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Kelly Finch A



exceptional worker


creative mind





The recognition of the value of the journey, journey


as opposed to the imagined value points of ending,

process informs the idea of process.


london-based art collective




6 Experience Educational occupational

Production 10 Design Marineland Restaurant Marineland Commercial district service mausoleum cat island condominiums finch residence mckeown residence

Artistry 30 Architectural Interior Renderings Exterior Renderings

40 Testimony

Personal Recommendations





Bachelor ’s of Fine Arts in Architecture Savannah College of Art & Design fall 2006- Spring 2009

Specializing in Architectural practices, with a concentrated study ofInterior Architecture and Design and architectural renderings

Associates of Arts & Sciences

College of Southern Maryland fall 2003- Spring 2006 Establishing a foundation of principals and procedures into a permanent understanding of design schematics and productive acheivement





Interior Designer & Spatial Planner

2007- Current // Independently Employed // Southern MD Proficient understanding of actual client interaction, time management, budget integration, and personal design implication.

Restaurant Bartender & Server 2006- 2009 // Paula Deene Inc. & Other // Savannah, GA Professional Experience and understanding of working in a successful service industry atmosphere, handling various personalities of clientele, and working efficiently in a fast-paced environment.

Health Club Management 2005- 2006 // Ladies Workout Express // Hollywood, MD Professional Experience of managing and handling all services pertaining to a health club, including advanced marketing training, office programming, and direct client interatcion.

Retail Management 2003-2007 // Limited Brands, Inc // Waldorf, MD / Savannah, Ga Professional Experience of managing and handling all services pertaining topopular retail venues, including advanced marketing training, financial duties, and direct client interatcion.


Design Production



Skills & Proficiencies Highly skilled architectural Artist 2d + 3d imaginative disciplined in all stages of architectural process Experienced with various-sized project development, as well as site development familiar + experienced in designing via building codes experienced with developers in real-situated projects able to present and market for development + sales productions


Marineland Restaurant Design Applications


To create an Oceanside restaurant in close proximity to marineland attraction & nearby entities


along a1a Highway between st. john & flagler county, FL

Design time length:

15 weeks


Jacoby development group Atlanta, ga


nautical moderne aesthetic, as designed similarly throughout the site

Large open-spaced dining room can seat up to 150 guests, including terrace level entire public space opens to views of the ocean

floor one

floor two


Marineland Retail District Design Applications


To create a retail district in close proximity to marineland attraction & nearby entities


along a1a Highway between st. john & flagler county, FL

Design time length:

15 weeks


Jacoby development group Atlanta, ga


nautical moderne aesthetic, as designed similarly throughout the site

units positioned as to not obstruct views from a1a highway or the Intracoastal waterway total of eight ground commercial units (1200 sq. ft. ) and eight second-story residential units (1000 sq.ft) all positioned around a boardwalk

floor one

floor two



Service-Dedicated Mausoleum Project:

To create a burial space within a ten acre site of washington, d.c.


block central to New York Avenue, 9th Street, 11th Street, and H St Northwest

Design time length:

10 weeks

Site to include

(not limited to): burial devise & related functions of a burial ground


Design Applications

circular-formed mausoleum not restrictive to specific religions

experiential throughout movement between floors pools create integrated walkways throughout the site that emphasize cleansing experience of the deceased


Cat Island Condominiums Project:

Design Applications

To establish & develop a twentyseven acre parcel Within a total site set aside for condominium development

Mediterranean style

1, 2, and 3 bedroom condominiums situated throughout the site to optimize views to nearby attractions integrated shading by orientation and design


Cat Island, Bahamas (approximately 40 miles south-west of nassau)

Design time length:

6 weeks


Fortitude Design Savannah, Ga floor one and landscaping


floor two

floor three


Design Production

Interior Design


Skills & Proficiencies able to work in situations with clients concerning budgets, time management, style desires, and proficiencies can make changes to materials and match accessories and decor to optimize the satisfaction of the result very professional, yet client-concerned at all times


Finch residence

Family Room

Before Project:

To redesign the family room within the home. In specifying the style and comfort of the family, the room willl better accomodate entertaining and casual living. Location: Mechanicsville, md


After 23

Finch residence

Formal Dining Room


To better coordinate the formal dining room within the home. In simply adding color and decor to the room, the room flows better from one space to the next. Location: Mechanicsville, md



After 25

Finch residence

Formal Living Room


To better showcase the formal living room as a focal point at the entry of the home. In simply adding color, changing decor and layout, the room flows better from one space to the next. Location: Mechanicsville, md





McKeown residence


To make the bedroom more comfortable, enjoyable, and aesthetically appealing. In simply adding paint technique, changing decor and layout, the room becomes more enjoyable. Location: Mechanicsville, md



Furniture Remodel

Decorative paint job


“My bedroom was not welcoming to anyone. I didn’t like spending time in my room because of the bland design and poor quality furniture. Kelly came prepared with a complete drawing and layout of her plans to transform the room into a beach/cottage feeling. As time progressed she fixed all of the furniture, ordered all of the necessary accessories, and painted the walls to fit the theme. Kelly successfully made my room inviting, beautiful, and comforting. I love spending time in it now, and would hire her again. Her unique taste created a brand new room, and I am extremely happy with the results.” -Kate McKeown


Architectural artistry



Skills & Prociencies able to artistically represent buildings, landscape, interiors, and various architectural elements in rendered form proficient quick-renderer for client situations or detailed renderer for product representation can render digitally or through various types of media


Interior Rendering

done in relation to furniture dept. pieces for savannah college of art & design students chosen to represent furniture piece in the niacon furniture exposition in chicago


Site Rendering

downtown annapolis


Photograph Rendering

done to mimic situation in close proximity

Site Rendering

Home floor plan


Exterior Rendering

washington, d.c.

Exterior Rendering

done for the brunswick humane society


Marineland Renderings Site Content

Exterior Renderings

Entrance wall of marineland attraction


marina bar shading device proposition over dolphin attraction


Marineland Renderings Oceanarium Attraction

Interior Renderings

Oceanarium attraction


Interior Renderings

Observation tanks



Personal Recommendations 40

“Ms. Finch has a keen and creative eye for design, especially considering commercial and public relations. Her artistic talent is unlike most and her ability to sketch realistically would be beneficial in any client interaction. While in my studio, Ms. Finch lead a group of four individuals to design a site development for Marineland and did a phenominal job keeping her peers on task and proficient in their work. She is also a terrific public speaker and has a great ability to ‘sell’ design. I feel Ms. Finch would be a terrific asset to any company she is apart of and have full confidence she will bring her best qualities to every task at hand.”

scott sworts professor, savannah college of art & design

“Kelly worked under my management as a bartender at Uncle Bubba’s Oyster House. As one of the constant ‘famed’ employees, Kelly always gave customers the best service possible, and kept many coming back as regulars. Her ability to work quickly, yet constant composure and heart-felt attention always kept the customers happy and things running smoothly. I know Kelly will do great wherever she goes, and feel privelaged to have worked with such a promising individual.” Sarah Wilkerson previous manager, uncle bubba’s oyster house

“As owner and operator of a women’s health club facility, it was always known to me that I would need certain, special individuals to keep my business up and coming over other competitors. From the time Kelly began working for me, i felt as if my dream of running a business had become everything i’d hoped for and so much more. As an employee, kelly was amazing at keeping things on time and on task, the members happy and satisfied, and the entire atmosphere a n enjoyable place. From the time she moved into assistant management, she proved she could take on anything. She constantly took on obstacles to lighten my load and succeeded so much beyond the task at hand.Time and time again, members gave me praise over her work throughout both of my health clubs. Kelly is a very special individual and nothing is ever too much for her to handle.”

Terri Verbic-boggs owner/operator ladies workout express


Personal Portfolio  
Personal Portfolio  

A detailed account of work I completed through college and recently.