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Want to give Mother Nature a hand, ever-so-fashionably? Put on a pair of Hunter Boots and get out there! Help clean up your local park or take a child to see a real bird in a real tree. The more time we spend in the great outdoors, the more in awe we’ll be of this amazing place call earth. R1 700,00

Voila ! Woolworths is going out of their way to help save the environment, offering an impressive range of organic food and clothing items. And they’re doing their bit on the packaging side, too! The company wants to eliminate a third of their clothing packaging and 20% of their food packaging by 2012. This recycled shopping bag shows how Woollies is changing the way people think about what they buy and how they carry it around.

OBJECTS OF DESIRE This month we searched high and low for all things natural and earth-friendly. These lucky finds will leave any eco-savvy fashionista green with envy! By Nimi Pretorius and Kelly Fraser

The new eco-sustainable Gucci eyewear collection is perfect for fashion-forward people who are eco-aware. Every bit as chic and comfortable as their best plastic counterparts, these frames contain a large component from natural origins, which helps reduce CO2 emissions from the production process of the material itself. Plans are also underway to produce packaging that’s more eco-friendly and eyewear catalogues will be printed on FSC-certified paper. Go Gucci!


It's Alive!

H 2 OH B A B Y


Disposable batteries are soooo last season – they contain metals, acids and other compounds that do no good when released into the environment. You see, unlike cats, our planet does not have nine lives. This rechargable Cat Torch by Kikkerland at Big Blue really is the perfect gift for little tree huggers – or yourself, for that matter... R90,00


Give your garden or home a little recycled twist with this birdhouse which - believe it or not - used to be a Chinese food container. Courtesy of the lovely ladies of TWO on 6th in Parkhurst. R150,00


P h o t o g r a p h y: T e r e z a C e r v i nk o v a


Is the state of the planet giving you sleepless nights? Firstly, you need to roll up your sleeves and do something to help. In Fashion Fix on page 59, we show you how today’s fashionista can do her bit to help Mother Earth out of this dilemma. Next you need to do something about those dark circles under your eyes! We recommend Biotanix Eye Slices, available at Clicks – it’s the end of dark circles, puffiness and redness.

This cute little monster is a bit of a Frankenstein creation, using a little bit of old fabric, random buttons and a little creativity. It shows how easy recycling can be. Available at the Maneki Store in Clearwater Mall. R45.00




Some brands are just eco-cool without even trying to be. Bos Ice Tea is produced on a local farm that’s largely solar-powered, they’re pros at recycling and they even have an owl habitat project. We love their brand, their delicious tea, their website ( and their blog. Let’s just say, we’re going bos for Bos!

We love these clever bookmarks from Exclusive Books. Once planted, this seeded strip starts a new life as a plant – in this case, beetroots and carrots.


R15,00 each

T ooth F airy


G O O D G O LL Y !

Next time you’re having a moonlight picnic in the garden, just leave this gorgeous solar-powered Chinese lantern from Big Blue in the sun all day to bask in its pretty glory at night. R90,00

We’re jolly about Ollymolly, a CT-based company that creates cool woven items from recyclable materials. “The idea was born out of our passion for weaving,” explains Gemma Coll. “We aim to facilitate the handcrafting of unique woven products by women from local communities.” Their “Boozy Bag” is perfect for lazy picnics in the winter sun.

When you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you…especially when you’re using a funky recycled toothbrush like this one from Dis-Chem: magically transforming a yogurt cup to a toothbrush, to help turn your morning routine more eco-friendly.

Av a i l a b l e f r o m S Á f i l o S o u t h Af r i c a

A L ittle B ir d Told Us

Bottled water be such a waste of money and plastic. That’s why we love the Bobble bottle - all you do is fill with tap water and go, it’s self-filtering and lasts up to 300 uses. Available at @home.

An i nk a B o n g e r s - S u t h e r l a n d a n d s u pp l i e d .







Through photosynthesis, trees absorb carbon dioxide to produce oxygen, which is why planting trees is a great way to offset your carbon footprint. As an added bonus, you get to pamper your hands afterwards with Crabtree and Evelyn’s Gardener’s Hand Therapy, a super-moisturising cream with botanical extracts and myrrh, which has been shown to help condition nails and cuticles. Go on, get digging! R230,00 for 100ml

Many of the world’s loveliest fragrances have fresh green, fruity notes. The new Flora by Gucci Eau Fraîche is no exception and has been described as “bursting with joie de vivre.” For more fragrances inspired by nature, turn to page 35. R840.00 for 100ml

Or should we say, “upcycle!” We’re still mad about Starling and Hero, Emile Kotze’s creative company that gives old bicycles a new lease on life. This particular upcycle, called Apple Daisy, was a dusty old bike Emile found in his dad's garage. She’s been restored and painted, and all her chrome parts have been polished by hand with eco-friendly polish. All moving parts have been greased with Pedro's Bio Grease, which is biodegradable. The enclosed chain is treated with Go! eco chain wax. So, she’s sustainably fabulous from head to toe. Love it! Visit for a complete catalogue. From R2 999,00 for a ladies’ or men’s cruiser


objects of desire  
objects of desire  

Many of the world’s loveliest fragrances have fresh green, fruity notes. The new Flora by Gucci Eau Fraîche is no exception and has been des...