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Of Mice and Men: Character Analysis and Review The following assignment is to be competed in pairs or groups of three. I will only give credit to 3 people per group so, pleaserespect the rule. Both Step A and Step B will be completed on a separate paper and are due at the end of class.

STEP A: SOCIAL HIERARCHY Within Of Mice and Men everybody has their own place in society. Race, gender, wealth and intelligence all play a part in the social network on the ranch. 1. Create a hierarchy pyramid based on the interactions in the novel. You will have 6 layers in your pyramid, one for each of the following: Curley, Curley’s Wife, Crooks, Candy, George, Lennie. 2. Somewhere on the page you must explain why you put the character at the point in the hierarchy that you did. In your explanation include: • What makes them lower than the next person up? • Why are they above the person just below them? • Give textual examples of events from Of Mice and Men that helped you make your decision. You should have more than one example for each character!

STEP B: CHARTING DREAMS Much of the novel Of Mice and Men is centered in the dreams and desires of the characters. Create a chart that includes: the name of the characters, what each character desires or wants to achieve, and what prevents them from achieving these dreams. • (When thinking about what prevents them from succeeding, look at the hierarchy you created in PART A.) •Provide detailed answers that show Level II thinking. Curley

Curley’s Wife




Dreams / ambitions / goals Reason they cannot achieve their ambitions

Presentation counts for both the pyramid and the chart. BE NEAT! TAKE CARE IN YOUR


OMAM hierarchy of character  

Curley Curley’s Wife •What makes them lower than the next person up? •Why are they above the person just below them? •Give textual examples...