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Welcome Class of 2016 Hello! Congratulations! College all happens so fast but I know you’ll love every memory you make here. I remember the end of my senior year of high school-I wanted to make sure I could hang out with my friends as much as possible but I also wanted to get myself set and ready for college. On this page, I included some of the things I did before I left for college! It made my summer so fun and definitely made transitioning to college easier. I wanted to let you in on some of my tips so you can spend your summer having a great time. Hopefully this note will find you excited about the next four years! - Amy Go on a shopping trip with your family members Have a BBQ and pool party with your friends

I went to some fun stores for a new bedspread! I also went to Target with my mom to get some odds and ends that I would end up using all 4 years!

My friends and I brought hot dogs to a local park. We ended up spending the whole day cooking out and playing volleyball. It was a great way to hang out with so many friends.

Write out your “Thank You’s” for any helpful graduation gifts My arm was hurting from all the graduation thank you’s I wrote but I received some helpful belongings. My friends made me a picture frame that I still have on my wall today. Some family members bought some of the school supplies I needed and they all deserved a big Thank You.

Exchange addresses with all of your friends and update your phone list At Potsdam, we are lucky because you get to have the same address all 4 years that you’re here. I made little note cards with my school address. Sure enough, my friends wrote me notes the first couple weeks of school. It’s really fun to look back on them now!

Contact your roommate I found out who my roommate was in the beginning of August. When we were talking on the phone, it seemed we had been friends forever. We ended up splitting some of the room things-I brought the TV and DVD player so she brought the refrigerator and microwave.

PACK EVERYTHING-I’ve included my packing list on the next page to help you out a little bit!

What should I bring to Potsdam?               

         

Room Needs/Storage Clothes Alarm Clock/Radio Storage Bins Desk Lamp Fan Drying rack for laundry Dry-erase board Toolkit Computer and printer Ethernet cord Surge Protector Portable Music player Headphones Camera Cellphone

Linens Sheets and pillowcase (extra long) Towels Pillows Mattress pad Blankets Comforter Clothes hangers Laundry basket Laundry detergent Sewing kit

Contact Your Admissions Counselor Kelly Crosbie: AIM: kelly1816rourk

     

                     

Office/Desk Supplies Memory cards USB Flash drives Stapler and staples Printer paper Pens and pencils Notebooks 3 x 5 notecards Stocky notes Paper clips Rubber bands Scissors Highlighter pens Ruler Stamps and envelopes Stationary Light bulbs All-purpose cleaner Dish soap Tissues Bowl, plate, cup Can opener Dictionary

       

     

Toiletries First Aid kit Shower tote Shampoo and Conditioner Hairstyling products Bath and face soap Toothpaste and toothbrush Dental floss Comb/brush Tweezers Nail clippers Hair dryer Razor and shaving cream Lotion or facial moisturizer Cotton swabs

Shared Items-Check with Your Roommate TV DVD Player Microwave Small refrigerator Area rug Posters or artwork

Packing for Pdam 2012  

Class of 2016 Packing List

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