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70s 80s glam+color saturation WHAT’S NOW: The slow transition from mid-century modern to 70s and 80s silhouettes and colors. WHAT’S NEXT: A no holds bar adoption of the era. Brassy finishes, glamorous silhouettes and super saturated color rule the school for the next 3-5 years. FOR TEEN: A no-brainer for tween and teen girls. Play up the rainbow hues, infuse rose-gold finishes for a more subdued, younger vibe. FOR KIDS: Tread lightly with saturation and glitz but a subtle infusion, especially as the trend works itself into the adult brand, may be appropriate. 3

Semi-Precious Stones WHAT’S NOW: Still seeing geodes everywhere! Though this trend is getting close to expiration... WHAT’S NEXT: Deeply saturated stone slabs are making their way into furniture, a natural companion to the 70s and 80s styles that are trending. FOR TEEN: Again, this is an easy sell to the tween and teen demographics. The pink and purple stones, especially, will be highly popular among the girls. Blues and greens for guys. Feel free to infuse the iridescents! FOR KIDS: Play up a few pretty stone accessories­­(ie: rose quarts lamps).


Colored Metallics & Lacquers WHAT’S NOW: High-gloss lacquers become increasingly popular WHAT’S NEXT: If it can be a nail-polish, it can be a furniture varnish. An infusion of colored metallics also joins the parade of sheen. FOR TEEN: The sky’s the limit on how we can use these finishes in teen furniture collections. We’ve got a solid 3-5 years of this ahead. FOR KIDS: This is a super fun trend to play with for tiny chairs and tables (plus easy to wipe down!)


Chinoiserie Toiles WHAT’S NOW: With China now solidly established as a super-power, we’re more interested than ever in infusing their culture into ours. Traditional English toiles make a comeback as well. WHAT’S NEXT: Traditional toiles are getting a much-needed update with pop colors and less-than-serious depictions. Chinoiserie toiles will significantly outnumber toiles of other origins. FOR TEEN: A must for textiles this spring—don’t hold back! FOR KIDS: Downplay the pop colors but infuse the trend into bedding and


Suiting stripes and patterns WHAT’S NOW: Classic masculine suiting themes are making their way back to the mainstream. WHAT’S NEXT: Expect to see more masculine patterns on feminine silhouettes (and/or paired with more femme colors) as we continue the embrace of all things unisex. FOR TEEN: A great opportunity to add to the uni collections with furniture that speaks to both sexes. FOR KIDS: Stripes and houndstooths in pastels for textiles.


Ombré vs Watercolor WHAT’S NOW: We’re currently embracing all things ombré when it comes to textiles, paper goods, painted and metal finishes. WHAT’S NEXT: Expect evenly applied ombrés to give way to more organic water-color style finishes on both textiles and furniture. FOR TEEN: This trend can be played up for girls or guys, depending on the colors. Occasional furniture pieces and accessories with water-color finishes will be a hit! FOR KIDS: A bedding must for spring. 13

KLP Spring 2014 Trend Report  
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