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FALL 2008


The idea that summer’s drawing to a close might not thrill you, but really is there anything more fun than back to school shopping?!

Where better to find the hottest new looks than Seaway Mall? It’s impossible not to get caught up in the excitement! From bright tights, to the latest in tweeds, tartans and ruffles, the Seaway Mall is your trend-setting center! Whether you’re a mum getting your little one ready to head off for kindergarten, or a teen wrapping up your last year in high school or getting ready to set the college or university world on fire, you know where to find the styles you need to take you to the head of your class!



COLOUR 101: CLASS IN VIBRANCE The biggest surprise this fall is the move away from the expected, muted tones of beige and brown. This season, fall runways are exploding with Deep Reds, Royal Lilac, Blue Iris, Caribbean and Twilight Blues and Glade Greens. There’s nothing shy about those shades! Both in clothing and make-up you will find luscious and vibrant colours that will jump off the shelves!

You will love the fall line-up at Le Chateau, Urban Planet (wait ‘til you see the hot plaid minis!), Winners, Campus Crew, Labels and Shoe Warehouse. Set a budget and we bet you’ll be impressed by how easy it will be to find great fashion bargains at Seaway Mall. You may discover that by choosing a pair of jeans that are on sale, the budget might be stretched to include a second hoodie or that new purse you just can’t leave behind! Whether you’re pairing a Victorian style blouse with a great pair of dark wash skinny jeans at Le Chateau or finding some fabulous heels at Shoe Warehouse to offset the new funky tights you just bought at Urban Planet, you’re going to love this year’s fall fashions so much it might break the bank! But with the outstanding selection available at the Seaway Mall stores, you can be sure there truly is something for every taste and every budget! ZELLERS

Smart mums will be sure to put Zellers, Sears, Winners and Bonnie Togs on their list, where the selection of colourful, fashionable kids clothing will make every back to schooler feel and look fabulous. Cute plaids, funky denim, hot new colours of purple, green and bright blue... this is the essence of what makes back to school shopping fun!

Whether you’re ready to dive into a whole retro seventies vibe or explore what’s hot in tweeds, tartans and the whole menswear feel – think sharp tailored suits, with slim pants or slender skirts creating that sought after silhouette! – Or simply throw a few new pieces in deep shades of purple, teal, grey and rich blue to give your look a punch of colour! Since Fall is coming, we must update our closets!

So be like a tree this fall and leaf it behind, start fresh at Seaway Mall!

Isn’t it time you treated yourself to a new suit? Don’t forget to spice it up with some fresh shirts and ties! The newly renovated Blake’s has everything you need to make your wardrobe come alive this season, in all the rich colours and textures, royal blues and bright purples that are so fashionable. If you think you are up to the task, throw a grey and blue plaid suit into the mix!


Don’t hide in pants just because summer’s on the wane! The flattering wrap dresses that looked so lovely in the light fabrics last season will look equally good in warmer weights for fall and winter. Skirts, sweaters and cozy blazers - you’ll find a fabulous selection at Cleo and Ricki’s, Winners, Zack’s and Penningtons. We especially love the great shades of grape and the crisp white blouses at Suzy Shier - wonderful looks for the days when the winter winds begin to blow and your spirits need a lift. To really put some animal magnetism into your look, Le Chateau suggests adding a splash of fun with a leopard print scarf! And for the teens, check out the zebra striped leggings from Urban Planet!


TECHNO FLAIR Updating your wardrobe isn’t the only thing you can do to get fall off to a great start at Seaway Mall. Why not start off fresh with a laptop in a hot new colour and a stylish case or messenger bag to carry it in? Who says you can’t coordinate your outfit with your laptop bag? Another stylish and useful tech tool is the iPod shuffle in your favorite colour so you can walk to the beat of your own drum. From printer cartridges to USB memory sticks to the latest in computer equipment, you’ll find Seaway Mall stores such as The Source by Circuit City and Zellers have the latest and greatest to get you back on the techno track.

If there’s one thing every student needs to start the year off on the right foot, it’s a great backpack! From pens and pencils, to running shoes and notebooks, that backpack will be carrying gear all year – so it had better be up to the task! What should you look for in a great backpack?

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind… • Make sure your backpack is proportional to your size. If the wearer is less than 5’6” tall, the backpack shouldn’t be taller than 22” and shouldn’t hold more than 20-30lbs. That may sound like a lot of gear, but just pile up a stack of notebooks and textbooks and see how heavy they are! • Straps should be padded and broad enough so they won’t cut into your shoulders when the pack is heavy. Adjustable straps make things easiest to manage, so be sure to look for solid clips and handy snaps. • Some backpacks now feature a single strap that wraps across the body to provide ergonomically correct weight distribution. Try out both styles, with a few books loaded inside for the testing process, to see which is more comfortable for you. • If you’re finding that you need to transport large quantities of books as well as a laptop – as many college and university students now must – you might prefer a wheeled backpack. With extendable handles, solid wheels and padded laptop sleeves to protect computer equipment, these backpacks can also double as weekend getaway luggage. • Obviously, the more pockets and pouches your backpack can offer, the better. At the least, you’ll need a spot for your cell phone, your keys, your wallet and that padded slot for your laptop. Make sure pockets and pouches close with zippers or Velcro, not snaps for safety. No doubt the biggest challenge will be to decide on colour and pattern – and you’ll find everything from neon brights to trendy plaids at Seaway Mall! Who knows? You might find that one won’t cover all your fashion needs and you might need two or three or… WIN $200 IN MALL GIFT CERTIFICATES


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