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Intelligent Business Driven Workload Automation Terma Software Labs  continues  to be responsive to  our customers’ needs and the demands from the market  to provide solutions that Improve IT Efficiency, Reduce  Risk, Improve Service Quality, and Increase Business  Agility.   Our   focus   is   to   help   you   evolve   from  traditional   job   scheduling   to   Intelligent   Business­ Driven   Workload   Automation.   With   the   release   of  JAWS   3.3,   we   have   enhanced   the   product   to   further  improve   your   automation   efficiencies.   These   new  features   provide   more   intelligence   for   users   to   make  strategic   decisions   that   support   your   underlying  business drivers.   

JAWS 3.3 Newest Features Include: Reporting for In­Process and Forecasted Jobstream Runs

In addition to reporting on completed jobstream runs, the Jobstream Summary and Jobstream Detail reports now  also have the ability to report on both forecasted and in­process runs. Users can now take a snapshot of their  environment at any time, or peer ahead to anticipate scheduled events on future dates. JAWS has always given you  the ability to proactively manage your AutoSys environment, and now we’ve taken it one step further.

User Session Management Maximize your user licenses! JAWS 3.3 gives you the ability to monitor and manage user sessions

What­if Capability Added to Forecasted Runs Not Predicted to Finish (NPTF) state. As of JAWS 3.3 this functionality has been extended to include forecasted  runs.

Enhanced Jobstreams Panel

Password Encryption

Enhanced Performance

Several new columns have been made  available on the jobstreams panel within  the Admin tab, giving you an “at a  glance” view of pertinent properties  related to associated jobstreams.

The JAWS Database Password  directory is only accessible via the  JAWS server; however, to eliminate  any potential security risk, the  password is now optionally encrypted.

Changes throughout the product have  enhanced the performance you will get  out of JAWS. From faster predictions  to improved event and job handling  JAWS is leaner and meaner than ever.

For additional information, please contact: Terma Software Labs 303.417.1718

JAWS 3.3  

AutoSys Workload Automation

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