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Toni Anne Cavallo Nicole Giusto Nicole Lastro Kelly Moorachanian Introduction Technology is a valuable aspect within the school system. Currently, most students use various forms of technologies daily and are very proficient in their uses. Finding ways to make these technologies available in the school, and incorporating them into the curriculum, can be a great way to keep students engaged and interested. It is critical that the faculty and administration be up to date on current technology trends so that they can be easily incorporated and monitored throughout the school system. As obesity rates continue to rise in America, contributed by an increasingly inactive population, Physical education in schools become more and more valuable to the students. A quality program will teach students about the importance of being active by demonstrating ways to increase all components of fitness. However, many Physical educators face resistance by students in regards to motivation levels.

Recent studies have started to emerge on the use of technology in the Physical Education

classroom as a way to motivate students to reach their fitness goals. One of the major forms of technology that has been incorporated in the classroom is heart rate monitors, which is not considered a ‘new’ device. However, the monitors have been proven to increase student’s motivation levels during activity. Our mission statement is to have students incorporate physical activity and wellness into their daily lives. With students constantly playing video games, on the computer, phones and watching television, incorporating technology is a great way to make a real world connection to spark students’ interest in being active. By incorporating video game systems such as the Wii, we believe this software will be a foundation of student success with physical activity. With this program, students will be able to take the content and knowledge gained to other aspects of their lives outside of the classroom. Technology Integration In the beginning, our school district would like to purchase two Wii consoles, as well as the WiiFit software and two projection screens to be displayed in the gymnasium. We would like to have two of the consoles and screens because with larger classes in physical education, it would be easier to split up the students into groups and have them each follow their own game. We also plan to have students in the other group stand at their own stations and mimic the game when it is not their turn to play. Over time, our plan

would be to have the school district buy and own different types of video game consoles as well as games, to promote a variety of ideas and activities, an increase the number of student participating at a time. Although the consoles and games would strictly be played in physical education classes, we plan to incorporate and include all staff and administration in the process. Outside of the school, we plan to include the Board of Education, as well as the IT department. We believe this is an extremely important aspect in determining success to have all parties involved. Each is vital to the success, depending on administration and Board of Education approval, technical questions, support, collaboration, and planning. In addition to the Wii system just being used in the Physical Education, it can be incorporated into other classrooms as well. We will look to educate staff on the various ways the system can be used among other content areas such a science and math. For example, the system also includes internet access and a number of exclusive channels-like news and weather forecasts. Another program-Wii's Big Brain Academy, challenges players on logical thinking and math. The game tests players' abilities and speed at solving various problems, involving skills like counting, recognizing patterns, and size comparison. Wii Music- allows a student to play a variety of instruments, as well as conduct an orchestra. Involving other disciplines and providing ways the system can be used among other content areas will help provide a greater interest among staff and administration in using the system across the curriculum.

Faculty, Staff, and Student Training We believe it is imperative that all administration and faculty is trained on using this software. The administration and staff are the role models of the school for our students and them displaying the fun being had by being physical activity in this activity is a great way to relate to and motivate students, as well as being seen in a more positive light by community members. We would plan to hold a training session during a faculty meeting where all teachers and staff can be trained on properly working the game, using the controller, and playing. In addition to teachers becoming more involved in the physical education curriculum, it is also important as safety precautions for themselves and the students. It is very important for all faculty members and administration to go through a thorough training process. When training faculty and administration, we would first explain and discuss why we received a grant for this software, with the vision to incorporate technology for the students and to encourage them to ‘think outside the box’ when being active. We would then discuss the importance of safety when using the Wii console. The controller must be wrapped around the wrist to protect it from falling out of the hand, as well as having each player stand far apart from each other so they do not collide or hit each other.

Stressing safety is extremely important in this case, because students can tend to get excited with a new program and not be aware of their surroundings when playing. The system overall is extremely expensive, so students as well as any faculty playing must be extremely careful. We plan to set up a system for students that do not follow the rules or cooperate, for example not being able to participate when playing, losing credit for the course, or having a conference depending on the severity level. Before the class begins playing Wii, students will be put into designated spots by the teacher which will be marked with poly spots or cones. This will show students where their personal space is, and to make sure they constantly stay in that area to avoid colliding with another student. Proposed Needs and Upkeep First, we need to ensure a proper internet and cable connection, as well as appropriate televisions. Also, In addition to the Wii consoles and accessories, a memory card should be used in order to store the data of all the students. It will be a team effort for the technology committee to be successful in making sure this technology plan will work. One member of the IT staff will be in charge of making sure all of the software, game consoles, and internet connections are up and working. It will be the responsibility of one selected faculty member of the physical education staff to report any issues to the IT faculty member. Wii consoles will be used in physical education classes on specified days. Games such as Wii Fit, Wii Sports, and other activity games for the Wii will be utilized in accordance to the curriculum. For instance, when doing yoga on the Wii fit, 2 selected students will use the boards, and the rest of the students will follow along on yoga mats. The technology committee will consist of the entire physical education faculty and the IT coordinator. Inventory A critical part of any technology plan is assessing existing technology. This is critical to avoid buying redundant technologies or incompatible technologies. It will also help us to determine if any of our current technologies are obsolete. Device:



LCD Players





1. Computers: a. Dell Optiplex 280 -4

b. Dell Optiplex 270 – 9 c. Dell Optiplex 620 – 42 d. Dell Optiplex 740 – 45 e. Dell Optiplex 755 – 34 f. Dell Optiplex 760 – 84 g. Dell Optiplex 780 – 66 h. Dell Optiplex 790 – 52 i. Dell Optiplex 7010 – 25 j. Dell Precision T1500 – 51 2. Printers: a. Dell 1700/10 – 10 b. Dell 1720 – 20 c. HP LaserJet 1012 – 1 d. HP LaserJet 1200 – 13 e. HP LaserJet 1300 – 9 f. Dell 2330/50 – 4 g. Dell 3110cn – 4 h. Dell 3130cn – 4 i. HP LaserJet 2420 – 2 j. HP LaserJet P3015 – 2 k. HP LaserJet P3005 -4 l. HP LaserJet 4050 – 1 m. Epson stylus 4800pro – 1 3. Built in LCD players: 45 a. Dell 1209, 1210s, 1200mp, 2400mp

b. Epson powerlite 4. Connection from Computer to TV or projection device a. Most rooms have the equipment there are also mobile projectors and TV adapters that departments share. 5. Availability of scanners, LCD projectors, or digital camera available. a. At the department level: teachers share some projectors b. Assemblies and special events: projector can be requested 6. Video conferencing a. Teachers have utilized Skype to do web conferencing 7. Computer Labs a. Seven full labs with 26 computers each b. One half lab with 13 computes Software 1.


Computer Applications a. Every computer has Kurzweil, Cyberlink power DVD, Roxio and Microsoft office. b. The labs have specialized software. We have Adobe CS suite, AutoCAD, Sibelius, audacity as well as some specific software. c. Lab installs are the same versions. d. Classrooms do have different versions of software. Cd-roms and/or DVDs: a.

Most computers have dvd-rw drives.

By contacting the head of technology in our school district, we were able to determine that most of our technologies are up to date. Having 45 LCD projectors with the ability to hook-up to TV and computers with established internet connection is promising for integrating this Wii technology across the curriculum.

Budget and Funding To fund our technology plan, the physical education staff will apply for a grant to supply us with enough funds to purchase two Wii fit consoles, two projectors and software. A new system is roughly $200

with each game costing about $75. We will apply for a grant from the WEEA foundation. "The mission of the West Essex Foundation for Education is to enhance the quality of education in the West Essex Regional School District by providing financial support for innovative programs that enrich student achievement and promote excellence in education" If a grant is unavailable or we require more money we will look to seek funding on It is an online charity which connects donors with classrooms in need. Assessment Surveys by staff members as well as students will be one way assessment will be used in determining the advantages or disadvantages of the system. Additionally a pre and post assessment of students’ fitness levels before and after the program is put into action and can help provide concrete evidence of the students’ fitness levels. This program will mainly be incorporated into the physical education program and take place in the gymnasium. An advantage to using this system as a means to being physically active is that it can be done in other places besides the gym if necessary. As desire and knowledge is gained across the school district the systems can be incorporated in other classrooms.

Integrating Technology into the Curriculum  

By: Toni-Anne Cavallo, Nicole Giusto, Nicole Lastro, and Kelly Moorachanian