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By Kelly Andersen Summer is finally here! The excitement in the air for hot weather fun is palpable! Now is the time to spend endless hours relaxing on the beach without a care in the world… if you can take the heat. Designers are taking advantage of the warmer weather and this season’s looks are smoking hot. With spring break a distant memory and finals behind you, kick back and lounge with the best summer has to offer! If you plan on spending countless hours at the shore, you’re going to need a bag to get you there and back in style. A great beach tote should be able to go from beach to boutique without a second look. After a long day soaking up the sun, some local shopping or an early dinner can definitely be the end to a perfect day. There are endless possibilities for great totes this beach season. Designers everywhere are trying to create the perfect combination of summer elegance without the expensive price tag. One such designer that has caught my eye is the Felix Rey Collection at Target! These summer bags are flying off the shelves faster than the store can stock them. These two ladies incorporate sea shells and bright, summer colors to fit the essence of the next few months. Priced between $20-$50, their collection can work for every budget. Finding the right sunscreen is another necessity during the hot season. I recently found out about Hampton Sun products and have not looked back! This unique brand makes your skin feel healthy while shielding it from the sun’s intense rays. Hampton Sun products are sold locally at The Ritz Carlton and are great for accenting the perfect summer glow. Ranging from SPF 4 through SPF 30, this line will protect all skin shades. My personal favorite is the SPF 15 gel. With an easy application and without the greasy, sticky leftover film, this product is definitely worth the investment! As an added bonus, these high end products are all hypo-allergenic and dermatologically tested. Cliff notes version: these products will not cause those unwanted breakouts that accompany most supermarket brands! After the tanning, the Serious Shimmer Cooling Spray leaves a faint touch of sparkle and the soothing remedy of aloe to really accentuate your new summer glow. The entire line contains vitamins A through E, keeping your skin healthy and in optimal condition. Need a boost before you hit the beach? The Sunless Tanning Gel is the perfect way to start your summer in the right direction. Being bronzed and beautiful is easy with the help of Hampton Sun! Check their website:

After spending April’s rent money on a new collection of bathing suits, it is important to take care of them over the next six months. The Laundress is a great line that offers premium laundry products to keep clothes and bathing suits looking good as new, no matter how long they have been hiding in your closet. For women, The Laundress offers the irresistible “Lady” and “Baby” fragrances. You will want to lie in your hamper because these two scents are that good! For the guys, the unique “Cedar” scent will keep your expensive clothes in the best condition without any floral or mothball undertones. The best part? If you don’t have time to wash your favorite outfit combination, these fabulous smells are also offered in fabric spray. With one spritz, your clothes will smell like they just came out of the washing machine! The Laundress also offers great extras, such as wet garment bags, laundry totes, iron board covers, hand soaps and lotions. I have used these products for years! They are always expanding their line and it never disappoints. To view the entire collection, visit Lulu’s Gift Emporium or online at www. To really kick up your summer style, consider the latest trend of incorporating animal prints into your ensemble. You don’t have to dress like a jungle cat, but just a touch of zebra or cheetah print can really perk up your existing wardrobe! The Best of Everything offers great head scarves and headbands that can give you just the right amount. While you’re there, check out the costume jewelry and their great selection of designer look-a-likes, without the risk of overspending! The jewelry displayed for the summer season has a great collection of sea shell accents that really capture the fun of the beach. You can spend hours in this store and always find something new. If you haven’t already been, this will instantly become your new favorite place to buy accessories and gifts. Now, go hit the beach! Remember, I am always looking for the newest product line and my next crush. If you have any new favorites to share, email me at

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