowerPoint Presentation)

For individual client presentations.

Ghost Articles

For prospects, clients and referral sources. Send out over time. General • Broker vs Planner • Mortgage Planning & You • Annual Review Equity Rich • Smart homeowners have tax deductible mortgages • Building wealth using a re-advanceable mortgage • Tale of Two Sisters • Put those lazy assets to work

Direct Mail & HTML

• Mortgage Planning Consultation Invitation Postcard & HTML • Annual Review Invitation Letter & HTML • Seminar Invite

Radio Scripts

New scripts for turbulent times


Frequently asked questions about Mortgage Planning

Personal Website

• Mortgage Planning content to be periodically updated by Marketing • Regular newsletter and free reports

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Mortgage Planning Tool How it can help you Mortgage Planning; how can it work for you? (PowerPoint Presentation) Forindividualclientpresenta...

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