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Sheila Young toured Rochester for her photoshoot for the cover of the latest edition of RWO’s “Something For The Sisters” with RWO photographer Charlene Mann Ford. Her fabulous outfits were courtesy of no other then Kurvie Kulture and SJ’s Village Boutique with make-up by Brian Aquilar.

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Sheila Young is no stranger to Rochester Woman. You were first introduced to Sheila in the January 2019 edition, when she became a new writer for Something for the Sisters. You may also recognize Sheila as a plus-sized model. She has modeled for RWO in runway and print, in past editions. Sheila is also a cosmetologist. Her articles each month share with you, her experiences in modeling and as a hairdresser. Sheila is an inspirational woman who is always willing to help. She is very supportive of her friends in their events and in events in the community. She is also a mother and is very active assisting in her children’s extracurricular activities. Sheila believes a very important concept to grasp is self-love. She feels that many females are judged by what they have as outer beauty and sometimes the most important inner beauty is overlooked. Many women are just not loving themselves in today’s society and that is a travesty. Sheila went through that too as a woman and indicates it is important for society to realize we are all beautiful just as God has made us. God made

us all to be individuals. We must learn to accept ourselves as we are. We were made different for a reason. We must as women count all of the blessings we are given and not just

lack of unity. More women should come together, stand up for what we believe in and stick together. Women often have a sense of comparison and competition with each other. We often are the ones tearing each other down”. This concept is in general and in the modeling industry. Sheila finds the biggest issue she experienced modeling is “walking that walk” in confidence and purity.

for what we expect. Sheila shares with us: “The biggest obstacle I have encountered trying to empower women is there is a

Sheila says, “Some women model for show, some model because it was part of the family trait and some model because they truly feel it is their purpose. I, myself was not a plus-sized model, all of my life. I modeled for a couple of years now and I can honestly say it is hard, but I love it and it’s for me. I would say love what you do and make sure it’s from your heart. Ladies, make sure it is something you desire and you want for you. Anyone, model or not, you have to love yourself first. Make sure when you step on that runway, it’s for you. So, when you are out there, that is what you are portraying. You must represent the brand you are walking in and if you don’t love yourself, you will not be portraying the best image you are capable of ”. ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE :: JULY/AUGUST EDITION 2019


“The biggest obstacle I have encountered trying to empower women is there is a lack of unity. More women should come together, stand up for what we believe in and stick together.�

{{ COVER COVER STORY STORY STORY }} { COVER } “ Women often have a sense of comparison and competition with each other. We often are the ones tearing each other down.”

first. Make sure when you step on that runway, it’s for you. So, when you are out there, that is what you are portraying. You must represent the brand you are walking in and if you don’t love yourself, you will not be portraying the best image you are capable of ”.

Sheila is one of those women. She in an entrepreneur. She is a model. She works side jobs, she does whatever she has to do to support her family.

As women, we are often identified by our parental status. Being a mother is a role we are expected to play. Today’s society is very different from the days of “ Leave it To Beaver”. The role of the stay-at home mom is not usually what we find anymore in modern day families. Women can have careers and be a mom too. With that being said, there is now a huge challenge for careerminded women, as you must find a balance to achieve your goals as a career woman and still have time to be a mother to your children. There is also the fact that today there is an increase of single-mothers. Women who do it all on their own. 374


She understands the balance of still finding “me” time, so she doesn’t lose her own identity in all of this. She

pursues what she loves. Sheila shares: “It’s truly hard trying to find time to raise kids and have a career. I find myself relying on family and friends to assist me. I do not have a husband or a significant other to help out. I truly have a circle that I’m willing to make sure they are good, and they do the same, so this helps me to maintain my career. I truly feel you should surround yourself with people who will uplift you and plant that root God is trying to build. The toughest experience as a mom is trying to raise a child in this type of society, we have unknowingly been engulfed in. How I was raised, we had community and family. It is really hard taking on jobs, having a career or even making ends meet, when the society has changed as it has. The cost of living has changed and the fact that some kids are raised totally different than how you raise your kids plays into it as well.



“Some women model for show, some model because it was part of the family trait and some model because they truly feel it is their purpose. I, myself was not a plus-sized model, all of my life. I modeled for a couple of years now and I can honestly say it is hard, but I love it and it’s for me.�

{ {{SHIFT+CONTROL COVER COVER STORY STORY STORY }} } { COVER } “I would say love what you do and make sure it’s from your heart. Ladies, make sure it is something you desire and you want for you.”

We as parents have to sacrifice for what we believe in and stick to our grounds. I have worked hard to show and teach my children to love themselves first. Believe in yourself and you can be successful in anything you want to do. You go for what you want! Lastly, 378


I don’t know about a lot successful in anything you want to do. You go for what you want! Lastly, I don’t know about a lot of people and their faith or higher power, however, my higher power is God. With God having your back nothing can prevail”. Make sure you check out Sheila

Young’s monthly column in Something for the Sistas. It’s something you don’t want to miss.




“It’s truly hard trying to find time to raise kids and have a career. I find myself relying on family and friends to assist me. I do not have a husband or a significant other to help out. I truly have a circle that I’m willing to make sure they are good, and they do the same, so this helps me to maintain my career.”



So, we finally made it to the consistent summer weather. So now, we have lovely places to go and things to explore. One of the gems of Upstate New York is Saratoga Springs. I have a special place in my heart for it because I have fond memories of my godparents living there when I was a child. I still have some family members who live there. There are so many beautiful things to see and do. There are parks, museums and all kinds of activities for every age and walk of life. Even in the dead of winter, there are people strolling down Broadway and enjoying the many restaurants and boutiques. During the summer, it really comes to life when the best thoroughbred race horses and polo ponies come in from around the world to compete. It is also home to the Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC), which hosts the New York City Ballet, the Philadelphia Orchestra, a major jazz festival and concerts by some of the biggest names in show business. There is a casino, black tie affairs, fashion shows and parades. You name it and you can most likely find it in Saratoga Springs. It is truly a beautiful destination and it draws people from all over, especially during the summer.



Billionaires, millionaires, celebrities and people from all walks of life have homes there. ALL walks of life. What most people do not realize is that even in this playground for the wealthy and tourists, there is a significant homeless population. A few years back, Code

years ago, a woman froze to death while sleeping on a loading dock. Thank goodness for the people who established Code Blue so that the less fortunate could find some temporary shelter when the temperature drops below freezing. On average, 55 people use this service each night. In Saratoga Springs. There are also HUNDREDS of homeless children within the school system there. Finally, there are tent cities at undisclosed locations. I know. I have been there and seen this for myself. Many people do not qualify for the available shelters. Some of the people have mental health issues. Most of these people are invisible to the masses. In fact, Saratoga relies on many lower income people in order to thrive. There are many people who work as bartenders, waiters/ waitresses, in the hotels, in the back stretch with the horses, etc. While the folks who work with the horses generally come in for the track season, most of the other folks work in Saratoga year round.

Blue was established as an emergency shelter for people on nights when the temperature drops below 32 degrees. This came to be because a few short

Most of these people are extremely hard working, but unable to afford to live within the city limits. There is constant construction. There has




{ TRACY IS TALKING } “In reality, most people are only a paycheck or two away from also being on the street, or crashing with friends and family.”

been a push in recent years to provide more affordable housing so that more of the lower income working class can also live in this beautiful city. However, many of the residents did not want these people in their neighborhoods. I am writing about this to shine a light on the situation. If this is happening in Saratoga Springs, the ‘city in the country’, where many wealthy people and middle class people own homes and businesses, where tourists come to play and bring mountains of money with them, this is most certainly also happening in some 386


(if not most) of our other cities. Shame on those who make the less fortunate feel invisible……those who do not want to be inconvenienced by seeing people with less living in their neighborhoods, but will not do anything to assist. Every single one of us can do something to help someone else. As we move through our lives, paying bills, taking vacations, enjoying our families, we can each find a way to do SOMETHING for someone outside of our immediate circle. In reality, most people are only a paycheck or two away

from also being on the street, or crashing with friends and family. Maybe volunteer in a soup kitchen? Give a donation to organizations who are helping? Do more than just think about our other citizens at Thanksgiving? So, while we are all enjoying our summer and beyond, we need to look around us because some of our neighbors actually do live in tents. Some of our neighbors have children who do not have what they need to eat or for school, even in our more affluent cities. Even in Upstate New York. Even in Saratoga Springs.






Dear, Sis: The Highest in me, loves, honors, recognizes and appreciates the highest in you. I honor all of you beauties, who are reading my scribe. As I present to you, my sisters, the inaugural Ma i’ Mu s i n g s column, I am actively allowing spirit to guide my thoughts so that I can give you the truest version of myself for such a time as this. Certainly and prayerfully, this column will reach the hearts and souls of those outside of Rochester New York; however, my heart is with my community and the trauma that we are enduring as we experience the loss of our people due to killings. Social Media serves as a catalyst for us to bare our truth. To share with the world, our pain, our trauma, our suffering, our fears, and our hopelessness. As I peruse through Facebook on a daily basis, it reminds me that I must stay grounded, centered, and maintain alignment with my body, 388


mind, and spirit as I cry for my city and those whose loved ones have perished from violence. How does one maintain inner peace in the midst of external circumstances that can cause us to have to negotiate our

feelings, emotions, and anger? We do so by taking a step back to appreciate and love on ourselves. We do so by remembering our higher power, our life’s purpose, our ancestors, and what we contribute to humanity by being a beneficial presence and transmitting

peace and love. In a time when our communities are suffering, whether it hit our lives personally or communally, we must also focus on our own emotional well-being. We must take time to appreciate the joys of life. Let’s take a moment to bask in the splendor of the sun, or listen to the crashing waves of the beach waters, or perhaps cuddling with a good book to nourish our minds and souls with something other than chaos and confusion. Let’s put ourselves on our to-dolist and unplug from whatever information does not serve the positive evolutions of our minds—even if it’s just for an hour per day. Always remember that life loves you, even if it doesn’t feel like it. Until Mai’Musings grace the pages of my next column, I bid you Peace, Love, & Harmony… Mai’




Mai’ Musings Symposium MAISHA BEARD/MAI’ MUSINGS SYMPOSIUM IS FOR LADIES WHERE I WILL DISCUSS PERSPECTIVES INCLUDING: * How to heal through heartbreak; * Love vs Attachment--know the difference; * Radical Self Love & Care; * Why we stay in toxic relationships and how to let go with love; SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKERS and much more! The registration consists of a love offering starting at $5-$20. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/mai-musingssymposium-tickets-63029829918






Living in a world with a static mind, how do you be yourself with a judgement against yourself? We ask this question living in a world full of people who look down upon someone because of many ideas that people may have for one’s life. We are growing in a world where one of the biggest static is living in a world of the LGBTQ community. People have created a world where loving the same sex is wrong and that there is no room for that type of love. Well to those who are disgusted with this type of love let me proudly introduce you to a world where there is a community who is not acknowledge or look down upon. I believe in embracing everyone in respect of who they are and what they acknowledge themselves. I took the time out to talk to one of Rochester’s own great advocates for the LGBTQ community here in Rochester. Tamera Leigh is an advocate here in Rochester and she is well known for the Out-Alliance Group. Rochester native, Tamara Leigh, is the current Director of Operations and Public Relations at the Out Alliance, an agency that champions the rights and lifestyle of the LGBTQ+ community and Editor of their publication, The Empty Closet. Leigh attended Monroe Community College in Rochester, NY as well as Temple University in Philadelphia, PA studying Communications and Journalism. She served as Professional Development Specialist, Public Relations and Event Management Coordinator for the City of Rochester Department of Recreation and Youth Services. Leigh also acts as co-host of radio show, The Situation on WAYO 104.3FM and CEO of Roc Candy Media, an urban Public

Relations, Brand Development and Media Management firm. Tamara co-chairs, Rochester Black Pride and is one of the founding members of the WOC~ART (Woke Art) Collaborative. Tamara acted as PR and Development Team member of the ROC Awards, ROC the Park, and Nathaniel Johnson’s Designer Challenge Competition 2018 & 2019.

and protesting last for seven days. That movement sparked the worldwide fight for LGBTQ rights. We Remember the people who started all this, Marsha P. Johnson, Sylvia Rivera, Storme. We rise up as a community over the discrimination. We fight for equity and we ROC- for Rochester 2. The theme is “what is your stone wall all about.” How did that concept come about? The parade theme is “What is your Stonewall?” Stonewall was the moment in history that people stood up and said no more. So, we are asking people what that moment was for them. 3. How did you come about becoming an advocate for the LGBTQ community? I’ve always felt like it was important to advocate for whatever community I’m a part of. For a long time that was urban youth while working for the City and with my intersectionality I was able to work with ROC Black Pride and carry that through to my work at the Alliance.

1. What is this year theme for pride? It’s We Remember: We Rise, We Fight, We ROC It pays tribute to the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. Down in NYC the police harassed and beat up people from the LGBTQ community. One night they had enough and fought back. The marching

4. Recently you spoke at the 7th judicial district can you tell Sista to Sista and Rochester women online what the event was all about and your experience 4. I was asked by our historian, Evelyn Bailey to speak on panel. I do that a lot as a part of my job. This one, to my surprise, was at the Court, in an actual courtroom in front of a group of judges. It was honestly very intimidating walking in that room. I spoke from the heart and they seemed to be receptive. I tried to talk to them about what people of color and people of the transgender ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE :: JULY/AUGUST EDITION 2019


{ MISS TITIANA } “I believe in embracing everyone in respect of who they are and what they acknowledge themselves.”

experience still experience in rooms like that. In my mind that’s probably the most important thing I do. I managed to get a seat of the table, so each and every time I sit down, I have to speak for everyone that I can who hasn’t gotten to the table yet. 5. Being a part of the out alliance what is your biggest fear in this fight. I never realized how scary it would be to stand up and fight this fight. I constantly have to tell myself how important it is and what a blessing it is to have the opportunity to be here. But it’s overwhelming at times. I just trying to push through the fear. I don’t want to let anyone down. 394


6. Right now, what is something you would want to get out to the world about the community. There is a huge amount of racism in the LGBTQ community and a huge amount of homophobia in the black community. People caught in the intersection of those two worlds have a tremendous amount to navigate through. We are losing people because of it. Those are losses that shouldn’t happen and losses that we as a community can’t afford to take. Anytime you catch yourself saying something about the LGBTQ community, replace gay with black and see if you still good about hearing it or saying it. We’ve got to do better.

****still feel good 7. Tell Rochester women magazine and Sista to Sista about some of the upcoming event for the community and if someone if someone like myself want to assist with the community or support how do we go about it ROC Pride is FULL of events. You can check out www.rocpride.com for all the info. The Out Alliance offers all kinds of programs and services that you can find at www.outalliance.org.





Welcome to the “I Love Smilez” column. This column promises to make you smile by the end of every read. I hope that here, you will find you can smile, even when things in your life are not going right. Keep this in mind, “No matter what you been or going through, you will smile, again”. The moment you thought would never happen to you, just did. How do you prepare? How do you handle it? How do you make it? It’s the day you find out you’ve been cheated on! You may feel like you just entered into the twilight zone. Your emotions are like a roller coaster. You’re hurt, mad, sad, want revenge, depressed, or just feel empty. Everything you believed in, is now taken from you. The happy life you both shared, how much you trusted him, gone. You gave him your heart to protect, only to find out he threw it in the trash, like garbage. The biggest question remains, why? The wound is so open, stitches cannot even close it. Your mind is going in circles. You replay your relationship so many times in your head, to find the missing pieces, to find the signs, but you only find yourself in a puddle of your own tears. Your chest is hurting like you’re having a heart attack. Your mind can’t rest, because the thought of the action is so far-fetched, you did not prepare for the day you’d find out you’ve been cheated on. You find many panels, talk shows, podcast talking about the action that causes so much pain. Why do people cheat? Can they even love you if they did? How can a man share the most intimate act with another when he is in a committed relationship? Some men say they cheat, because it doesn’t mean anything to them. Some women

say they cheat because they’re missing something in their relationship. Is there a solid answer as to why people cheat? I say no, because everyone is different. Everyone has their reasons for why they choose to cheat on their significant other. The act is fun while it lasts, it’s exciting, your flesh is fulfilled but your soul is left empty. Your

peace is now held hostage. Society has made it glorified to be a side lover. You know, a side chick. You hear it in the music, on television, in books and much more. You have many people who settle to be number two instead of being number one in the relationship. It has become so common the behaviors of the

side lover are becoming more disrespectful. They almost feel as if they are giving your relationship the energy and the thumbs up to stay together. When in actuality, they are handicapping the cheater to face the unresolved completion they feel inside. A human is no good to no one if they continue to just surface heal. Surface healing meaning the flesh. It’s not superficial, you must heal your soul and mind, which is the inner core of the body. This is how you will find real true healing! Now, once it happened, you have to make the best decision for you and not others. You have to ask yourself, “Can I move on?” Can I stay with the person that has betrayed my trust? This may be the biggest decision to make, but it has to be done. You must take control of your own energy. You cannot move of the emotion of what others expect. You must move to heal you. Often it is not just you, you must think of when making this decision what about the children? Can you survive financially? It is a big upheaval when making these life-changing decisions. You must start over from scratch. How will you ever trust him again? The big question is can you change a cheater. Is this the first of many infidelities? It will be a hard process; you will have to rebuild the entire house from ground up. You have to make sure your foundation is solid enough to stand the storms of those who will point fingers, talk about you, and even try to get your partner to fall again. ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE :: JULY/AUGUST EDITION 2019


{ I LOVE SMILEZ } “Keep in mind you can’t control any one but you! Don’t live in life thinking you’re untouchable and always remember “No matter what you’ve been or are going through, you will smile, again”.”

They will. There are women lurking in the sidelines at all times. Why must we do this as women? This is the ultimate betrayal of womenkind. When you decide to become “the side chick” you are ruining someone’s life. You are disrupting their sanctuary. Tearing apart another is no way to get ahead for yourself. Ladies, find your strength through finding 398


you. Don’t get lost in “What did I do to deserve this?” Know your worth. Take the time to communicate with your partner on the plan, that’s going to help you both build the trust back into the relationship. You may have requests from each other that may seem very imposing. Be open to what each other need to make it work. Once you have agreed to move forward, than do that . The human in you will want to remind your

partner of their shortcomings. Don’t feed into the reminding demon, because what your doing is taken a knife and reopening the womb that is trying to heal. Keep in mind you can’t control any one but you! Don’t live in life thinking you’re untouchable and always remember “No matter what you’ve been or are going through, you will smile, again”.






:Is it Worth the Withdrawal? Often, when in love or out of it, we question how, if we are in love, can things happen that strain the heart, causes us to become bitter and to throw in the towel. I remember one evening, following the last heartbreak that caused a major “heart attack”, during a painful prayer, I had a conversation with the Lord; after all, that is what prayer is. I tearfully and sobbingly managed to get out, “Love cost too much. I can only afford to pay out one more time. After that I’ll be in the negative.” I remember standing in the middle of my bedroom saying these things. I staggered to my bed and fell over onto it. I gripped my covers and screamed as pain leaked out of my eyes and shattered my heart. I was done! Maybe not forever, but for a long time. I was done trying to build a future, getting to know someone, revealing who I am, being bold enough to allow someone new into my life. I was done! I found myself on the side of my bed, having slid down along with my cover, crying and asking why me…again. I tried not to figure out what I had done wrong, could have done differently and all other thoughts that come when relationships – or situationships -end. But I couldn’t help it. Maybe I fell too hard – too fast, maybe I wanted too much, maybe I asked him for too much of his time; I mean, he was a business man so his time was limited, right? I recall roaring out, “Why me? I hate men! Leave me alone, please! I can’t. I can’t.” I meant every. single. word. “Leave me alone, please,” was my way of asking

God to really, leave me lonely because love wasn’t worth all that I had given without a return on my investment. It’s funny how the heart is the strongest muscle in the body but is easily broken. In my heartache, in my anguish, I hear a voice that was clear as day, crisp as a spring morning after a downpour of tears, I mean rain. Almost as if He was waiting for me to finish my foolish statement, God asked, “How much does love cost? What do you have that

price of love has gone up since I crossed into the years of 30. Building up and tearing down of patience has just about drained all of my extra dividends. Just when I thought I was going to have a large deposit made, I found it to be counterfeit cash. It looked like love, felt like love and spoke like love. But it wasn’t. The last bit of currency that I have, I’m not sure I’m willing and able to make a withdrawal.” The funny thing about a conversation with God is, He doesn’t always speak back when you (or I) want Him to or think He should. That night of waiting was long, hard and dreadful. I couldn’t stop crying, while replaying the last conversation I had with the guy my heart had fallen for. I heard every word, again, as if they were said for the first time. I can’t tell you how many times I reread the text messages that spilled from my phone. The more I heard and, the more I reread the more I realized that love did in fact cost too

is worth anything to lose for love?”


I didn’t hesitate to respond. No thought was needed because I had made withdrawals from the Bank of Love for so long that I know the balance. “Love costs a lot, Lord. I just can’t do it anymore. It cost me my time, attention, care for the other person – that wasn’t reciprocated, risk of being made a fool in love with a joker. Love cost me countless tears, pounds of doubt, many certificates of confusion, short nights and longs days of investing in ‘the wonder of what I could have done differently’ stock. The

I knew what I had was worth losing for love -- my joy, my peace, myself. I was sure that God would agree with me, that love did cost too much and that He understood why I had reached the limit on life withdrawals. Unlike a financial institution, my Bank of Love was always open ready to receive new clientele. Sadly, it’s not until the account is opened, deposits are made that I see the fraudulent activity too late. I tried, with all that I had, to be sure to spot the fraud before getting too far involved. My ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE :: JULY/AUGUST EDITION 2019


{ SINGLE DOPE BLACK CHICK } “Love costs a lot, Lord. I just can’t do it anymore. It cost me my time, attention, care for the other person – that wasn’t reciprocated, risk of being made a fool in love with a joker.”

My security walls were high and unbreakable. Yet, I didn’t protect the front door and because of it deceit found its way in. The last account that was opened, caused me to file for love bankruptcy within one year. I was able to keep a little bit of love, but not enough to share with a major deposit being made first!

withdrawn as much as you think. What you have taken out and freely given is the interest accumulated over the years. You haven’t tapped into the major reserve yet. If you trust Me to love you correctly, you will see just how insignificant those small withdrawals were. Love is worth the risk and benefits.”

didn’t fight the work He needed to do in me. It had taken a whole year for Him to complete most of the works within me. I know, honestly, I can feel more is needed, He’s not done, but the work He has put into me is so good. I can’t wait to see the restoration of my Bank of Love that will store the love He has for me to give.

As the night carried on through suffering from a damaged heart, God had me wondering what He would say. Hours later, I received His response. “My daughter, love cost a life at 33-yrs old. It cost the striping of flesh. It cost the resting of large wood on shoulders. Love cost tears thick as blood. It cost knowing you had a counterfeit friend by your side. Love pays for the prayers that would otherwise be ignored. It paid for redemption you can’t afford. Love is giving your life for someone that will lose trust in you because of something man has done. Love is waiting for you to do what it has commanded of you. Love is closing your eyes and believing in what you can’t see but can hear from love. Love is risking it all, giving your all, not expecting a return because the withdrawal is worth it. That’s love. You haven’t 404


I’m still open to that final deposit but I’m not in a rush. I have handed over all responsibility to my bank Manager (aka my Jesus). He is accountable for what happens from here on out. And for that, I will forever be a functioning Bank of Love.

After that, I felt bad about how I felt. Thinking that I had so much to lose by falling in love when in fact, Love had done the most, above and beyond just for me. Soon thereafter, I began to pray for my brokenness. One night, He told me, “I Am going to uproot everything that caused this. Let Me work.” That was November 2017 and in 2018, I

if you let Him.

I encourage you check your bank to see what’s left. If you’re low on currency, than hire the bank Manager that will restore it,

Let me know what your banking status is by sending me an email to singledopeblackchick@gmail.com.








What’s the Tea With Si -Sierra Monaé Dunklin? On this second edition of my column, I’m going to tap in on something that is the career woman and pregnancy. Ask yourself, “Why is it frowned upon for a woman to want a career and become a mother? Why is it belittled and not celebrated?”

Yung Miami 1/2 of the City Girls (who’s band mate JT is incarcerated) who sings hits such as “Act Up” and is arguably one of 2019’s biggest hits, announced that she too is expecting and the internet is in a frenzy. The blogs are

For instance, going back to the 90s when artists such as Chili of TLC, Brandy and Monica, just to name a few, all found themselves to be pregnant and chose to hide their pregnancy from the public eye in fear of backlash. They all spoke publicly and called it a “career suicide” to do what most women dream of and that’s become a mother. Something that is thought of as one of the happiest moments in a woman’s life, and instead of celebrating, she’s sulking in silence. Fast forward to present day, one of raps superstars Cardi B got pregnant at the height of her career and hid her pregnancy as long as she could before having to reveal she was expecting so she could continue to tour. The backlash she received in the blogs was unbelievable. She was called dumb, stupid and selfish all because she chose to have her first child.

Why is it that pregnancy is looked at as the end of your career? For as long as I could remember, women have always managed a career and motherhood. There are pictures dating back to ancient civilizations where women are in the fields with babies on their backs or on their shoulders while they worked, showing that it could be done. The thing they all had in common is that they all got through it. Being a mother is one of the most amazing feelings in the world, something that should be celebrated and not hidden. Having a career is also important. It brings a woman a sense of independence that goes along with being a mother. Financial stability that a career brings is an amazing feeling that doesn’t have to stop and can continue to flourish all while being a mom.

giving her the same backlash as all the artists mentioned. A lot of her fans are upset because of her announcement.

Ladies, there is no need to make a choice, excel at both. I myself am a mother of a 13 year old son and a career woman. Like anything worth it in life, no one ever said it would be easy but you will come to see that it’s worth it. If I can do it, you can too. Stay encouraged.






Are you ready to go the next level? What’s holding you back? You may need a breakthrough! Dictionary.com defines breakthrough “as any significant, sudden advance, development, achievement or increase.” Breakthrough sounds like next level success to me. There are many areas in your life where breakthrough can happen. Your job, you’ve been trying to leave for years. Your marriage, the one you’ve been praying for or currently struggling in. Your side hustle needs to go to the next level so you can leave that job. As a mom, you may need a breakthrough for your children to get back on track. As a sister, you may need a breakthrough for your family who may be experiencing struggle, depression, anxiety, unhealthy minds to mental illness, poverty, or lack of purpose. I am sure there is at least one area of your life that could use a breakthrough. No matter how much success you may think you have there will always a new level you can achieve. <<Pause>> Write down any area(s) where you need a breakthrough! Where you need something to change. Here are 5 heart-work moments that can break you through: 1. SPEAK to your sisters! - You were not created in a world of your own. So, if you are one who thinks, “I can do bad myself ” “I got this (alone)” or “I don’t do relationships” those are lies, limiting beliefs and destiny killers. Talk to your sister about where you are and how you are feeling. Don’t assume she knows already.

If you are like me, you have a diverse circle. Circle tip: Have a sister whom you consider an educator. The one that always have a nugget or two of new information you didn’t know. Have another good sister who comes with the “me” factor. She likes to share stories about her that you can relate to, like a “me”ntor. Finally, have a sister who is curious or “nosey”. The one who has a one-thousand and one questions for you. She will keep you talking about you! We will talk about this more later. I recommend talking to that curious sister about your breakthrough needed. She will help you uncover your “why” and ultimately help you identify how to get through. The more specific you can get on how to breakthrough the more specific you can make your prayers too. There are no perfect prayers, only a perfect God. Pray from where you are and start your breakthrough with prayer. Matthew 7:7-8 says to “keep on asking and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking and you will find. Keep on knocking and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who seeks receives. Everyone who seeks finds. And to everyone who knows, the door will be opened.” If you find it hard to share you may be suffering from depression and loneliness. Recognize the signs and get support. 2. Be ACCOUNTABLE: You need the sister who will hold you accountable. This is a sister will be real enough to let you know if you are on or off track. She won’t listen to the excuses. Excuses are just the lies we tell ourselves that hold us back from breakthrough.

need to learn, new people you need to meet, or do you need to dream/vision again? 4. BREAKTHROUGH: Literally break the old habits that kept you stuck. Step by step. Inch by inch. Give up and let go of something! 5. Choose and ACHIEVE a meaningful milestone everyday - Everyday take an intentional step. Remember to celebrate along the way. What girl doesn’t enjoy a great celebration. Remember you are not alone, ask for support along the way. The moment you realize no one is expecting for you to be perfect is the moment you get to dance in the rain! Scripture for breakthrough: Isaiah 43:19, “For I am about to do a brand-new thing. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway in the wilderness for my people to come home. I will create rivers for them in the desert.” My prayer for you sister: Dear Lord, you know my sister best. You know the areas of her life in which she needs a breakthrough. Give her your patience Lord, and peace so that she can go through the highs and lows of her journey. Sharpen her discernment to hear your voice regarding the steps she should take. Help her to draw closer to you, our first friend. Show her that trusting you and your perfect timing will not only release her breakthrough but will work out for her good. In your name, I pray. Amen. Many blessings, Your Sister – Tarchia Powell Encourager, Inspirational Strategist: Teacher, Speaker, Coach

3. ASSESS what you know about your current situation. Are there new skills you ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE :: JULY/AUGUST EDITION 2019







Natalie NDure Brooks discovered her love for music at an early age. She started writing at ten years old and singing at age thirteen. She remembers distinctively sitting on her front porch writing and going to bed with music in her ears. Then, local rapper and producer Willie Lumpkin known as Adiyon gave her first start and the rest is history as they say. From studio sessions to collaborations, talent shows and m o re N Du re gained recognition for her music & poetry in 1998 and won a local award from the community center located in Buffalo, NY . A nomination in 2008 for the R&B category in the international song writing competition. She also won an award with Singers Paradise Hip-Hop Seazon 2014. NDure grew to build relationships with various music creators one that stands out and now her mentor Ramon Gooden of Digital Underground where she met in Atlanta. She has attended the “I Create Music Expo” & met many other musicians from around the world, tried out for The Apollo and NBC

The Voice. Her music has been played in Austin, TX on 88.7 fm KAZIFM, HOT 104.1 STL, BEAT 94.7 SC and WBLK 93.7. NDure has opened up for Blues singer Bobby Rush & has also performed at The History Victory Grill in Austin, TX, Kleinhans and Shea’s with award winning producer

Lorna C. Hill in the play called “ And Bid Him Sing”, Hard Rock Cafe in Toronto. In early 2009 she signed a seven year contract for her poetry book “The Inception” she is looking to publish another book called Closure. Other memorable places she performed as a music artist includes Milkies in Buffalo, Marriott Hotel in Newark NJ , Oakland California, and Rochester NY. She has hosted red carpet events

at New Day Associates Red Carpet , True Enterprise award show in Buffalo NY and Syracuse recently. NDure has been featured in several magazines INDEPENDENT ARTIST MAGAZINE April/May and August/ September 2013 edition TopCat Magazine April 2015 issue, 716 Magazine 2015 December issue advertising her new fragrance N D U R E and countless interviews. Ndure has expanded her writing skills and is now a writer for Chicago’s Divulge Magazine. She also is acting in a film in Little Rock Arkansas called “Pimpin Ain’t Dead Chicks Just Scared” as Crème’. She also plays the role of Sarah in a upcoming indie film short film called “Love Means Nothing” . She is currently looking forward to launching her perfume & seeking a publishing deal & endorsements. To contact Natalie NDure Brooks Email Ndure26@yahoo.com











she decided to start her small mobile business. “Everyone in their lifetime will need some type of document notarized and sometimes our busy work schedules prevents this from getting accomplished when we have to

RocCity Mobile Notary Services is locally owned and independently operated by Rochester NY native, Kim Jones. RocCity Notary Services is a mobile notary service on wheels. Kim travels and bring her services to your location of choice to perform notary acts, either afterhours, or on the weekends, and even on holidays. Her after-hour service is a convenient way for customers to have their documents notarized and not have to rely on transportation or normal business hours during the week to accomplish this. We all get busy and sometimes forget to complete some of our most important tasks due to other demands or tasks that require our attention. And what about those who don’t have the transportation to go out into the community to have a 1-page document notarized, or those who are confined to the home and cannot travel out? Kim understands these challenges and they are all the reasons

Kim has been a licensed Notary Public for over 15 years. She became a Notary while she worked in Property Management 15 years ago with the goal to provide an additional and convenient service to the residents at the property. At that time she was only performing notary transactions during business hours onsite at no charge. For a 450 high rise apartment building, this was A1 convenience at the front door. Kim’s reflection on this experience…. “I remember early in my career working in Property Management my Manager at that time asked me to become a Notary so we can offer another benefit to the residents to enhance their independent living. It was good for resident retention. At that time I didn’t know much about what becoming a Notary entailed, but just like other unknown situations I’ve faced, I was up for the challenge.

rely on walk-in notary service within the community.” Kim’s solution is to bring the services to you at your convenience on your time schedule.

I’m always motivated to learn and grow, so anything to increase my knowledge base, I’m on board 100%. Once I agreed to become a Notary, my Manager paid and sent me to a 1-day workshop in Buffalo, NY. It was at that workshop where I learned all about performing oaths ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE :: JULY/AUGUST EDITION 2019


{ WOMAN OWNED BUSINESS } “Love costs a lot, Lord. I just can’t do it anymore. It cost me my time, attention, care for the other person – that wasn’t reciprocated, risk of being made a fool in love with a joker.”

and affirmations, fraud prevention, proper identity verification, NY Notary laws, (a very important component of doing notarizations), as well as the notarization process, and the benefits of later becoming a Notary Signing Agent. After I attended the workshop, I sat and took the test to become licensed the very next day. Of course I passed it with flying colors and the rest is history.” After 10 years in Property Management, Kim moved on taking her skills and experience as a licensed Notary with her, and in addition to her current FT career, she decided to extend her Notary skills by becoming a certified Notary Signing Agent work as an Independent Contractor for real estate transactions, such as new mortgage loans, mortgage loan modifications, debt settlements, mortgage refinancing, timeshare contracts, and more. There are various real estate transactions that require a licensed Notary Public to perform notarizations but a certified Notary Signing Agent has the special 424


expertise and additional skills and experience to ensure integrity and to serve as an impartial witness. Notary signing Agents are the critical final link to complete a loan. They ensure that the real estate documents are executed by the borrower, notarized, and returned for processing on time. Kim has acquired and earned these

experienced licensed Notary Publics around the world. Kim has been a Notary Signing Agent for 10 years and has performed over 100 real estate notary transactions both locally and in surrounding areas around Rochester, NY. In addition to her current FT HR Management career, Kim is operating R o c C i t y No t a r y Services where she specializes in providing notar y service for different types of documents. Additionally, she is a Notary Signing Agent for real estate transactions regularly a s s i s t i n g Ti t l e Companies, Real Estate Professionals, Brokers, and Escrow Officers. For more information on Kim’s mobile Notary Services, call 585-3056196. Please follow her on Instagram, @ roccitynotary. She is professional, reliable, and available to assist you with all of your notary needs.

professional skills and experience to perform these transactions successfully. Kim has built her skills and experience as a Notary Signing Agent through attending workshops, seminars, trainings and networking with other




More than 60% of Alzheimer’s and dementia caregivers are women.

The impact of Alzheimer’s on women is real. Not only are women more likely than men to be caregivers, they are also more likely to develop the disease. In fact, almost 2/3 of Americans living with Alzheimer’s are women.

Learn more at: alz.org/women






So many people have signed up for the open registration call to take a seat in the back row of their own lives. They read the disclaimers and fully disclose their allegiance to watching their lives from the same position. Their will to drive and to succeed is hampered as they have given the keys to their own success to someone else to hold on to.

Why are we content in the nose bleed section of our own lives? Who said you have to raise your hands to life your dreams? Why are we constantly

The dreams they have for themselves are tucked far away in their file cabinet of wishes. They quickly retreat to the back row of their lives, when any ounce of ambition shows up.

Tap yourself and say “Girl, Get Up!” It is time for you to take the stage in the story of your own life. Stop being a hitchhiker in your own story. Stop suppressing all that embodies you. “So what!” If your supporters are few... keep going. Write the book. Start the business. Join the club. Whatever “it” is... GET ON THE STAGE & do it! Be proud of all that you are and all you have become. Commit within yourself that no matter what, you will live your best life!

Why are so many people content to live their lives vicariously through someone else? Why are we told as little children to dream big in life, that we can have whatever we want in life? Yet the moment we dream, we allow a dream thief to discount our dream, only to implement it themselves?

Why have we settled into a just getting by existence, when we have so much untapped potential?

When you get up from the back row, it may seem awkward at first,and you will have a laundry list of reasons to retreat to the back, just keep moving. See you on Stage!

taking advice on our dreams, from people who have never dreamed?

Dr. Kiki Michelle Singletary-Williams Www.iamkikimichelle.com








Summer time, Sun Shine, Blue skies the best has yet to come. The most important thing about summer in fashion is texture, threads and colors. Fashion is all over the world, in so many textures of fabric from head to toe. It is called summer Fierce, up close, hands on fashion, colorful fabric that has an influence on others. When you see a dress or top full of colors and beautiful texture, or a suit on someone that you know at that moment it would look amazing on you. That is Fashion Summer Fierce.

classes and much more. Katlady Productions © is a company of Fashions and Entertainment is a unique company that aims to bring

This is a very busy time for us, we have to keep up with each individual order and prepare for the upcoming season. We love what we do and according to our customers and reviews, they love it as well. We attend many events all over the world, yacht parties, fundraisers, birthdays and we do these things with a splash of color original designs created by Katlady Productions ©. Katlady Productions © is a friendly company that interacts with our customers and clients, Models and designers, alike, creating bonds with our community.

One of our desires at Katlady Productions © is to continually develop our uniqueness to fashion. We go past the top layer and search for the inner beauty that everyone individual possess. Our goal is to find the inner beauty and bring it to the surface. By using this approach it gives us unlimited energy and enthusiasm, with the end result being Fierce & Fabulous, one of kind designs. We don’t stop when the garment is completed, we offer Adult & Children Modeling classes, Fashion Management Services classes, Sewing

of the summer air has a positive effect on us. It is easy to see the beauty nature in the summertime. Summer is a wonderful time of the year it allows us to be one with nature. This is the best time of the year for Katlady Productions © energy, creativity and enthusiasm.

the uniqueness in you to life through fashion. Taking in the sight/ sounds and smells

We aim to learn exactly who people are because it enables us to directly cater to their inner selves. When we are finished, the feeling is Absolutely Amazing , and slay the runway every time. Models represent who they are, ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE :: JULY/AUGUST EDITION 2019



a fierce & fabulous, one of a kind individual. Our approach to summer fashions is comparable to a Peacock showing their feathers, rich bright colors blended with a fresh vision and unique one of a kind cutting edge designs. Being based in Harlem New York is especially exciting because of the many events, shows, parties and plays. This is the city that never sleeps and as a creative designer have to keep up the styles. 436


All White events with a splash of color is a extravagant summer event that Katlady Productions © Hosts. It enables us to be creative without any limitations; blending white with many rich explosive colors of summer is what drives us. Katlady productions © has had the opportunity to slay the runway in New Jersey at the Avenal Art Center produced by Ms Khadlah Wright. Our upcoming shows are the 7th Annual R&B Under the Star’s brought to you by

the Real Harlem Basketball Players on August 10, 2019. Then Atlantic City late August 2019. September 7th New York Fashion Week is going to be amazing also. Thank you to all the readers maybe you would like to join Katlady Productions © or maybe you may see some thing you are interested in. Please free feel to contact us at katladprod@gmail. com or Teddypeterson55@gmail.com






Working as a stylist can be challenging and heartwarming at the same time. I’ve encountered my fair share of gives ups or what they call kitchen due. (kitchen due – processing hair in your own house in the kitchen, bath room or living room). I never thought I would be processing hair and in a shop. I have done hair in my kitchen or bath room. There is nothing wrong with helping someone become beautiful no matter how it gets done. However, the difference is the pricing. When you perform the same gift on someone in your home, most people will not pay the full price as being in a shop. My gifts are totally different from most, if not all. I specialize in coloring, haircuts, sew ins, crochets, natural hair braiding, relaxers, natural styles and many, many more. I worked with the greatest stylists and some who do not know much about hair during my career. Let’s get some pointers on some of these subjects, I will start with coloring. Anytime I get a new client, I always want to do a consultation just so I know what my client is about and what he/she likes. As well as reviewing

their medical history, if they are diabetic or have high blood pressure. Most people do not realize knowing about whether clients experience some of these symptoms can be helpful when you are processing any hair

COLORING – what color, what style and how many colors ( highlighting or blending several colors). - Most times, when coloring for the first time, a box color may not be the best choice for product. Box and or semi-permanent dye often washes out in a few weeks. The artificial pigment color can linger in your hair for years (literally) and is very difficult to “lift” later if the client wants to go lighter or add highlights. - When using color, it’s best to change shampoos made to preserve the color. Make sure the shampoo is for colored-treated hair. Clarifying shampoo’s which most people use can strip your hair of color. - Coloring or bleaching hair can damage hair. Always use conditioner and/or get conditioner treatments to make sure the hair stays healthy.

product on a client. It is important information to gather. CONSULTATION – Discuss with your client any information you need to know and especially find out what it is they are really looking for from you.

Let me provide another tip for some of you beautiful stylists or for those who are still learning the grip of hair and the personal care that comes along with hair care. Relaxers can be a bit tricky for most as well. RELAXERS - Chemical hair relaxers are designed to straighten extremely curly, coiled or tightly coiled hair by ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE :: JULY/AUGUST EDITION 2019


{ BEAUTY LIES WITHIN } “Working as a stylist can be challenging and heartwarming at the same time. I’ve encountered my fair share of gives ups or what they call kitchen due. (kitchen due – processing hair in your own house in the kitchen, bath room or living room).”

within the cortex layer of the hair. Hydroxide and Thio are the most common types of hair relaxers. - If you have natural hair which we call it VIRGIN hair, it needs more precedence than already relaxed hair which we call it a RETOUCH.

breakage or over processed hair, Heck, I’ve done it myself on clients and it does not feel too good. However, what really matters and what counts is how you fix the mistake and try your best not to do that again. As stylists we encounter so many people of many

- Virgin hair must be processed completely different than Retouches. Now no matter what product you get or have in your hair, it needs personal care. Chemicals are not to be played with and can damage and break your hair, especially if you try to use two chemicals at once. Now as far as natural hair, they say it is the easiest to care for. Sorry to disappoint you, but it’s not!!!! It takes more patience and time for natural hair. One nice factor about natural hair is, it is healthier, stronger and chemical-free. I recommend using products with coconut, olive oil, ghee, grass-fed butter, avocado and many more. These fats contain healthy omega 3’s, which help to assist providing softness and sheen in natural hair or for that matter, any type of hair. Now, I have come across damaged, 440


with loss of hair or no hair if it’s not your choice. Life can be hectic. Taking time out to pamper yourself, once a week, every two weeks or once a month can be good for your soul. Try a mani or pedi. Take some time out for you to relax. As women we get so busy or have so many obligations we often forget about what we need. I’ll leave you with this…

races, attitudes and personalities. Any time you are in some type of customer service you must be built to be tough but at the same time compassionate to your clients. Some clients present with special hair needs such as those who have cancer, alopecia or any type of hair loss. They need more love than most. It is severely damaging for a woman

No matter what hair do you chose, or what chemical’s you use or even if you get braids or locks, take good care of your hair. Refrain from having dry scalp, dandruff and or bumps. Find a stylist that fits your budget and needs. Your hair is an important part of your body and deserves the love like any other part of the body. I say “Healthy Hair ROCKS” Sheila Young 515 Thurston Ave (585) 224-6014


ROC CITY NOTARY Angelina Everett is a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology with a BS in Information Systems. Upon graduation she worked as an Information Analyst for Electronic Data Systems.

entrepreneur, a leader and has helped boost her confidence and brought a boldness to her where there was once a shy and timid woman. When she isn’t accessorizing you

Fo r t h e l a s t 13 yrs. she has worked at Excellus BCBS in several different positions and is currently a Quality Test Engineer. In January 2018 Angelina became an Independent Consultant o f Pa p a r a z z i Accessories and the CEO of I Am Fabulous For Five. In a short period of time she has reached several milestones in Paparazzi and is now a Life of The Party Bronze m e m b e r, a Premier Director and currently has a team of 30 Business Partners. Paparazzi has been the catalyst to her growth and development as an 442


development. One of her quotes is “You’re never fully dressed without a Smile and Paparazzi Jewelry” Angelina has had several other businesses before, however within the last 16 months she’s had the most success and seen the most growth with her Paparazzi business. She is currently working on expanding her business locally and nationally. She can be reached We b s i t e :

with Fabulous $5 jewelry she likes swimming, riding her bike in the Tour de Cure for the American Diabetes Association, networking, and personal

IAmFabulousForFive.com InstaGram: IamAngelinaEverett Facebook: I Am Fabulous by Angelina Phone: 585-414-3290






Hey Kurvie Korner readers! The summer is here, and I wanted to share with you my summer must haves. Now that the weather is warmer, we can put away the boots and sweaters. Its time for fun in the sun, beach trips, vacations, and enjoying every moment of life. Each item on my list is something I cannot go without this summer.

not to let my “flaws” hinder me from my dreams. It has not been a perfect journey, but I am still walking the path! There are two summer clothing pieces that I must have, maxi dresses, and

There is nothing you can put on to make you feel beautiful if you don’t have my number one summer must have! My number one summer necessity is confidence. Confidence is the key to all fashion. You must recognize you’re beautiful and feel great in whatever you’re wearing. Whether you’re a size 0 or 30, you can be a fashion forward kueen. Your size should not be a deciding factor on what you’d like to wear. If you feel sexy and beautiful in the outfit, wear it. You are not too skinny or to Kurvie to for any attire. In the real world there is no standard of beauty, you are your own standard. Beauty has no size, do not allow society to influence your self-esteem. When I turned twenty-five my selfesteem blossomed. That was the year where I chose to show who I am, and not who I want people to see. I decided

woman, I never thought that in my thirties I’d proudly wear crop tops. I’m glad to say my self love journey led me to a place where shorts and crop tops are frequently worn. Crop tops can be paired with skirts, shorts, palazzo pants and leggings. Stop into Kurvie Kulture, 510 state street to view a wide selection of dresses and summer attire. My next two necessities allow you to complete your looks with style and uniqueness. Many women get creative with their makeup. Summertime is the perfect opportunity to pull out the bright pinks, blues and neon colors. I haven’t become a full-face makeup kueen just yet however, I love everything about a bold lip color for the summer. My favorite colors are reds and purples. When I’m not wearing a colorful lip, I wear lip gloss.

crop tops. Maxi dresses are a summer staple for most women. They come in several lengths, colors and prints. Maxi dresses can be worn by women of all shapes and sizes. As a plus size young

R e c e n t l y, I w a s introduced to the perfect hues and longlasting lip glosses that Traci M cosmetics offers. Traci M cosmetics offers a variety of colors that are compatible for all skin tones. She offers a clear gloss that I carry with me in my purse as well as my work bags. ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE :: JULY/AUGUST EDITION 2019


{ THE KURVIE KORNER } “As you all know Kurvie Korner is all about everything that empowers, encourages, and uplifts women.”

Her matte lip sticks are easy to apply and are the perfect addition to any summer outfit. I am in love with a pop of color on my nails. Manicures and full sets can be simple all the way to extreme art. Your nails are just as important as you’re outfit. You can express yourself through your color, texture, jewelry or words. None of my summer looks are complete without a purse or a pair of fabulous sunglasses. My summer purse styles range from work bags, crossbody bags, clutches, or a large overnight bag. Handbags can take a simple outfit to an

extravagant one. As you all know I am in love with colors. This handbag can be found at Raquel Denise Handbags. It’s vibrant colors, unique design and affordable price make it the perfect addition to any summer look. Paired with a stunning bag must be a pair of sunglasses. My collection contains over thirty pairs. The options are endless and create a way to be playful, serious, sexy and fun. Last and certainly not least, I cannot complete an outfit without a unique shoe. I am not a 6-inch heel diva, so I have to find shoes that are sexy, stylish,

and comfortable. I have several pairs of flats, sandals, and low inch heels. I purchase my shoes from Justfab or my own boutique Kurvie Kulture. KK and Justfab both have a variety of shoes for any woman, they are also very budget friendly.

Profile for Rochester Woman Online

RWO's Something For The Sisters July/Aug 2019  

Our latest cover woman for RWO's Something for the Sisters is no other then the multi-talented, single mother, warrior woman Sheila Young. W...

RWO's Something For The Sisters July/Aug 2019  

Our latest cover woman for RWO's Something for the Sisters is no other then the multi-talented, single mother, warrior woman Sheila Young. W...