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Of Mice and Men: Character Analysis and Review The following assignment is to be competed in pairs or groups of three. I will only give credit to 3 people per group so, pleaserespect the rule. Both Step A and Step B will be completed on a separate paper and are due at the end of class.

STEP A: SOCIAL HIERARCHY Within Of Mice and Men everybody has their own place in society. Race, gender, wealth and intelligence all play a part in the social network on the ranch. 1. Create a hierarchy pyramid based on the interactions in the novel. You will have 6 layers in your pyramid, one for each of the following: Curley, Curley’s Wife, Crooks, Candy, George, Lennie. 2. Somewhere on the page you must explain why you put the character at the point in the hierarchy that you did. In your explanation include: • What makes them lower than the next person up? • Why are they above the person just below them? • Give textual examples of events from Of Mice and Men that helped you make your decision. You should have more than one example for each character!

STEP B: CHARTING DREAMS Much of the novel Of Mice and Men is centered in the dreams and desires of the characters. Create a chart that includes: the name of the characters, what each character desires or wants to achieve, and what prevents them from achieving these dreams. • (When thinking about what prevents them from succeeding, look at the hierarchy you created in PART A.) •Provide detailed answers that show Level II thinking. Curley

Curley’s Wife




Dreams / ambitions / goals Reason they cannot achieve their ambitions

Presentation counts for both the pyramid and the chart. BE NEAT! TAKE CARE IN YOUR


OMAM hierarchy of character