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“A woman who walks in purpose doesn’t have to chase people or opportunities. Her light causes people and opportunities to pursue her.”


love the saying, “ A successful woman is one who can build a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at her.” Luckily I have a very firm foundation in building Rochester Woman Online, along now with Syracuse and later Buffalo. I couldn’t do it without a few amazing women that encourage, work countless hours, and all work together to build our community of women. One of the newest members to the RWO family is Susan Rook D’ettorre, a journalist and photographer best known for her years as a CNN anchor first coanchoring “Newsnight” with Patrick Emory and later PrimeNews and “Evening News” (later renamed to World News), co-anchoring with Bernard Shaw and later hosting the topical daily talk show TalkBack Live. She now lives here in Rochester with her husband, and is a columnist and photojournalist for RWO! Make sure to read all about her amazing story starting on page [14], or come down and meet her in person, Thursday, April 19th for our GRAND OPENING LAUNCH PARTY at 301 Exchange Blvd.



Former CNN anchor woman, photo-journalist and all around inspiring and amazing woman, Rochester Woman Online’s very own columnist and Associate Editor, Susan Rook d’Ettorre. Clothing provided by Panache Vintage & Finer Consignment. Hair by Mary Bushey at Mario’s Hair Salon and makeup by Rosalind Matthew. Susan was shot on location at the incredible Village Gate by Marisa Nicodemus with styling by Cheryl L. Kates-Benman.



She’s Back! RWO is proud to announce Joan Lincoln will be back with a month column called Fashion First with Joan Lincoln. You can also catch her every Thursday morning on Warm 101.3 or at her stores in Brighton Commons where she is perfectly Panache! Also joining us this month we have 6 incredible women called the League of Professional Women speared by Charlyn Elliott. They are an organization of like-minded women set out to Empower, Encourage, and Elevate other women business owners through networking and building long-lasting relationships. Read their stories starting on page [ 32]. This is the first in a two part edition for our April Women Entrepreneurs... make sure to stay tuned for part 2 launching next week! Can you beleive all the amazing women there are that we had to split this biggest edition ever in to two parts, each over 290 pages? WOW! Hope you enjoy and get inspired!






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She is a thinker. An observer. A listener and a writer. An internet scholar. A storyteller and a selfdescribed “life hacker.”



Susan Rook D’Ettorre is a journalist and photographer best known for her years as a CNN anchor first co-anchoring “Newsnight” with Patrick Emory and later PrimeNews and “Evening News,” co-anchoring with Bernard Shaw and later hosting the topical daily talk show TalkBack Live. Now she is off the air and living in Rochester, and Susan’s life is completely different but still fascinating. She is a thinker. An observer. A listener and a writer. An internet scholar. A storyteller and a self-described “life hacker.” In other words, it’s impossible to label Susan Rook D’Ettorre. She won’t fit into any box. Her life and career has always been varied. She likes to say “she is made entirely of energy and joy.”

Susan has been a journalist, television news anchor, public advocate, photographer, and writer. She has testified before Congress, been a panelist for a Presidential Debate, and received an Honorary Doctorate. She was been alumni of the year at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA, where she studied Communications. She modestly says she is most proud of her continuing volunteer work and anonymous support for causes she cares about. Asked where she is from and the answer is just as varied. “I was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico. But I grew up in the Washington, DC area, New Mexico, North Carolina and Florida.” “We moved a lot but I’m pretty adaptable so that was exciting,” she said. “We lived for a year on a sailboat, going down ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE :: APRIL 2018




Currently, Susan works with people to create a visual representation of their vision and then helps structure ways to make that vision a reality. Her business guides women to make vision boards and then use cuttingedge research to design habits to bring that vision into reality.



{ COVER STORY } “I’m pretty private about where I volunteer because I like the vibe of: ‘what do you do when no one is watching’ but I am a strong believer in community, support, and help. I think we are much stronger together than we ever are as the sum of our individuality.”

the inland waterway. My parents were, what I like to call, conservative hippies. I know that’s a contradiction in terms -- but they were full of contradictions. I was homeschooled about half the time.” You start to wonder if moving around so much made her the adventurous woman she is today. But of all the places she has lived, Susan says Rochester is her favorite city. “This city is unique in the vibrant art and local music scene. I can’t believe the number of festivals and activities always going on. If someone says, there is nothing to do in Rochester then they just aren’t paying attention,” according to Susan. She says “I knew I wanted to be a journalist.



I still think the absolute best way to make money is to be paid to research things, tell others and help people.” “I always thought I would be a print journalist but ended up in television news. I didn’t really understand the job differences between reporters and anchors so to my untrained eye it looked like being an anchor was the “top” of the profession. I created a vision board and a timeline to be an anchor by 30.”

and then helps structure ways to make that vision a reality. Her business guides women to make vision boards and then use cutting-edge research to design habits to bring that vision into reality. When you ask her to tell you how you got into her current profession, she laughs and asks “which one?”

“I missed that goal,” she says smiling. “I went to CNN as an anchor at 24! I’m telling you, vision boards are powerful when combined with a structure for success.”

“After leaving CNN I did a variety of things. I’m not afraid of trying new things. Recently, I’ve been ghosting blogs and social media content for people I’ve known for years. I decided to move away from ghostwriting and unattributed content creation to moving back into the public arena.

Currently, Susan works with people to create a visual representation of their vision

“I recently lost 100 pounds. I think the weight removal eliminated a lot of



barriers (physical, emotional and mental) from being willing to put myself out there. I used vision boards and timeline structure to remove that much weight. I thought, wow if I can do this I want to help others use the visual power of working with vision boards. The visuals alone are just pretty pictures and don’t actually accomplish anything without concrete plans and a structure for support. I love the creativity of the vision board workshops and the detail-oriented, research nerd part of me loves helping others to create individualized ways to achieve their unique visions,” Susan explains. “Today, I’m moving back into the public eye 20


with the Rochester Woman Online column called Vision to Reality and creating a new business that helps women use visuals to create and achieve goals.” “I’m also re-working my website susanrook. com. It might (or might not) be up and running by the time this article comes out,” she shrugs. A strong woman herself, she says “strong women inspire me.” “Maya Angelou had a huge impact on me when I read I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.”

Then she changed her mind. “I actually should change that to resilience inspires me. That can mean big and “small” struggles. I am drawn to those who are able to overcome barriers, limits, and circumstances. The stories of others inspire me to be grateful and, hopefully, help others. “‘Wounded healer’ is a phrase I first heard applied to the recovery community - where people in recovery help newcomers and so also help themselves. We all have something to teach and I for sure have LOTS to learn” Susan says with excitement. Susan is married to Billy D’Ettorre, the

{ COVER STORY } “Today, I’m moving back into the public eye with the Rochester Woman Online column called Vision to Reality and creating a new business that helps women use visuals to create and achieve goals.”

producer of the Brother Wease Morning Show on Radio 95.1.

As for the rest of her personal life, Susan has a ton of passions.

“I’m married to the best guy for me,” she said. “Billy is a pop culture and music encyclopedia!”

“I love hanging out with my guy -- we like many of the same things so we have a good time together. He got me into baseball and now I’m a huge Mets fan and we love our

And he got her into the Guinness Book of World Records for grape stomping. “He found out about the grape stomping in the streets near the Lucy Museum in Jamestown. It was so much fun -- bare feet in the freezing cold weather (October, 2014) wading into this enclosure full of concord grapes with 1,230 other people. Our feet were purple for about a week later!” She does a lot of volunteer work but won’t talk about it. “I’m pretty private about where I volunteer because I like the vibe of: ‘what do you do when no one is watching’ but I am a strong believer in community, support, and help. I think we are much stronger together than we ever are as the sum of our individuality,” she said.

Rochester Red Wings!” She also adds “music is a huge part of my life. My in-laws gave me a Club pass to the Jazz Fest this year and I’m so excited! Rochester has amazing local musicians.” She also loves to cook and says “I love to eat -- with the weight removal I’m still cooking and eating, just different things.” Susan and Billy have four cats -- the two youngest are stray rescues that showed up at our house and then ended up inside. She says “I love our home -- it’s decorated with original art by some of our favorite comics artists, it’s elegant and comfy and I have a GAS STOVE that is fabulous for a cook.” If you are interested in being coached and inspired by Susan, she said people can reach her through facebook as Susan Rook D’Ettorre. Otherwise you’ll have to search for her at a live music event or at a baseball game or simply email her at susanrook01@



“I always thought I would be a print journalist but ended up in television news. I didn’t really understand the job differences between reporters and anchors so to my untrained eye it looked like being an anchor was the “top” of the profession. I created a vision board and a timeline to be an anchor by 30.”

1 585 204 7974 • 627 MEIGS STREE T ROC NY 1 4620 • WWW.F OLLOWSTRATAGEM.C OM •




Dedicated to sustainability and a strong code of ethics allowed me to launch Panache Vintage & Finer Consignment and Panache Home. I created my 3 small businesses to make an impact in the world of recycling, re-purposing and redefining how we buy our clothing and furnish our living space. In addition, recycle a few of the quiet materials in our everyday lives. Secondhand shopping is booming, and it shows that customers are growing tired of fast-fashion, low quality retail. Bring on Luxury Resale. The trend for secondhand shopping gained momentum in the post-recession period, when shoppers were looking to be more frugal with their spending. But its popularity today isn’t only motivated by a desire to be more cost-conscious. Millennials are becoming increasingly aware of the negative environmental impact of cheap fast-fashion, and they’re growing tired of the lowquality, throwaway styles being churned out by certain retailers. Many low-quality retail companies are being hit from several sides. They have been undercut by online stores, which have reduced supply-chain times to as little as one week and are able to roll out new styles extremely quickly. It’s also losing out to rival fast-fashion stores such as Zara, which offer better 26


quality clothing at a higher price point. There is a market for a customer that wants design and quality for an affordable price. Consignment and secondhand offer timeless products that last longer — for beyond just one season. A craving for vintage fashion has created a resurgence of ‘90s clothing in stores, with some brands such as, LEVI, Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren reviving their archive collections. Noticing that consumers were willing to spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of old Levi’s jeans in a vintage store, the denim company decided to create a new collection called Levi’s Authorized Vintage, which consists of 50,000 Levi’s jeans from the 1960s, ‘70s, and ‘80s. The jeans were priced at $300 a pair. “We were sitting on an aged icon,” said president of Levi’s in 2017.

Millennials aren’t only shopping for vintage styles in thrift stores — they’re also consigning there better goods recognizing their worth. With over 3000 consignors on board at my Luxury Resale Boutique Panache Vintage & Finer Consignment, Inc., we have worked diligently to capture the best of the luxury, couture and designer merchandise available. Earlier this month, Business Insider reported that thrift-stores are experiencing an uptick from millennials who were looking to invest in quality merchandise and donate their low quality trendy fastfashion to local Goodwill centers. One of the reasons for the influx of buying quality consignment may be because of the movement towards trendy, cheap clothing that goes out of style and quickly being donated. Many donation centers like Goodwill frequently sees fast-fashion clothing appearing six to 12 months after it launches in stores, which can make some shoppers less inclined to shop at stores that sell overly trendy, lower quality clothes. In some cases, fastfashion retailers are donating directly to these donation centers to get rid of unwanted stock. Many dedicated mall shoppers are feeling defeated.




“The trend for secondhand shopping gained momentum in the post-recession period, when shoppers were looking to be more frugal with their spending. But its popularity today isn’t only motivated by a desire to be more cost-conscious.�

So many mall stores are offering the same low quality trend, and this is frustrating to many, resulting in these products ending up in a landfill and in the trash. Fast-fashion clothing has created a big issue with waste. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, 26 billion pounds of textiles end up in a landfill each year. The fashion business is the second-most polluting industry after oil. According to The World Economic Forum, it takes 2,700 liters of water to produce a T-shirt. OUCH!! Millennials are conscious about sustainable living and preserving the environment. They are educated on the very stylish way to shop thrift and consignment. 30


Here are a few suggestions: Find your favorite brick and mortar, shop it often, follow the shop on social media, get in tune with their sale and frequent shopper programs, familiarize yourself with the owner and staff and when new merchandise is released to the selling floor. Become a client so you can receive calls and emails when your favorite labels arrive. It’s the thrill of the bargain hunt. This shopping mentality has helped Consignment and Luxury Resale Brick and Mortar Shops explode in popularity in recent years as customers flock when stores are maintained well, identify with fair market-value pricing and have solid business procedures in place for one-off

pieces. My suggestion when shopping resale and thrift is to go in with a different mindset, that you are not going in for something specific. The adventure and the hunt can be the most amazing adrenaline rush. Panache Vintage & Finer Consignment, Inc. Trilogy Fashion Foundry 1855 Monroe Avenue ~ Brighton Commons Rochester, NY 14618 Today’s Posh Daily Sale! Warm 101.3 Fashion First



ABOUT THE LEAGUE We are an organization of like-minded women set out to Empower, Encourage, and Elevate other women business owners through networking and building long-lasting relationships. Charlyn C Elliott is the CEO and Co founder of Elliott by Design. She is a wife and mother of four an accomplished digital media marketing professional with experience in bridging the gap between business strategy and design. She earned her Masters in Media Design from Full Sail University in 2013 and has an undergrad in Organizational Management, which assists, with her merging strategy with media design. Charlyn is an active member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., Theta Alpha Zeta Chapter, where she assist in community service events and on working with the youth. She is also serving as an active member and the 34


temporary co chair of the Black Women’s Leadership Forum. Charlyn is also a contributing author of the book “The Journey of a Teenage Mother” and also assisted her 5-yearold daughter in writing her own book entitled “Puppy Love” in which her daughter received 2 proclamations and a Rise Star Roc Award. Her passion is helping educate our youth in the importance of literacy. She is also

helping her daughter develop reading programs throughout the Rochester, NY community. Charlyn has created events throughout the community to bring people together such as sold out Unplugged events where local Artist showcase their Talent. She’s hosted Mommy and Me tea parties, Mother Son, and Father Daughter

dances where the community comes and enjoy and afternoon/evening with either their significant other or their children. She also received the 2016 Roc Award for the best black business of the year. In February of 2018 Charlyn launched The League of Professional Women. An organization of like-minded women set out to Empower, Encourage and help Elevate other women business owners through networking and building long lasting relationships. She is also launching her TV Show Strictly Business in May of 2018. The Talk show is a platform to have discussions around the ins and outs of and the challenges with women and business. She will also be receiving the 2018 all women Roc Award. Her ultimate goal is to empower women and children through using her talents, resources and expertise. Charlyn Elliott





TANISHIA JOHNSON Tanishia Johnson, Co-Founder of League of Professional Women, is a passionate counselor, life coach and motivational speaker. She works professionally and privately as an advocate and social justice ambassador for youth and families. Tanishia is passionate about serving the youth and young adult population, specifically young parents, in urban settings. She is a School Counselor for the Rochester City School District. Previously serving in the role of Program Coordinator for Pathways to Success, a program under the Rochester City School District and the Federal Office of Adolescent Health, she coordinated programs and services for expectant and parenting teen mothers and fathers. Under her leadership, she created the first teen parenting workshops and programs, servicing young mothers and young fathers in the Rochester City School District. Mrs. Johnson is also Adjunct Professor in the Transitional Studies Department at Monroe Community College in Rochester, New York, teaching students in the first year experience program. She is CoFounder and Co-Owner of LOVE Marriage Ministries (L.O.V.E. which stands for Living Our Vows Everyday), founded by The Johnsons, to support, uplift and celebrate black marriages; having a platform that reflects that black marriages not only exist but that they are healthy, thriving and everlasting. Their ministry is open to both married couples and couples in committed relationships seeking marriage. Her life coaching business, Beyond This Moment, focuses on assisting individuals with working on life goals, looking beyond this moment to reach those goals, and focusing on living their purpose driven lives. She is contributing author for the book, The Journey of a Teenage Mother (2013), 36


completing books signings in the United States and London, UK. Her belief is that the secret to truly reaching ones highest level of success is discovering your passion, working hard, staying in your purpose driven lane and staying committed to living a purposedriven life. A certified trained facilitator in Strengthening the Black Family and Rites of Passage, she facilitates parenting groups for the betterment of “The Village.” She credits some of her greatest accomplishments as follows: As a young mother, pregnant at 15, she graduated from

high school, on time with stellar grades and scholarship funds, while being a mom to a toddler. Second, she is the 1st in her family to graduate from college. Third, going back to college to get her Masters Degree while expecting their 4th child, graduating with honors 3 years later expecting their 5th child. To date, she credits her faith in God and her perseverance, to her accomplishments and great career, which she considers to be her ministry. She feels one of her greatest accomplishment is doing all of this, while successfully running businesses with her husband, serving our community and still having a very healthy, loving purpose driven, servant leader family and marriage. Outside of work, Tanishia enjoys spending time with

her beloved, tribe and family, traveling and girl time with women in her sisterhood circle. She also loves to celebrate the life of those she loves; handling business but always finding time for celebrations! An active member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., Theta Alpha Zeta Chapter, Mrs. Johnson holds the position of President. She is a Board Member for The Villa of Hope and Healthy Baby Network. As a graduate of the 2013 “Purpose Driven” class for the United Way African American Leadership Development Program, she currently serves as Recruitment and Selection Committee member as well as Steering Committee member. As member of The Black Women’s Leadership Forum, she serves on the Leadership Council and is the Chair of the Education Committee. In June 2015, Tanishia was the recipient of the Community Pillar, “Black Women Roc” award for outstanding service in the Rochester community. In January of 2016 she was profiled in the Democrat and Chronicle and featured as Rochester’s “Woman to Watch”, a prestigious honor in the Rochester community. Tanishia is also profiled as part of the feature story for the April 2016 Spring edition of BreakThru Magazine’s: The Power List: The Top 10 Women in Rochester making history and in September 2016, was honored at their Celebration Gala with the BreakThru Inspiration Award. In February 2018, Tanishia was the recipient of the ROC Awards 2018 for “Outstanding Community Involvement” and was featured that month on News Channel 8 for their segment on Extraordinary People. As an active member of Glory House International in Rochester, New York; her greatest pride and joy, is being in covenant with her husband Cory, for over 17 years and parenting their purpose driven 5 children.





ROSALIND MATTHEW Rosalind Matthew has over 20 years experience in the beauty industry as a professional makeup artist in the New York State area. Being a trained Esthetician at Shear Ego International, she specializes in bridal makeup application. She is certified in beauty under the tutelage of famed celebrity makeup artists Sam Fine, Renny Vasquez and Kilprity (Keita Moore). Her passion for beauty started almost 20 years ago, she developed a love for brows and has progressed into a steady climb in the beauty industry. Rosalind now focuses on makeup application for any special event, including bridal, engagement, family, senior, and prom pictures. Her specialty is offering natural flawless



and picture perfect makeup which lasts all day. Listening to her client’s individual needs and preferences is what she believes is key in making them feel comfortable. You will still look like “you”, just a more flawless and polished “you”. Enhancing natural beauty is the primary goal.

brow class where she teaches to the “every day” women. She has done work for several high fashion bridal photo shoots, and her work has also been featured in commercial print. Her attention to detail creates the elegance and perfection you desire on your wedding day or special event.

Rosalind’s work has appeared in Break Thru Magazine, The Rochester Women Magazine, Voluptuous Woman, (VLS) Magazine, Rochester Wedding Magazine & Democrat & Chronicle news paper. Her work was also featured on the runways for Rochester Fashion Week for several years. Rosalind offers the signature brow class- The Billion Dollar

Bridal makeup is all about the A+ version of yourself, and Rosalind listens to what the client wants, and works with them to create the most flattering version. She loves making women look and feel their best and prides herself on dependability, professionalism, and perfection.





CHRISTINE FRANKLIN Christine Franklin, born and raised in Rochester, NY. She is a wife and mother of 3. She didn’t let the challenges of not having enough high school credits discourage her. Christine received her GED and while working for a children’s center, was inspired to open up her own daycare. She now successfully owns and operates Franklin Family Daycare, which was established in 2013. In 2015 she pursued her CDA and received it after 10 months, during this time she birthed her 3rd child. In 2013 Christine and her husband Eric Franklin launched #iRoclove a T-shirt clothing line. #iRocLove is about “Empowering marriages and Encouraging marriages” one shirt at a time. Christine



and her husband host couples’ gatherings where the atmosphere is conducive for ladies to let their hair down and men can roll their sleeves up. The company slogan is “we reppin’ the Roc, you can call it Roclove, increasin’ the stock, nothin’ gon stop us”. In 2016, Christine and her husband hosted a financial peace class in downtown Rochester as a push to help people get out of debt. Christine and her husband qualify to teach financial peace as they successfully got out of debt themselves and was able to participate in the “Debt Free Scream” with Dave Ramsey in Brentwood Tennessee. She also believes that your marriage will not be 100% successful if God is not in the center of it.

In 2017 she hosted #iRoclove’s 1st annual 101 Kings & Queens photo shoot in Rochester N.Y and which was featured in the Democrat and Chronicle newspaper. In 2018 #iRocLove was nominated for best T-shirt line in the annual Roc Awards. She was also featured in Breakthru Magazine in 2017 with her husband in the fall issue. Christine is passionate about empowering and encouraging others to be their best selves. She believes that she has to be the difference she wants to see in life, which would then inspired others to be confident and bold in who God has called them to be. This year 2018 her motto is Face Everything And Rise as she is saying yes to things that scare her.





YOLANDA WADE Yolanda Wade is a bookkeeper for a property management company in East Rochester. She has worked professionally as a bookkeeper since 1996 and has worked for the same employer since 2001. Born in Buffalo, NY she moved to Rochester with her parents at the age of three. From elementary all the way through high school she’s attended public schools in the city of Rochester. She graduated with a regent’s diploma from Joseph C. Wilson Magnet High School just a couple of months after becoming a single teenage mother to her first born son. Determined to



keep improving herself she received her Associate’s Degree in Accounting from Monroe Community College. She has always worked a fulltime job since high school. She has worked as an Operations Manager, payroll specialist and is also the healthcare benefits coordinator for the company she’s currently employed. In addition to being a fulltime career woman she loves being a mom. She’s a dependable hard worker, and always wants the best for her family. She will help others whenever she is able to. She enjoys working with numbers and the feeling she gets when things are in order

and balanced out gives her peace. She currently resides in Pittsford, NY with her husband of twenty years, their two teenage children and dog.





YVETTE CONYERS Yvette Conyers is a nationally certified Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP), working as a Clinical Instructor/Course Coordinator at the University of Rochester, School of Nursing. Ms. Conyers will earn her Doctorate of Nursing Practice degree from St. John Fisher College, in May 2018. The clinical research focus of this degree is cultural competence education of staff nurses and effects on patient care outcomes. Yvette is actively involved in both academic and community organizations including American Academy of Nurse Practitioner’s, Chi Eta Phi Sorority, Transcultural Nursing Society, African American Health Coalition, part of Common Grounds Health. She is a member of the School of Nursing



Council for Diversity and Inclusion (CoDI) and faculty counselor of Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society. Her passion for diversity and inclusion has been recognized and is involved in a community wide structural racism initiative, formed to address the more difficult barriers of racism within the institutions we work. Yvette has facilitated discussions on racial equity and cultural sensitive care. She is a faculty champion for the student led program LIFT-Leading with Integrity for Tomorrow. Yvette is passionate about increasing the representation of minority nurses in nursing profession, which will contribute to improved health and health care experiences for at risk populations. She enjoys providing

career advice, coaching and mentoring to nursing students and believes that just as she was provided a hand reach back, she should do the same. Yvette holds national certification as a Transcultural Nurse and is the recipient of the 2017 Mary Dombeck diversity enhancement faculty award and greater Rochester 40 under 40 African American leaders award. Ms. Conyers earned her post masters FNP certificate from St. John Fisher College, Master of Science in nursing education from Roberts Wesleyan College, Bachelors from the University of Rochester, and initial Associates nursing degree from Monroe Community College.






Colleen Lefave, is a trend-setter! She is bringing an awesome new concept to the Rochesterarea- salon scene! Prime Salons and Spa Suites recently opened in the Cornhill area. This is a new cooperative business where salon owners and other entrepreneurs can be a part of a bigger concept. This business-model is used in franchises across the nation. When Colleen first pitched this idea in Rochester, it was difficult for others to visualize the modern concept. Business owners come together as part of a team as they are located inside of a suite, but still maintain their autonomy by having their own individual space.


Caden and Kyla; who are now 16 and 14. As a young woman, Colleen was focused on learning to be a young bride and mother. She was finding her rainbow! She started out at Continental School of Beauty for Esthetics and started off right away working in a salon. Colleen met some interesting people early in her career, who were a part of the artistic team at Sebastian Trucco make-up. Colleen indicates this is where her journey really began. She began travelling the world

Colleen and her husband Mitch brought this innovative idea to reality. They took what was a 3500 square foot doctor’s office and turned it into this awesome, eclectic community of business owners. Each suite in the community is suited to cater to the individual business coming in. The suites range from 120 square feet to 320 square feet. Each area comes with a custom look which is picked out by the suite owner. The great bonus is that everything is included in the rent; water, electric, WIFI, security and the build out of the suite. The great part of it all is the price is around what a stylist would pay for a rental in a salon. This concept allows the suite owner to be an entrepreneur, without the risk of owning a salon. You get your cake and eat it too!

creating make-up looks for national chains and imagery. She was with Wella/Sebastian for years. She then became a sales rep for Beauty Systems Group (Cosmoproof ) and Redken 5th Avenue. Throughout her career, Colleen studied the ins-and-outs of running a salon. Like everything else in the technological world, we live in, the salon industry is no different. It is ever-changing.

Colleen and her husband, Mitch were married at 22-years-old. They had two children,

Colleen did not ignore to be successful, gaining an education was important. She


continued on with her studies, becoming more self-sufficient and earning her associates and bachelor’s degree in business. She enjoys volunteering. Most importantly, she doesn’t forget above all, she is a mother. This means being involved in her children’s activities. As a mom, she is heavily involved in the Finger Lakes Youth Football and Cheerleading organizations, the Canandaigua Youth Baseball and any other activities her children participate in. Colleen says learning from children is an interesting part of her life. She feels the most important lesson she’s learned is being humble as an adult. She often wonders “When did things get so serious?” RWO asked Colleen, “What is the most memorable part of your career?” She replied saying, “The most memorable part of my career is the people I met along the way. I can say, I can travel almost anywhere in the world and I have a friend there. The best part of all this is I have the beauty to come home to an amazing husband and kids. Having great support at home, is what allows me to be so successful. I believe today, to be successful, people must find inspiration from many sources. My parents inspire me. They taught and instilled the value of hard work and what it can do for you. My brother David taught me when he enlisted in the Navy, how to take chances and to do what you believe in. My husband Mitch inspires me daily, by letting me have my crazy moments and by celebrating what we achieve a little at a time, step-by-step. He helps by moving things out of my way, so I can focus on the tasks-at-hand and being




“The most memorable part of my career is the people I meet along the way. I can say, I can travel almost anywhere in the world and I have a friend there.�

“I believe today, to be successful, people must find inspiration from many sources. My parents inspire me. They taught and instilled the value of hard work and what it can do for you. My brother David taught me when he enlisted in the Navy, how to take chances and to do.”

My children are the busiest people I know. I am amazed at how they keep their grades up and still are so active with sports and maintaining close friendships. They travel all over in competitions and tournaments all over the country.

I slow down a bit. I then look at the bigger picture. Then, I do something to give my brain a break from thinking about it. Soonerrather than later, BAM there is the answer. In having success, there will be speed bumps.

My friend Carrie inspires me to keep going when things get tough. She knows when to make me laugh, so I can refocus and balance myself to make better decisions. My friend Rebecca’s advice is always on point and she has already done so many great things that I want to emulate. Her constant smile when I know her mind is racing, shows me that kindness and a great attitude helps balance everything. Her advice runs through my mind, when I’m faced with tough decisions or a speedbump gets in my way”.

As a female, I love learning how other females have become successful. How do they balance everything? This is a true female quality I believe. Nothing against men or single Dads because I have a Dad also. However, a woman knows how to juggle unlike any magician or juggler can. Forget juggling, flame-throwers or knives. Try juggling kids, kid’s schedules, meals, laundry, housework, career, sleep, personal time, need I say more?

She replied,“Obstacles smostacles. I used to let them drag me down and take much of my time. Then my husband started calling them speed bumps. And you know what?? That is what they are. Now I slow down, go over them with care and MOVE THE F ON. I think sometimes we dwell. We create drama where there is none. We talk to more people then we need to about a speed bump or challenge we face and it gets blown out of proportion.



I cannot put in words what the feeling is inside your body when you create something and then realize other people like it also and see your vision. Seeing and hearing the Suite Pros love their space is worth all the speed bumps”. Colleen continues by saying, “I don’t know if being a female in business has helped or hindered me. I feel in general I must work harder than anyone else period. This is my work ethic. My Dad taught me to never let anyone out work you. Do work that you love. Do work you believe in. Be a constant student.

RWO asked Colleen “what obstacles have you faced as a female entrepreneur?

We must solve all the speed bumps coming after the one you are dealing with and maybe even try to go a different route or turn around. Sometimes, we don’t even have to deal with it. Now when a speed bump gets in my way,

say they want a suite would cause me to create a happy dance of “people get it and love it also!”

The speed bumps are small in comparison to even my smallest successes along the way. Who knew passing a building inspection would create great joy in my life. Or when I started showing the suites, having someone

And I see women doing it more and more. Working for myself, I learned so much about women in business. There are many resources for women entrepreneurs. I am continually learning about. I think the most under used resource is being there for each other. Women tend to help each other or hurt each other. I would love to see women help each other more. State and local websites are a huge resource for information.




When I see young women starting out, I always want to tell them a few things. 1) Work. If you aren’t the best...outwork them. Put your blinders on and go forward. 2) Laugh. Seriously it is the best medicine. Laugh at the speedbumps. Those get more and more funny. Laugh at your mistakes. You will make plenty. Laugh at yourself. No better laughing material then yourself. If you laugh at yourself, then no one can hurt you with words. 3) Reach out for help. No matter what your 52


business is you need help. A sounding board for your ideas. A person that balances you when things get crazy. Someone you trust to help make a decision. Someone to read over your ad creation or marketing plan. Even people that aren’t in your business are great resources. Sometimes those are the best. 4) Put your blinders on again. You know, those funky glasses that race horses wear. People and things will come after you from all directions. Focus on your idea, your plan, your vision. Don’t get derailed. Come up for water and air and then get right back at it. Success will may be far away,

but when you stop to dwell on speedbumps or make them into mountains success gets further and further away”. Colleen Lefave is an innovation inspiring woman. She plans to expand her Prime Suites and has office space available. She plans to change the game in the salon industry over the next five years. She tells us to stay tuned for the ride! RWO is also one of the suite owners in the 301 Exchange Street property so make sure you join us at our “Grand Opening” April 19th!



Ewa Hlebowicz is a Career Firefighter/ Paramedic at the Barnard Fire District in Rochester, NY. She has been in the public safety profession for over 15 years and has her Bachelors in Public Safety Administration, AS in Fire Protection Technology, Paramedicine and Business Administration. Ewa was one of the first female firefighters in Monroe County and the first female hired by the Barnard Fire District in 2008. Her interest in emergency services came during her time as an Explorer at the Barnard Fire District, earning volunteer hours and learning about Paramedicine from the counties only Advanced Life Support Firefighter Agency. Her interest encouraged her to stay in Rochester, NY and become a volunteer firefighter at 18 years of age while attending MCC and Robert Wesleyan for Emergency Medicine, Business Administration and Pubic Safety Administration. With the Monroe County Firefighter Civil Service Exam being offered, she insisted in challenging the exam and yielded a score high enough to interview for a full time paid position with the very fire department she was volunteering for. In May 2008, Ewa was hired as the first female firefighter by the Barnard Fire District and will soon be approaching her 10 year anniversary. Her passion of physical fitness was a direct result the challenges and hardships she faced as a 5’6”, 120 lb female wearing 90+ lbs of structural firefighting gear and 54


various tools depending on the nature of the emergency. The success of her team weighed more on her shoulders than the self-contained breathing apparatus she would wear into fires. “You never know

the science behind strength training, nutrition and functional fitness. This was the beginning of Ewa’s next career. After competing in bikini contests, powerlifting meets and crossfit competitions, she pursued more formal education at the Cooper Institute in Dallas, Texas. This is where Ewa completed course work specializing in fitness and health of Firefighters and Law Enforcement. Ewa is now co-owner of Glickfit Strength Training and Nutrition with her husband Kyle Glickman. The two of them have worked with over 600 clients (including athletes, firefighters, bodybuilders, bikini competitors and the general public) to provide effective, appropriate, customized nutrition and training programs with their client’s health, wellness and results in mind. Ewa and Kyle take a comprehensive approach to fitness by first focusing on lifestyle habits, stress management, disease prevention and effective nutritional protocols before implementing a strength training program. The Glickfit Training Method is unlike any in Rochester and focused on achieving health and wellness while still obtaining optimal body composition changes.

how strong you are, until being strong is the only choice you have” and Ewa would not entertain the idea of weakness being an option. Ewa devoted her time off from work to the gym not just pushing herself to get stronger physically but also learning

Ewa founded the first WomenOnly strength training group class in Rochester, NY. To relieve the anxiety and apprehension many women face walking into a gym. Ewa has cultivated a supportive atmosphere for women to train in a non-intimidating environment where they are be educated and encouraged to use free weights and learn essential movement patterns.




{ SHIFT+CONTROL { HER EDGE } } She blends her extreme opposite lifestyles seamlessly.

Her interest in emergency services came during her time as an Explorer at the Barnard Fire District, earning volunteer hours and learning about Para-medicine from the counties only Advanced Life Support Firefighter Agency.

Glickfit is a Rochester, NY based Training and Nutritional Business owned and operated by Kyle Glickman and Ewa Hlebowicz. They are both professionally trained and have years of experience with hundreds of astonishing client transformations. Glickfit has a different approach to achieving success for their clients, and their methodology and beliefs are in creating sustainable change. By addressing all the limiting factors of someones lifestyle, we help structure the 23 hours outside the gym to maximize the benefits of your one hour workout. We believe in educating and empowering our clients to be advocates for themselves and their own health, while pushing them to be their absolute best. It’s not about the weigh lost, it’s about confidence, happiness and success gained. We always prioritize practical over optimal to ensure long-term success and we will structure a personalized program to accommodate you while still making progress. Glickfit offers both personal and women’s only group strength training in a personal training studio in Pittsford, NY. We also provide online coaching and consulting for both clients and other fitness professionals interested in helping their own clients with the Glickfit Method. If interested, please visit out website and fill out the Q and A form or email



It all started right here with Rochester Woman Online. In 2015, publisher Kelly Breuer, first met Kady Hayle at the gym, where she worked as a personal trainer. She trained Kelly. Kady shared her story with Kelly during one of their sessions and Kelly was so moved, published it. That was in 2015.

trainer. Insert meeting Kelly here. RWO asked Kady what is the most rewarding part of doing this kind of work? “The most rewarding part is to know I am helping people every day to take a

Kady then started out modeling, walking the RWO runway during expos and fashion shows with local designers and boutiques. She started to learn how to sew and started creating her own designs from ideas in her head.

Kady also fell in love with fitness and got a job at the gym. She started out teaching Zumbaand then went on to become a certified professional fitness 64


“I am who I am. My fit body makes me unique. I am not your typical tall, slender model. I am only 5’4. My overall shape and fun personality sets me apart from other models, especially on the runway. I also prepare properly for each modeling job I get. Even my hairstyles are carefully crafted to bring the complete look together”. Kady has been modeling for 3 years now. She as done commercials, movies, print modeling and even catalogue work. Her designs are featured in Fashion Week of Rochester, and will be rocking the runway again for RWO April 12th at the Women Entrepreneurs Expo and Fashion Show where she will be the grand finale!

In the beginning, Kady was hand-sewing her designs. Then, a designer backed out of a fashion show RWO was having and Kady took the spot showcasing her designs on the very runway she kicked off her modeling career. The rest is history!!! But let’s take a second to back up to 2009. Kady suffered her second of three miscarriages setting her into a downward spiral. She was depressed. After a friend suggested she started an exercise program, Kady began to feel better. She began to reshape her body. Her demeanor changed, and she was able to start healing. All of her personal struggles made living a heathy lifestyle important.

RWO inquired in the era of “Everyone’s a fashion model,” how do you distinguish yourself from the rest?

hold of their lifestyles, whatever their goals may be. Some people struggle with various health problems, while others it may be to lose weight or even to improve their balance and coordination.” Kady also enjoys a very interesting modeling career and lives her life outside of the “norm”.

She also does many other shows for charities. Since the age of 5, Kady wanted to model. She learned what it took to be in front of a camera and that it is not all glamourous. It takes hard work and fierce dedication. Kady is in her glory when modeling and she finds every opportunity priceless because she loves what she does. Kady loves helping models too. Whenever she decides to participate in a fashion show as a designer, she always asks to provide her own models, so those who may have been otherwise overlooked get an opportunity to shine.



She still uses her favorites, because they are dependable and trustworthy. Letting others have an opportunity is important. Kady also is collaborating with others to host her MOTIVATED TO MODEL EXPOS. These are workshops teaching models how to walk the runway, pose properly, and everything else modeling related. In the Summer/Fall of 2016, Kady launched her own clothing line KKREATIONS. She finds the most interesting and rewarding part of being a seamstress/designer is seeing her vision come to life in an actual design. It jumps off the paper into colorful fabric. People get really excited about custom-made apparel. It is something made just for them; one-of-a-kind. Kady describes this as: “Fashion designing is like watching a caterpillar transform into a butterfly.” Kady indicates the entire process, over the last three years has been an eye-opener as

she learns the business. She continues to improve her skills with higher education in the field. In the course of the next five years, KKREATIONS strives to be a well-established business and have a strong online shop that is among all those that are popular worldwide. Kady will continue with her work in the fitness area, continuing to help her clients with their health and wellness goals. She is most proud she is able to serve as a role model in her community, seeking and training new talent in the industry and giving people a chance. Kady is most thankful for her husband and mentor Gilmore Hayle. He is an amazing and patient man. She feels he is a true inspiration to her success and career. He is a photographer and has also worked with Rochester Woman. He was able to showcase Kady’s talent on social media, in print, in front of the lens and everywhere in between. He loves what he does so he took an abundance of photos of his wife.

Gilmore has his own vision in the photography realm and this also is a great asset in marketing Kady’s designs and showcasing the fashions she creates. Kady wants to leave the readers with some inspirational advice encouraging everyone to follow your dreams. “I’ve overcome many obstacles including depression from losing 3 babies through pre-term labors, self-doubt from the fear of trying new things and developing the correct skill sets needed to work with models of diverse personalities, clients/ customers and other fashion designers. All of these things, molded me to become bold, firm and yet thoughtful, in the way I go about separating business from my personal life. If you have a dream do it!”. Kady Hale and KKREATIONS started off right here with RWO. We are so proud of Kady and her accomplishments. We hope everyone can celebrate her success story with us.





Naomi Smith sat down with RWO this month and gave us “real talk” on what it is like to be an up-and-coming designer. Naomi is known for her incredibly creative and up-lifting designs, multi-cultural ad campaigns and state-of-the-art use of social media to market her brand. Naomi shares the secret to her success begins with knowing your market. She considers “ Where does your client shop at? Work? Dine? What is the client’s age? Naomi even considers “ Does she love the new hazelnut macchiato flavor at Starbucks?” She indicates really knowing yo u r c l i e n t i s t h e fundamental foundation of knowledge to start the creative process of creating a design the individual woman will love. It must be all about her.

valuable! People love the feeling of authenticity. It is also important to know, people will go with what’s “in” or trending. This factor makes the industry so competitive. However, there is always a small margin of individuals who are willing to pay for

Naomi also shares the societal consideration which must go into creating a line of fashion when it is focused on “the spring collection” instead of an individual’s custom order. She shares that “All creators have a specific niche or specialty, but often times they feel forced to conform or fine-tune their aesthetic to fit the trending demands in the industry. Recognizing where exactly your margin is (this accounts for region, economy and annual income) will help you establish life-long customers. This is the reason tailor-made items are so 70


a piece of their own individuality, while also having a piece of you. The beautiful thing about knowing your audience, is you will always be able to stay true to your aesthetic”. Naomi indicates her career started “at birth”! She indicates she came from

an extensive background with family members who are artists, musicians, and creators. She believes she inherited the “creative” gene from her family lineage and genetics. She began creating in elementary school. She always experienced a passion for painting and creating with her hands. The best part of this she indicates, is “the nostalgic feeling of watching the metamorphosis of her creations”. She indicates this gives her a warm sense of happiness and even confidence. She didn’t begin sewing until middle school. She recalls spending hours in thrift stores. She started practicing embroidery on t-shirts. Naomi recalls her first hand-made item was her senior prom dress. She made it with $5.00 of materials! She notes her career in fashion wasn’t always a smooth o n e . Ev e r y o n e discouraged her, indicating fashion was a hobby and not a lucrative fulltime job. Naomi felt she needed more experience and almost succumbed to these thoughts. The competitive nature of “the industry” is a beast. Naomi let the competitive side get to her. She always had a back up plan of becoming a veterinarian.





“My story is still being written; but I am excited for this ride! The most rewarding thing about being a designer, hands down, is my recent invitation to London Fashion Week. My brand is expanding internationally via the online market, but to actually present my garments will bring many more opportunities for Xstravagance Designs.







{ ROCHESTER WOMAN FASHIONISTA } Naomi said, “It was safe. I loved animals. Why not? However, this was short lived. I couldn’t bear the thought of putting animals to sleep. Fashion always stayed near and dear to my heart. I dropped out of college. I took a job tradition approach to my dreams and haven’t looked back!” Naomi is excited over the past two years of growth at Xstravagance Designs. She was recently presented with the opportunity to show her fashion in an Oxford fashion studio in London, U.K. and for London Fashion Week. In 2016, Naomi was featured in NY Fashion Week. In July 2017, she was featured in “Pitch Black” Fashion Week in Atlanta, GA. Naomi is excited her brand is becoming an international brand. RWO asked Naomi what is the most rewarding part of her experience? She replied saying, “My story is still being written; but I am excited for this ride! The most rewarding thing about being a designer, hands down, is my recent invitation to London Fashion Week. My brand is expanding internationally via the online market, but to actually present my garments will bring many more opportunities for Xstravagance Designs. Over the next five years, I expect to continue with more international shows and projects. Travelling is a huge passion of mine, so to be able to combine this and fashion brings me pure euphoria. As with any expansion, I also look forward to expanding my staff and watching my brand grow!

I experienced my lowest points, she has always been there to encourage and pray with me. She always told me it was the grace of God that brought her through everything. Her testimony was inspiration for me to always trust God when things get tough and equip myself with confidence to conquer whatever may come my way!” As many women struggle with self-image, so did Naomi. Naomi indicates there was time she determined her entire worth based on her works and what people thought of her. She felt like she was at the mercy of others and their demands because she felt a need for them to like her. It was when she recognized the importance of self-assurance and recognizing her self-identity she was able to let that go and soar! Naomi shares: “Any career path dealing with the general public will always leave you vulnerable to an identity shift. Resisting this urge and remaining true to yourself, is attractive and draws way more people than conforming. Realizing my identity helped me as a designer further identify my market. Being confident in who God created me to be, was vital to my brand not only from a business stand point but as an influential stand point as well. Having multiple callings, knowing my platform and uplifting other women is the secret to my success”. Photos by Gilmore Hayle, Christopher Cardwell, and Arturo David Hoyte.

All of us gain inspiration as we become who we were meant to be, so RWO asked Naomi where do you find your inspiration? “My most influential person in my life has to be my Mom. She’s endured a lot in her life. She always found strength to provide for my sisters and I. When ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE :: APRIL 2018



“Being confident in who God created me to be, was vital to my brand not only from a business stand point but as an influential stand point as well. Having multiple callings, knowing my platform and uplifting other women is the secret to my success.�



INSTAGRAM xstravagance_designs YOUTUBE xstravagance FACEBOOK xstravagance designs ETSY SHOP xstravagance

Want to know what the ex

Check out some of these women entrep

xcitement was all about?

vendor spotlights from our preneurs expo...

The Main Street Armory helps in creating beautiful memories for your special day. With 3 different spaces to accommodate your every need, there is no place like this special venue. It’s your special day so we even let you create your own menu! Contact us today to come and take a tour. 900 E. Main Street Rochester, NY (585) 232-3221











DOT DOT SMILE Hello! My name is Stephanie Nest and I represent the company DotDotSmile (DDS). DotDotSmile is a family-owned company based out of California. The name for the company was born when the founder, Nicole, was teaching her children to draw smiley faces- first you draw the circle, then you draw the dot dot smile. We specialize in our gorgeous twirly dresses. The styles we offer are: Ballerina, Cap, Empire, Tank, and Maxi. Our dresses are versatile and suitable for all types of occasions! Becoming a merchandiser was one of the best things I have ever done! I get to work from home, as a stay-at-home mom to two beautiful girls, and manage my time as I see fit. The big decision to join DDS was made through being a long-time customer and I honestly just could not get enough of the products! Both of my girls wear them almost every single day. The material is extremely easy to clean (almost impossible to stain), the dresses will grow with your child, and there are hundreds of cute patterns and solids to choose from. Sharing is caringI would love to share my discovery of DDS with all of you! Can’t find that perfect flower girl dress? Don’t look any further, we have it! Looking to do a photoshoot at the park? TONS of fun playful options to choose from-available exclusively on my website! We also feature rompers, leggings, kick shorts, and t-shirts. Come check out my group! I am personally inviting YOU to join my VIP DotDotSmile group at: www. Don’t forget to Dot Dot Smile :)



DotDotSmile is a family-owned company based out of California. The name for the company was born when the founder, Nicole, was teaching her children to draw smiley faces- first you draw the circle, then you draw the dot dot smile.



Great Hair Doesn’t Happen By Chance

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DEBORAH JEAN & CO. AFFORDABLE FASHION FOR REAL WOMEN Deborah Jean & Co. was founded in 1990 by Deb Dishaw-Smith in Rochester, NY. Affordable fashion for real women. Plus, Women’s accessories and jewelry, small furniture, and fun gifts are always available. It has since made its way to becoming recognized as an affordable & unique Women’s Fashion Boutique. With our wide selection of current fashion, from sizes XS - Plus sizes, you’ll want to visit our store and check out the latest Spring collection before all the good stuff is gone. We’re highly committed to customer satisfaction and go out of our way to make sure you’re happy.. Absolutely the best selection of unique and quality made clothing. All the accessories are breath taking! This place has the best customer service and the knowledge of the owner and her personal touch makes shopping here an excellent experience. I will continue to shop here and tell my family and friends. This Shop is the Parkleigh of the West Side. Definitely an experience you won’t want to miss! Deborah Jean sets the standard for dressing women and offering items that you just won’t find anywhere else! Five stars all day!!! 3200 W Ridge Rd Rochester, New York Get Directions @deborahjeanandcompany Send Message 92






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6 Ways to Fashion Jewelry Health BY CHRISTINA WOFFORD

Since I started my business in fashion Jewelry aka costume jewelry. I always wondered how to take good care of my costume jewelry now that I am a business owner in the Jewelry industry I have a renewed sense of how to exactly do that. Let me share with you six easy not so common-sense steps that I found to be very helpful.

your skin from scratches, discoloration, and possible injury.


As silly as this may sound you need to to keep the costume jewelry clean them, or at least wipe them down with a soft cloth to remove product residues and sweat that accelerates oxidation. Avoid


Yo u w a n t t o remember to keep your jewelry dry and clean. Make sure to always remove your jewelry before applying creams, perfume or when you wash your hands. Whether it is a necklace, ring, bracelet or earrings, exposing fashion jewelry to any type of cream, lotion, perfume, oil or even water is an undeniable accelerator of tarnishing.


2. Since the costume

jewelry is relatively affordable. You want to give your Fashion Jewelry from time to time a break, for it is not meant to be worn every day. This will slow down on the discoloring. With this in mind, you may consider purchasing multiple pieces in different colors and style to go along with your every changing daily wardrobe.

3. .Remember to remove your costume

jewelry if you no longer have a need to wear it or change your pieces at the end of the day. You never want to sleep with your jewelry on. You want to protect 98


not be a thought but it critical to the care and longevity of your fashion jewelry. Ways to store your jewelry: In jewelry boxes, pouches, loose in a drawer. We do not always know, but the best way to prevent tarnishing, chipping, knots in chains and breakage is to store fashion jewelry individually, for example in cotton or velvet pouches. Fashion necklaces should vertically hang on hooks and the pieces of costume jewelry should not be in contact with one another and especially not with your precious jewelry that could suffer from corrosion. If you have a large jewelry box or a jewelry armoire, perfect, if not, choose another system.

at all cost avoid cleaning in your jewelry, since cleaners may be used that contain acid, alcohol, vinegar or ammonia, they can damage your jewelry, and always make sure that your jewelry is completely clean and dry before storing!


Storing your costume jewelry may

Ok, one last tip: Remember hearing this “ coat your costume jewelry..� We l l , t h i s m a y actually do more harm than good. The BEST way to coat your costume jewelry is to use clear nail polish (like a top coat) on the inside of your fashion rings to protect them. This is a personal preference, of course. Christina Wofford Owner of GlamorousJewelz Independent Consultant Paparazzi Accessories

3D Feather Brows by Nicole


Veronica Valazza Your exclusive lash stylist Make your special day even more memorable with Red Aspen super-premium lashes Whether you are in need of a little sparkle, looking for classic beauty, or va-va-voom volume - there is a perfect lash for you 7 Unique styles for a unique you

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Wow! A Shelf-Stable Probiotic RTD Beverage. No Refrigeration Necessary.

Karma Probiotics stores the probiotics and digestive nourishment in the cap until you release them. This assures greater stability and maximum benefit. Karma’s GanedenBC30 delivers more than 10X the live cells than common probiotic yogurt cultures.



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LipSense is billed as “up to 18-hour” liquid lip semi permeable color from the SeneGence personal care company. It isn’t sold in drugstores or at specialty stores like Sephora or Ulta, but it’s been prominent on Facebook, Instagram and other Social Media platforms. Honestly, you sort of have to know somebody. Lipsense comes in more than 50 colors with many Limited Edition Collections Available It’s waterproof and isn’t formulated to rub off or budge, regardless of circumstances that occur throughout the day. My name is Meta and I’m a SeneGence International Independent Distributor. Why? Well, honesty it seemed too good to be true. All lipstick ends up on the side of your coffee cup or wine glass, kisses off or fades within a handful of hours, no matter what the price point is, right? Isn’t that just life? Enter Lipsense...the semi permeable lip color is applied in three layers. The micro beads of color molecularly bonds with your lips. The long and short this product is life changing. And as incredible as Lipsense is, it was when I started to use the other cosmetics and skincare that I began to see lasting changes in my skin. SeneGence has a full line of long lasting, color stay, water resistant makeup and skin care. We are most known for our lip colors, LipSense.



You’ve probably seen SeneGence posts pop up on Facebook and Instagram from your friends or friends of friends but may either quickly scroll past it or stop in amazement as you watch the magic lipstick, aka LipSense, not smear

completely anti-aging; the makeup is waterproof, sweat-proof, and budge proof. Started by single Mom Joni Rogers in 1999, Joni is very particular about the ingredients she puts in her products – that’s why the whole line is wax, gluten, and lead-free, not tested on animals, and is made in pharmaceutical grade rated manufacturing facilities in the USA. Win!. The products HELP rather than harm your skin and are tested for results. Their promise is 100% satisfaction guarantee! These products are backed by research, HELP rather than harm your skin, and are tested for results. Their promise is 100% satisfaction guarantee! The SeneDerm® SkinCare System is available in Normal to Oily, Normal to Dry, and Dry skin types. SeneGence has developed highly advanced anti-aging skin care and cosmetics systems that help make every skin type more beautiful and radiant.

or budge. But what is SeneGence, how do you pronounce it, and why is everyone talking about it? WHAT IS SENEGENCE? SeneGence (seh-nuh-jence) is the company that makes LipSense but is also a full makeup and skin care line. The skincare and cosmetics line is not only primarily made from natural ingredients but is all

You can join me on Facebook or check out my Senesite: https://www.senegence. com/SeneSite/Home.aspx Distributor ID 376729 If you would like more information? Private message me, email me at or Visit me at groups/1386044024790759/




My path to Fitness Entrepreneurship My journey to entrepreneurship has been a winding path. I was never one of those people who knew exactly what they wanted to be when they grew up. In fact, when it came time to decide on a major at college, I was lost. I knew I wanted to help people and that I loved being active and athletic, but I truly I had no idea where that would eventually lead me. Growing up here in the Rochester area, I began my athletic path as a competitive gymnast. Little did I know I was setting up my foundation of a not only a healthy body but a healthy mindset too. I spent a lot of time with this sport with some really great coaches. As I got a bit older, I ventured out of gymnastics for a few years and dabbled in volleyball and track and field. I then found myself back in the gym competing for SUNY Brockport and finally finishing out my senior year with diving. It was in my college years that I realized I loved the weight room…a lot! But I still wasn’t sure where I was going with that. After getting through my general education requirements, I decided the major or field that made the most sense for me was Physical Education. However, I wasn’t quite sure that being a P.E. teacher was my calling. My older brother was at Brockport at the same time after a few years in the Navy and he was also pursuing the same program, but had chosen a concentration in Exercise Physiology. Bingo! That’s what I would do too! Within that program, I still hadn’t narrowed down what that would look like as a career for me. I completed a few internships to test the waters. I was part of a cardiac rehabilitation program for a short time 110


and then ventured into being a programmer/ trainer at an all women’s gym. Well, given the fact that I was already so comfortable in the weight room, my unclear path started to become a little more clear. I graduated from Brockport and stayed with that job for a few years, working my way up to becoming the Program Director there. As much as I loved helping people there, I was beginning to see that I could possibly branch out and start something to call my own…but I didn’t just yet.

I continued to bounce around for the next decade in the fitness world. After our first daughter was born in 2008, I even worked 3 fitness jobs at once to make ends meet. The experiences were all wonderful and I would never take them back for anything, but it was hard to maintain especially as a new mom. However, my favorite and most memorable experience was working as the Exercise Specialist for a program called Senior Fitness at a local nursing home. This was a bit out of my comfort zone, as it was a new and much more physically and mentally limited demographic that I was not used to working with.

Looking back, I am so grateful I went outside of that comfort zone as this was a complete eye opener for not only my career, but also for fitness as it relates to lifestyle and living a quality life. You see, it was also during these 10 years after college that I got heavily involved in the bodybuilding/figure competition world. I was extremely passionate about competing myself and taking it to the top. For once in my life, I had a clear vision of something I wanted very badly. I wanted to earn my Pro status and then compete as a Pro. And I did! Twice! I won my Figure Pro card in 2010, and then my Fit Body Pro card in 2012, where I earned 7th at the World Championships in Atlantic City. I did it. I reached the only true goal I had ever set for myself. However, after our second daughter was born, something changed. My drive for bodybuilding wasn’t as strong. My reasons for competing were less and less. I really can look back and say that my ‘Why’ completely shifted. I am not ashamed to admit that when I was in my early competition days, my why was completely vain. I wanted to look a certain way so that I could win money and get sponsorships and even land on the cover of a fitness magazine or two. I claimed that I wanted to inspire others at the time, but in my heart I knew I could do more than I was doing. Just because I was inspired by all the fitness models in magazines did not mean everyone else was. Something clicked and I had to take action. In 2014 my husband, Adam and I partnered with a company called Market America. I had

My journey to entrepreneurship has been a winding path. I was never one of those people who knew exactly what they wanted to be when they grew up.



If I could provide advice to anyone who feels lost like I once did, it would be to figure out your passion and WHY it is your passion. Let that drive you forward. Keep working on you and you soon will find your path.

{ IN HER OWN WORDS } Looking back on my journey, I know that every experience, whether good or bad has led me right where I am supposed to be. I’ve never been more excited for mine and my family’s future and for our FBBC Fit Family too.

called Market America. I had a couple of multi-level marketing experiences before taking a look at this. We quickly saw this was different in many ways and could be something we could work on together as a team. The division in this company that sparked my interest was the TLS Weight Loss System to implement not only in our household for healthier eating habits, but also for any clients I was working with. It was through several local trainings in this company that I started to take on an entrepreneurial mindset. I had always thought that a career meant having a steady, secure job, but this opened my eyes to other possibilities. We then made a goal together that this Plan B would get us out of our jobs so we could pursue our dreams. I still wasn’t sure what that dream looked like, but it soon would appear for me. In July 2015, I decided to step on stage as a figure competitor one more time. I was ecstatic to have achieved the results I did after having 2 kids and worrying I wouldn’t bounce back. I came home from Michigan that July with a first place and second place finish. Even with the great finish I had there, this competition confirmed that I was not being fulfilled by competing anymore. I got home feeling like I had more to give. It was time to really take action and make a real difference. 114


It was immediately after this competition in the summer of 2015 that I started to research another company called Fit Body Boot Camp. My friends in the Syracuse area had opened 2 locations at the time and I was intrigued to say the least. The universe was speaking to me! This was the second time in my life I had a clear goal. I had to open one of these facilities! The group personal training business model was right

forward with this new venture because I had finally found a purpose and a way to help so many people. I am proud to say we will be celebrating our 2 year anniversary of Webster Fit Body Boot Camp in July 2018! The road to where I am today has not been an easy one, but I can now look back at these 2 years in business and say we have helped hundreds of lives in some way or another, and that is exactly WHY I started on this journey. I recently created a new vision statement for our FBBC business to state that we will provide passion and purpose to our clients on and off our workout floor. Meaning, we will make an impact on not only the physical aspect but also the mental and mindset aspect with a major focus on nutrition, education and accountability. I have my work cut out for me, but knowing where I’m headed is half the battle! With all hands on deck and a clear vision, we are unstoppable.

up my alley. I knew this was the answer to helping a lot of people. We secured our franchise territory in November 2015 for the Rochester area! It was happening. I was on a mission.

Looking back on my journey, I know that every experience, whether good or bad has led me right where I am supposed to be. I’ve never been more excited for mine and my family’s future and for our FBBC Fit Family too. If I could provide advice to anyone who feels lost like I once did, it would be to figure out your passion and WHY it is your passion. Let that drive you forward. Keep working on you and you soon will find your path.

Our doors opened almost one year after that last figure competition on July 5, 2016. That year was beyond scary and stressful. The amount of questions, fear and self-doubt were huge, but I was intent on moving



Leslie C. Youngblood grew up in Rochester. And she is going to be famous.

assistant professor at Lincoln University in Jefferson City, MO.

Leslie’s book Love Like Sky, is being published by Disney and will hopefully be adapted for film in the future. She has a two book deal with the iconic brand, whose magical stories have enchanted families for decades. She says she has always been a writer.

She says of moving back to Rochester, “I was at a point where I knew if I stayed any longer, I was going to stop committing to my students, so I resigned. It was a tenuretrack position. Most thought I was crazy.” “I was going to a become a professor, who maybe had a chance to write, rather

Leslie’s high school English teacher told her that she should consider writing. “I had my mind set on fashion design and marketing. Maybe that’s why in my downtime I like watching Project Runway,” she laughs. “I think I saw myself as a fashion designer or a buyer for Macy’s at one point. But I was writing short stories for fun, as well as musings about life and love,” she smiles.

Asked about her memories growing up she said, “as the oldest and a latchkey kid, most of my memories of Rochester include my siblings. Festivals were always a favorite. But if I think back there used to be a McDonald’s on Main Street. And, believe it or not, it held concerts in the parking lot. Those were fun, and we spent quite a bit of time at Charles Settlement House. It was on Jay street then. I think it’s moved now. Perhaps the most endearing times were spent at home with my siblings, extended family, and friends. Since we have small-town roots, we believe in family get-togethers for most any occasion.”

“Yes, I wrote about love, which now I know I knew very little about. I look back through my old notebooks and see all types of perspectives on life that tells me I was a writer then.” She says she didn’t realize writing was actually a career or as she says, “a way to live her life.” But she pursued it as a passion for many years. One of her jobs was at the Atlanta Tribune:The Magazine. “It is a business publication in Atlanta, Georgia. The editor gave me a lot of leeway for my column. I always gravitated toward stories that didn’t get as much attention as I thought they should, like when African-American kids, especially girls, went missing,” Leslie said. Up until a few years ago, she was an 116


Leslie said after she resigned,“I had a rude awakening that I was overqualified for a lot of the jobs I applied for. No one would hire me outside of the teaching field. It’s a long story, but I moved to back to Greensboro, NC. I worked a couple of temporary customer service gigs while writing. Bottomline, financially I’d hit a rough, rough patch and moved back to live with my folks in Rochester for the first time in many, many moons. I finished Love Like Sky and landed my agent and deal within two years.”

than a writer who has an opportunity to teach. Some professors are able to strike that teaching, writing balance, but I wasn’t able to while at Lincoln. After the second novel for Disney is complete, I’ll consider going back into the classroom.”

Being back here she has no problem answering what her three favorite things about Rochester are: “Family. Friends. Community. The family and friends are a given. But the writing and arts community in Rochester is thriving. It can be cliquish if you’re not careful. I have too much love for what I do to limit myself. “ Her life growing up in Rochester was marred by a tragedy.



“That’s not saying that I don’t prepare for the future because I do. But as far as my writing is concerned, if there is an idea or opportunity that presents itself, I’ll act on it. Maybe that is one thing that sticks with me from my brother’s passing: live your best life now.”


“I was going to a become a professor, who maybe had a chance to write, rather teaching, writing balance, but I wasn’t able to while at Lincoln. After th

Her brother was shot and killed during an attempted robbery. “Someone shot him. The person is locked up. Although I don’t harbor hatred for him, I don’t speak his name. My family sat through the trial. A lot of which is a blur. But we were there every day. Even through the autopsy pictures. As the saying goes, you never know how strong you are until strong is your only choice. My heart goes out to families who’ve suffered that kind of loss, and the murderer has never been caught.

per se; I set out to tell the stories of my characters. Once I started doing that, I began to learn about the genre, which, of course, included reading widely in it. I also attended The Color of Children’s Literature Conference sponsored by Kweli Journal. The connection I made there set me on the right path.” Leslie says she doesn’t have a singular inspiration. “Overall, my writing role

a TV or Song. I think the universe is full of inspiration. I never wait for it to hit; I seek it.” Leslie has a two-book deal with Disney. “I’m working on my untitled manuscript now. The first draft is due late summer. I’ve always worked on more than one novel at a time. I have a literary fiction novel, as well as a mystery in varying stages of revision.” She says of her book and deal “I’m putting it out there now that I think Love Like Sky will be adapted for film. The characters are vivid and would work well on screen. Hey Disney, are you reading this?!”

I don’t want to think how that would weigh on any of the people who loved my brother. I honestly can’t say how losing Sammy affected the family. I’ve learned that my grief isn’t my mother’s and her’s isn’t mine,” she said. “Somedays I feel as if I’m coping well, others I’m back to square one. Grief takes you to a very spiritual place. I personally don’t think it ever ends. You make peace with it. My biggest mistake was trying to put grief in a box,” Leslie said. “It’s unboxable, just made-up that word, but it works.” Leslie’s book is written for 8 to 12 year olds. Asked about the age range she says “I never set out to write for 8-12 years

models are Toni Morrison and James Baldwin. I read Baldwins ‘Go Tell it on the Mountain,’ and immediately changed my major to creative writing. Morrison’s Song of Solomon is one of my go-to novels when I want to sit with a novel and appreciate each word. Now, as for daily inspiration, that takes many forms depending on my mood. It can be my late brother, Samuel C. Griffin. Often it’s any of my siblings, family members, friends, or a stranger. Even

more writing.

Asked where she will be in 5 years, Leslie says writing, writing and

“That’s not saying that I don’t prepare for the future because I do. But as far as my writing is concerned, if there is an idea or opportunity that presents itself, I’ll act on it. Maybe that is one thing that sticks with me from my brother’s passing: live your best life now.”


r than a writer who has an opportunity to teach. Some professors are able to strike that he second novel for Disney is complete, I’ll consider going back into the classroom.�



I am a survivor of childhood abuse. When I realized that I was not as lucky as the other kids who had parents to direct them to the path to have the best life I decided to create the best life for myself. My bio mother was addicted to drugs and lived with a man who hated me and used my body as a punching bag on a daily basis. After a few years of abuse at the hands of this monster my mother decided it was time to send me away so she could have a better life with him. For the next few years I went from one home to the next and pretty much was a slave for many people who believed child slavery was okay. \ During my early childhood I had a teacher who would brush my curly hair and braid it at school she also brought me new school uniforms because mine were so dirty and torn. In my teen years I had a Karate teacher who also made a huge difference in my life by teaching me Karate for many years without charging me. These two people Ms. Ann Mohammed and Theo Belle are the people who sparked something in me to make me believe in myself and I fought not just to stay alive but to be successful also. As a child I remember my grandmother doing these awesome movements early in the morning in her garden I would watch her as she gracefully moved between the plants and tress stretching and breathing. She always ended this daily ritual by sitting in front of an altar filled with beautiful statues, candles, flowers 122


and books while listening to very gentle music and at the end she sang/chanted Om three times. She took me to Catholic Church but she also immersed herself

in so many different cultures which exposed me to this beautiful world or Yoga and Meditation.

I am a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Shorin Ryu Karate and spent many years in Canada going to tournaments competing successfully. I used Karate as a way of dealing with the trauma I suffered as a child. I used Karate to stay off the streets and to not do drugs. As a teen/child it’s hard to understand what it is inside of you that makes you feel so angry, lost, and worthless due to growing up with abuse. Fighting in a Karate competition allowed me to get my aggressions out in a positive environment and to feel good about myself for accomplishing something. The people who are related to me thought I couldn’t accomplish anything because they all thought I was dead but none of them came looking for me or called the Police. I got into Yoga to improve my Karate training and to learn about Meditation because I knew that I had to heal and I thought maybe Yoga and Meditation would help with that. My first Yoga Teacher Training seemed to be more about money and had no depth to the training which as a teacher now I realized it’s very easy to offer a Teacher Training but not as easy to help someone become an amazing teacher. September,1999 I started feeling sick I went from running Marathons to not being able to walk a mile. My body



My daily mantra is “Everything is always working out for me” it’s what I repeat throughout the day. I have proven that you can make your life into a success story no matter where you came from so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

“I am a survivor of childhood abuse. When I realized that I was not as lucky as the other kids who had parents to direct them to the path to have the best life I decided to create the best life for myself.” urt all over I couldn’t breathe and after months of doctor appointments there was still no answer. My friend found an article in The New Yorker about a young woman suffering the same symptoms and he sent the magazine to me and I showed my doctor not long after I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. And I thought to myself I did not come this far to end up like this living in pain and my only option is all kinds of medications. I started practicing Yoga every day for five minutes then ten minutes until I got to a half hour then I started walking a block then two blocks and before you knew it I was doing an hour of Yoga per day and running three miles on opposite days and in six months all my symptoms were gone and I have never had another episode.



Today I am the owner and instructor of Om House of Yoga in Geneva and Waterloo NY. I build classes based on the needs of the members; whether it’s Pain management, Trauma, Cancer or Weight loss I will build a class specifically for the client. When I first opened Om it was one of three places in Geneva to offer Yoga and now we have several more studios in the area. I wanted to provide a studio space to welcome everyone and I always say I never turn anyone away so if you have money or not I will teach you. On April 28th, I will be hosting my first Finger Lakes Yoga Conference at the Cracker Factory in Geneva, NY. This is one of my biggest dreams and to see it come true is mind blowing to me because here I am the homeless kid practicing Yoga with the great Sri Dharma Mittra from NYC. You don’t want to miss

this because it’s going to be an amazing day of Yoga and wellness. My long-term project at Om is continuing my training for Yoga for Healing Trauma and Yoga for Pain Management. There are so many kids growing up in abuse and have no way of knowing or understanding the difficulties they are going to experience trying to survive and grow with a body full of trauma. My life shows that Yoga offers a healthy way to explore that trauma both physically and mentally. My daily mantra is “Everything is always working out for me” it’s what I repeat throughout the day. I have proven that you can make your life into a success story no matter where you came from so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.



We confidently earn advanced degrees, confidently move up the corporate ladder, confidently run businesses, confidently take care of others and confidently share our opinions. Yet, we’re not confident in our own skin. It’s wild to think that we’re so successful and capable in just about every area of our lives, except this one. Confidence in your own skin is an individual feeling and it’s different for each of us. At the heart though, it’s being authentic and empowered in all areas of our lives, especially our self-image. It’s the difference between trying on 17 outfits because nothing feels good and getting dressed once and feeling like you can take on the world. It’s the difference between the loop of self-sabotaging thoughts and positive affirmations about how awesome you are. It’s the difference between feeling so exhausted you have cookies and ice cream for dinner and feeling energized to prepare and eat food that actually nourishes you. It’s the difference between self-criticism and self-love. As a mindset and health coach, I’ve done a lot of work personally and professionally on feeling confident with self-image. I’m convinced that mindset and nutrition are the core factors in how confident we feel in our own skin. Much of this work is simple, not easy mind you, yet simple and the good news is small changes and consistent inspired actions will have a big positive impact. 128


Our mindset and especially our self-talk are either tools that free or tools that limit. Your inner monologue is probably deeply ingrained and you may not even notice its effect on you. It is your perception, though, that creates your reality and your thoughts have an incredibly strong impact on your life. When I first started to work on my mindset I was equal parts stunned and admittedly upset. Stunned with the realization that I had this much control over how I experienced

We all know that the foods we eat have a dramatic impact on how we feel physically, however they also have a dramatic impact on how we feel emotionally and mentally. Often the foods and drinks we use to feel energized actually cause us to feel worse and keep us in a cycle of energy spikes and dips. It’s the dips that are the most detrimental to your self-image because when you feel crummy physically it’s easy for your mind to default to negativity. I used to depend on a sugary snack and cup of coffee at 3pm to get through the rest of my day. I would feel great for a little bit after that 3pm fuel and then I would feel awful. After that short burst of energy, my body crashed and I felt exhausted, defeated and cranky. I invite you to empower yourself and take two daily actions to reset your mindset and refuel your nutrition. Join me and start to feel confident in your own skin today!

my life. Upset because I was responsible and there wasn’t anyone to transfer blame to. (Transferring blame and maintaining the mindset that there wasn’t anything I could do to change my situation would have been the easy way out even though it didn’t feel good.) Once I got over the blame, my confidence in my own skin improved a little with just the acceptance that a new thought could change what I saw when I looked in the mirror.

1. Create a new belief about yourself and develop a positive I Am statement. Here are some of my favorites to get you started: I Am Awesome! I Am Strong! I Am Present! I Am Healthy! I Am Free! I Am Whole! I Am Happy! Pick a statement that you’d like to embody and repeat it to yourself throughout the day. Post your new belief on sticky notes everywhere, so you will see it often. Your mirrors, doors, refrigerator, steering wheel, phone case, wallet and computer screen all work well, even a reminder on



Confidence in your own skin is an individual feeling and it’s different for each of us. At the heart though, it’s being authentic and empowered in all areas of our lives, especially our self-image.

your calendar is helpful. It doesn’t matter if your statement doesn’t feel true just yet, what matters is your intention to make it true and your commitment to repeating it hundreds of times throughout the day. (Yes, hundreds of times daily!) You’ll see even more amazing results if you repeat your I Am statement in front of a mirror. 2. Drink more water. This is one of the simplest and most powerful tools to feel better in your own skin. When we’re hydrated we can think more clearly, we feel more energized and we’re much more patient with ourselves and others. Aim for half your body weight in ounces each day. (For instance, if you weigh 200 pounds, then drink 100 ounces of water daily.) If you don’t care for the taste of water, add sliced fruit or

vegetables like citrus or cucumbers. If it’s hard for you to remember to drink water throughout the day, consider a water tracking app or set a reminder on your phone each hour to have a glass of water. If your mind is already whirling with excuses like “this won’t work,” “this seems too simple to make a real difference,” “I’m not thirsty,” “I don’t have time” and so on, first acknowledge those distractions and then take back control. It can be easy and also effective, feeling confident in your own skin doesn’t have to arduous. Start small and test these two new actions, commit to repeating your new belief multiple times and drinking enough water each day for a week. Tune in and notice how you feel after 7 days.

-Meg Burton Tudman helps women struggling with stress and self-sabotage to change their daily habits through customized mindset and nutrition coaching, so they can feel empowered, energized and confident in their own skin. Click here for your free Reset Your Mindset Toolkit with 7 quick reset strategies, plus a weekly checklist. [Link for Reset Your Mindset Toolkit is: https://www.megburtontudman. com/reset-your-mindset/.] Website: Facebook: MegBurtonTudmanCoach/ Private Facebook Group: https://www.facebook. com/groups/confidentinyourownskin/



My 5 favorite social media apps!!

the world. I like Facebook because it is different then Instagram with Facebook you have a different layout and different perks that insta doesn’t have. What I


Instagram is an amazing social media app. I love Instagram because you can Capture amazing photos and memories and share them with people all around the world. Instagram also comes with the ability to crop photos, to put filters on your photos and make a collage of photos. Instagram is one of my favorite apps of all time because I can express who I am!!

I am absolutely obsessed with the app VSCO!! I am a huge fan of vintage photos vintage items anything that is vintage. With VSCO you can edit your photos to make them have a vintage look to them.

Snapchat is one of my favorite apps! Snapchat allows me to talk with my friends and watch live stories from around the world and watch news stories from CNN, Cosmopolitan and more. With Snapchat I can also send voice messages, call and FaceTime my friends! Also with Snapchat you can add filters on your photos and locations so friends can find you. What I love about Snapchat is that I can make my own filter for a party or an event!! Facebook is an easy way to connect with friends, family and other people around 134


Twitter is always keeping me busy. Twitter has everything from sports, breaking news, too celebrities minute by minute updates on what they’re doing. On Twitter you can share a live video and also private message people. With Twitter you can also share and retweet the Olympics or a celebrities photo. On Twitter you can follow your interest and express who you are on your feed.





A lot of people on my social media feeds seem to enjoy them more than ones with a non-vintage filter. VSCO allows you to take photos in the app as well is upload to the app. And then after you have chosen the filter that you want you can post the photo to your feed! love about Facebook is that I can have a profile photo and a cover photo for my page!!

Let me know what your favorite apps are. Follow me on Instagram @tyleraser






{ TYLER’S TEEN TALK } “Snapchat is one of my favorite apps! Snapchat allows me to talk with my friends and watch live stories from around the world and watch news stories from CNN, Cosmopolitan and more.”



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The Women of Roberts Wesleyan College For 10 years, Ruth Logan was the only woman at Roberts Wesleyan College’s weekly cabinet (leadership) meetings. Often, these started with sports talk among her fellow cabinet colleagues, whether about a close SU game the night before or Monday morning quarterbacking. Growing up with five brothers, Ruth was comfortable with “sports talk with the guys” as part of the meeting before diving into business. But those meetings are far from the case today. Ruth is now joined by three other women at the cabinet table: President Deana L. Porterfield, Kimberley Wiedefeld, Laurie Leo and Ruth hold four of the seven seats. These female leaders haven’t only earned a seat at the table. More importantly, they have earned voices at the table. These four women are humble, brilliant, influential and, above all else, true to themselves. Family and faith are important to them, as is their work. They are sensitive and confident. They are strong and will never try to “be one of the boys.” They are admirable and truth-tellers. That may be part of the reason they got to where they are today … ASPIRATIONS Leadership comes knocking, but it will take time Not all of these women grew up with a strong desire, dream or wish to become a leader in the workplace. They all were, however, highly relational, motivated and wise. Each had her own path and her own story to share. Here’s where their aspirations began … In Deana’s doctorate program while serving at Azusa Pacific University in California in 2010, she was challenged to create a five-year vision collage. For years, people had told her she should consider being a college president, but she ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE :: APRIL 2018



“Understand that you bring a greater contribution than you may realize. Don’t wait for every percent of the job description. For a man, he’ll apply even if he has done 50 percent —President P

couldn’t wrap her head around the possibility. While creating the collage, she was very specific to choose images that represented her possible future. Deana thought, “Can I really see myself in the top leadership role?” and struggled in aspiring to it. Three years later, she applied to the Roberts and Northeastern presidency. Looking back at her vision collage, it all seemed possible, and it was her calling all along. Laurie didn’t set out to be a chief financial officer at a college—or a senior leader anywhere. But she did have a hyper-strong sense of responsibility and knew if she continued to work hard, she’d be rewarded with promotions and more responsibility. So she kept rolling, first in corporate finance and eventually to the Roberts Wesleyan community. Kimberley—who had aspirations of earning a leadership role and raising her own family—faced her own challenges. She remembers worrying about having to tell a former employer in California that she was pregnant, thinking “I hope they aren’t disappointed. I’ll communicate my commitment to this organization.” Luckily, she had supportive managers who were happy for her when her family expanded. Her personal aspirations were just as important as her professional ones, and today this full-time leader, mother of two and supportive wife balances it all. Ruth attended college in the 1980s, a time when fewer women graduated from college than today. She aspired to be not only a “professional woman” but also a female leader. She made the choice to attend college to major in business. That wasn’t common in the ’80s for women. It took hard work, determination and time to realize that she was working in a “man’s world.” In her role at Roberts Wesleyan she was recognized for her ideas and contributions and was a trusted colleague by the men on the leadership team. Nonetheless, she envisioned a time when more women would have a voice at the table with her.


For upcoming rising stars and women in the workplace today 142


“Understand that you bring a greater contribution than you may realize. Don’t wait for everything to line up. For a woman to apply for a job, she has to see that she’s done at least 90 percent of the job description. For a man, he’ll apply even if he has done 50 percent. Don’t wait to do everything on that list before you apply. You are qualified.” —President Porterfield

“Be hardworking and energetic, and look at the people you aspire to be like. Watch them and learn from them. Admire their qualities, as visionaries and truth-tellers, and model their behaviors.” —Ruth “Evaluate your life and remember everything is for a season. Whatever decision you’re making today, you’re not making for the rest of your life. Try it for a season, and if works, great. If it doesn’t, you can make adjustments. Nothing is a sentence. If you don’t like where you’re at, your


ything to line up. For a woman to apply for a job, she has to see that she’s done at least 90 t. Don’t wait to do everything on that list before you apply. You are qualified.” Porterfield

job is not a sentence, so go somewhere you feel valued and where you make a contribution. If you evaluate life in seasons, you’re more willing to take a step forward and take risks.” —Kimberley “Leaders have humility, grace and courage. You don’t always see humility in the corporate world, or in all leaders. Grace is juggling the hard stuff and moving through it. Courage is doing what has to be done. None of these things say softness

or ‘she’s a wimp.’ Be human and humble. Above all else, focus on working hard and adding value in your workplace. Keep learning, get in the game to play, get your bumps and bruises, and figure out how to play better.” —Laurie

AFTER ALL You got this

“You do what you’ve been taught, and what

you have seen modeled for you,” Deana says. Multiple people in her 30-year career have modeled making room for women at the table. Deana looks at everyone equally—their contribution, what they can bring—and hires the best people. Three of the “best people” are the three women serving on the college’s cabinet, right beside President Porterfield, making the college a better place to work, live and serve. And all of these women agree on this: “Opportunity is for all.” For aspiring women who want to earn not only a seat, but a voice, at the leadership table, these four women want you to tell yourself: “I can see myself there.” And always remember, you can get there.


President Deana L. Porterfield, President of Roberts Wesleyan College and Northeastern Seminary Laurie Leo, Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer Kimberley Wiedefeld, Vice President for Enrollment Management Ruth Logan, Vice President for Student and Organizational Development and Chief Diversity Officer


Roberts Wesleyan College is committed to character development, Christ-centered education, transformational learning and service. With an enrollment of 1,708 students and a tradition of excellence for over 150 years, the college strives to inspire students to transform themselves and the world, and offers 87 undergraduate, graduate and adult-degree completion programs taught by high-quality, supportive faculty. The college also has a doctoral program in Clinical & School Psychology. Redhawks Athletics offers 19 intercollegiate sports. Roberts Wesleyan was honored on the 2015, 2016 and 2017 Great Colleges to Work For® list, presented by The Chronicle of Higher Education. For more information and recognitions, visit www.


Dr. Deana L. Porterfield PRESIDENT, ROBERTS WESLEYAN COLLEGE AND NORTHEASTERN SEMINARY Dr. Deana L. Porterfield became the 11th President of Roberts Wesleyan College and the third President of Northeastern Seminary on July 1, 2014. President Porterfield is a visionary leader with a passion for Christian higher education and believes Roberts and Northeastern are positioned to be beacons of light in the northeast, creating hope for generations to come. President Porterfield is a strong advocate of the ideals of B.T. Roberts, who, in 1866 founded Chili Seminary, which later became Roberts Wesleyan College. By providing the best education to develop students academically, socially and spiritually, the College and Seminary accomplish their missions of Education for Character and Preparation for Ministry. President Porterfield earned a doctorate in organizational leadership from the University of La Verne in La Verne, CA. She also holds a master’s degree in organizational management and a bachelor’s degree in music from Azusa Pacific University in Azusa, CA. Prior to Roberts and Northeastern, President Porterfield served at Azusa Pacific University for 26 years in various roles, including Vice President for Enrollment Management, Chief of Staff, Senior Vice President for People and Organizational Development and Executive Vice President of the online university. Originally from Watsonville, California, President Porterfield earned a doctorate in organizational leadership from the University of La Verne in La Verne, CA. She also holds a master’s degree in organizational management and a bachelor’s degree in music from Azusa Pacific University in Azusa, CA. Deana and her husband Doug have two daughters. Rebecca is married to Brenden and they have two daughters, Violet and Nora. Allison is a senior at Roberts. 144



Kimberley A. Wiedefeld VICE PRESIDENT, ENROLLMENT MANAGEMENT, ROBERTS WESLEYAN COLLEGE Kimberley Wiedefeld became the Vice President of Enrollment Management of Roberts Wesleyan College on August 24, 2016. Kimberley Wiedefeld is a strategic leader with a passion for Christian higher education and higher education for all abilities. Her role encompasses admissions, recruitment, retention, financial aid, student accounts, marketing and communications. She has a M.A. in education and international development from University of London, Institute of Education, London, U.K., and a B.A. in Spanish language and literature from Azusa Pacific University. Prior to Roberts, Wiedefeld served as senior director of undergraduate admission at Azusa Pacific University, where her strong foresight and research background launched new initiatives, improved efficiencies, and collaborated across the institution to further workplace morale. She focused on leadership development and equipping the admissions leadership team with strategic guidance. Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, Kimberley resides in Brighton with her husband, John Mark, and two children. Kimberley volunteers on the teaching team for Married Life, a class for couples interested in working on their marriages, at Browncroft Community Church and Flower City Down Syndrome Network’s First Call program for parents receiving a new diagnosis of Down syndrome, prenatally or after. She is also a member of the Ruby’s Rainbow Pledge Committee, raising scholarships for students with Down syndrome to attend college.




Ruth A. Logan VICE PRESIDENT FOR STUDENT AND ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT Ruth Logan earned her BA from Spring Arbor College and an MS in Leadership from Roberts Wesleyan College. She has been at Roberts Wesleyan College since 1990 and Northeastern Seminary since 2000. Ruth served in the Office of Development and later in Human Resources. Ruth was appointed as an Administrative Cabinet Officer in 2004. In 2017, Ruth transitioned to serve as VP for Student and Organizational Development. In this role she provides leadership and administrative oversight of college programs and activities relating to the safety, health, spiritual growth, and co-curricular activities of all students. She also supervises residential life programs. In addition, she is the Chief Diversity Officer and Title IX Officer. Ruth and her husband, Mark, have two grown children. Tyler and his wife, Rebecca are both Roberts Wesleyan College graduates and they have two children, Jack and Evie. Elise and her husband, Shane are both Houghton College graduates.




Laurie J. Leo CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER, ROBERTS WESLEYAN COLLEGE AND NORTHEASTERN SEMINARY Laurie J. Leo joined Roberts Wesleyan College and Northeastern Seminary as Chief Financial Officer in January 2015, following more than 25 years of strategic and financial experience in public and privately owned companies, in addition to her own consulting practice. Prior to joining Roberts, Laurie held financial roles at large multinational companies, including Xerox Corp. and Bausch & Lomb, as well as several small companies and nonprofit organizations. Most recently, she served as Chief Financial Officer at First American Equipment Finance, a subsidiary of City National Bank. As Chief Financial Officer, Laurie is responsible to develop and implement the business and fiscal services necessary to support the missions of Roberts and Northeastern. She has oversight and provides strategic leadership for vital campus departments, including, but not limited to, finance and accounting, treasury and endowment management, risk management, facilities and auxiliary services. She is a member of the President’s Cabinet and participates in key decisions with college and seminary leadership. Laurie has volunteered her time and talents to local organizations including The Children’s Agenda, Fairport Young Life and has served on the Nazareth College Board of Trustees. She holds a B.S. in accounting from Nazareth College and an M.B.A, in finance and economics from the William E. Simon Graduate School of Business at the University of Rochester. She resides in Rochester with her family.



Tis the season… No, not for tinsel and candles and snowflakes: for standardized testing and retesting. For long Saturday mornings and No. 2 pencils. For sleepless nights, anxious families, and stomach aches that seem to never end. Standardized testing for college admission is a huge business, one that costs applicants and their families financially, but also extracts a huge emotional price. PSAT, ACT, SAT, SAT Subject Tests…. Take them once? Take them again in the hopes of improving your scores? Get tutoring? This ritualized part of college admissions seems to require that students and families become fluent in a foreign language (“Testian?” “Examish?”) so that they can navigate this major milepost on the road to college acceptance. Let’s start with the basics and demystify this process! PSAT is the acronym for the Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test. It is also known as NMSQT: National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. These are the same test, and if you take one, you have taken them BOTH! Typically, the PSAT is administered at the student’s high school, and many schools offer the exam on a regular school day in October. It can be offered to students in both 10th and 11th grades, although only the junior year (11th grade) test is used for the National Merit Scholarship Program. SAT and ACT are the two standardized admissions tests used nationally. While in the past, schools had a preference for one or the other, they are, at this point, interchangeable in that colleges will accept either one. The difference is primarily in the format and length. The SAT has two subscores: Evidence Based Reading & Writing, and Math. The ACT has four subscores: 148


English, Math, Reading and Science. Both tests have optional essay sections tacked onto them. (Note to all students: that essay is an additional 50 minutes at the end of a VERY long morning. Most liberal arts schools do not require or even recommend the essay section. Before you give up an additional $14 and another hour of your life, check to see if you really need it Here is a resource that will help clarify this question: https://blog.prepscholar. com/schools-that-require-the-sat-essay) How to choose the test to take? Take a proctored, practice test for each one, and get a “feel” for which

one will yield the best results. Locally, such practice tests are offered by test prep organizations such as Tutor Doctor ( our-subjects/test-prep/college-admissions-exams/) Chariot Learning(, Sylvan Learning Center (https://locations.sylvanlearning. com/us/rochester-ny )or Huntington Learning Center ( pittsford) . Try them both, then choose one, and focus on preparing for that test. I usually suggest that students officially take their selected test TWICE. Why? Superscoring! Superscoring is a practice that most colleges use, where they take the highest subscores of each

test administration and add those together to create a “superscore” which can be higher than any single administration result. When students try out for a varsity team or a lead in the school play, they usually do not go into those situations without any preparation at all. College admissions testing is similar. You will likely get a better result if you do some preparation. Kids who are self-motivated and organized can use one of the many test prep publications available at any local bookstore. Students also now have the option to receive FREE test prep online. SAT prep is available through Khan Academy at https://www. Newly available is free test prep for the ACT at If the structure of live test prep is more your child’s style, check out the local resources that provided the practice test opportunities noted above. Perhaps your child’s test scores are not reflective of their true abilities. Then consider this radical statement: Don’t take them at all. There are students who “do not test well”. For those young adults, the notion of sitting down for the better part of a weekend day engaging in an activity that may make their goals harder to reach is an “opportunity” they would prefer to avoid. As a parent, this is a classic “what do I do now?” moment. To begin with, know this fact: There are over 800 colleges and universities in the United States that do not require standardized tests for admission consideration. Some consider themselves “test optional” (i.e. send it along if you have it and it strengthens your application), while others are “test flexible” (these schools want test scores, but offer options to fulfill that, including AP or SAT subject tests).

{ BEST FIT COLLEGE CHOICE } How to choose the test to take? Take a proctored, practice test for each one, and get a “feel” for which one will yield the best results.



I usually suggest that students officially take their selected test TWICE. Why? Superscoring! Superscoring is a practice that most colleges use, where they take the highest subscores of each test administration and add those together to create a “superscore” which can be higher than any single administration result. Goucher College (a small liberal arts college in Maryland) has taken this one step further. They made national news by going “transcript optional” ( article/goucher-college-no-longer-requirestranscripts?CID=examiner_alerts_related_articles). Instead of sending along their official high school transcript, the student can submit a two minute video about attending the college, including info about the student, as well as how they feel they would fit into the Goucher community. (Goucher has been test optional since 2007). Along with the video, students will need to 150


submit an application, as well as two pieces of their work from high school, including one graded assignment. Some of the schools that are moving away from standardized testing may be surprising, including many in the top 100 on the US News and World Report rankings. This list includes American University, Bowdoin College, College of the Holy Cross, Dennison University, Smith College, Union College, and Wake Forest University, among many others. (For a full listing of schools that are test optional/test

flexible, check out the website The important point in all of this is that a student WILL ALWAYS be more than the sum of their test scores. In the professional world of college admissions, the conversations and questions about test score validity are ongoing. If a student performs poorly on long standardized tests, it may not prevent their admission to some of the greatest educational institutions in our country.

College Search: The 4 “Fits”

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As we celebrate Women’s History Month in March, it’s a great time to recognize some the many amazing women who call Rochester home, and who are helping to build up the next generation of female leaders in our community. Women like Leslie C. Youngblood, an author who recently signed a two-book deal with Disney-Hyperion. And N’Jelle Gage Thorne, cofounder of FuturePointe Dance, an international dancer and educator that has worked extensively throughout the United States, Africa, Central American and the Caribbean.

for our students,” said Principal Barbara Zelazny. “Some of the students make such a connection with their speaker that they keep in touch after the program’s over. It could lead to opportunities for mentoring, internships, maybe even a job down the road. You never know!” During her workshop, author Leslie C. Youngblood enthusiastically shared her college experiences: “What took many people four years to complete, took me more than twelve.

These were just two of the 30 women from nearly two-dozen different career fields who visited Young Women’s College Prep Charter School on February 16th for its sixth annual “Cool Women/Hot Jobs” Career Day. It’s a career awareness program sponsored by Thomson Reuters for students in 9th-11th grade to help inspire the students to explore both traditional and nontraditional career fields.

The program consists of students rotating through four workshops, followed by lunch together with the professional women to allow time for networking and relationship building. “We hope that this leads to a greater connection 152


N’Jelle Gage Thorne brought her three-month old son to the program with her, who slept on her shoulder throughout most of the workshops, even as she demonstrated different styles of dance. She shared her experiences being a working mom, and one who wears many hats, from dancer and choreographer to business owner. YWCP Junior Phaja Walker was inspired by Gage Thorne. “She was so energetic and entertaining, and she showed us that you can be a mom and still have an incredible career.” The program also increased Walker’s interest in philosophy after attending a workshop hosted by Tokeya Graham, an assistant professor in the English and Philosophy Department at Monroe Community College. “I didn’t think I would like it at first, but I really did,” she said. And Freshman Chadeja Barnes stated, “I was shocked because it’s my first year doing the program and I was put into the Architectural Design workshop and now it is something that I am interested in. The workshop really made me think about going into that career field.”

Women from career fields including engineering, sign language, fashion, education, speech therapy, business, marketing, and more shared both their educational and career journeys with the students, providing them with an understanding of what a typical day in their job is like and what kind of education or training is needed to achieve their position. “This is one of my favorite days of the year,” said Camille Zitz, assistant principal of the high school. “I love it because it really opens up our students’ eyes to the possibilities that are out there. Maybe they don’t personally know someone who works in banking or finance, so they don’t know what a career in that field looks like or feels like. Well, now they know, and they can decide if that’s something they are interested in pursuing.”

later. Yes, people thought I was crazy!” The girls attentively listened as Leslie shared her hardships and her success, reminding them that it’s not always about the speed, but about the work involved and the final outcome. Youngblood will release her first book, “Love Like Sky,” a middle grade fiction novel, in the fall.

Sometimes I worked two jobs while completing my degree. I started out at Morris Brown College, then completed night school at Georgia State University, and finally achieved my Bachelor’s degree in English with a concentration in Creative Writing while minoring in African American Studies. Then, after all that, I went back to school for my Master’s degree a few years

The program concluded with a keynote address delivered by Rochester native Ebony Miller-Wesley, Interim Director at the Center for Urban Entrepreneurship at Rochester Institute of Technology, who talked about defining what success means to you, and reminded students, “The level of success that you will accomplish throughout your life does not have to be defined by your zip code.” An important message to be engrained into our girls, who we know in the future, will become Cool Women with Hot Jobs, too!

An important message to be engrained into our girls, who we know in the future, will become Cool Women with Hot Jobs, too!



While the grapevine may support the rumor that “it’s impossible to get into college today”, the reality is that the average admissions rate, at four year schools across the country is about 66%, according to the National Association of College Admissions Counselors. campuses where they know most of the people they see every day, others are looking for the chance to meet new people everywhere they go. Remember, the size of a college is not just how many other students are on campus; it includes how many students are in the class with you as well as how far you may need to go to get from your dorm to the library.

events or attending concerts? Students craving an urban vibe may find it hard to adjust to rural life and vice versa.

b. Look at the kinds of activities students engage in on campus. Is the school deep into Greek Life? Are athletics the way the student body comes together? Are lectures by leaders in their fields strongly attended by students? Look at the activities offered on campus and consider how they fit your interests-past, present and future!

As a family, our first week-long college visit trip is remembered as the “No, I will NOT get out of the car here” adventure. None of the schools were remotely a place where either of the twins was going to be happy. But eventually, they found their match, as did the two younger siblings. As have the each of students in my practice. There is no single school that is the only place a student will thrive. A carefully constructed college list will be filled with multiple exciting options and opportunities. Carefully gathering information, considering a variety of possibilities, and providing encouragement and

4. CULTURAL FIT: a. Location is an important consideration, and culture is a part of that. Is the student someone who is passionate about seeing first run movies, attending professional sporting 154


b. Is the availability of a faith community important to a student? If so, check on campus faith based organizations to be sure that need is met.

support can make the college choice journey the trip of a lifetime! Jodi Rosenshein Atkin, MA, LLC is an independent college admissions counselor. She is a proud member of the leading college admissions organizations, including National Association of College Admissions Counselors, Higher Education Consultants Association and Independent Educational Consultants Association. Since opening her practice, she has visited 100 colleges in 10 states, and her bags are packed for another 30+ in 2018. For more information, check out her website, or send her an email at







In the February edition of Rochester Woman Online, we looked at the first of five steps to making college more affordable. In this edition, we review steps two through five.


Resumes aren’t just for job seekers. At Class 101 we’ve seen countless success stories of students with a standout resume and the difference that makes. For many private colleges and universities, a student’s resume is the key to whether they will be accepted. A standout resume hinges upon three things that students can begin working on as early as their sophomore year: ACT and SAT scores, their GPA and their “separator” -- a discerning factor that makes them unique. Good test scores are critical for college admission and merit-based scholarship competition. Even just a three-point improvement on the ACT could translate into thousands of dollars in extra scholarship funds for your child. Remember when you were in high school and you took the ACT once, maybe twice? We encourage our students to take the ACT as many times

as needed and we help coach them along the way through one-on-one guidance as well as organized preparatory classes. The same goes for the SAT. We begin by testing all our students to see what they would currently score on both tests and using that as a benchmark. Working with students to map out the requirements of the schools on their top colleges list emphasizes to the students the importance of working to increase their score. Great college resumes should contain a combination of school, church and civic leadership positions, advanced or AP classes and many volunteer activities.


There is plenty of aid available for students applying to college, but many parents fill out the FAFSA forms incorrectly. This is money that the government is giving away and that can help families save significantly on college. Most parents give up on need based financial aid but they should at least complete the application process. The FAFSA should be completed in October, ideally, but no later than February. Although most parents fill out this critical application incorrectly, we can help. The CSS Profile for Institutional Aid is another critical application with a deadline every December. Know what your schools offer and don’t give up because you think you make too much income. Even a small amount of aid can help when stacked with additional aid, such as merit-based scholarship programs. Financial aid packages start arriving in February and we work with students early in the college application process to ensure no critical deadlines are missed or bypassed entirely.


Saving money on college is not rocket science. There’s a scholarship for everyone and every interest. Class 101 can help you in finding those scholarships that can help make college affordable. Your go-to resources may not even be aware of these opportunities. Parents and students need to be aggressive and persistent. We can help with that effort. Scholarships are available based on a unique interest or talent that perfectly matches your son or daughter. Be open to the possibilities! ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE :: APRIL 2018


Many students think of scholarships as awards for academic or athletic excellence. Class 101 will prove to you that scholarships aren’t just for straight-A students or allstar athletes. There are different types of scholarships out there for almost every skill or interest. Class 101 will help your student think about their strengths and things they love, then search for scholarships catered to those parameters. Diversity-based scholarships are also a great opportunity and can be based on something as simple as geographic origin. For example, many New England schools will offer special scholarships to students from the South. There are also special scholarships for females and single mothers. Seeking these special scholarships takes time and effort, and that’s where Class 101 comes in. Scholarships are harder to find at some schools, knowing the deadlines and how to communicate with these school is crucial to a student’s success. A student must start their scholarship planning early in their high school years.

Outside scholarships, on the other hand, are totally unpredictable. Outside scholarships are typically sponsored by large corporations. Although this is a very unpredictable way to pay for college, outside scholarships do exist! Two excellent resources for finding outside scholarships are and

an early plan, and discuss the advantages of it with you, as well as the strategy. Class 101 can help advise on how to submit applications and supporting documents like transcripts, teacher recommendations and academic work, and offer help when your student doesn’t know his counselor very well.

Another great resource for outside scholarships is local nonprofits and organizations. Many community local non-profits and Rotary Clubs will offer small scholarships in the $1,000 range. Additionally, local businesses often give annual scholarships in the $1,000$10,000

Students must also consider ACT/SAT deadlines - when to take the test and when scores need to be submitted to college. There may also be essays to write or required letters of recommendation. Class 101 can help in all these areas.


Don’t be left in the dark, scrambling to file applications at the last minute and having your son or daughter wind up at the wrong school. Review your options and think about using the professional help and guidance offered by a college planner. It can be a vitally important step to ensuring your child enrolls at the college that is right for them!

The earlier you start, the better chance you have to make the colleges of your choice more affordable. The later you start, the more you put yourself and your teenager at risk for not making the best college decision. Class 101 can help navigate these deadlines and prepare a student for them. There is a lot of planning to do, and Junior and Senior year is too late to start. We can help devise


It's never too soon to start planning for college. • College List Development • ACT/SAT Test Prep • Athletic Recruitment • Financial Aid • Scholarships • Grades

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My name is April Birchler, everyone calls me April Sunshine! I am 25 years old and born and raised in Rochester ny. I have been doing hair for 8 years I went to hair school at Boces 2 in high school. I currently rent a chair at a salon Tangles Hairdesigners off Culver in Irondequoit and I have been there for almost 5 years now ! I absolutely love the girls I work with, they are my best friends and my family. I also am an educator for the company SexyHair and I have been going that for about 4 years now, I travel around and teach classes to other hairdressers and I am so happy to be able to share my passion with others. I’m hoping one day I will be able to do a platform lesson on the stage at a hairshow , fingers crossed! As of now I am so happy with the path I am on, I am extremely blessed to be where I am in my career and have the people around me and supporting me that I do. I also have some of the most amazing and sweetest clients and I am so grateful for them and all they do for me I wouldn’t be where I am today without them! My favorite thing about my job are the interactions I have with my coworkers and clients. Some of the girls I work with are my best friends , and as far as my clients I really build strong relationships with them. They range in all ages from 1-91 and I always try and connect on some level with everyone of them . I used to think I don’t make enough of an impact with my job and in the beginning I second guessed 162


my career choice , so I went to mcc I was going to get a degree in the medical or mental health field … little did I know that hairdressers are REALLY Therapists in disguise! My professor even told me as I was trying to get some extra credit and tutoring because I was failing the math class, she asked what I was going to school for my reply was “ I feel like I had to go to college …” and then I told her I was a hairdresser and I actually really loved it and

she said “ then why don’t you do that?” And I said “ Thank you I am going to.” And then I pulled out of the parking lot and never looked back. I realized I just needed to focus all of my energy on making my passion into a successful career and just had to wait out the grind of the beginning stages. I sat…A LOT , I cleaned , swept , shampoos for other stylists who were too busy , I answered phones , and I talked to everyone’s clients as they waited and said to myself one day this will be worth it one day it will pay off...and it did. I

started picking up after almost a year I was getting busier. I started getting involved in little side gigs, creative photo shoots , and trading services to network myself out of my circle of people I already knew. My boss was very into the wedding scene and brought me with her to help do updos for weddings and it really helped me take off. From there I knew I always wanted to be a makeup artist and she took a leap of faith and offered my services as a “ Professional make up artist.” I was so nervous I had only done some friends and my own makeup of course, but I faked it til I made it …. Well still working on the making it part ! I started off with a Mary Kay makeup up bag full of random stuff and a few makeup brushes. five years later I have a fancy shmancy rolling organizer filled with professional products. It took a lot of time, money and practice but I knew that I loved doing it and I wanted to be not just a hairstylist but also a makeup artist. A well known makeup artist would bring me to assist her , I eventually picked up speed and my skill improved and I finally became confident in my work. There are days where I still it get nervous or wonder if I am good enough but I think it keeps me humble. There are SO many talented people in this industry that’s why I try and focus on quality not quantity when it comes to my clients and scheduling .



{ TWENTY SOMETHING } “My favorite part about working in bridal is the unique opportunity to help women feel beautiful and let their inner goddess shine.”

I would rather mark off extra time and not rush and have a beautiful polished look than rush and make more money by getting more clients in because eventually that person will find someone who will do their hair just as good as you if not better. I look in Instagram and Facebook and even my coworkers and look at all the beautiful work they put out , it jnspires me to be better and keep educating myself to be the best version of myself . Speaking of , January 2015 I got an email asking me if I was still interested in being an educator for sexy hair ( I had inquired years prior and I think I just got lost in the mix) and I answered in all capitals “OMG YES!!!” So I made a little video of me teaching a style and bought a plane ticket to LAX and started the journey as a sexy hair educator! The training was intense and intimidating, not to mention I almost got hit by a bus leaving the airport … but I knew this was the other I needed to take to continue to grow and push myself beyond my comfort zone . At every training I am taken aback by the talent that I’m surrounded by,

stylists from all over the world that have won awards, worked fashion week, published etc. I am honored to be apart of something so amazing and not to

mention the people I have met and the friendships I have made. From time to time I think back and

look at my journey thus far, the highs and lows and where I am now and I just feel so blessed. I just taught a class for sexy hair and my old boss and the woman that taught me how to do a men’s cut we’re in the class and I got so emotional! I was so happy to be able to make them see how much love I have for this incredible industry. When people come up to me after a class and say “ wow I really learned a lot today” or tell me they enjoyed the class I feel like I’m on cloud 9. The only better feeling is when my clients look in the mirror and tell me they feel beautiful! That is the best feeling in the whole world… making someone feel better is my impact, my difference that I make. I don’t need to be a doctor or nurse ( however those people are amazing and I admire them very much go doctors and nurses!!!) to make a difference in the world. Even when people come in and talk about the bad day they had or a problem they are having they always feel better after, see it’s kind of like therapy! When I was asked to write about myself I didn’t think I would be able to but really what it comes down to is , I love people , I love making people feel good , I love building relationships and life long friendships, I love making people smile, I love being a hairstylist.







KNEUER When I found myself sopping up the jewel-toned, spicy remnants of a mussels marinere broth with chorizo, I was surprised to hear the click of a camera and a giggle from the opposite direction. I looked up, mouth half full of broth-sogged crust and saw Brandon, our photographer, looking at me quizzically. I laughed, admitting that I did not remember where I was for a moment. Besides, a four-course French dinner is not your typical Wednesday night fare in Western New York – particularly in a home kitchen. Looking around me, I remembered once more that I was in the kitchen of a new friend and culinary master, and that I was not, in fact, in some Provencal cottage in the twilight hours. The kitchen in question belongs to Liliana Kneuer, a petite, radiant woman with dark hair and an unctuous Romanian accent. Dancing around her kitchen, she doesn’t miss a beat. She swipes garlic tenderly on crusty baguette faces, and gracefully careens, pan in hand, sliding the bread seamlessly into her cherry-red convection oven. When she plates the vichyssoise, a decadent but somehow light leek and potato soup, the glossy, thick soup falls perfectly into place, as if commanded by a force higher than the flick of her wrist.

It is not surprising that she moves around the kitchen, her own personal dojo, with such ease and refinement. From France to Los Angeles, Liliana has studied at a number of renowned culinary institutions. Most recently, the chef spent a summer in Lyon France, where she received a graduation certificate from the prestigious Institut Paul Bocuse. This six-week course is only open to ten students per year and is considered a serious honor in the culinary world. This was only the culmination of her studies in France. Liliana has also trained in Provence, alongside the renowned Patricia Wells, hunting black truffles. And this, for me, is not just a defining marker of Liliana’s cuisine, but of her personality. She’s a woman that prefers black truffles to diamonds and doesn’t seem daunted as she moves from dish to dish, plating this, stirring that, all while managing to keep my wine glass extremely full. But even before beginning her culinary career, food has always been part of Liliana’s life. Growing up in Communist Romania, Liliana spent her childhood by her grandmother’s side, using what was in their garden and in season to feed their family. Only ten years prior, Liliana was a





Chef Liliana’s expertise and finesse is so palpable and infectious, it’s no wonder her cooking classes are almost always sold out. Through her private culinary classes, L’atelier de la Chef, Liliana invites groups into her home and travels to her students’ homes to teach specialty cooking classes.

wine rep for Southern Wine and Spirits, traveling the country sharing her expertise and passion for wine. Chef Liliana’s expertise and finesse is so palpable and infectious, it’s no wonder her cooking classes are almost always sold out. Through her private culinary classes, L’atelier de la Chef, Liliana invites groups into her home and travels to her students’ homes to teach specialty cooking classes. While you may learn some important fundamentals, her classes perfectly demonstrate the full scale of her knowledge and finesse. On any given night, students might make a filet mignon with black truffles, a perfectly crusted crème brulee, and the most decadent scallops with a cauliflower puree that you’ve ever tasted. Her menus are those that not only challenge students but evoke the imagination and wake up the palette to new experiences and ideas.

being somewhere far, far away, somewhere dreamy, decadent and just a bit rustic, seems to be Chef Liliana’s signature style. Liliana believes that food is more than something we eat: it’s art, and the plate is our canvas. This transformation of the mundane to the extraordinary is lifeaffirming. Sometimes, the most imaginative and transporting dishes come from our very own kitchens, and something about that feels truly magic to me. Learn more about Chef Liliana and her culinary classes by following her on Facebook, at L’atelier de la Chef or on her website, Liliana offers a wide range of in-home private culinary classes, where students can learn a number of specialties, such as European cuisine, or take a three-week series on healthy cooking.

And this tendency to evoke feelings of ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE :: APRIL 2018





. Looking around me, I remembered once more that I was in the kitchen of a new friend and culinary master, and that I was not, in fact, in some Provencal cottage in the twilight hours. ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE :: APRIL 2018










With The Flick Of A Brush

Rosalind Matthew loved make-up from the earliest times she can remember. Her mom was her beauty muse. Rosalind always wanted to be just like her mother. At the age of 6, Rosalind’s mother presented her with her first make-up kit. As others do with their paint and easel, Rosalind became an artist with her make-up pallet. No one could tell her otherwise. Twenty years later, Rosalind’s dream became a reality when she landed her first paying make-up artist job, making a bride beautiful. Around town, Rosalind is known as “the master” as far as make-up artists go. When RWO asked her about this she replied, “I don’t know if you could ever really master any one area of your life but what I will say is I’ve become very skillful as an artist by practicing, watching what’s current in the industry and learning from other artists I admire and respect in the industry”. At RWO we like to feature inspiring women. We often ask what advice they

have for other women just starting out trying to open their own businesses. Rosalind gave us the following advice: “Don’t be afraid of success and becoming successful. It’s work, often hard work but it can be done. From time to time, I struggle from a fear of success at times, but I decided this will be my year of yes. Consistency is the key. Throughout my life and career, I’ve been influenced by many. One of my favorite make-up artists is Sam Fine, who has made an enormous impact on my career ad my signature style on make-up artistry. There are a few women that have inspired me to be a great entrepreneur because of their work ethic, success and tenacity. Those individuals are Joan London and Falicia Fracassi. They are the epitome of “boss women””. We often see and live the effect of societal norms on our thought process. RWO posed the discussion with Rosalind about what her thoughts were on the societal traditional view of beauty (skinny, young women etc.) and she said, “Beauty is ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE :: APRIL 2018


{ WOMAN WHO INSPIRES } “What makes me great I think is my personality and the fact that I can interact with just about anybody and as a result my gift as an artist shines.”

birthed from within and is evident on the outside. It starts with the soul. We all have it. We must cultivate it. I think five or ten years ago, my answer would be different, then it is today. I will say in today’s society, we are becoming more accepting of what beauty is and changing that definition. Beauty takes on all shapes, forms, sizes, colors and breeds. I’m glad to see this factor more. It is evident in magazines, television and cinema and I’m loving it”. Make-up artistry is an interesting career. There are no regulations specific to make-up artistry on the NYS Division of Licensing Services webpage. Many people obtain a cosmetology or esthetician license, as you need this to work in a spa or salon. These programs have a small focus on makeup. There are some specialty schools in NYC which offer make-up schooling (1). Make up classes and tutorials are all over so it’s easy to pick up a new trick or two. As anything on the internet, one must 176


always be careful of the authenticity of the source of the information you receive. Rosalind studied to become an esthetician at Shear Ego International (skin care and make-up). She returned to complete nails and waxing. She loves to develop her skills by attending seminars and has

studied under famous celebrities such as Sam Fine, Kilprity and Renny Vasquez. Rosalind indicates she cannot stress enough the importance of keeping up in this industry and knowing the current trends and colors. This is necessary if you wish to stay relevant.

When asked how does she feel about being the greatest? Rosalind responds most humbly: “I never consider myself the greatest make-up artist. What I will say is that I am a pretty darn good make-up artist and it’s because of my love for the craft and my love for the people. What makes me great I think is my personality and the fact that I can interact with just about anybody and as a result my gift as an artist shines. One thing I like least about the industry is that it is really hard to find anyone to take you under their wing and mentor you. Don’t get me wrong I’ve had some good people that I can look up to a-long-theway, but they have been few and far-inbetween. Rosalind Matthew is a successful woman that RWO celebrates!!! Resources 1. Make Up Artist Schools in NY (2018) Retrieved March 17, 2018 from www.





Christine Baker Marriage is a powerhouse Work/Life Strategist. She has more plates spinning in the air than anyone I know. She handles them all with ease and grace and I love that she shares her secrets for doing so on her blog and in her book, Need More Time? Come on out and meet this dynamo at The Zebra Ink Pop Up Book Shoppe on April 26th from 4 – 7pm at Nox Cocktail in Village Gate.

and then my work friends. SK: When you were a child, what

Here is a little glimpse of who Christine is for this month’s Living Books interview. SK: What you do to keep yourself occupied during the day?

SK: As a young adult, what was your first job where you got paid? What did you take away from that job?

CBM: Currently I work as a Teacher’s Assistant in a Life Skills Classroom at the High School in my school district. I’m in a classroom that is geared towards and focuses on teaching mentally and physically disabled students to adapt to life and work skills so that they can create a successful adult life post graduation. SK: Who are the three people you hang out with the most? CBM: I am blessed to have many people that I hang out with often. My three “groups” are My husband and my five children, my close circle of family and friends 180


CBM: When I was 7 or 8 my Godparents came over for dinner to celebrate my father’s job promotion and my godfather’s job promotion. As we were all celebrating, my godfather leaned into me as asked what I wanted to do when I grew up. My reply was, “Everything!” Laughter erupted between my parents and godparents towards my reply. “You can’t do everything.” He replied. “Oh yes I CAN, Watch me!” I said. I have been proving myself right ever since.

incident/event had the most impact on you?

CBM: My first job was as a sales associate in the Home Department of McCurdy’s. I learned the difference between fine china and every day china, sterling and stainless flatware, glass and crystal (love my Waterford!). The biggest lesson I learned was how to fold towels and to this day I can only fold them a certain way that when you open up the linen closet the towels are all merchandized.




{ {SHIFT+CONTROL LIVING BOOKS } } “I am blessed to have many people that I hang out with often. My three “groups” are My husband and my five children, my close circle of family and friends and then my work friends.”

SK: What hobbies have you pursued in your lifetime? Do you still engage in any of them today?

CBM: I have always been fascinated

by art and travel. I travel as often as I can to as many different places as I am able to. I draw and create when I 182


need to rejuvenate my spirit. It’s truly a fuel source for me and should pursue it more often!

SK: What is your favorite place that

you have visited – domestic or abroad? CBM: Westminster Abbey in London has got to be the place that has had the largest affect on me. I was overwhelmed

by the sanctity and history of the building. I have visited the Abbey each time I have been to London.

Mix and Mingle with your favorite Local Authors! April 26th from 4 – 7 pm Nox Cocktail in Village Gate Meet local authors: Joseph D. Valentino, Gary Craig, Barb Klein, Judy Shenouda, Christine Baker Marriage, Aisa Purak, Barbara Moore, Jane Falter, and Sheila Kennedy Books available from The Zebra Ink Authors: Joie Gharrity, Jean Bennett, Darcia Kunkel, Christina Dye, Kristin Paul and Katelin Maloney.



Heating and Cooling


Heating when you need it...Cooling when you want it!


Do you want to be comfortable IN YOUR HOME? Call us and we will make it happen! Schedule an appointment to have your Air Conditioner cleaned and inspected. Save even more by having your Dryer Vent, Hot Water Heater or Furnace cleaned at the same time!

Call TODAY to speak with one of our Friendly Representatives!






Heating and Cooling


One coupon per address. Must mention coupon when setting appointment. These coupons cannot be combined with other offers or warranty work. Expires 08/31/17.






Heating and Cooling


One coupon per address. Must mention coupon when setting appointment. These coupons cannot be combined with other offers or warranty work. Expires 08/31/17.




Heating and Cooling


One coupon per address. Must mention coupon when setting appointment. These coupons cannot be combined with other offers or warranty work. Expires 08/31/17.



What does it mean to live by design? Most of the actions we take about automatic. I urge you to take a step back and evaluate if those actions support what you really want to be, do and have. I use this 5-step method for any life reboot (big or small). NOTICE YOUR DEFAULT SETTINGS

A default setting is the pre-set value or way of doing something. It is automatic. In your computer or phone, it’s the factory settings. We all come equipped with factory settings. These are installed in our childhoods from family, community, and culture. Not all these pre-set values are bad, most turn into really good habits but some will no longer serve the person you become as an adult. I wish I could say I’m aware and mindful most of the time. I’m not. But I use and highly recommend finding a mindfulness practice that works for you. Mindfulness is basically paying attention to thoughts and feelings without judgment. When beginning to notice any default settings it’s really important to stay away from judgment. I am my own worst critic. When I started to notice my automatic ways of being I “automatically” felt I was wrong. Talk about a Catch-22! So, the first thing I had to learn is to notice and not negatively judge myself for being a certain way. This is easier said than done but I know from personal experience it is possible.


It pays to create goals. Every year I have New Year’s resolutions that go by the 186


{ SHIFT+CONTROL } What does it mean to live by design? Most of the actions we take about automatic. I urge you to take a step back and evaluate if those actions support what you really want to be, do and have.

wayside. I’m not alone. The majority of New Year’s resolutions don’t make it past the first couple of weeks of the new year. If a resolution or even a goal isn’t enough then what provides enough forward momentum to actually bring a goal to reality? I think it’s having a vision. Having a vision of the future pulls me forward into the future. The problem with a New Year’s resolution seems like a “fix” for something that is wrong. Language matters. When I say, I have a vision of myself dancing at every single Rochester music festival this summer, doesn’t that sound fun? Now, in order to DO that, I’ll need to be fit enough to dance for hours and that means losing weight but the vision it what pulls me into the future. The weight removal just becomes an action to get to my vision rather than an end in itself. The dancing vision is much more powerful than the New Year’s resolution that goes: “I will lose 30 pounds by summer.” See what I mean?


It’s so simple really. The word vision is defined as being able to see and yet most people write down their vision. Think of the vision and mission statements created by any business. It’s all words, isn’t it? Immediately there is a disconnect. A powerful vision needs to be visual. I create vision boards of my personal dreams, desires, and goals. When I have a vision board workshop we have that vibrant community intention and energy that inspires us all. We help one another clarify goals and focus on what’s really matters. The final vision board becomes a visual reminder to maintain focus on the future.


A vision board with no plan of action is just a pretty grouping of photos. The real power from my vision board workshops comes from the plan of action. A plan of action has to be something that actually works -- it fits in your life, creates good habits that support goals, and pulls you into your vision. Any plan of action that merely adds items to your already overloaded to-do list is doomed to failure. 188



The people in your vision board workshop become your a critical part of your tribe. The workshop itself is a bonding experience. We get to know one another. We become invested in each other’s vision. We want one another to succeed. I love connecting people and providing practical support for any plan of action. So, start at the beginning. Look to see if you can notice some of your default settings. Do those automatic things

support what you would like to be, do or have in the next year? Do you have a vision that pulls you into the future? If you’d like some help with this, contact me to join a vision board workshop. My email is: I can’t wait to hear from you. Together we make our visions become our reality.



hCG Weight loss s Botox s Dermal Fillers Male and Female Hormone Replacement Peptide Therapy s Vitamin Therapy 10% OFF ALL FILLERS

980 Westfall Rd I Rochester, NY 14618 I 585.287.5299 I



HOW JANE LOST 100 POUNDS AND KEPT IT OFF Why This Program is Different The truth is, our bodies want to find their natural balance. The reason so many “diet” programs fail is that they do not focus on evaluating what is causing the imbalance for each individual.

since I began my journey with Custom Fat Loss. I am pleased to say that I reached my goal, losing 115 lbs in 14 months! I am WAY MORE pleased to say I have kept that weight off! I have struggled with my weight since I was 10 years old, going on my first diet at the age of 12. While I have ALWAYS been able to lose weight, I never reached my goals and I always gained the weight

• We also look at the big picture to understand what is out of balance and how restore it.

Getting Your Body Back In Balance

Dear Dr. Matt, How time flies! It has been almost 2 ½ years 190


Our approach is different from other “diet” programs.

• We educate you about healthy eating patterns that you can easily incorporate into your life to ensure sustainable weight loss.

The truth is, no two people with weight loss challenges are stuck there for exactly the same reasons.

March 19, 2018

How Custom Fat Loss Works

• Our program is based on sound nutritional principles, not selling pre-packaged meals.

Nothing has been done to educate you or your body, and nothing was changed except a short-term food and/or exercise routine was temporarily inserted.

Recently, we received this letter from Jane. Her story is moving. It is honest. And she graciously agreed to let us share it with you.

God Bless you my friend, Jane Close

We work with you – individually – to facilitate metabolic change. In other words, we help your body return to its natural state of balance, so you can process food in an optimal way for your body.

These one-size-fits-all programs are centered on a “calorie in, calorie out” approach. And, while they may result in temporary weight loss, it’s generally not sustainable.

Sometimes, we’re truly taken back when we hear from our friends who have succeeded with our Custom Fat Loss program––with patients losing close to 100,000 pounds total since 2015.

You said to me, “I can help you if you let me.” Thank God I took you at your word. Thank you, Dr. Matt., I AM HAPPY. I AM HEALTHY. I AM GRATEFUL BEYOND WORDS.

back – and then some. When I came to you in October 2015, I was in rough shape. I had just turned 50. I was obese. I was unhealthy. I was depressed. Your plan was a COMPLETE departure from any plan I had ever attempted. I was skeptical and afraid. I’ll never forget the day I spoke to you on the phone. I was about to give up before I even started.

Playing with your calorie counts is not the key to losing weight. The most effective way to lose fat is facilitating balance in the body - balancing hormones, neurotransmitters, detoxifying the body and rebuilding vitamins and minerals in a way to get you into an incredible fat burning zone. That may sound complicated, but in reality, it’s simple non-invasive testing that provides the critical information necessary to create

Sometimes, we’re truly taken back when we hear from our friends who have succeeded with our Custom Fat Loss program––with patients losing close to 100,000 pounds total since 2015.

{ HOW TO { ASK LOSE THEWEIGHT DOCTOR RW} STYLE } The reason so many “diet” programs fail is that they do not focus on evaluating what is causing the imbalance for each individual.

a customized program for you. It’s about re-educating your body; inviting it back to balance by identifying and eliminating what is in the way of healthy metabolic function.

have tried other diets, this is the best way to start losing weight – successfully. You’ll learn about weight loss best practices, fat loss, and benefit from our specific metabolic testing.

They found our Custom Fat Loss system to be effective, supportive and produce sustainable results unlike any other “diet” program they attempted in the past.

How We Ensure Your Success

How much do I have to exercise?

If you are ready to lose weight, this program will open the door to sustainable results.

When you’re adopting a new approach, especially in the context of nutrition and weight loss, it’s critical to have the support and encouragement of a team that understands you and your goals.

Exercise is not required. No amount of exercise can correct metabolic issues unless true heath balance is restored.

How much does it cost?

After working with thousands of patients, we know the challenges you face and how to help you overcome them.

Through his research and working with patients here in the Rochester area, Dr. Matt has become an authority on the subject of weight loss. You can listen to him on Newsradio WHAM 1180 every Saturday night - in case this station does not reach you it can be accessed via the iHeart radio app.

Yes, our Custom team has helped patients lose close to 100,000 pounds in a few short years. But more importantly, we’ve seen lives changed. When you feel good about yourself, it shows. You have more energy, more confidence. Your mood improves. We’ve seen depression melt away. We’ve watched patients lose weight and eliminate the need for medications. And these are not temporary changes. These are sustainable, based on sound nutritional principles and natural supplements. The Custom Fat Loss program is based on research and science. And the results have been tremendous.

Does it matter if I’m new to weight loss programs? No. Whether this is your first program or you 192


This is the most powerful, comprehensive, personalized, doctor-designed, and guaranteed weight loss program available today.

Ready to Make a Change?

Upon completion of a biometrics screening, an analysis will be presented with precise recommendations, timelines and requirements to accomplish your weight loss goals. We make it simple and structured around your individual needs.

If you’re ready to make a change that will last a lifetime, give us a call to schedule your initial consultation. Lose the weight quickly – and learn what it feels like to keep it off. Let us help you start your new life today! Visit us today to schedule your Initial Consultation: www. or give us a call at our Greece, NY office 585-978-7584 or our Webster, NY office 585-872-4085.

How does it work?

Results speak volumes.

Dr Matt Boheen D.C. Founder and Owner

We’ve helped thousands of people who have struggled with weight loss their entire lives.

Jake Fabry Owner and Operations Manager



Rochester Woman Online is proud to introduce you to our newest columnist Dr. Meredith Pogal -- a woman responsible for thousands of smiles in and around Rochester. Dr. Pogal and her husband, Dr. Paul Sussman, opened The Center for Cosmetic Dentistry in 1981 and have been at that location in the Greece Ridge Center Mall for the whole time.

Hospital in Boston for treatments.” Marissa worked in the office with her parents during her treatment and many patients had the opportunity to meet her. Patients and staff appreciate the family atmosphere in the office. Dr. Pogal says, “Paul and I work very well together. We will often bring each other over to get a second opinion about treatment.

Dr. Pogal joins RWO to give you expert advice and tips. You’ll notice the first column is about the wedding season. If you, your friends or family are in wedding planning mode, this column is a must-read. D r. Po g a l i s a Rochester native. She says, “Rochester is a great place to raise a family.” She has three daughters. Two of her daughters, Tracy and Cassie, have followed in her footsteps and have become dentists. Both ladies continued on to specialize in orthodontics. You’ll see from this month’s column that Tracy is the daughter that is getting married this summer. Tracy lives in Bedford, New Hampshire and Cassie lives in Ft. Lee, New Jersey. In 2014, their youngest daughter Marissa died of a rare form of bone cancer at the age of 26. Dr. Sussman says, “Meredith spent four years traveling back and forth with Marissa to Massachusetts General 194


On more challenging cases, we will brainstorm off each other. Because we share the same occupation, I think it brings us closer together.” They met at Washington University dental school in St. Louis. The shorthand version is that they met the first day of dental school. Dr. Pogal actually started school the year before and then, “left after one month because my mom was sick.” She came back the following year to start again and that’s when she met her future

husband, “I already had friends from my prior time at dental school and I was sitting with my former roommate, All the other first-year students were sitting together. Paul was a little nerdy looking and he came and sat down next to my former roommate and me. I rolled my eyes to my roommate which apparently Paul saw and has never let me forget. We became fast friends after that.” It might seem odd to call your dentist an artist but don’t you want an artist working on your teeth? Your smile is often the first thing people notice about you so it helps to know that your dentist is an artist. Dr. Pogal says, “I have always loved art projects. I took classes at the Memorial Art Gallery starting as a little girl. I also liked and did well in the sciences. My junior year in college, my advisor recommended that I consider dentistry.” She started combining both loves, “ In college, I did some metalsmithing and in dental school when we learned to cast our own crowns, the janitor helped me make my own casting machine so I could cast jewelry.” It’s a tradition she continues today, “Recently, Paul and I have taken classes in bronze casting, sculpting and glass blowing.” The science part of a medical profession is always changing. Dr. Pogal is a member of multiple professional associations and

{ SHIFT+CONTROL } It might seem odd to call your dentist an artist but don’t you want an artist working on your teeth? Your smile is often the first thing people notice about you so it helps to know that your dentist is an artist.



{ LET’S { A HEALTHY MAKE YOU MOUTH BLUSH} } The science part of a medical profession is always changing. Dr. Pogal is a member of multiple professional associations and stays current with innovative techniques and devices.

d stays current with innovative techniques and devices. She highlights two exciting new innovations, “ The first is the use of buffered anesthetics. We use a product called Anutra which allows me to give patients anesthetic injections which are almost completely painless. The other advance which is revolutionizing dentistry is 3D imaging. This includes getting three-dimensional x-rays which allow us to see anatomical structures which we were never able to visualize before and better plan procedures such as dental implants. We can also visualize roots of teeth in 3 dimensions to help with root canal treatment and extractions. 3D intraoral scanners can be used to take impressions of teeth, without all the goopy messy impression material 196


giving even more precise results.” In their off time, the couple goes on local hikes with the Genesee Valley Hiking Group. Dr. Pogal points out, “We have done some hiking in Yosemite in California and Sedona in Arizona. We would always travel and see sites that we thought were beautiful, but since we started hiking, we discovered that there are even more beautiful areas right in our own backyard.” Last summer they went hiking through the Amazon jungle in Ecuador. She says, “That was an exciting experience hiking through the Amazon Jungle seeing the native creatures and how the local villagers live. We ate a meal prepared by the locals which included many exotic fruits and vegetables, and

cooked beetle larvae which are a delicacy there.” In the past few years they have traveled to China, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Azores. What’s next for Dr. Pogal? The daughter who is getting married this summer is running the Boston Marathon on April 16th. Tracy signed up her parents to do the Boston 5k the Saturday before the Boston Marathon. Dr. Pogal calls this scary but remembers there’s a wedding coming up this summer so maybe a 5k or a marathon will be a walk in the park. Speaking of weddings, be sure to check out Dr. Pogal’s first monthly RWO column which is all about teeth whitening in preparation for any wedding you have planned this summer!

Providing better smiles to Rochester, Webster, Greece, Fairport & Nearby Areas of New York.


Perfect teeth for your wedding day BY DR. MEREDITH POGAL

We’re in wedding season and that means many people are thinking about wedding photos. We have wedding dentistry scheduled all through the summer here at our office in the Greece Ridge Mall. The Center for Cosmetic Dentistry is a full-service dental practice but wedding season has a special significance for my husband, Dr. Paul Sussman, and our family. I’m in the midst of wedding planning just like many of you! I’m the mother of the bride this year. Our oldest daughter Tracy is getting married on June 30th in Plymouth, Massachusetts. She’s also a dentist so she knows how important her smile will be on her wedding day. She has already scheduled her hygiene appointment and will be whitening her teeth before the wedding with our Zoom whitening system.

two teeth and got them back in time for her important day. We like to have more notice, but we can do wonders quickly. Plan your cosmetic dental care as part of the wedding planning: We have had brides in the past who have scheduled their entire wedding party to get their teeth whitened before the wedding so the photos would look amazing. We have had

As a family of dentists, we’re familiar with all the options available to give you the best smile for your wedding day. I want to share my knowledge with you to help you with this part of your wedding planning. 3 facts about teeth whitening you need to know The right dentist can do wonders even at the last minute: One bride came in 3 days before her wedding and wanted us to give her a beautiful smile for her wedding day. She got married with temporary veneers and she looked beautiful and no one knew that they were temporaries. Last summer we had a bride come in a few days before her wedding, who was concerned that her lateral incisors were too small. We were able to make porcelain veneers on just those 198


both brides and grooms come in to get an orthodontic treatment done with Invisalign to straighten their teeth before their weddings. We have also used porcelain veneers to create ideal beautiful white smiles. Know the risks of DIY teeth whitening There are 2 types of over the counter whitening kits: peroxide bleaching or abrasive toothpaste. The most important caution I have is this: if you choose to use an at-home whitening kit, know the limitations and don’t overdo it!

The whiteners we use in our dental practice are 3 to 4 times stronger than the over the counter formulas. Don’t expect too much from products you can buy in the drug store. Also, remember that strength doesn’t always mean you get the results you want. Bleaching doesn’t work on tooth-colored fillings or bonding. This is especially important if you have any bonding on your front teeth because those are the most obvious parts of your smile. Be cautious if you elect to use abrasive toothpaste. The paste literally takes off the top layer of your tooth. If you have sensitive teeth this can lead to even more sensitivity. Both abrasives and bleaching can cause irritation of your gums. Obviously, I’m a dentist so I recommend that you get professional advice. My husband and I are cosmetic dentists serving the Rochester area for more than 30 years. We can give you options that are custom tailored to you. During the consultation, we’ll work with you to pick your target teeth color on a shade guide If you do the professional whitening, we carefully separate your teeth and soft gum tissue so you don’t get irritation. If you’d like to know more about any cosmetic dental procedure including: whitening, porcelain veneers, implants, Invisalign and more, just call our office to schedule your free consultation. Our number is: 585-22-SMILE (227-6453). I know from personal experience that everything leading up to the wedding can be stressful. We want your special day to be amazing. That means we want your beautiful smile to be as radiant as you are on your special day.





When I set out in this curious world of micronations, I honestly thought it was going to be a hobby. Sort of like model trains, working out, or shopping. But over the weeks and months, I came to actually love what I do. Breathe new life into it every day. And find a new way to actually make a difference with this project. Since then, I’ve come to see my little micronation of Legialle as a force for change – supporting projects and programs that foster positive relationships in communities. As the micronation evolves, so too does the one who leads it. But what would my subjects call me? In the nineteenth century, Britain was the leader of the world. Nearly a quarter of the Earth’s land mass was claimed under British territory. With red painted across every continent, it was the second empire to proclaim ‘on which the Sun never set.’ Imperialism at this time was symbolized by their queen. Imagined as the elderly stateswoman – the grandmama of the world or, as one man put it, the ‘Great White Goddess’ – her reign was synonymous with socioeconomic progress. Not to mention the emerging fashion houses and the world’s first couturier, Frederick Charles Worth. The age of virtues and values, the nineteenth century is embodied in the person of Alexandrina Victoria who, at the age of 18, desired to use Victoria as her regnal name. Regnal names are chosen by monarchs at the start of their reigns. Some choose to use their first - of many - given names, or adopt an entirely different one. Elizabeth II used her given name (Elizabeth Alexandra Mary) in 1952. Meanwhile, in 1800s Sweden, the Bonapartist general Jean Bernadotte adopted the name Charles XIV & III John. Despite his French origins, the king decided to adopt Swedish names as to show the Monarchy’s continuity. The concept goes back to a time where names were not symbolic, but even magical - the adoption of a predecessor’s name equated to invoking their essence and divine right to rule. Names are quite powerful things. 200


Names should never be taken for granted. Names are bestowed or chosen in honor of those who helped guide us. Those who are a connection to our ancestry. Those who made us laugh. Or those who emboldened us to never give up on our dreams. But when our names don’t fit who we are, like a glove, we have the choice to change it. It has been surprising to believe it has been only a year since I embarked on my new

journey. Things have certainly changed. My skin has a little glow. My breasts have grown a little. And I find myself crying at the most inconvenient times. Out of all that, I have reconnected and re-established new relationships with old family members. Aunts and uncles, cousins I have not seen in over a decade. Even my grandfather - whom I always thought of as a conservateur of the Haitian vanguard - embraced my transitioning! It’s been an amazing breakthrough this past year. And I don’t take offense to when they use

my birthname. After all, home is where the heart is. The name is the purest symbol of my mother’s Haitian roots. It was as much a celebration of her ancestry as it was in honor of the beloved Haitian-American designer. He represented the Haitian American Dream. Coming from one of the poorest countries in the world, he rose above all odds to become the darling of the jet-set’s most glamorous women. Already at birth, my name allowed me to stand out among the rest. And within reason! From kindergarten to present, every step I took was always against the norm. Three decades later, I never thought I would have a new name – among other things. In the early summer of 2017, I legally changed my name to Ortensia Èstelle de Loren. It reflected the start of a new era in my life. The beginning of the next journey in my transitioning. Truth be told, it was the only name I knew over the past three years. Even before the first hormone injection, I was accustomed in the LGBT community to being addressed as Ortensia ‘Tenzy’ de Loren. Not to say that I had forgotten my birth name, but it was one I had effectively abandoned. The name was with me as I ventured into the world. It traveled with me and earned a reputation – good and bad. It gave me my hopes and dreams. And the name has been with me at every step, through tried and true times. But after a year of living in my truth, and half of that year of giving a name to the said truth, the time has come to redefine my journey and, with it, give it a new name. Two things are certain. First, I want my name to remain unique as I am. And, secondly, I want my name to have a deeper connection with my family’s roots. Spending several months on- and offline, I chose three names that have significant meaning to me as a queen, but also as a daughter, cousin, sister, and person. Each one with a unique story. Each story that




{ MAKING A MONARCH } “When I set out in this curious world of micronations, I honestly thought it was going to be a hobby. Sort of like model trains, working out, or shopping. But over the weeks and months, I came to actually love what I do. Breathe new life into it every day. ”

resonates with me. A Princess. An Empress. And a Lady.


Marie-Louise Pierrot was married to my great-great-great grandfather, Nord Pierre Alexis. Gregarious, intelligent, stubborn and a bit of a snob, Marie-Louise served briefly as First Lady of Haiti in the early years of the twentieth century. Her husband’s tenure initiated the U.S. Occupation of the island-nation which, directly, lasted until the 1950s – though its indirect rule continued on well into the latter parts of the twentieth century. While her husband was forced to play puppet to the new occupiers, Marie-Louise was played hostess to the Americans. When the white officers and commanders attempted to shame the country, she was quick to remind them that some of Haiti’s Founding Fathers helped the Americans fight their own war against tyranny. When they snickered at Haiti’s poverty, it was Madame Alexis who reminded the officers of the poverty – and overt racism – in their American South. And when they doubted the architectural inferiority of the country, she replied that Haitians worked with what they had. She also showed them the Citadelle Laferrière, built by command of King Henri I, which was and remains a symbol of Haiti’s independence. Ma r i e - L o u i s e w a s a p ro u d countrywoman. And for good reason. She was the daughter of Cécile Fatiman. A former slave, Fatiman was a key member in initiating Haiti’s Revolution. Legend places Fatiman as the figure who performed the Vodou rites which inspired Toussaint, Henri, Jean-Jacques and others to lead the world’s first successful slave rebellion. Among the men and women who took up arms was Cécile’s future husband, Jean-Louis Pierrot. The two were later part of the regime of Henri Christophe. Crowned Henri I in 1811, he was married to Cécile’s sister Marie-Louise. 202


Her relationship with her sister, as well as Jean-Louis’s role in the Revolution, earned them the the rank of Prince and Princess at Court. Decades after the fall of the Haitian Monarchy, Prince Jean-Louis himself took up the reins of power as President of Haiti. The blood of Haitian leaders, and the history of her country, gave Princesse Marie-Louise an

was President of Haiti at the time of their marriage. Two years later, he proclaimed himself Emperor of Haiti. Adopting the name Adélina, the Empress Consort maintained an imperial household akin to the likes of her European counterparts. The coronation seemed to have humbled the young empress, who took on her responsibilities with great seriousness. Like her royal predecessor Marie-Louise – who, at this time, was living the last years of her life in a European exile – Empress Adélina was granted her own court of ladies-inwaiting and performed duties such as receiving in-state and giving audiences on Tuesdays. Unlike Queen MarieLouise, Empress Adélina was very much a politically-minded woman and was one of her husband’s trusted advisers. Regal to the very end, Adélina was immortalized in images throughout the following decades. Whereas some papers exaggerated her lips and noses, her late husband’s commission of imperial Haitian life are glamorous. It presents a royal consort worthy of her noble name, a woman of dignity and beauty. The same is shown in the image of Adélina’s daughter Geneviève Olive, who bore a similar personality and appearance to the Empress and was one of the most well-educated women of color at the time. It is these images and stories that have not only stirred my imagination but caused me to be even more proud of my background. I can also thank my grandmother for that!

extraordinary sense of duty to represent the best and brightest of her country. She died on 10 November 1908, less than a month before her husband – an illegitimate grandson of the late King – was ousted from office.

What better way to celebrate the life of my grandmother? She was caring, daring, charming, witty, and could hold a grudge like no other. Though not a princess or an empress, she had the name and bearing of a queen. She certainly lived like one in the early 60s, when her husband Austin worked for the United Nations in the newly-independent Democratic Republic of Congo. The coup in ’64 forced them to flee to Belgium; desiring not to return to Haiti, now under the brutal dictatorial


Born Elisabeth Anne Justine, she came into the world the same year as the downfall of its first Kingdom in 1820. In 1847, the 27-year-old married the 65-year-old FaustinÈlie Soulouque. The brown sugar daddy




Duvalier regime, my grandparents settled in the United States with my mother. They would go on to have three more children before their separation and, later, divorce. My grandmother did not live the glamorous life here in the States, but that never stopped her from living her life. And whether she worked as a housemaid or a bus driver, her regal dignity never dulled out.

later. While she did not live to see the woman I have become, knowing she loved me unconditionally even then – the same way my grandfather has come to accept and love me – is a sign that she would have endeared me even close to her heart today. There’s no better way to celebrate the life and love of this woman than to adopt her name as my own.

As the first of many grandchildren, my relationship with her was a very special one. As a child, I was with her almost daily; as a teenager, I would see her on the weekends; as an adult, we talked over the phone weekly. One of the last times I spoke with her was on my 27th birthday. I had missed her first call, so she sang ‘Happy Birthday’ on the voicemail. I called her right back and spent almost an hour on the phone with her. Her voicemail was one of the only keepsakes I had before her untimely passing a week

*** Almost a year ago, I closed one chapter and started anew. There have been great moments of happiness in the past year, but also one of great sadness. Betrayals. Lies. Defeats. But no matter what, I have always gotten back up. Always dusted myself off. And never given up on my goals and dreams. Marie-Adélina Louise Elisabeth de la Ferrière. I adopt the names of women who boldly held their heads of up when so many expected them to hang low. Women who presented


themselves to the world with class, dignity, charm and wit. And I take on the surname after one of the greatest architectural achievements made by black hands. My name is more than honoring the Haitian blood which runs through my veins - it symbols the indomitable spirit of Haiti and her people. May this new chapter and journey I embark on - The Adélinian Age - be one of strength, wisdom, and valor. XOXO,






Lesli C. Myers, Ed. D. has dedicated her life to the pursuit of education. Currently, she is the Superintendent of Schools in the Brockport Central School District.

Program. This increase of 77.5% from 2007 was, in fact, the largest percentage increase to any education program found in the House LHHS-Ed FY 2008 Appropriations bill.

Dr. Myers received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and her master’s degree in Counseling and Human Development, both from the University of Rochester. She went on to earn a master’s degree in Urban Educational Administration and Doctor of Education in Executive Leadership from St. John Fisher College. Dr. Myers has continued to emphasize the importance of education through teaching. Impressively, she was the first AfricanAmerican President of the New York State School Counselors Association. Dr. Myers testified before the United States Congress; it was her testimony, in part, that resulted in a spending bill for Fiscal Year 2008 that included the largest increase ever to the Elementary and Secondary School Counseling 206


Dr. Myers has received many prestigious honors that reflect her dedication

to education and the community, including the Rochester Business Journal 40 Under 40, Saint John Fisher Distinguished Alumni Award, Urban League of Rochester Educator Award, and the 2016 Athena Award Finalist. With an unmatchable dedication and love for young people, Dr. Myers has designed and conducted workshops and presentations to elementary and secondary students, undergraduate and graduate students, and many others. Her style is humorous, s t r a i g h t f o r w a rd and sincere, and she encourages people of all ages and backgrounds to use their creative abilities and talents to eliminate achievement gaps. D r. My e r s i s passionate about her professional work and volunteerism. She looks forward to many more years of continued service to the teachers, students, parents and administrators at Brockport Central School as she dedicates herself to giving back to her community.






WHERE FASHION AND RESPONSIBILITY MEET We have been blessed to have traveled the world and saw its many wonders. There is always another side of traveling that opens your eyes to the hurt and pain that surrounds you. You have a closer look at what extreme poverty really looks like, and once you have experienced it, it’s hard to forget. Every time we would return home from a trip abroad, the needs and the hurt in the eyes of the people we met would weigh heavy on our hearts. The question that kept circling back to us was, “What can we do?” After lots of thought and reflection, we started researching. What if we created a marketplace bringing people goods that benefited others or benefited the earth? Things you would already buy somewhere else, but with this purchase, you helped create job opportunities where there was none. What if you empowered a woman to be able to provide for her family and help to end poverty in her community? What if your purchase helped give opportunities to women fleeing domestic abuse, sex trafficking and slavery. What if? This is when Greater Things was born. Greater Things is an online retail marketplace where companies doing important work around the world meet in one place. Each company 208


we partner with has a very specific cause they are supporting. We have carefully curated a collection of quality, fashionable products from each partner to bring to our customers. Our hope is to spread the word about the partners we work with so that the consumer has options when making a purchase. The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world. Many of us do not know where our clothing was made or who made it. We believe there has to be a better way and only partner with companies that believe this too. In most cases, the name or the face of the person who made the product is stitched on the inside of the

product so you get to know their name and their story. Every purchase you make has the hope of ending sex trafficking and human slavery, sends a girl from India to school, plants trees and fights deforestation, funds clean water projects, and provides for women escaping abusive situations, offer opportunities for employment and much more. While travelling in India, Southeast Asia and Central America, we saw the injustice, the poor working conditions, and lack of opportunity in the poorest communities and felt a sense of responsibility to help those who are in need. Through research and joining a community of people who are on the front lines of making sustainable change, we’ve discovered some amazing people doing amazing things and we want to highlight them by promoting their products and more importantly, the causes behind them. Every partner has a story that needs to be heard. Every quality, fashionable product needs to be discovered. One of our partners is ABLE. ABLE believes to end extreme poverty, two things must happen. One, we must create jobs for those lacking opportunity, and two, we must do so for women. This is the gap that ABLE wants to fill. They are impacting women both nationally and globally. They handmade beautiful totes, purses, clutches, wallets, scarves and jewelry. Purse + Clutch is a socially conscious handbag brand



that is working to break the cycle of poverty by connecting you to weavers & seamstresses in Guatemala + leather workers in Ethiopia. They now oversee design & production for the talented artisans on their teams as a way to support long term employment opportunities. Their goal is simple: to be an agent of change in the fashion industry while connecting like-minded women around the world. CAUSEGEAR is a bag and accessories company who created the 5X JOBS Model, which is a sustainable alternative to hand-outs and a dignified pathway out of poverty. Each purchase supports a job that pays five times the norm. The income provides for life’s essentials (food, water, clothing, housing, medical, and education) for the crafter and those they

care for. Bloom & Give not only makes gorgeous hand loomed and block print scarves but they also donate 50% of their profits to programs that send girls to school in India. In developing countries like India, education is the most effective way for a girl to escape the cycle of childhood marriage, pre-teen pregnancy and abuse. A middle-school educated girl will marry 4 years later, have 2 fewer children, and double her income. Educated women make their communities more tolerant and open-minded, and the world needs them now, more than ever! There are so many more stories like these behind each partner company we work with. Each product you choose, tells about the cause it supports and the country it was made in. Every one of our partner companies

is doing something amazing. Our heart is with the people that we have met around the world. To honor them, we are working on our own label to personally give back to them. In an effort to start this journey, we have recently collaborated with MESH, an Indian company employing disabled and leprosy affected individuals, to make our own line of market bags. Because we recognize the needs of our own city of Rochester, all proceeds from the market bags will go toward supporting a center for those in need in the heart of Rochester. We can create opportunity. We can inspire a movement and change the way we shop. Shop Greater Things.




When you think of Mint, what do you think of? A color, something fresh, clean, cool… curly hair? Mint Salon is all of that plus more. Mint Salon was started from an idea that all people should be able to experience a great haircut and a hand to hold during their hair journey. Mint opened its doors in 2013 with a few thousand dollars and a dream. A dream to offer curly-hair people a place to call home and find a stylist who not only listens to them but walks them through their journey. Being natural or going through the transition on becoming natural is not as easy as it may seem. Four years later, Mint has grown exponentially, blowing past the national average of business growth, and continues to grow by hiring like-minded stylists who want nothing but growth for the company and themselves. Mint Salon, is now known as the curly-hair salon in Upstate and Central New York, with client’s who travel well over five hours for curlspecific services. Curly-hair is something special and it deserves to be respected. Each head of curly hair is different, not one person the same as another. Each person has their own goals and desires for their hair, different lifestyles, and of course different curl types. You can’t learn about curly hair from one class, you learn all about it from living and studying all things curly. If you’re a curly and you want to earn more about your specific curl pattern and goals, call Mint at 585-461-9368 and schedule your complimentary consultation, just mention this article. We would love to help you on your own journey. My name is Jordan G. Betts, I am the owner 212


of Mint, a National DevaCurl Educator, and a Salon / Stylist Coach. I am a mother to my strong daughter, Giuliona, two chihuahuas, Rocco and Rosa, and I am partnered up with the love of my life. I travel locally and nationally to educate hundreds of stylists

and happy space for curly-hair clients, but I wanted to create a safe and supportive home for stylists. At Mint, we encourage individuality, success, and family time. \ Mint Salon currently has five incredibly talented betties who are further along in their career than they ever thought possible, who love and adore their journey in the hair industry, and want to make a difference in this community. Let’s meet the team: Rachel Robach is Mint’s Event’s Coordinator with a passion for color and braiding. She is certified with numerous companies including Goldwell and Arrojo with education in LA, NYC, and Cananda. She is the co-founder of the Mint Salon Pop-Up Braid bars, runs Mint Weddings, and schedules all of the Mint Salon fundraising efforts. When a dog walks by the salon, Rachel will be outside petting them and meeting their owner. If you have a dog… come visit Rachel.

interested in cutting and coloring curly hair and travel for my business building coaching sessions and seminars. I have always had a passion for helping people, and my passion doesn’t stop with my own clients. I want to build my staff up, the salon clients, other business owners, and this amazing community we live in. When I built Mint, not only was I building a safe

Melissa Riesenberger is Mint’s Support Staff and Manager. She is the reason things run so smoothly when you come in to Mint for your services. She has been a stylist for over 11 years with numerous certificates from classes she’s taken over the years. Melissa has two HUGE pitties with hearts of gold, an amazing husband, Chris, who works with KINK, and a love for summer. Dominique Grimes is a natural hair stylist trained in PA, NYC, and locally with Mint Leader, Jordan. She quickly became Jordan’s Curly Hair Protégé by stepping into the curly world full force. Not only can she give you juicy curls at Mint, but she can teach you







how to create them at home. Dominique is a mother to the best Loyall, a spicy kitty named Ebony, and is engaged to the man of her dreams, Christopher. Angelica Ritter is a deva-inspired stylist at Mint who trained in NYC and locally with Jordan, She is certified with Keratin Complex, and is a Microblading Technician. Angelica came to Mint with a passion for hair and her team-members like you wouldn’t believe. She is a lover of all things four-legged and pizza. Maggie Lattuca is a straight-hair stylist at Mint Salon who has a passion for all things hair. Nothing makes her happier than starting a big color project! She is the wife and mother to two lucky guys, lover of horses, and plans to travel to attend education in NYC this year. When hiring a new staff member (Mint Bettie), the expectation is clear; Mint Salon gives with our hearts and our hands because

that is what we have been gifted with. While being on the Fashion Week Rochester Team, hosting classes, and attending fundraisers, the Mint Betties decided it was time to make something happen for the organizations that they love. Rachel Robach, Mint Salon Event’s Coordinator, and Jordan sat down to talk about how they could be philanthropic with the community. Mint Salon’s Pop-Up Braid Bar was then created! In 2017, its first year, Mint raised over $2,000 for the Al Sigl Community of Agencies popping up in locally owned retail businesses in Rochester. Locations such as; Stacy K Foral, Parkleigh, Record Archive, Krudco, JBRD Apparel, M/Body, and Spot Coffee. Currently, Mint Salon Pop-Up Braid Bars are taking happy hours to the next level. Popping up in local bars to raise money for CURE childhood cancer! So far the Mint

Betties have raised about $500 with three left to go. If you’re interested in hosting a braid-bar or attending one, find us on our Instagram and Facebook, @getminty. Mint is always looking for more amazing connections! The 2018 season has included; Record Archive, Scotland Yard, Dragon Fly, Parkleigh, and Blossom Road Pub. Mint Salon is also looking for a location for their end of season party June 22nd, if you have a location that you would like to donate, contact Rachel and Jordan at Find us online: and social @getminty Mint Salon 2198 Monroe Ave Rochester NY, 14618 //





Most women, and many men, have stories about self-doubt, shame and some selfloathing. My butts too big, my butts too small. If only I was…taller, shorter, lighter, darker, smarter, neater. The stories become your slogging chains. I have several stories of my own; I’ll share a few. At age eight, my two teenage sisters regularly belittled me for having fat thighs. That summer I recall awaiting my first swim lesson, feeling ashamed of my chubby legs. So much that I jumped in the water to conceal my legs, gulping water as I started to sink, then quickly rescued by a lifeguard. I was terrified and ran out. I’ve spent nearly a lifetime unable to swim. Embarrassed to tears. Ashamed. Around age 10 I was proudly and loudly singing in the church choir when a nun told me to mouth the words because my voice was unpleasant. Inadequate. I’ve struggled to even sing alone in the car because of that less than perfect pitch. As a 20’s & 30’s year old parent, program administrator and later college faculty I experienced extreme oppression being the only female in my role. Oppression invaded my personal life. I lacked control. Anorexia became the antidote for control. I expect you have your stories. They are painful, they are deep, and they are burdensome. These stories become weighty chains. The chains can be broken. But gosh, where to begin? Self-compassion is the first place to start. This step and process is very challenging. Loving yourself is paramount to loving others. An exercise to get you started is to make a list of all of the things you love about yourself. You may be rolling your eyes and saying I don’t 216


know where to begin. Start with one physical or personality trait. What compliments have you received? Your hair, eyes, smile? Consider your accomplishments. Were you selected for a job among other candidates? Did you ace a math course? Perhaps you have the discipline to work out on a regular basis. Maybe you have some artistic abilities. Don’t dismiss what

acts of kindness. It feels so good! Detox yourself. Would you watch a vegetable being sprayed with toxic chemicals and then consume it? Not. Expel the toxic relationships in your life. Not easy to do. However, being a martyr or victim to someone’s unhealthy agenda is exposing your heart and head to toxic chemicals. Change. What do you want to do better, more of, less of? What about that cooking course you’ve wanted to take? How about splurging on a personal trainer or download an app to learn a foreign language? Start slow. Less is more. Focus on one trait or skill and commit. Don’t expect perfection. It sets you up for failure. What I’m suggesting is not simple. Good things don’t come easily. Protect yourself. You are worth it!

you do well. Not everyone can draw, play a musical instrument or dance well. Keep the list in a place you see regularly. Continue the list. If you feel frustrated ask a family member or a friend what they like about you. Compassion for others. The more we extend kindness and compassion to others the more we can give it to ourselves. Refrain from gossip and pettiness. Demonstrate those random

I’ll be thrilled to have you join my 30 minute webinar “Screw Shame”, about shedding the chains on Tuesday April 24, 2018, 7:00 pm. Register here: webinar/register/WN_ lHD8Jy2aTkS5g68h7DynA IF DATE & TIME DON’T WORK, REGISTER ANYWAY AND BE SENT WEBINAR RECORDING. And, please check out my website: Cheers! Gnny















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1. Have you felt there is truly something MORE than being fit than regular exercise and good nutrition? 2. Do you fall short of your wellness and fitness goals and wonder if you can ever achieve them? 590 Salt Road I Building C Suite 17 Webster, NY 14580 I 585.784.0378

3. Are you ready to move well beyond the basics of fitness training?

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Your triceps comprise nearly 2/3 of your upper arm. It is not surprising that focused efforts to enhance its shape and musculature are sought. Yet, most surprisingly to me as a professional trainer, the chosen exercises are often ones that are the least effectual. Perhaps because such exercises are readily shown in various magazines, which lends itself to surmise they are THE best ones to do. Dare I say, nay! The often photographed triceps extension exercise, with a young woman resting her hand and knee on a flat bench while extending her free arm straight back and holding a hand weight is NOT going to result in firm, sculpted and strong triceps. I guess that could be too strong an assertion. While this exercise can assist with triceps development, please know it will take you a very, very long time to see progress with your entire triceps when you address just one section of it.


your arm, referred to in the fitness world as the ‘horseshoe.’ The medial musculature is in the middle of the back of your arm, while the long musculature runs down the entire back of your triceps. The three muscles work synergistically yet they can be addressed individually to derive specific muscle development at each section. That is WHY I love “bodybuilding.” Not that you MUST compete to be a bodybuilder. It is that that truly, you can quite literally effect your

COMPOUND EXERCISES: Dips Close Grip Benching Triceps Pushups Pike Pushups Bentover Triceps Extension with Cable*

What is your goal for triceps development? The answer to that question definitely needs to be addressed before you implement a triceps series of exercises. Over the decades, being a professional drug-free bodybuilder and certified Personal Trainer, I can say that women are much more likely to express concern, dismay, even downright disgust with this amazing muscle on their amazing arm. While I am genuinely empathetic to each individual’s circumstance with their health, wellness and fitness levels, allow me to share this: our bodies are not our battleground. Your body is your home, your gift and your greatest treasure. If you are unhappy with where you “live,” know that your body is an incredibly diverse piece of ‘real estate.’ It will move into an entirely different place if you take the initiative and stay the course. That being said, let’s hone in one just one muscle of our amazing bodies: our triceps.

muscle development using direct stimuli such as specialized exercise movements that target certain muscles. Weight training is a distinct part of bodybuilding. How cool is that?!

Your triceps has three muscles, often referred to as the lateral, medial and long head. The lateral muscle is seen on the outermost part of

Ok, onward to your amazing triceps and how to avoid some possible training mishaps or confusion. In order to make the most of


your effort, I am going to divide the exercise suggestions into compound exercises (ones which require more than one joint to activate) and concentration exercises (one that needs only one joint to activate to do the exercise). I encourage you to commence your triceps exercises with compound exercises. Note that each of these exercises can be modified to address a joint issue with your shoulder, a possible injury or a recuperative focus such as rehab focuses, etc. Repetitions also play a distinct role, so be certain you are in the rep range for the results you desire. More reps and light weight is not the end-all, go-to focus as many fitness articles and media lead one to believe.

CONCENTRATION EXERCISES: Cable Pushdowns Dumbbell or Barbell Skullcrushers Dumbbell Kickbacks Overhead Triceps Extension with Dumbbell *while the shoulder girdle does not mobilize during this exercise, the use of the entire body to sustain the bent over position gives this the distinction of a compound exercise Consider working with a Personal Trainer so that YOUR individual fitness and wellness goals are incorporated into your efforts. While much can be said about general exercises, to find out what best works for you is key! No two people are alike, from the chemical reactions within us to the way we perceive and do things. A Personal Trainer who addresses your individuality and specific goals in preparing a program for you is a great asset to your progress.



As you drive over the crest of the hill on Kennedy Road, a neat compound of buildings appears against the background of wooded marshes. Fog from the heavy morning dew clears, showing off the green grass of the pastures. The 50 acre plot of land is now home to three buildings consisting of therapy treatment rooms, boarding suites for overnight canine guests, and administrative offices. In six fenced pastures playgroups of dogs romp while their human caretakers watch over them. Owner and Medical Director Dr Kristin Browne lives at the farm right next door with her husband, Dana, daughter Mckenzie, her thoroughbreds, and a pack of rescued border collies. A native of Fairport, Dr Browne started her educational career with an undergraduate degree in Biology from William Smith College in Geneva, New York before pursuing her graduate degree from Kansas State University, College of Veterinary Medicine. She started her veterinary career at Brighton Animal Hospital in Rochester, but before too long a personal turn of events inspired her to begin studying how veterinary rehabilitation could help some of her patients. “My soul mutt, Calvin, a border collie mix, was 9 at the time he tore his cranial cruciate ligament (similar to the human ACL in the knee). While it was only a partial tear, with severe epilepsy Calvin was not an ideal candidate for surgery. Pair that with my athletic background and the injuries that came with my years in college soccer and I felt a strong need to look for options for a conservative management approach to his condition.” This research led her to the Canine Rehabilitation Institute, Inc.’s Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist program. “What I 238


love about veterinary medicine is that every day, every patient, brings new challenges and surprises. But a 15-minute appointment just wasn’t long enough to give the kind of attention to my patients and their owners that they deserved. That’s when I looked into opening my own practice to focus specifically on rehabilitation issues, pain management, and injury prevention.” These realizations led to the opening of Thera-Vet

Acres. “It took a lot of hard work and elbow grease. The next challenge was convincing the banks to take a chance on a woman and her dream in a field that was still not well known. We then looked at dozens of locations before choosing this farm and turned a garage that had been a pigeon coop into a small clinic space with equipment not seen before in the Rochester area.” In the spring of 2006 Thera-Vet Acres saw its first patient; a feisty Jack Russell Terrier named Comet. He was treated with canine acupuncture for chronic back pain. With the combination of in-clinic treatment and at-home exercises and restrictions, Comet returned to his work in the agility ring and continued with an award-winning career. “With that the flood gates opened and I was humbled by the outpouring of support from local veterinarians with the referrals of their patients. Thera-Vet went from me answering every call and running every appointment with the overnight boarders staying in my bedroom to having a crew of dedicated technicians, kennel staff, and admin personnel in just four years.” With the latest educational and technological advancements in canine, equine, and feline rehabilitation, Thera-Vet Acres strives to help their patients with a speedy recovery from injury and/ or surgery. They provide non-pharmacological pain management, increase patients’ mobility and flexibility, and improve their endurance and agility. Upon referral from their primary care veterinarian every patient starts treatment with an initial

{ VETS CORNER } “What I love about veterinary medicine is that every day, every patient, brings new challenges and surprises. But a 15-minute appointment just wasn’t long enough to give the kind of attention to my patients and their owners that they deserved.”



evaluation where the doctor examines them from nose to tail to write up a patient-specific therapy care plan for in-clinic appointments. Recommendations for supplements, medications, or at-home exercises and restrictions are also reviewed. From there a team of highly trained technicians and assistants carry out the treatment plan on a weekly or monthly basis. Patients may receive an array of available services offered at the clinic including a workout on the land or underwater treadmill, a soothing soak in the Hakomed Whirlpool, sessions with the Cutting Edge Class IV LASER, Acupuncture, or Veterinary Spinal Manipulation Therapy (similar to human chiropractic). Distinctive modalities such as bodywork, therapeutic ultrasound, and Pulsed Signal Therapy - one of only 2 units available in New York State - are also available. In 2012, Thera-Vet Acres added a focus on post surgical, neurological rehabilitation, and special needs boarding to their growing list of services. “With more and more treatment options for our canine and feline companions becoming available, a need for quality boarding care with a focus on therapy as soon as 24 hours 240


post-surgery or injury emerged. The daily care that some of these dogs require after surgery or trauma is a lot to take on at home around busy work and family lives. We outfitted five ‘dens’ with non-slip flooring, custom made orthopedic foam beds, and found a local source for homemade flax seed pillows. LASER and manual therapies are started at intake to relieve pain and inflammation, with hydrotherapies to help regain strength added in when appropriate. With therapy in addition to restricted activity patients show better range of motion, build more equal muscle mass, and improve faster than without.”

They have recently opened a second location in Honeoye Falls, New York expanding their reach around the Greater Rochester Area. At 8 Norton Street, the new 800 sq. ft. facility offers similar modalities to the main branch in Webster, but is more centrally located. “This expansion will allow us to help more pets, which is something that Thera-Vet Acres strives to do on a daily basis. A Honeoye Falls location makes us more accessible to clients in the Finger Lakes region as well as those coming from the west side of Rochester. We hope to be able to continue to open more locations in the coming years.”

The practice has seen a significant increase in growth in 2017-2018. In the fall of 2017 an addition to the main property in Webster doubled the amount of boarders the facility can accommodate at any time. “This has allowed my boarding department to expand overnight boarding for both therapy and healthy boarders. We also started doggy daycare with an emphasis on having plenty of outdoor space to romp and run.”

Dr Browne and her staff will be celebrating the grand opening of their second location in Honeoye Falls on Sunday, April 22nd from 1-4pm. Enjoy light refreshments while touring the new space and watching demonstrations of different modalities including the underwater treadmill, LASER, and various exercise equipment. This event is open to the public. For more information, visit or find them on Facebook at www.Facebook. com/TVARF.

Offering Veterinary Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine, and Boarding Treatment Available For:

Modalities Offered:

Neurological Disorders Orthopedic Conditions Athletic Injuries Fitness and Wellness Obesity Pre and Post Surgery Arthritis/Pain Management

LASER Therapy Underwater/Land Treadmill Pulsed Signal Therapy Acupuncture/VSMT Hako-Med Whirlpool Ultrasound Neuromuscular Stimulation Bodywork

Kristin Browne, DVM, CCRT, CVA,CVC 8 Norton Street, Honeoye Falls, NY 14472 and 1748 Kennedy Road, Webster, NY 14580 585-872-3791  Individualized Treatment Plans  On-Site Treatment at our Clinics  Day, Overnight, and Post-Surgical Boarding

Join us at our Honeoye Falls Location Sunday, April 22 nd from 1-4pm for our Grand Opening Celebration!



Makeup, Lash & Blow Dry Bar Coming to Rochester! Did you say makeup, lashes and blow dry bar all in one place? When can I make an appointment!! I am so excited that Rochester will be offering not just a location, but also an experience that you will be able to indulge yourself. The best part is I know the mind behind this new venture and not only is she amazingly talented but has a heart that is genuine and is one of the most kind hearted person I know. Meet Claire – this red headed, petite girl full of energy and love and ready to make you feel beautiful! Tell us a little bit about yourself: I’ve lived in Rochester my entire life and love it even more as I’ve experienced new things our city has to offer as an adult. My husband Bert and I have an almost two-year-old daughter, another on the way, two dogs, and a cat. When I’m not doing makeup, I spend most of my time with my growing family. I also love traveling, being outdoors, and of course all things makeup related. My work as a makeup artist truly doesn’t feel like “work” and I feel lucky to do what I love every day. 242


How did you get started in the beauty industry? From a young age, I have always been interested in playing dress up and experimenting with makeup. I specifically remember saving up my allowance to buy an expensive brand of eyeliner when I was a teenager. Although I have always loved makeup, I didn’t really know what

year. It seems like a natural next step to establish a brick and mortar location and I’m excited to introduce Blush Beauty Bar to Rochester. What would you say is your signature look? And what sets you apart from other makeup artists? I like to think I am versatile and able to create any look that will make my client feel beautiful. I focus on staying true to each of my clients’ personal style and bringing out their individual beauty, rather than forcing a look that does not fit them. I want them to look glamorous, while still feeling like themselves. Personally, I love a soft, natural, sultry look with glowing skin and natural lips. What motivates you?

I was doing until some time after college. I began watching tutorials of makeup gurus on YouTube and had this feeling of excitement and inspiration - that’s when I really dove in. I would practice on friends and family, as well as volunteer to do makeup for photo-shoots as I built my portfolio. Finally, I took a leap of faith and decided to turn my passion into my profession. From there, I earned my esthetics license and started working as a professional makeup artist, traveling to my clients. It has been six years since I started and my business has doubled each

Trying something new! I am always looking to try new techniques, products and services to ensure I’m consistently bringing my best to my clients. I also search for inspiration through new classes and attending beauty industry trade shows. At Blush Beauty Bar we will be offering makeup application, makeup lessons, eyelash extensions, waxing, blowouts, and other hair treatments. What do you love most about what you do?



{ LOCAL BUSINESS MATTERS } From a young age, I have always been interested in playing dress up and experimenting with makeup. I specifically remember saving up my allowance to buy an expensive brand of eyeliner when I was a teenager.

I love building relationships with each of my clients and seeing them feel confidant after I’ve applied their makeup. I thrive on connecting with people and getting to know each person’s unique story. Getting to know each individual and inspiring their beauty routine is important to me. I believe that beauty is multifaceted and goes far beyond just how we look. Each of us has an innate beauty, radiating from within, that is all our own. Enhancing this natural beauty and allowing it to shine bright to the world is our ultimate goal.

thought about being a pastry chef, florist, and interior designer. I’ve really enjoyed the process of designing our new space at Blush Beauty Bar. I’ve really been focused on creating a space that is relaxed but glamorous, as well as inspiring for both clients and the BBB team.

What products should a woman always have in their purse? It all depends on which feature they wish to enhance. For me personally, it is concealer, mascara, lipstick and lip-gloss. These are quick and easy fixes for me when I am on the go and need a little boost!

Who influenced you the most? I would have to say my best friend Libby. We have known each other for many years and she saw my love for self-expression, creativity, and makeup before I saw it in myself. When I was still searching for my career path, she would always say, “what about being a makeup artist?”. At first I would shrug it off because I didn’t believe I could be blessed enough to actually work in my dream profession. I am so grateful that she encouraged me to follow my passions and dreams.


What is your Favorite product that you could not live without? My favorite product I could not live without would definitely be concealer. As a mom, I don’t always get as much sleep, as I would like, so I end up with dark circles under my eyes! Putting a little bit of concealer on really helps me look and feel more awake and refreshed. Tell us about your new venture- Blush Beauty Bar

If you were not a makeup artist – what would you be doing?

What are some common beauty mistakes women make?

It is hard to imagine my life any other way, but probably some other type of creative professional. In the past I have

I think women often don’t feel comfortable with the products and/or colors they are using and therefore, use them incorrectly.


Knowing your skin type, skin tone, and which products and colors will work best will make a major difference. We will be offering makeup lessons at Blush to achieve all different types of looks clients are looking to achieve.

As my client base has outgrown what I can take on my own, Blush Beauty Bar was born. We will be opening in May on Monroe Avenue in Brighton, offering a unique beauty experience, similar to what you may find popping up in larger cities

around the country. Blush Beauty Bar is a combination of a blowout bar and makeup lounge, enhanced with additional services offered both in store, or at any location of your choice. Blush is a place where you can come to hang out with your girlfriends before a night out, or have a night in with us by hosting your party in our space, learning new makeup techniques. We will also be the first in Rochester to offer INGLOT Cosmetics, one of the world’s leading manufacturers in color cosmetics. Check us out at www. for more details.

decisions, while still being open to input. I would also say to try to be open to the evolution of your business. I believe that being open to re-shaping some aspects of your business as your clients needs and wants change, is crucial to it’s success.

I love that there is such a strong artistic community in our city. There is so much passion and talent in the local art, music, and other creative spaces, which keeps things feeling alive. There is inspiration everywhere if you’re looking for it!

What is one of your strengths and what is one of your weaknesses?

Be on the look out for Blush Beauty Bar to open up in May. And ladies planning your wedding – this should be your one stop! I know I will be for sure getting some lashes and a blowout marked on my calendar!

What advice would you give any one starting their own business?

One of my strengths is working with people. As I mentioned before, I love building relationships with my clients and learning about each of their individual paths. A weakness of mine is working with computers, so I use a scheduling system to make things easier.

To stay true to your own vision…. It’s so important to be confident in your

What do you love about living in Rochester?

Cheers! Denisse

What's Your Social I.D.?



We spend most of our waking hours at our jobs. What would it take to have the career of your dreams? Do you start dreading the work week on Sunday afternoons? Do you wake up Monday and fantasize about calling in sick? Perhaps your boss or co-workers are awful. Maybe you don’t like the schedule or your customers. Perhaps you spend all day dreaming about retirement, calculating the years, months, and days until the time comes… If any of those feelings strike a cord, here are the top 3 signs that you might need a new job. You are less productive at work, lack passion, and are bored. If you’re checking Facebook every ten minutes, playing around with Pinterest, constantly find yourself on YouTube, you need to look for a more mentally stimulating job. Your conversations with your family and friends become dominated by complaints about your work day. If every dinner conversation starts and ends with a negative commentary about your day at work, it might be time to find a job that will incite discussion about the day’s highlights. You have increased your consumption of food, alcohol or drugs to escape your problems. While it’s okay to relax with a glass of wine after work, your day shouldn’t be driving you to down an entire bottle. If you find that your work is causing your copious consumption of alcohol, drugs or food, you need to take some 248


time to reflect on your professional situation. Of course, these signs can be indicators of other personal, emotional, or physical problems, but if you are stressed about work and experiencing some of these symptoms then you certainly need to reevaluate your employment situation. In fact, studies show up to 70% of Americans hate their job.

The first question you must ask yourself is “if money were not an issue, what would you do in life?” If you truly cannot answer that question, start with some soul-searching research. Dr. Paula Caligiuri’s book Get a Life, Not a Job: Do What You Love and Let Your Talents Work For You has excellent personal discovery exercises throughout. What’s Next? by Kerry Hannon is filled with inspiring stories from real people who have changed careers mid-life and can provide an exciting roadmap for anyone looking to make their next job their dream job. If you need a college degree in the field you want to work in, you are in luck. Every year, thousands of college degrees are being earned by adult learners who are just as busy and financially tapped-out as you are. Shannon is a 35-year-old executive assistant who really wants to be a nurse. “First, I took a few self assessments to figure out what I do like about my current position, which is helping other people. That’s my true passion. Then I looked at my strengths which are communication and empathy. What I hate about my job is the constant repetition, and sitting all day at a desk.”

But you only have one life. Why not try to join the 30% who love what they do for a living? Now is the time to take those feelings of frustration and use it as motivation to find a career or position that is challenging, satisfying and emotionally fulfilling.

“So I took a bunch of free online career tests, and nursing kept coming up as a common recommendation. So I started evening courses at MCC and I couldn’t be more excited about the program. At first I thought I was way too old, but there are women and men in my classes ranging in age from 18 to 55. I am going to work for almost 30 more years of my life. I really need to find something fulfilling, so I am going for it. Sure I am stressed and

and busy, but me and the kids do our homework together and that’s kind of fun too.” If like Shannon, you are considering completing your degree now -- never have there been so many flexible and affordable college options for college students. One of the best resources for adult learners? Online courses which allow you to start college in a low-risk, self paced environment. Sandy had been in the non-profit sector for years as a fundraiser, but after 10 years in the same position, found herself bored. “What I really wanted to do was run a non-profit, but work experience is not enough. All the open positions required a Masters Degree.” “I wrote a list of pro’s and con’s of going back to school and hung it on the refrigerator. For two years that list hung there while I did nothing.

And there were a lot of con’s. Less time for family, financial concerns, could I even remember how to study? In the meantime I saw dozens of jobs that I would have loved pass me by because I didn’t have a Masters Degree. Finally I got the motivation to tear the list up and sign up for an online degree program.” Sandy’s degree was designed to be completed in as fast as 15 months, but also could be completed at her own pace. “It took me three years. Depending on what was going on with the kids and at work, I would take fewer or more courses. Work ended up contributing a good chunk of money through their tuition reimbursement program, and we cut back on vacation spending, dining out and I did a lot more shopping at discount stores those years.” The investment paid off. Her boss retired and she is now President of her

organization. “I would have never even been considered without my Masters. And now my salary is twice what it was so it makes the three years of scrimping so worthwhile. Now I love my job, it’s exciting and challenging again, and I am planning to take my entire family to Europe for two weeks. I literally could not be happier. My only regret was not starting sooner because of all my fears.” Still another option if you don’t know what you want to do or money is the barrier is start taking free online classes. The free classes can help you pin down your interests or perhaps make your current job more exciting as you learn new things about your potential. There are free online courses from major universities available. While you may not be earning college credits, you’ll be learning new skills to make you more marketable during a ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE :: APRIL 2018


{ NO EXCUSES } The time to pursue your dream job is now. And the boring job that you hate just might be someone else’s dream career once you’ve vacated your chair.

job hunt. The list of free online courses ranges from accounting, languages, engineering, project management, marketing and virtually everything in between. Massachusetts Institute of Technology is the pioneer of the Open Courseware movement, which starting placing professors’ lectures into the public sphere for anyone to view in 2002. Now universities such as Harvard and Berkely have started providing free or very low cost online courses through Jill, who has a Phd in engineering is always taking free MIT courses. “Watching the lectures from the teacher and hearing his emphasis adds a lot to the learning 250


experience,” Jill said. “You don’t get that out of just reading textbooks. Just the fact that I am always learning something new has really improved my satisfaction with my job. What I was missing out on was learning something new and challenging at work. My boss now lets me take a class each semester during work hours so it’s even easier to fit in education. When they saw how energized I was, a few of my co-workers have started taking classes too.” So what would make you want to jump out of bed Monday mornings, run to the shower and sing all the way to work? It’s time to find out. Start exploring now what your dream job looks like and what it’s going to take to get it. Forget about the list of what’s holding you back… the list is doing just that… holding you back.

The time to pursue your dream job is now. And the boring job that you hate just might be someone else’s dream career once you’ve vacated your chair. So get started now. No excuses.

Meet Willa. Willa came to Rescued Treasures Pet Adoptions emaciated and pregnant. Despite her suffering, Willa delivered 7 healthy babies. All the puppies were fully vetted and adopted to local homes right here in Rochester. Rescued Treasures is a non-profit run solely by volunteers who have a passion to help society’s abandoned cats and dogs. You can help us by adopting… If you can’t adopt, foster. If you can’t foster, donate. If you can’t donate, volunteer.

“Training for you... Training for your dog”

Training Services Offered: • Private In Home Lessons • Puppy Socialization • Basic Obedience • Intermediate Obedience • Canine Good Citizen • Therapy Pets Unlimited and more...

Tuxedo’s: The boarding, day care and training facility where your dog is never left alone! Attendants on site 24/7.

The boarding, day care and training facility where your dog is never left alone! Attendants on site 24/7.





This is my first column for Rochester Women, and I want to thank publisher Kelly Breuer for the opportunity to be among the extraordinary women who are contributing monthly columns to this online magazine. Here’s a quick word about who I am, and what I bring to Rochester Women: I was born and raised in Brighton, where I grew up in the family businesses, Sue Handlin’s Fashions for Sophistikids and Boys’ Country, both on Monroe Avenue. I graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and worked for a number of years in the fashion industry, and then in my husband’s optometric practice in Manhattan and Connecticut. After my divorce, while I was volunteering at a public summer camp so my young daughter could attend, another mom invited me to become an agent in her real estate firm. I worked in real estate for three years in Manhattan, and if I could make it there … well, you know the rest. I returned to Brighton because it was such a great place to raise my daughter, and I’ve been back here for twenty years. Today I’m a partner with Geraci Realty, and I know a thing or two about the greater Rochester real estate market. Let me give you an overview of the present market climate. Spring is a time for new beginnings, so it’s essentially the busiest time of the year for real estate transactions. It takes about eight weeks on average to close a real estate transaction, and most people want to close at one of two times of the year: just after the school year ends, so they don’t disrupt their

child’s academic year; or in August, just before their children go back to school. So if you’re looking for a house right now, you’re facing a lot of competition. This is especially true in 2018, because the market has a shortage of inventory— in other words, people are holding on to their homes instead of putting them on the market. You’ll see this more in some towns and city neighborhoods than in others. It’s a seller’s market right now, because the low interest rates make it inexpensive to borrow money for repairs and renovations. Many people have decided to love the home they’re in, and to make their current house into the home they’ve always wanted, rather than shopping around for something new. What does this mean if you’re trying to buy a home right now? When you find a house you like, you need to be prepared to make an offer on it that day. There are multiple offers on most every available property, and if you hesitate, you will lose the opportunity to buy. You may have only a two-hour window in which to look at a house and decide if you want it. You will be buying a home faster than you would deliberate about your next designer handbag! Not everyone can be that decisive, so this can really take you out of your comfort zone—while you’re making the biggest purchasing decision of your life. Not only do you need to make a fast decision, but you also need to be prepared financially to make yourself an attractive buyer. There’s no way to know what other offers the seller

has received, so you have to give your best offer right off the top. There are no bargains in this kind of market. Most winning offers are above the asking price, so you need to be ready and willing to make that kind of offer. Before you start looking for a home the smart buyer gets preapproved for a mortgage. This will tell you how much you can offer a seller and what loan type, so you don’t attempt to make a promise you can’t keep. It’s also important for the seller to know that you are a viable buyer, as this will give you an edge over offers that perhaps might not be pre-approved or involve a contingency. It may be tougher to get a mortgage than you think. You may make a decent salary, but if you’ve made a recent job change, you’ve changed careers, or you’ve just become self-employed, your short time in your new position can keep you from getting approved. It’s particularly difficult if you’re selfemployed, unless you have at least two years in your business. If you take a lot of deductions on your income tax returns, or if you claim a lot of exemptions to reduce your taxes, this lowers your net annual income—which is great for getting big tax refunds, but not so great for getting a mortgage. A lender will use the income on your tax return as the basis for the amount they will be willing to lend you. By the same token, debt-to-income ratio is key. Your outstanding credit card debt, your student loans, and your credit score all drive approval for your mortgage loan amount. Your real estate agent can guide you through what you ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE :: APRIL 2018



need to do to clean up your credit and improve your chances of getting the mortgage you want. If you’re a first time homebuyer, many banking institutions have a program that you can participate in. The program will involve going to classes about responsible home ownership and saving a certain amount of money that the lender will also match over the course of about 10 months. You will be required to complete the steps 256


prior to closing on a home within their guidelines. Which lender you choose also can be an integral part of your offer. Many sellers prefer an offer that includes a mortgage obtained through a local broker. Your real estate salesperson will advocate for you and help guide you to the best lender for your specific scenario, resulting in a smooth closing. Cindy Blair is a licensed real estate

salesperson with Geraci Realty. She can be reached at (585) 802-8022 or



& so is the

Housing Market! Get a FREE Pre-Approval on Your Next Mortgage

Phyllis Haberer Senior Loan Officer | NMLS#58078

C: 585.314.8511 D: 585.363.7087 O: 585.241.0000 x104

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2541 Monroe Ave. Rochester NY 14618 | Equal Housing Lender | Licensed Mortgage Banker NYSDFS | NMLS#3254 Premium Mortgage Corporation does not intend to solicit business away from other mortgage banking professionals. If you are currently working with another mortgage banking professional, this communication is not intended for you. ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE :: APRIL 2018



H 258





If you’ve been keeping up with the trends in the local housing market, you’ll already know that there are droves of buyers competing for a limited inventory, and that the Rochester-area is deep into a “seller’s market.” More buyers competing over fewer houses may seem like a disadvantage if you are currently searching for a new home. But despite the competitive atmosphere, you can still come out on top by using a bit of strategy, understanding the market, and by placing an attractive offer that will set you above your competition. What makes an offer competitive? Well, the seller of the home wants to maximize the value they receive for their property, and this can come in a variety of ways. The simplest is just to place a higher offer, perhaps over the asking price of the home. This strategy can work but isn’t generally appealing or even possible to many buyers. Of course, nobody wants to pay more than a house is actually worth, not to mention the additional funds going toward their mortgage every month! Instead of simply throwing more money at the problem, I suggest bringing other types of worth to your purchase offer. Specifically, reduce or avoid including seller’s concessions in your purchase offer. This will add a great deal of value to your offer, potentially securing your bid for the home you want, without having to overpay.


How to Avoid Seller’s Concessions

Seller’s concessions, sometimes known as seller’s contributions, refer to an agreement in which the home seller pays certain financing costs for the buyer of the home. Concessions are often included in purchase offers, typically to sweeten the deal for the buyer, by taking care of things like attorney fees, inspection costs, appraisals, or any number of other closing costs. They have become commonplace in real estate transactions, but as the market favors the seller, the inclusion of previously ubiquitous seller concessions has resulted in rejected offers. Fortunately, there are a variety of financing solutions to help you reduce, or altogether avoid, the need for seller’s concessions in your purchase offer. Lender Credits: A Lender Credit is when the buyer can take a higher interest rate in exchange for decreased closing costs. For example, a 0.25% higher rate may give the buyer a few thousand dollars off closing costs.

100% FINANCING PRODUCTS: USDA - Fixed rate financing with no down payment, this program is designed to increase home ownership in select rural areas of NYS. Borrowers need minimal-to-no cash savings, and there is a minimum mortgage insurance requirement. VA - Available to those who have served in our nation’s armed forces and, in certain cases, to spouses of deceased veterans. The main benefit of a VA loan is that there is no down payment requirement and no monthly mortgage insurance.! SONYMA with DPAL: $3,000 down payment assistance loan or 3% of the purchase price up to $15,000 15/15 No Closing Cost Product: No closing costs and low rates for qualifying customers. (Broker loan available thru the end of 2018) · Minimum 5% down payment · No closing costs · Lifetime rate cap is 2% · Current market rate is 3.99% 15/15 ARM product · Rate is fixed for 15 years · No pre-payment penalty · Customers must be a member of specific credit union offering product. Eligibility is for customers who live, worship or work in certain areas of the City of Rochester. I encourage you to call, email, or come see me to discuss your financing options. I have access to several financing programs that can be catered to suit the needs of you and your family. Together, we can ensure you are able to place a strong, competitive offer in today’s “seller’s market.” While no one can guarantee you an instant victory, by using some strategy and financing advice from a seasoned professional, you’ll have the greatest chance of success. Whatever your circumstances, I am happy to sit down with you, discuss your options, and find the perfect financing program to get you into the home of your dreams! To learn more about our services and current mortgage rates, call give me a call at (585) 314-8511, or visit our website to find your nearest location and apply for a loan: You can also connect with me on Facebook (/ MtgageGirl )and Twitter (@MTGAGEGIRL) Phyllis Haberer (@MTGAGEGIRL on Twitter) Senior Loan Officer | NMLS# 58078 (585) 241-0000 x104 Premium Mortgage Corporation 2541 Monroe Ave., Rochester, NY 14618 Equal Housing Lender | NMLS# 3254 | Licensed Mortgage Banker NYSDFS






Rochester Woman Online: Since we are doing this interview while you are in Belgium -judging one hundred percussionists, how do you find the time to do all you do?



JB: Since I have retired from full time teaching,

I now have time to do clinics, workshops and judging at various music festivals. When I was teaching and playing timpani in the Rochester Philharmonic orchestra, I did not have time to do this sort of thing.

after Vice President, and then President. I Was honored to be asked to serve for Two Terms, instead of the usual one, which meant Four years, and I couldn’t say no because they were in the midst of a transition and I didn’t want to let them down.

Rochester Woman Online: How

Rochester Woman Online: You made

JB: I guess you could say “once a teacher always

JB: It is sort of like being in the right place at

is teaching and mentoring so fulfilling in your life? Considering all of this, Why did you decide to help Bob Brenna with Mastermindlounge, and agree to be its Executive Director of Music? a teacher”. It’s in the blood of a musician. Playing and teaching are what it is all about. Now that I am part of Mastermindlounge I have the opportunity to continue doing it in a relaxed and meaningful way. This is a brand new technology and it’s on the cutting edge of teaching on-line. It is unique, and it’s not just Music, it’s Life.

Rochester Woman Online: How did you become President of the International organization Percussive Arts Society, and How big is it

JB: There are about 6 or 7 thousand members

throughout the world. I started out as the president of the Chapter for all of New York State. When I became president of the Chapter I hosted the first Percussive Arts Society Convention at the Eastman School of Music. It’s known around the world as PASIC, and then I was asked to be the secretary of the International organization then soon

the transition from Pennsylvania to Rochester eventually you would go on to teach there and to become the one Eastman School of music respected and revered educators can you talk about the transition in your life? the right time. The first percussion graduate of the Eastman School of Music was Ollie Zinsmeister in 1935. He went into the Presidentąs Own Marine Band in Washington, DC. I came to Eastman in 1951 and graduated in 1955. Ollie was retiring from the Marine Band in 1955 after 20 years and I took his place. I left the Marine Band in 1959 when my teacher William Street was retiring from the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra and asked me to join the orchestra - so I came back to Rochester. I also became his assistant in teaching until he, retired in 1967 after 40 years. I then became the teacher at Eastman for the next 49 years retiring in 2002. I am still teaching a History of Percussion class in the first semester for the last 9 years.

Rochester Woman Online: Who

are the percussion heroes in your life, for example, who are the people of made a difference to you?




JB: All my former students are my heroes

Marine Band gave me an opportunity to learn about the business of music, the playing of music in a professional environment and touring. Experience that made me a better teacher.

big difference in instructing somebody who wants to play drums for Timpani, or jazz, rock and classical or is being a great drummer just being a great drummer no matter what music you’re playing.

famous for being Steve Gadd’s teacher along with many other famous drummers. What are you most proud of in your career? Your roster of students is amazing......can you talk about some of them?

Rochester Woman Online: Your methods

JB: There is a difference among the percussion

JB: Yes, Steve Gadd is probably the most revered

JB: Music is a universal language. Quality

because without them I would not have had a job. They have gone on to do excellent things in percussion. I am proud of all of them.

Rochester Woman Online: You are quite

and imitated drummer in the world. There are also former students in major orchestras, professors of percussion in colleges and universities, members of chamber percussion groups and either jazz groups or rock groups. One thing I am pleased about is the variety of musical jobs they have. My philosophy of playing and teaching is versatility. They have taken me seriously.

Rochester Woman Online: How did

of teaching are known worldwide, and you often go to Judge, and teach percussion around the globe --is it different in other countries it is here in America. percussion playing is the same around the world. There may be different stylistic approaches to the instruments but a quality snare drum roll is the same around the world.

Rochester Woman Online: There’s the

old joke of the person that comes up to the musician and says how do I get to Carnegie Hall and he answered by saying what advice would you have for aspiring musicians?

you join the United States President’s Military Band, and can you talk about that experience?

JB: Practice, play, communicate and enjoy

JB: That is explained above. Playing in the

Rochester Woman Online: Is there a

the moment.

instruments and their application to the various styles of music. For example: if you want to be a timpanist you must learn the correct way to play timpani and also learn about symphonic music. Listen to great symphonies and go to concerts. If you want to be a drumset player you must learn how to play the drum set, go to concerts, play gigs and listen to the great drummers of the past. Being a great percussionist/drummer is the same regardless what style you are playing.

Rochester Woman Online: The drum has

not always been as prominent an instrument for music education as it is today, but you’ve made a difference and helped make it one that is, why is that and how does it make you feel?

JB: When I was growing up it was difficult to

find a drum teacher. Most instruction was given by the band director and they could be a trumpet player, a clarinet player or almost any kind of player except a percussionist. I wanted to chance this so my goal was to be a player and a teacher. Now with practically every college and university having a percussion department there are hundreds of good percussion players. High schools may not have a band director who is a percussionist, but they quite often have a percussion specialist come to the school and teach the percussion section. I see the future of percussion being a viable part of the musical community - not that it isnąt already a viable part, but I see it becoming even stronger as composers learn about the potential of percussion and as the world opens up with the internet ethnic percussion is becoming a growing part of the learning experience. I am pleased that I had a part in the evolution of percussion.

Roche s

vices er

r Animal S e t

& k l a W g o D


r Ve

Pet Fest





ee t Ani mal


Races, K 0 1 & K 5





Saturday, June 2, 2018 Rochester Animal Services, 184 Verona St.

Pet Festival & Contests • Live Music • Food Trucks • FREE Clinics Race Registration begins at 7 am • 8 am: 10K Start • 8:15 am: 5K Start • 8:30 am: Walk Registration • 11 am: Walk Start

$20 for 5K and $25 for 10K before May 31, 2018 • $25 for 5K and $30 for 10K after May 31, 2018. • Free tech shirts for first 300 registered runners. • Runners can raise $50 to receive an aluminum water bottle. • Walkers: $25 registration fee includes a cotton t-shirt if registered before June 1, 2018. 5K- Top male / female finishers each receive a baseball hat; medals will be awarded to the top male and female finishers in each age group. 10K- Top 3 male and female finishers receive a $100, $75, or $50 Fleet Feet store voucher; store vouchers for $15 - $40 are also awarded to top 3 male and female finishers in each age group. Plus great new fundraising prizes!

Questions? Call 311• ars of Dou Ye

ass gl


Register at CI

. Y.

1818 2018






Lovely A. Warren, Mayor Rochester City Council



“What’s the big deal? Just have a seat…anywhere is ok”. Those

are just ordinary words that can be said every day. Usually taken very lightly with no real meaning that is, until you realize you don’t have a place at the table. You are not sitting with your family but among people that once were strangers. The reality sinks in that you are in a different place. This place is different from what you have experienced in the past. They like you and want to help you heal, to succeed in life, to grow and become a part of their family. As you sit at the table you are able to claim a space and it feels good. Mary – adopted at 15 yrs. old Many of the children in the foster care system want the opportunity to feel safe, loved, consistency and security. Adults made mistakes in their lives and the children are now paying for that mistake. We, as a community have the opportunity to change the path that these children were given by becoming an advocate, mentor, foster parent or through adopting a child. Children Awaiting Parents (CAP) was founded in 1972 as a grassroots, non-profit organization to advocate for children in the foster care system and for the families that have adopted them. After 47 years we have moved 266


to the next step to become the Donald Corbett Adoption Agency (DCAA). Our focus will continue to be children in the foster care system and their communities. We have provided services and developed community partnerships that continue to grow and supply the support needed by foster and adoptive families. No one is ever guaranteed to be a perfect parent or have the perfect child but CAP has been there to assist in uniting over 7,500 children and families towards the goal of adoption. When we are asked what a family looks like, we pull out our gallery of photos from over the years of the families created through adoption. Some of the families are shared on these pages. As we continue to grow and set new goals we watch the necessity of the work to continue. Our goal is to continue building the awareness of the need for providing safety to children. CAP/DCAA offers training classes and workshops along with our community partners to assist with supportive services for foster and adoptive families. We are all advocates for children and families. Foster families work hard to replace and achieve success for the children in their care. As parents we all should but sometimes things go astray. Reunification of the family and connections with kinship

relationships are always the desired outcome. When this is not a possibility other interventions are sought. Safety and consistency become the most important outcome for the child. Foster care is a temporary fix and sometimes that is all that is needed. In the event desired outcomes are not achieved adoption becomes the next step. Children are given the chance to restart, not forget their family but get the security that may have been missing. Foster and adoptive families don’t wear a special halo but they are special to filling the needs of the children in their care. Don’t hesitate to call to find out ways you can assist. We can build a special halo for you. We are available to do presentations to small or large community groups, companies or facilities. Please visit our website or call 585-232-5110 or just stop in 274 N. Goodman St, Suite D103 (M-F 9:30-4:30). Free informational meetings are held on 2nd Tuesdays but appointments can be scheduled to accommodate busy schedules.

No one is ever guaranteed to be a perfect parent or have the perfect child but CAP has been there to assist in uniting over 7,500 children and families towards the goal of adoption.

{ WOMAN ON THE RISE } Many of the children in the foster care system want the opportunity to feel safe, loved, consistency and security. Adults made mistakes in their lives and the children are now paying for that mistake.





THE NEW LEADERSHIP ROUNDTABLE I love leading groups in discussion. I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I was raised in an Italian family and you had to raise your voice to be heard. And I’m not one to raise my voice over the crowd unless I’m singing. Or maybe because I think before I talk, and by the time I’m ready, the topic has changed. Consequently, I’ve become an expert listener and quite the facilitator. I spot quiet ones and give them a platform to talk on; identify a talker and help them get to the point; and see possible collaborations and make the connection.

“It is amazing to meet other women at my company with diverse backgrounds, hear their perspectives, offer a safe and structured environment where I am able to provide and receive support,” shares Kim. “The only challenge is dealing with women’s

So when my client, Kim Browne told me about her Lean-In group, I listened. Then I read about it in a recent NYT Business article, ‘Lean In’: Five Years Later. I guess I’m a little late. But the concept is familiar. The creation of ‘Lean In’ circles offers the platform for groups of women to meet on a regular basis to discuss and share leadership tips. https:// business/lean-in-five-years-later. html Kim Browne is a phenomenal business woman who leads with grace, intellect and experience. She is on a lifelong path of self discovery not for selfish reasons but for the self to be of service to others. Her enthusiasm to grow and to help is contagious! Along with her recent promotion as Engineering Manager at Harris, came the task to start a pilot Lean In program at the office. 268


What a great message!


Working in a male dominated environment such as Harris, could feel intimidating as a woman. I know. I used to manage a technology business incubator. While there I facilitated a CEO Roundtable that met once a month. It provided a platform for entrepreneurs to connect with each other and to share challenges and tips to manage them. It was attended primarily by male techies; extraordinarily smart in the areas of theories and numbers, but somewhat deficient in communication skills. That’s where I came in. Partnerships and friendships were often developed. It didn’t happen on the golf course. It happened at the table. Think King Arthur’s Roundtable. I also led an entrepreneurship circle for women owned businesses. I discovered their need was not for opening up dialogue but for staying on topic and within a structured agenda. Rochester Women’s Network sponsored this meeting and continues to sponsor similar meetings called Special Interest Groups or SIGs.


very busy schedules. I have had to be ok with only 80% of the group being able to attend. That may be part of my lesson in giving up some perfectionism.” Kim is pointing out one of the key lessons of Lean In, to give up the need to be perfect, and to be OK with doing well enough.

Nancy Woolver is a dynamic business leader. Her career path does not follow a natural progression but looks more like a topsy turvy road. She began in banking in Chicago, veered off to NYC in the wine industry, and landed in good ol’ Rochester dabbling in insurance. Today, she runs her own business as Financial Adviser of Eagle Strategy. Jumping from banking to financial advisement makes sense, but wine? Hmm. Tell us more.


{ {MIND, SHIFT+CONTROL BODY & SPIRIT } } “I’m a harder boss than anyone else would be out there. You have to figure out a lot on your own. It’s helpful to seek advice from others who’ve already done it. Finding a mentor is ideal. Educate yourself on the internet and take classes. Trial & error.” - Nancy Woolver

“I started out in banking in Manhattan and found myself immersed in work with no time to breathe.” (Fortunately, Nancy now has a meditation and mindfulness practice where she makes the time to breathe.)

be out there. You have to figure out a lot on your own. It’s helpful to seek advice from others who’ve already done it. Finding a mentor is ideal. Educate yourself on the internet and take classes. Trial & error.”

“I thought the wine industry would be the perfect leap. Ever since going on a coastal trip in California’s wine country, a romantic viewpoint was instilled. That’s not how it was on the East Coast, however! Instead it was physically demanding.”

While men are still predominant in the financial industry, women are getting ahead through relationship building and an outgoing nature. “The personality rules, not the gender.”

Picture Nancy lugging 6 bottles of wine and a laptop on her back up and down the subway stairs. Today Nancy shares a different set of challenges as an entrepreneur such as being accountable only to your self and having the responsibility to pay all the bills. “I’m a harder boss than anyone else would 270


Nancy crafts her business by explaining things in a way clients can understand based on their knowledge level. She then educates them so that it is a decision they are making together, not one she is making for them. “Work hard and do what you say you’re going to do. Follow through.” is her mantra. While Nancy is not a member of a Lean In Circle, she is actively involved in the Rochester Women’s Network, and meets

weekly with Go Getters, a professional networking group. In both organizations, you’ll find yourself in a roundtable setting, sharing tips on building and sustaining your business, and offering support to manage challenges. Exchanging referrals is often a natural take away in the entrepreneurial world, and is expected in some networking environments. Alana Cahoon is a Natural Health Professional who offers creative coaching to professionals in transition, leadership & entrepreneurship. Her signature program, ‘Mindfulness for Professionals’ trains the mind to achieve calm, clarity and balance. Her group program, ‘Body Mind Connection’ provides a holistic approach to weight loss and body image. She teaches meditation, reiki and yoga. Alana can be reached at (585) 953-0503 - alana@alanacahoon. com -


A Round of Applause For You BY CHRISTINE BUFF, LE, CPLC


As we say goodbye to Winter and we welcome Spring’s blooming characteristics, I hope that you have gotten your skin prepared for the upcoming months for the glorious sunshine and heat. I hope that you have not forgotten that our skin which is the largest organ of our body is one of the most important parts of us that others notice. If you have not even thought about it, I suggest you do, it’s never too late to take care of yourself. Please consider an affordable package plan at the Best You Spa. We are always here for your skin wellness. If you have been caring for your skin, I applaud you on your commitment to your wellness. While I applaud you I can’t help but notice my hands and how they are also important in your health and appearance. Our hands can also tell the age frame of a person, or do they lie and tell another that you are really older than you really are? Caring for our hands is just as important as our face and body.

hands is much thinner than our face, we modify how we treat them, with more mild products. Your service will include a quality cleansing, exfoliating, massage, hydrating mask, and moisturizers. You may also receive a chemical peel which goes to a deeper level to exfoliate, and/ or a paraffin treatment.

Why should we care for our hands? One thing is for sure, they play a huge role in helping us, from a friendly wave hello to someone special to lifting and holding our precious children, a simple touch, to aiding us in just about everything we do in our everyday life. A hand treatment in the spa includes everything a signature facial does but because the skin on our

and weary, let’s leave the dry, cracked skin on our hands to the reptiles and amphibians. Treating your hands allows me to help you to do away with the rough, dry skin, and rejuvenate your skin to look baby soft and glowing. The hand massage process of your treatment, in addition to enhancing the flow of circulation, bring the blood flow to the


Our hands can tire easily and look dry

surface plumping them and soothing any soreness they may have, relaxing them and allows them to look younger. It allows us an escape from our busy and stressful lives. Another benefit to receiving a treatment on our hands is that it has medical benefits. It allows us to also detox, unwind, re-invigorate, can help with agonizing pain with everyday over usage. Provides cell remodeling, refines pores, and gives your skin uniform help. Touch alone can aid in positive aspects of our lives. Touch is so very important, it shows how we care about another, it produces endorphins it tells another that they matter. Hand reflexology can also be utilized in the treatment of your hands, and boy does that also feel sooooo good. Hand reflexology uses the key points in the hands for stimulating the nerves, and to relieve tension, stress, and imbalance of various connected parts/organs. Every single part of the human body is connected through the nerves through hands, feet, and ears. Reflexology is believed to be

Why should we care for our hands? One thing is for sure, they play a huge role in helping us, from a friendly wave hello to someone special to lifting and holding our precious children, a simple touch, to aiding us in just about everything we do in our everyday life.

very beneficial by stimulating the specific points which elicit a response from the nervous system. Hand reflexology is one form of effective natural therapy which is the most popular for being the most simple, pure, effective and easy form of massage therapy that can be done easily for eradication of various health issues like constipation, muscle pain, shoulder aches, etc. The term Reflexology is a word derived from the word reflex arc which is represented by a neural pathway that guides or controls an action reflex. Right from the palm of your hand, the massage can target the key body zones of your body. People can get 274


instant relief from various conditions by doing hand reflexology and there are others who get a gradual benefit from doing it daily. There are 10 reflex zones in the body. Five zones on each side of the body. The tips of your fingers stimulate the Nervous System which can aid in the reduction of headaches or onset migraines, shoulder pain, helps with allergy symptoms also. Highly beneficial for all with different ailments. Including essential oils provides even more enhancements to your treatment. Consider a Spa Hand Treatment at The Best You Spa and Life Coaching facility. Experience the wonders of what your hands can do for you and spoil them

and give them the appreciation they deserve. The month of April we would like to offer you a Spa Hand treatment for only $40. Upgrade your service with Hand Reflexology for only $10 more. Contact us now for your appointment at 585-298-6618. The Best You Spa and Life Coaching cares for your overall wellness. We want You to Be The Best You that You can Be.


The Best You...Believe it, Achieve it! Enjoy 10% OFF


847 Ridge Road I Webster, NY 14580 I 585- 298-6618 I






When CM first came to the US in the 1800s many American women in pioneer communities sought the aid of Chinese physicians for their health problems. Compared to the standard medical care of the period these Chinese physicians, although men, were knowledgeable concerning women’s health and were able to provide safe and effective remedies, amking them very popular with nonChinese female patients. Although there have been significant advances in medicine and gynecology since the 1800s, Chinese medicine continues to provide safe and gentle strategies for addressing women’s health conditions. Chinese medicine conceptualizes the rhythms of a woman’s life in a distinct way. According to the oldest text on Chinese medicine, the Yellow E m p e r o r’s In n e r Classic, women’s lives are measured in seven year increments. In other words, every 7 years a woman goes through a transition that affects her health and well-being. These transitions can be smooth and relatively unnoticed or more difficult, bringing with them new health problems. For the first 14 years (2 sevens), a young girl is building up her resources and her blood toward reaching puberty and becoming fertile. From age 14 – 35 she is at her most fertile and should be having regular, relatively pain-free periods every month. She should also be able to conceive and carry a child. 278


Beginning around age 35, her body begins to change and transition toward a new phase of life. From age 49 to 56, this transition is complete, and she has moved to a post-fertile phase. Of course, these numbers are generalizations, but they can help us to understand the development and aging process in women. Early in her reproductive years, we want to be sure that menses are regular, relatively pain free and that

she is free from pre-menstrual tension. As she gets older, we want to continue to keep the cycle regular to maintain optimum fertility. Finally, as a woman enters perimenopause, we want to be sure that this transition is smooth. Among the conditions that Chinese medicine treats well include pre-menstrual tension, painful menstruation, polycystic ovary syndrome, infertility and difficult menopause. Easily angered, tense, emotional, acne breakouts, and so much more are all

symptoms of pre-menstrual tension. For many, these are considered “normal” symptoms that just about every woman experiences. From a Chinese medicine perspective, these are not normal, and we do not have to experience them every month. As the body prepares to begin menstruating, it is working to hold in the blood, causing muscular tension and a lack of free movement. This stagnation of movement is what causes the symptoms of premenstrual tension. Regulating free movement and relaxing tension with acupuncture and herbs can quickly reduce these symptoms. Painful menses will frequently cause women to miss work or other events, or she may have to take large doses of painkillers to get through the day. Painful menses is also about the lack of free flow. When blood fails to move easily, it can cause clots and pain. Often women who experience pre-menstrual tension will also have difficult or painful menses. Using simple herbal formulas to both build and move the blood can relieve this pain The goal of CM in women’s health is to restore balance and harmony with the normal rhythms and cycles. Cycle of 7 CM perspective on menstruation


6385 State Route 96 Suite 210 Phoenix Mills Plaza Victor, NY 14564 Call: 585 210-8796 Follow me on Facebook Book online: Dr. Ergil is a New York State Licensed Acupuncturist. Marnae has practiced acupuncture and Chinese herbology for 20 years. Marnae holds a MS in Oriental Medicine and a Doctorate in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. She is a Diplomate in Oriental Medicine, Board certified in Acupuncture and in Chinese Herbology by NCCAOM. Marnae works with all types of patients. She has advanced training in treating women's diseases, children, skin conditions, and pain.

Acupuncture can help with: · · · · · · · · · · · ·

Allergic Rhinitis Asthma Cancer pain Cancer related fatigue Chronic Fatigue Fibromyalgia Constipation IBS Headache Migraine Obesity Restless leg syndrome

· · · · · · · ·

Anxiety PTSD Insomnia Depression Menstrual Pain Irregular Menses Labor pain Back or pelvic pain during pregnancy

· ·

· · · · · · ·

Menopausal hot flashes Perimenopausal & postmenopausal insomnia Neck pain TMJ pain Shoulder pain Elbow pain Low back pain Sciatica Heel pain



Julie Donofrio (Julie Dee) is a comedian and writer. Her advice is for entertainment purposes, and is generally not helpful or useful. Follow it at your own risk.


Dear Julie Dee, I have lost four pounds since January, six times. The pounds go, but always come back. Last week, I decided I needed more exercise, so I went to the gym three times. Now I have gained back five pounds! I can gain pounds just sitting on my couch and binging on Netflix and snacks. Should I quit going to the gym or what? How can I make the weight get off and stay off? Chubby in Chili Dear Chubby, What did you do when you lost the four pounds, any or all of the six times? I suggest you do more of whatever that is. Going to the gym seems like a lot of work, and I agree that binge watching Netflix and snacking sounds like a better option for gaining weight. This is a great weigh gaining tip, thank you for sharing it. There’s always a slim chance that someone might want to know how to do such a thing. Dear Julie Dee, We want to have another child, but aren’t sure if we’ll be able to afford it. My wife is an only child, and feels strongly that our 2 year old son should have a sibling. We both have good jobs, and very little debt besides our mortgage. My mother is retired and provides free daycare; she has already offered to watch both of the kids if we have another baby. I just want to be 100 % sure that we’ll have enough financial security to provide for our children in the future, and since I can’t predict the future I don’t know how to make sure that we’ll always have everything our family needs. How do other people make sure that they can afford all of their children? Cautious in Clarkson Dear Cautious, Only have kids who have jobs or trust funds. These are the only known foolproof ways to ensure that you only have children you can afford. However, if you can’t find a baby that



comes with a trust fund or a job, free grandma daycare is the next best thing. Dear Julie Dee, My neighbor is constantly in my yard when I’m not home. He rakes leaves into my yard, shovels snow from his driveway into mine, and helps himself to vegetables in my garden. The nice, elderly lady across the street, Mrs. Kravitz, has told me that she saw him in my yard several times, but since he only does his trespassing when I’m not home, I don’t know if I should confront him, or what to say if I do. Can you help? Invaded in Irondequoit Dear Invaded, He might deny that he’s been in your yard, or become defensive if you confront him directly. I recommend that when you see him outside, politely ask him if he’s seen anyone near your yard, as you suspect someone has been trespassing (which is a great word, and also lets him know that you know there’s a law about this). If he claims not to know anything, simply say that you’re installing a new surveillance system but would appreciate it if he lets you know if he sees anything from now on. Also let him know that you have other neighbors keeping an eye on your property. If he still wanders into your yard uninvited, you can always get a big, scary dog and an invisible fence. Dear Julie Dee, I like fresh vegetables, and my stingy neighbor has a nice garden with tons of veggies and lives by herself. I don’t see anything wrong with taking a few things when I want a salad, and am actually doing her a favor. All those extra vegetables might go to waste if it wasn’t for me. The nosy old lady across the street says that I shouldn’t go into anyone else’s lawn without permission, but I think she should mind her own business and let me be helpful and also let me enjoy a good salad once in a while. What do you think? Irritated in Irondequoit Dear Irritated, I think I got a lot of mail from your neighborhood. Please give my regards to Mrs. Kravitz. Oh, and stay in your own yard. Haven’t you ever heard of trespassing?











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