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Espace M

New Meaning to a Concept Store

The latest concept boutique in Lebanon has recently started business with a boom—a Kelly Hoppen boom that is. Espace M owned by the Melki family (think Galerie Melki), located in an easy to stop by location in Horsh Tabet, dedicates its three-leveled space to showcasing the latest products of interior design and accessories, and fashion.

were excited to showcase our furniture here because at Espace M, it’s more of a gallery than a furniture shop, and well, I really loved that,” commented Hoppen.

Espace M, an original concept, is a contemporary and modern vintage spatial design created by Rita Nader. The much talked about has mastered the art of drawing in its customers in to discover a whole new world of fashion and living. Espace Meuble furniture and design level carries a host of brands starting with Kelly Hoppen, Ivanoredaelli, Ethnicraft and Serip. From authentic Italian furniture to exquisite Belgian wood based furniture and timeless neutral pieces, Espace M has something for everyone.

Words: rima alsammarae, Photos © Anthony Rahayel

The furniture section goes under the name ‘Espace Meuble’, while the fashion section is referred to as ‘Espace Mode” Sara Melki boutique, where by fashion and accessories designers can enjoy a space to showcase their creativity. (More details in the next pages) Though there’s a list of amazing designers showing their products at Espace M, Beirut’s design society was excited to meet Kelly Hoppen, who recently attended the boutique opening. Espace Meuble offers some of the international designer’s best pieces and gave the British designer the control over the gallery’s presentation of her collection. “The space is very minimalist, so when we put together a collection, we could tell our own story and be creative. We

The first and second levels are embellished with high-end interior design pieces that have you wanting to refurnish your house immediately. And if you do decide to go down that path, you’d be in luck because with Kelly Hoppen interiors, the pieces are adaptable and neutral. “The great thing about these pieces is that they don’t dictate how people use them, so customers don’t panic. You don’t have to reassess your entire living room just because you’ve decided to buy a new coffee table,” explains Hoppen. Additionally, Espace M is planning on encouraging local designers as well. Melki notes, “We will be having local designers that are exhibiting their works in Espace Meuble and Espace Mode in the hopes of spreading awareness about local talent.”

Design Around Town  
Design Around Town  

A special feature on the Launch of theE space M store in Beirut which features items from Kelly Hoppens Halo collection