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How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts? In order to great profit from a movie, it is essential for it to be promoted corrected and successfully, therefore it was essential for me to show continuity throughout all three pieces; the trailer itself, the poster and the magazine cover. These elements allow the movie to be advertised to the public, and therefore enhance the chance of making a profit. In order to fulfil this, it is important for the ancillary texts to display elements of the horror genre, in order to successfully promote the film. All 3 texts must work together in order to bounce off one another, meaning that there should be similarities within all three products. The first product is the magazine cover. The cover is for the magazine ‘Total Film’, one of the largest film magazine companies. This company would be most successful for advertising my movie since it would be available to a large audience, meaning that it would increase sales and therefore be easier to distribute into companies such as W H Smiths. In order to create a magazine cover, similar to those around at the moment, I studied various magazines, in order to get a grasp of some conventions within the magazine itself. ‘Total Film’ covers all seem to have the same ‘Total film’ mast head, in order to make the audience aware of the brand of the magazine. Since it is a well-known make, this is therefore what the company works off, when they are selling the magazine. I therefore imitated the font, by using impact, which makes the mast head stand out from the background. Further evaluation of these magazines shows that they all seem to follow a particular theme according to the main image and main headline; for example, if the magazine is advertising an action film, the cover lines also link into the action genre. Since my film is a horror, I did various things which therefore create the impression that ‘Obsessed’ is a horror film. The main image of the front cover is seemingly a still picture of the villain within Obsessed, which is made clear by the iconic costumes such as the blue jacket and glasses. This allows the audience to identify with the character itself before they actually see the film. In addition to this, I also used a prominent colour scheme of red, grey, black and white. These colours are very neutral; however the red adds an impact of danger, which is often noticed on many horror posters, as well as magazines. I decided to use this colour scheme since it not only portrays the horror genre, but links in with my horror poster and trailer, since these colours are mainly used in those as well. It could be argued that the subjective main image engages with the reader, and reinforces the eerie nature of the film itself. By reducing the saturation of the main image, James looks pale and ghostly, which reinforces the horror features once more, something that would not occur if the photo was in full saturation. Further features which were

apparent in many other film magazines include; using a bubble to introduce new offers of key features within the magazine, having a website clear and underneath the mast head so that the audience knows where to get more information, displaying the bar code and the price next to one another, and highlighting key text to divert the readers eye around the cover. These features all enable my cover to look like a real, conventional cover that would be used within Total Film.

The second product I made was the movie poster for Obsessed. It was essential for the poster to represent the film itself; therefore I studied various posters from other movies in order to grasp what was needed. Looking at posters for films such as Scream, due to such an iconic character, it was not necessary for the poster to have many different elements, since it just focuses on the mask. This was different to posters such as Wrong Turn, which had various overlaying pictures, along with a background image as well. I thought that what worked most successfully was having a simple background, so the audience’s attention is drawn to the main image and the title, something which I feel is present within my poster, due to a simple black background, with some ‘blood spats’ in order to represent the horror genre further. Looking at my poster, it is clear that only half of the main image is showing, unlike that on the magazine cover. This creates confusion to the viewers’ eye, since it challenges the rule of thirds, and therefore is seemingly off balanced. I feel that this works successfully, since it could be argued that the stalker is hiding from the audience themselves, and spying on them. This fact may draw in the audience further and therefore makes them want to view the film. After studying various film posters, is was clear that iconic items need to appear on the front cover, therefore I have made sure that the villain is dressed in

his iconic glasses and blue coat. Although this is not as frightening as Jason (Friday 13th) it still relates to the character in the film and could evoke fear. The main text is positioned in the centre of the poster, in order to catch the viewer’s eye so they essentially remember the title of the film. The font of the title is bold, and once again in a deep red which ironically represents blood and evil; representing the genre once again. The text seems to decay of it goes down, which represents the fact that the stalker drains the happiness and life out of his victims. With this in mind, I also lowered the saturation out of the bottom of the image of the stalker, in order to represent this fact further. I feel that the poster clearly represents a horror film, since it fulfils many conventions which are typically in a horror poster.

Looking at the magazine cover and the poster, I feel that these two ancillary texts successfully represent the film and trailer for Obsessed. Since the main image displays a teen male, I feel that the audience will be replicated by this, meaning it will encourage many teens to see the film itself, since the film itself surrounds a group of 18 year old peers. Research has shown that this is in fact the age group which goes to the cinema most, therefore I feel that the main image will promote and encourage viewings and seemingly lead to sales. This can be supported by promoting my film in Total Film, one of the largest film magazines, which will seemingly be distributed in some of the largest shops; however this sort of advertisement may not be successful within the audience range of 15-24 year olds due to the influence of the internet and social networking, meaning magazines are not as popular with the younger generation.

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