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Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Kelly Jandura Columbia College Graduate

Objectives To create awareness for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Build Awareness: Associates need to be able to view the new line of clothes and incorporate Mercedes Benz Instill Confidence: Get positive feedback and reviews

Motivate: Viewers need to like what they are seeing so they can spread word about the event, purchase Mercedes, and purchase fashion. Create an atmosphere that exemplifies high fashion and class so our guests leave feeling exclusive and high class.

Strategies Create an event that relates to how high class and sleek the Mercedes Benz brand is. Create news and interest surrounding Mercedes Benz Fashion Week through print advertisements letting people know what designers will be showcasing their lines and where.

Send out invitations to high end clientele and celebrities Find a venue to showcase the car advertisements and the fashion Have a red carpet set up for when guests arrive for press and pictures. Create a lounge atmosphere for before and after the fashion show so people can converse and find complimentary snacks and drinks.

Tactics Pre ShowInvitations that will be sent out to hand selected guests and clients

Tactics Pre ShowForty plasma flat screen televisions will be hung up around the venue advertising Mercedes Benz new 2013 models. Each vehicle that will be showcased will have a full 360 view of the interior and exterior of the vehicle.

All videos will continuously play on a loop so that each vehicle is displayed constantly throughout the event. The only time the televisions will stop showing the 2013 line of Mercedes Benz models will be when the actual fashion show is in session. At that time the television screens will switch to a black background with the Mercedes Benz logo and Dian Von Furstenberg’s logo.

Tactics Pre ShowAfter guests start arriving a red carpet will be set up for the guests to walk on before making their way into the fashion show.

Tactics Show EnvironmentThe Mercedes Benz fashion show will be a sleek modern look with silver and soap water blue as the two main colors throughout the showroom. The runway will be white and lit up and the background on the runway will be silver with the Mercedes Logo and the designers logo located throughout the background.

Tactics Show EnvironmentAs guests make their way into the main showroom they will see a runway with seating, two main lounge areas, outside areas and multiple bars.

Paris Nightclub

Tactics Show TimeGuests will be able to converse in the lounge areas by the bar which offers refreshments before and after the show. Guests will have assigned seating and on each seat will be a card with a name on it. The lights will dim letting the audience know that the show is about to begin and to take their assigned seats.

Tactics Show TimeAn announcement will be made before the models walk down the runway giving attention to Mercedes Benz and the designer Diane Von Furstenberg. Announcement: Hello and welcome to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Tonight we will be presenting the new Fall 2013 collection by Diane Von Furstenberg. Please take your seat and the show will continue momentarily. Thank you and enjoy.

Tactics Show TimeAfter the fashion show the designer will make the final walk down the runway followed by the rest of the models for a final look at her 2013 fall clothing line.

Tactics Post ShowAfter the fashion show guests will make their final walk down the red carpet upon departure.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week  

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week featuring Diane Von Furstenberg

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