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fficers and other positions information listed below: President: Kelly Consolver 715-612-5355 Vice President: George Jorgensen 715-612-4863 Secretary: Roxanne Consolver 715-612-9743 Treasurer: Barb Kubichek 715-453-9835 Chaplain: Jim Guest 715-453-4327 Road Captain: Paul Leland 715-370-6683 Webmaster & Newsletter: Carol Jorgensen 715-612-5561 Webpage: http://cmancr3org/WI/RIDERSOFTHECROSS

Thank you!!!!

We would like to thank Ross Nelson for his years of service as our Chaplain. .


Meetings are every third Sunday of the month at 3:00 pm with the exceptions of March, and June, at the Axiom Youth Building on the corner of South 4th St. and Rice Av. in Tomahawk

Who Can Join

You don’t ever need to ride a motorcycle to join CMA. If you just want to be part of a great Christian organization or good fellowship, you are more than welcome to join us. We welcome all Motorcycle, Off The Road, ATV’s, Motocross, and Dual Sports.

CM A Chapter N O . 1058

M ay/June 2011

This is our by-monthly newsletter; any input you have will be very much appreciated. If you have an article or message you would like to share, please send them to Carol Jorgensen at Have them in by the 28th . Our next meeting will be Sunday O ur email prayer request contact is Paul L eland May 15th at 3:00. There is no w ho w ill then contact June meeting We go to State prayer team leaders Jim & D ee G uest (or call Rally June 10th & 11th. Jim & D ee at 715-453-4327)

Simple Evangelism H e (Jesus) told them (the 11 apostles and other disciples), “This is what is written: The Christ will suffer and rise from the dead on the third day, and repentance and forgiveness of sins will be preached (proclaimed, heralded) in His name to all nations.” Luke 24:46-47 Then Jesus came to them (the disciples on a mountain in Galilee) and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth have been given to me. Therefore go and (teach, instruct) Chaplain Jim Guest make disciples of all nations, baptizing them (i.e. fully wet) in the name of the Father and the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey (observe, fulfill, and hold fast) everything I have commanded you.” Matt. 28: 18-20 Before Jesus ascended into heaven he gave his disciples their final assignment: Introduce Jesus the Christ to all people of the world; Preach and proclaim repentance and forgiveness of sins in His name (authority) Teach and mentor new disciples in all nations of the world; Teach disciples to observe everything he (Jesus) commanded; Baptize them in the name (authority) of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Today we are the new disciples! For over 2000 years disciples of Jesus have been training and mentoring other disciples. In the C.M.A. our goal is to bring people to a saving knowledge of Jesus “one heart at a time.” We are messengers of Christ, his ambassadors, evangelists, missionaries, representatives, disciples, just like 12 or the 72that were sent out. Evangelism can be a scary thing for most people. The biggest obstacle is fear. Intercessory prayer should be the beginning, middle and end of evangelistic efforts. Then simply be available to talk, answer questions or meet a need. Thus the C.M.A.’s slogan, “We’re here if you need us”. Just be cordial. Establish relationships. Show respect for the people you meet and don’t be judgmental, realizing we can’t make other people live their lives the way we think they should. Don’t feel pressured into making a move. If you have nothing to say, then say nothing (no pressure there!) Next, evangelism is simple introducing people to Jesus. How? Try simply telling your story: “This is what God did for me”. A great example of this is recorded in John chapter nine where the man that was blind received his sight.. His simple testimony was, “all I know is once I was blind but now I see”. Don’t be religious, just be matter of fact. You might try telling them, in a light manner, “I want you to meet a guy who is very wise and can help you with all your problems. He wrote a book. Read his book”. Then give him a bible. Develop your own technique, but keep it simple. Remember, you are not alone. You belong to the body of Christ and in His body some PLANT, some SOW, some HARVEST. All should mentor! Salvation and discipleship are a team effort, not a one man show! If the Lord appoints us, He provides and enables us. Don’t be too quick to speak. Be a good listener and use discernment. Listen with a caring and compassionate heart. Ride safe and may the wind be at your back!

N ew sletter

The first Sunday of every month we will have prayer time at the Axiom building starting at 3:00 P.M. till - ? We will be praying for anyone and anything. All are welcome. Let us know if you have any prayer requests. Next two meetings are May 1st and June 5th

We now have our prayer buddies. A prayer buddy is a person you pray for every day. If you didn’t have one let us know and we will make sure you do. For those who have one don’t forget to pray for them every day!

Chuck Hurtienne does leather work and sews on patches. If you have any patches you would like sewed on he will be glad to do it for you. Give him a call at 715-539-8887

You may ask? What is the basic purpose of a CMA Chapter: It is to support the National CMA’s effort of sharing and showing the love of Jesus Christ to, motorcyclists and supporting the overall ministry of CMA. Each chapter works under the leadership of their State coordinator and area reps to further the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ

Kelly is exploring a vision for our chapter. Think of what we would like to accomplish this season. Please pray and bring your ideas, and thoughts.

President Kelly Consolver

R iders O f The Cross

Page P age 2

Original art is by Tomahawk Artist Carrie King Lang, Owner of King Lang Art and Airbrushing Carrie can make your ideas come to life!! Email Or Phone 715-432-1872

Report from Secretary Roxanne Consolver April 3ed we did a Prayer Walk at the Tomahawk School. 22 walkers walked through the Tomahawk school and prayed for the children, teachers, and school. April 9th we did a Jericho Ride around Tomahawk, praying for the town. There were 25 riders, 4 bike groups Riders of the Cross, Bad Luck Riders, Highland Clan, and Rolling Thunder plus 1 dog. On April 10th a tornado hit our area. One of our members Chuck Hurtienne arranged a benefit for the Merrill area. All were encouraged to attend. We voted to donate $100.00 Around $10,000. was raised. The Jericho Riders

Upcoming Events May 7th -Run for the Son. A ride to raise money for C.M.A. ministries around the world May 14th -Ride to the Capital May 15th -Bike Blessing at Living Well Four Square in Wausau, Service at 10 A.M.. Food at 12:30 P.M., Dogs & Brats with fixings, soda, chips and desserts, all with Live Music from the worship team. Blessing after. Group ride at 2:00 P.M. ending with an ice cream stop. May 21st The Hayward Bike Blessing sponsored by Ridin in the Light May 22nd -Bike Blessing at Northwoods Vineyard Church Tomahawk Starting at10:30.A.M. after the second service – there will be lunch and music (Broken Arrow) at noon until 2:00 P.M. ,with the Bike Blessing and scenic ride to follow, ending with an ice cream stop. Everyone is welcome; Come and join the fun. May 28th -Veterans Ride to the Unity Cemetery in Harshaw on May 28th for the Memorial Celebration. June 10th & 11th - State Rally in Fond du Lac The rally will be held at the fairgrounds in Fond du Lac. Camping there is free. You can set up there on Friday. If you are going to stay in a hotel, call early for reservations. Our chapter will be responsible for the Bike show again this year. If you have any questions or need more information contact Roxanne or Kelly Consolver

N ew sletter

R iders O f The Cross

P age3

Upcoming Rides May 7th Run for the Son We will meet at Cross Road gas station in Tomahawk Road Captain Paul Leland at 8:30, then meet other clubs at Quick Trip in Wausau at 10:00. We will be riding to High Ground Veterans Park by Neillsville again this year, where we will meet up with more chapters. May 15th We will meet at Cross Roads gas station .at 9:00 A.M. to go to Living Well Four Square church in Wausau for their bike Blessing. May 22nd After the Bike Blessing at the Northwoods Vineyard Church we will go on a road trip ending at Culvers in Merrill May 28th Memorial Day We will meet at the American Legion in Tomahawk at 9:00 to leave and ride to the cemetery with Police escort at 9:30 SHARP. Will discuss more at the May 15 meeting.

Riding season is upon us. Time for a little review before we start riding. Hand Singles

G eorge & Carol Jorgensen Safety Tip of the Month

Motorcycle (Group) Ride Rules & Observances Group motorcycle riding is a great experience when common sense, respect for other riders, and safety prevail. Please review these riding rules and tips for your personal and group riding safety. Do not mix alcohol and motorcycle riding at anytime, especially when riding in a group. No attitudes while with the group. A diversity of people ride. Motorcyclists are very diverse. We just share the love of riding. Top-off your gas tank before you begin a ride. Bikes with small gas tanks have to stop more often. Decide before you begin when and where you will stop. Inform everyone of designated stops. Do a personal and bike safety check before beginning a ride. Bikes should be in good running condition before riding (anytime). Continued on next page

Page 4 Riders should wear eye protection, and a DOT/Snell certified helmet. This is law in many states. Group Riding Riders who choose to ride in a group must do just that, ride with the group. If a navigational mistake is made (e.g., missed turn or exit), continue with the group until the error can be safely corrected. It is recommended to have Ride Captain(s) travel the route prior to a run, thus, avoiding navigation mistakes. As in the military, formation is mandatory. Two up is the typical ride arrangement (riding staggered). The more experienced rider should ride on the left…not the person with the biggest ego. (Loud pipes on the right!) Motorcycles with a passenger should ride on the right when possible. All passengers should know their riding assignment prior to the ride. Alternate bikes for passengers should also be chosen. New riders should never have a passenger. Maintain approximately two bike lengths between bikes; weather and road conditions permitting. If a vehicle wants to break through the group on a multi-lane road, give them space to safely do so. Close formation once the vehicle exits the lane. If the vehicle does not move, cautiously and carefully pass to reform. Bikers do not own the road. Be considerate of other vehicles. Give them space. Novice and inexperienced riders should ride in the middle of the group until they are comfortable riding in a group. The Ride Captain(s) or those who have ridden the route should ride up front…again, not riders with big egos. Experienced riders should also be the rear of the group…this is done to maintain order. Know hand signals, and pay attention to them. Signals are passed back by every rider so that everyone is informed. Be certain it is a real signal, and not a wave to a passing motorcycle. Maintain a steady pace with as few (dramatic) speed changes or sudden moves as possible. Changing lanes on a freeway should be done from the rear then moving forward to the clear lane. Turns and Turning. When turning left, the right lead bike should safely block oncoming traffic. The group should continue through a red light only if Road Guards have the intersection secured. If Road Guards are not used, be sure the riders behind you know that you intend to stop. When a single file signal is given, the bike on the left proceeds (in front of) the bike on the right. Road Guards. Blocking intersections is risky and very often, an unsafe practice. However, an exception is an escorted ride. If you block, review these: Road Guards should wear a brightly colored safety vest to be more visible. Turn headlights toward oncoming traffic when blocking, and use 4-way flashers. Urge riders to tighten up and move as quickly as possible through blocked intersections. Have a procedure for getting Road Guards to the front from the rear. Road Guards should always be chosen from more experienced riders in a group. Rear Ride Captains should pull out and block the lane before a group lane change occurs. When a lane change is signaled, do not move until the rider in front of you moves. The group should know who is blocking. Do not follow Road Guards! Caravan vehicles should never block unless asked by the Ride Captain. Ride Safe – George & Carol

Riders of the Cross # 1058 May / June News Letter  

We are a Chapter of the Christian Motorcyclists Association. This is our bi monthly news letter.

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