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Media Design Master of Fine Arts Degree Program MDM530 Brand Development | Project Brief

MDM 530  -­‐  Project  Brief,  3.4.3 Brand  Development Media  Design  MFA Student  Name:  Kelly  Morrison Date:  January  31,  2013 Project:  MDMFA  Campaign  Thesis  Project Draft  Version  #:    1 Version  Date:    January  31,  2013

Project Brief - DRAFT 1. Company Name Name:  Spiderweb  Software   Industry:     Video  Games Category:    Role-­‐Playing  Games   (RPG’s)  

3. Campaign Project  Objective

2. Primary Products  or  Services List  items  below Avadon:  The  Black  Fortress,  Nethergate,  Geneforge  Series,   Avernum  Series

4. Big Goal  (BHAG)  or  Project  Outcome and  how  it  will  be  measured  for  success

E.g., To  rebrand  Company  A  by  completing  X  &  Y,  for  the   purpose  of  Z,  etc.

To improve  the  image  of  and  promote  Spiderweb   Software  in  order  to  increase  their  market  share  and   sales.

5. Primary Deliverables  Draft

E.g., To  increase  brand  awareness  toward  a  new  target   group,  increase  sales  by  2%  vs.  year  ago,  ROI  &  Sales,  etc.

To increase  brand  awareness  and  boost  sales  by   3%  over  5  years

6. Key Tenets

E.g., Brand  Strategy,  Evolved  Logo,  New  Web  Design,   Campaign  Marketing  Collateral,  etc.

Origin of  the  brand:  (3  adjective  words  only).  Words   that  are  at  the  core  of  what  the  creative  will  evoke

New Logo New  Web  Site Internet  Ads Print  Ads

Epic Fantasy Adventure

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MDM530 Brand Development | Project Brief

Project Brief - DRAFT 7. Primary Target  Audience

8. Target Clubs  and  Tribes

DEMOGRAPHICS: Location,  Age,  Income,  Marital  Status,   Education,  Gender,  Occupation,  etc.

Lifestyle interests,  loyalty  brands,  buying  habits,  social,   cultural,  emotional  threads  of  the  primary  target  group  


RPG Gamers Fantasy  Readers Story  Lovers Nostalgic  Gamers

Married Ages 25-­‐35 North  America

9. Two (2)  Primary  Competitors  &  How

10. 2 Key  Strengths  and  2  Key  Weaknesses

(e.g., Dunkin’  Donuts  vs.  Krispy  Kreme  &  Starbucks)  

S -­‐  Quality  Games

EA Games  -­‐  Dragon  Age  Series  (More  Money,  Brand   Recognition)

S -­‐  Games  are  inexpensive  to  produce

Square Enix  -­‐  Final  Fantasy  Series  (More  Money,  Brand   Recognition)

11. Positioning Statement

W -­‐  Low  quality  graphics W  -­‐  Few  resources

12. Unique Selling  Proposition  (USP)

How does  the  brand  ‘sit’  in  the  market  place  and  ranks   vs.  competition,  AND  in  the  consumer’s  mind?   (E.g,  Dunkin’  Donuts  is  positioned  as  the  #1  American   Coffee  &  Donut  shop  vs.  Starbucks  or  Krispy  Kreme)

What is  the  truly  unique  aspect  of  the  brand,  product  or   service  of  interest  can  claim.  E.g,,  ‘The  only,  one  of  the   best,  the  premier…what?’  (E.g.  America’s  first  coffee  &   donut  shop,    since  1950  (Dunkin’  Donuts)

Relatively unknown  compared  to  the  big   companies

The only  maker  of  classic,  western-­‐style,   fantasy  themed,  turn-­‐based  RPG’s.

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MDM530 Brand Development | Project Brief

Project Brief - DRAFT 13. Sustainable Competitive  Advantage   (SCA)

14. 2 Key  Features  &  2  Corresponding   BeneXits  

The advantage  the  brand  or  product  provides  over  the   primary  competitor(s)?  (E.g.,  Dunkin’  Donuts  coffee  is   simply  a  great  cup  of  coffee,  at  a  value  price)

Are worthy  of  calling  out  in  advertising  campaigns,  (E.g,     (F)  Durable;  (B)  consumer  will  find  value  in  a  product  that   has  long  life  and  resiliency)

Western, turn-­‐based  RPG’s  are  rarely  made   anymore

• In-­‐Depth Stories  -­‐  user  can  become   immersed  in  game  world • No  DRM  -­‐  users  can  avoid  the  hassle  of  piracy   protection  software

15. The creative  Call  to  Action  (Month  4)

16. Current Logo (if  available)

What must  the  creative  work  do?  (E.g.,  To  evoke  a   response  to  visit  the  website,  increase  customer  base,   drive  sales.  etc.)

Increase brand  awareness Increase  sales

17. Tag Lines  Draft  Ideas  (Month  4)

18. Additional Notes

• Our fantasy,  your  reality • Our  worlds,  your  playground • Join  us • Be  taken  away • Get  lost • Your  adventure  awaits

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Project brief  
Project brief