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Top 10 reasons for supporting United Way of Saginaw County: 6. Flexibility 7. Deductibility 8. Convenience 9. Diversity 10. Unity

A donation of $52 or $1 per week:

* Purchases activity books for a class of 2nd graders teaching them how to keep themselves safe from predators * Gives an uninsured individual three counseling sessions * Assists with one night of shelter for a family of four after a disaster

A donation of $104 or $2 per week:

* Provides an eye exam and glasses for a handicapped child * Trains three new mothers how to save the life of their child with CPR * Ensures six days/nights of shelter for an abused woman

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers: Q. What is the general administrative cost for United Way? A. United Way of Saginaw County’s general administrative expenses represent 6% of total agency expenditures.

A donation of $260 or $5 per week:

* Shelters one person for 15 days/nights in emergency housing * Sponsors 5 children in reading programs and provides books for the children to keep

Q. Who does United Way serve? A. One in three Saginaw County residents is touched by United Way services. Your contributions are used locally to help meet the needs of the community. Q. How do I know that my pledge really goes to the people that need it most? A. Only when you give to United Way can you be assured that those with the greatest need will be helped. This is because United Way provides a community-wide program review process run by concerned volunteers, people just like you, who take the time to learn about local needs. United Way also insists that all agencies collaborate to make scarce resources benefit as many people in need as possible.

Your spare change makes a big CHANGE in the lives of others!

A donation of $520 or $10 per week:

* Purchases a computerized infant simulator that creates a realistic parenting experience for students that may save a real baby’s life * Provides eight senior citizens with an emergency preparedness kit * Helps keep an individual in their home, and keeps the heat and water on for one month during the coldest months of the year Leadership


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CHANGE starts with YOU! Can we count you in?

2012 United Way Table Tent  
2012 United Way Table Tent  

United Way of Saginaw County's 2012 Campaign Table Tent