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1. Expired & Related Domain Names • If you want to start to build website and you don’t want to

start from a scratch, you can buy expired domains that have high PR and have a lot backlinks. • Or you can buy domains that related to your domain. Such as misspellings domains. • You will shock how often people that misspell.


2. Buying Text Links • You can buy cheap links to your website. Find a website

that related to yours and offering to pay them to put your link on their site. • Or you can use text link brokers to find websites that sell links. • But be careful, there is a rumor that Google penalize websites that buy and sell links.


3. Tell A Friend Form • Another way to get traffic is using tell a friend form. • Offer a free gift to your visitors that would like to share

your site to their friends through tell a friend form.


4. Outsource Your Traffic Generation • As building traffic to your website takes work and time,

you can outsource everything about traffic generation. For example: write articles, blog commenting, write press release, create accounts social networks, etc. • Start with small task when hire a person, if her/his work at an acceptable quality level, then you can give them more task. • Visit this website to hire freelancer: •



5. Find Out What People Want To Hear • If you want your site become more popular and

respected. You have to hear people what they want. • You should have a goals that your website can provide helpful information. • You can start by spending times in forums or yahoo answer, etc. • By giving people want, you will be showing them that your website is valuable.

6. More Traffic For more tips & tricks, visit my website below: Click here Or copy paste link below to your browser


How to improve web site traffic  

How to improve web site traffic

How to improve web site traffic  

How to improve web site traffic