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Who would be the audience for your media product? Since naming my magazine ‘Pink’ I felt that the most suitable and marketable would a female one; resulting in me choosing a market for teenage girls. A typical idea following this market would relate around hair products, a love of music and celebrities, a want for gossip and up to date with fashion- seemingly what a high street magazine would look for in their customers. Targeting such a young market can hold many positives, since they will hold a lot of disposable income, allowing them to spend a minor £1.50 on the magazine itself. This is much more achievable then targeting an older market, where finances are to be spent on essentials such as oil and gas, rather than a simple magazine. If you relate back to my mood board of my target audience, you can see that many of the girls have their hair down, an idea of a relaxed smile and up to date and casual clothing- what you would expect from day to day teenagers. I didn’t attempt to target any particular social groups within the teenage category, such as Goths or Scene Kids, since I feel that teenagers are able to have a wide variety in interests, and therefore Pink can easily slot into this. The magazine uses language that would be suitable to an age range of 13-19, since terms such as ‘goss’ ‘mates’ and ‘snog’ are used throughout the 3 pages, displaying a conversational and informal style to the magazine. I felt that it was important to engage with the readers, therefore the tone throughout is seemingly light hearted, to make the reader feel comfortable, and relatable with the magazine itself. The use of such colloquial language can also tie into any in fashion television programs, for example TOWIE and Made in Chelsea, which is very popular with my teenage girls today. As I have previously stated, my target audience would have a high interest in fashion and gossip, especially surrounding mainstream celebrities, which has lead me to incorporate these ideas into the magazine, hence ‘Xtras from the X Factor’ and ‘Fix Up Look Sharp’. Both titles, especially Fix Up Look Sharp are a play on words surrounding their celebrity related themes, which the target audience would understand since they are topics that are currently flooding the teen popularity. Along with this, the audience will be interested in hair, nails and make up, all essentials that you would associate with a typical teenage girl. I feel that my target audience would therefore buy this magazine since it incorporates elements of what they would typically be interested in, and since it would maintain a colloquial use of language throughout, it would be relatable and fun for the girls to read. I feel that the magazine would not only be interesting and full of gossip, but it would also be a chance for girls to keep up to date with fashion and music, as well as have a break from technology.

Since my magazine is based around fashion, music , celebrities and typically teenage necessities, it is therefore key to promote products that embrace this, and would be useful for the target audience. Products that I would advertise are: 

 

 

River Island- a typical, high street brand that is affordable and up to date with the latest fashions. It is very popular with teenage girls, and would therefore be relatable to the fashion side of the magazine. Schuh- a shoe brand, which sells a wide variety of styles from school shoes to high heels. I feel that this brand could offer a variety of styles that could appeal to all sorts of teenage girls, and once again, isn’t too expensive. Maybelline/other make up brands- make up is one of the main pieces in any girls hand bag, and therefore would be crucial to advertise within this magazine. Ben and Jerrys- this is one of the most popular ice creams’, and not only due to its unique flavors, but it also a very popular brand due to its fame on films and television shows. Twitter/Facebook- almost the entire teenage society are in touch with their social networking, and would therefore be a key asset to advertise within the magazine. This could lead to the magazine incorporating its own Twitter and Facebook accounts into the magazine due to the advertising. Spot creams/Face products- spots and blemishes is a feature of teenage life, and can be very dampening to a girl’s confidence, therefore advertising products to limit and remove this element support the idea behind getting the celebrity image. CD’s of artist’s mentioned within the magazine- this idea will allow artists to advertise their products whilst being part of Pink. Blackberry- being in contact with friends and family, along with the ability to surf the net at any time and place is a big need for any teenage girl, and one of the most popular brands to do this with is Blackberry, therefore I feel that it would be a successful brand to advertise in the magazine.

Target Audience