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Design Portfolio | 2013 [Kelly Beiser]

Kelly Beiser 376 Old Ranch Road Whitefish, MT 59937 Primary Phone: 406-212-1283


Whitefish High School | 20052009 Honor Roll all 4 years, cross country team captain in 2009, varsity cross country 2006-2009, honor society member. University of Idaho | 2009-2013 Architecture student all 4 years, 3.33 GPA, College of Art and Architecture Ambassador, AIAS member. University of Idaho Rome Program | Summer 2012 10 credits in 8 weeks: sketching class, history class, and design studio.

Work Experience

Western Woodwrights | May 2008-August 2008 Supervisor: Ken Beiser Tasks: construction laborer, mixed plaster, applied plaster, shingle and roof work.

Skills Weak

Tonerport Inc | May 2009-July 2009 Supervisor: Bob Ohlson Tasks: Micellaneous office tasks, created invoices and purchase orders, answered customers’ and vendors’ phone calls and emails, delivered ink cartridges. Micheals Arts and Crafts | January 2013-March 2013 Supervisor: Brien Tasks: Sales associate, greet customers, help them find products, back up cashier, kept store neat.

Sketching Model Making Analog Graphics


Table of Contents Portland Courtyard Housing Sunset Pavilion Revit Experience Boise Fire Station 5 artwork and sketches Piazza di Sant Egidio Gonano Facilities

Portland Courtyard Housing This multi-family housing complex is located near the pearl district in Portland, Oregon. It was designed with creating a strong community in mind that is designed around a courtyard and to attract people that enjoy the outdoors and are strong proponents and users of alternative transportation. It is located near a city transit stop so that it will be easy for the occupants to utilize Portland’s great

public transit system.

[Design Process]

This multi-family housing complex is located on Love Joy Ave in Portland Oregon. It is right across from the hospital in Pearl District. The site plan below shows the first floor and the courtyard. It has commercial retail and parking as a buffer from the street and limited parking encourages the use of alternative transportation.


Laundry Parking Additional Parking


Bike Locerks

2 Bedroom

[First Floor/Site Plan]

Portland Courtyard Housing

In the courtyard, there is a unique water collection system that is also an aesthetic fountain that is part of the courtyard. The gutters on each floor collect rainwater and then create a fountain effect as the water falls from each gutter to the next, eventually leading to a cistern on the main floor. This water can then be used for the low flow toilets, sprinkler systems, and for radiant floor heating in the building. This further encourages sustainable living and reusing our natural resources.

[Courtyard Elevation]

[Roof Plan]


[Third Floor Plan]

the Sunset Pavilion, located in the Shattuck Arboretum at the University of Idaho, is designed with the culture of Moscow, Idaho in mind. It is on a hill looking out over the beautiful arboretum and it steps up the hillside, becoming one with the landscape. It is designed in a location that has a natural ampitheater and creates a place where people can gather outdoors and enjoy the beautiful views of the arboretum and the palouse.hill,

Sunset Pavilion

[Site Location]

The Sunset pavilion’s floor plan is designed to create places for people to sit and enjoy the view, such as on planters and the steps. It has a small indoor bathroom with a composting toilet, so that there is no need for water to be piped out to it. The wistaria vines that flow off the roof provide a curtain that protects from the harsh west sun but still allowing for the sunset to be enjoyed.

[Site Plan]

[Floor Plan] [Section]

[East Elevation]

Revit Experience

With the way things are going in the architecture world and technology, digital design tools have become a necessity to learn. I took a class at the University of Idaho that specifically focused on Auto Cad and Revit. We learned a lot of things throughout the course, and our final project was to recreate the classroom that we were in down to every last detail. This required creating our own components and learning all the little details about revit, even how to create a doorknob on the doors. These were my results and it was the first time that I had ever used Revit as a design tool. I had always used Auto Cad or sketchup before this. Now, I use Revit for almost all my projects. I consider myself an intermediate user of the program. [Actual classroom picture]

[Revit rendering of classroom model]

Boise Fire Station 5 Boise Fire Station 5 is designed for both comfort and efficiency. It is located in Boise, Idaho across from the freeway and a skateboard park. The design focuses on a clear and open floor plan with human spaces and spaces for working and fighting fire. The apparatus bays are large and open, allowing for lots of space for fire fighters to move and work. It is made of CMU blocks in system of veneer and actual structural wall.

On the exterior of the building, material choices depended on the use of the space. The human spaces have wood veneer on the outside of the CMU block while the CMU is exposed in the areas where work is to be done. The space where the fire fighters live and work has wood veneer on the walls insdie was well which gives it a more warm and welcoming feel while in the working areas, it is more industrial and high tech feeling. There is a large atrium space above the bedroom spaces to provide natural lighting and also for ventilation. It brings in much more light from the south that is then utilized in the living spaces. The bedrooms on the north side of the building so that traffice noise and direct sunlight are minimized, allowing the fire fighters to sleep when they are off duty.

artwork and sketches

Left: Value perspective drawing, looking into my dorm room. Fall 2009. Top Right: Tree study for Landscape class. This is a chestnut tree in the Arboretum of the University of Idaho.

artwork and sketches

All of these sketches are from my time spent in Rome for a study abroad course through the U of I. Sketching was a 3 credit class that we took while we were there, and I learned a lot from my professor and from sketching the sites and scenes of Rome.

Piazza di Sant Egidio

Piazza di Sant Egidio is located in Rome, Italy in the Trastevere neighborhood. The two context maps show the larger center of Rome with its many historical attractions. There is a street through the piazza that acts as an arterial through fare all the way from the piazza to the famous St. Peters Cathedral. The other road leads to Ponte Sisto, which crosses the Tiber river to the main center of Rome. The piazza is an important knuckle in the Roman street system and the improvements to the plaza improves with more seating, spaces that are raised to promote gathering, and a clear cut path that paves the way toward St. Peters. Many tourists pass through this space with their maps, and so a informational booth was also added to the Piazza. The stairs to the museum were reformed to better celebrate it and also creates additional seating.

Piazza di Sant Egidio

The placement of the water feature responds to predominant wind direction through the space in the summer time and acts as an evaporative cooling agent to the space. Part of the museum stairs is covered by the canvas coverings and so provides a shaded place to sit. There are also spaces for sitting that are in the sun. Light colored Travertine material helps separate the walking and gathering spaces from the street and also keeps the space more comfortable in the summer. The original cobblestones are kept for the roadway. It was important to separate the space for cars and the space for humans to better improve the space.

Gonano Facilities

Gonano Facilities is a high tech lab facility that manufactures nano material that can then be used in many different applications. The design is focused on the efficiency of the lab space and also sustainable design techniques, such as passive solar and ventilation. It was a group project, and mostly I focused on creating the structure and researching and implementing sustainable techniques into the design. There is an atrium space that creates ventilation via the stack effect and plenty of glazing on the North facade to take advantage of views and also the indirect northern light. By using an EPDM membrane on the roof, there is the opportunity to have a green roof and use xeriscaping to limit the maintenance. In floor heating using water creates radiant heat, which is more efficient and affordable than forced air heating

[Cirrculation diagram upper floor]

[Cirrculation diagram main floor]

This wall section diagram shows the footing system and the raised elevation. It also shows the floor system heating and the roof system with the green roof.

Gonano Facilities

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