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Frankenweenie Movie Premiere Taking the unordinary and bringing it to life

Kelly Jandura Columbia College Graduate of 2013

Objectives To create an out of the ordinary setting to play Frankenweenie Build Awareness: Associates need to know that the movie is ready for the box office

Instill Confidence: Get positive feedback and reviews Motivate: Viewers need to like what they are watching so they tell people about the movie and so that when it is released for sale viewers will purchase it Create an atmosphere that is fun for both adults and young children

Strategies Create an event that relates to the movie and creates an atmosphere that adds to the viewers experience Create news and interest surrounding the premiere and launch of Frankenweenie

Send out invitations that also make for souvenirs Bring in real life characters for the viewers to enjoy

Have face painters and balloon artists come to the premiere to play into the Halloween theme of the movie Have sweet delights, snacks, and drinks for all to enjoy during the movie premiere to make the viewing experience more enjoyable

Tactics Pre ShowThe invitations that will be sent out to 200 hand selected guests will be a stuffed Frankenweenie dog. Once you squeeze the dog it will tell you the information for the movie premiere such as: what the event is being held for, the date, the time, the location, and that children should come dressed in Halloween costumes.

The event will be held for the premiere of Tim Burton’s movie Frankenweenie. A 3D drive in movie theater will be located in the California desert area for guests to enjoy an out of the ordinary experience with their family and friends. There will be a red carpet, entertainment, and goodie bags for all guests to enjoy. The premiere will be held on October 1st and the movie will start at 6. We suggest guests arrive at 4:30 for the pre show red carpet and entertainment. We also encourage children to get into the Halloween spirit and come dressed in costume for the premiere.

Tactics Pre ShowAfter guests start arriving with their friends and family a red carpet will be set up with cameras flashing. On the red carpet will also be characters from the movie for guests to take pictures with.

Tactics Show EnvironmentWhite tents will be located on the outsides of the outdoor movie screen where drinks, sweets and snacks will be located for guests to enjoy

Tactics Show EnvironmentFace painters, stilt walkers and balloon artist will be walking around as entertainment for the younger guests creating a weird and out of the ordinary vibe

Tactics Show TimeCars will be able to locate designated parking spots to park their cars and enjoy the premiere of Frankenweenie The radio station to tune into for audio and sound for the feature presentation will flash on the screen for a brief time

Tactics Show TimeBefore the movie starts Tim Burton will come on the screen greeting guests and thanking them for coming out and showing their support The movie premiere of Frankenweenie will start and play all the way through

Tactics Post ShowAfter the movie comes to an end guests will make their way back onto the red carpet upon departure. Guests will be given complimentary goodie bags designed for our younger guests that will have posters from the movie, four tickets and four fast passes to any Six Flags America Fright Fest, solid black unisex wayfarer Ray Bans, a mini tub of Garrett's cheddar and caramel popcorn, Jelly Bellys, and one of a kind Frankenweenie fruit snacks.

Frankenweenie Movie Premiere  

This is the movie premiere of Frankenweenie

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