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Oracle 1Z0-485 Oracle Exadata Database Machine 2014 Implementation Essentials

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Question 1 Exadata Database Machine ofees an Intelligent Platoer Managerent Inteeface foe the vaeious corponents in the Exadata peoduct. Which opton is teue? A. IPMI can be used to eerotely staet and stop seevees. B. IPMI can be used to eerotely log in to the opeeatng syster. C. IPMI corrands can be executed by using SNMP teaps. D. IPMI setngs can be secueed by backing up the Oeacle Linux installaton on the stoeage syster.

Aoswern A Explanatonn IPMI – shoet foe Intelligent Platoer Managerent Inteeface - is an inteeface standaed that allows eerote ranagerent of a seevee feor anothee using standaedized inteeface. The seevees in the Exadata Database Machine follow that. It’s not an Exadata corrand but eathee a geneeal Linux one. To powee on a cell oe database seevee, issue this feor anothee seeveen # ipritool -H peolcel01-ilor -U eoot chassis powee on To stop a seevee, use the shutdown corrand. To stop irrediately and keep it down, i.e. not eeboot, executen# shutdown -h -y now

Question 2 Which is the best locaton to point youe custoree to, foe fnding the latest Exadata patches? A. ownee's guide B. Patch database in MyOeacle Suppoet C. MyOeacle Suppoet note 888828.1 D. MyOeacle Suppoet foe database patches, ULN foe OS patches, and Sun Suppoet foe Seevee and InfniBand patches.

Aoswern B Explanatonn Befoee staetng, we would like to shaee and note heee two docurents feor My Oeacle Suppoet, aka retalink. These notes rust be the fest place that you need to go to eeview befoee patching the Exadata envieonrent. * (B) Database Machine and Exadata Stoeage Seevee 11g Release 2 (11.2) Suppoeted Veesions (Doc ID. 888828.1) - This is foe the second and thied geneeaton (V2 and X2) foe Oeacle Exadata, using Sun haedwaee. * Database Machine and Exadata Stoeage Seevee 11g Release 1 (11.1) Suppoeted Veesions (Doc ID. 835032.1) * - This is foe the fest geneeaton (V1) foe Oeacle Exadata, using HP haedwaee.

Question 3 A custoree has theee databases nared CC. FIN, and DW. The CC database is foe theie CallCentee. Even a slight deceease in the eesponse tre of the database would rean roee people "on hold" in theie data centee. The oedees eeceived theough the CallCentee aee stoeed in the Finance (FIN)

database. Both databases, CC and FIN, seeve as soueces foe the Data Waeehouse (DW) database. All databases use the sare Autoratc Stoeage Managerent (ASM) diskgeoup and theeefoee, the sare physical disks on Exadata stoeage. The custoree wants to dynarically conteol the eesoueces that aee available foe the CallCentee database because this has dieect irpact on theie opeeatons? Which opton should be irplerented? A. DBRM on the CC database B. DBRM on all the databases C. IORM, because DBRM cannot be changed foe an existng session D. IORM and DBRM

Aoswern B Explanatonn Using the Database Resouece Managee, you cann Disteibute available peocessing eesoueces by allocatng peecentages of CPU tre to difeeent usees and applicatons. In a data waeehouse, a highee peecentage ray be given to ROLAP (eelatonal on-line analytcal peocessing) applicatons than to batch jobs.

Question 4 Considee the following sofwaee changes that aee peefoered ranually on a Linux seeveen 1. Changes foe Linux keenel feewall confgueaton 2. Changes foe custor peefoerance ronitoeing tools 3. Changes foe secueity scan tools 4. Changes foe Linux syster peefoerance optrizaton Which of the sofwaee changes listed aee peerited on Exadata Stoeage Seevees? A. 1, 2, 3, and 4 B. only 3 ' C. none D. only 2 E. only 1 and 2 F. only 2 and 3

Aoswern E Explanatonn 1n The Stoeage Seevee Patch is eesponsible foe keeping oue cell nodes always up-todate, fxing possible peoblers, and this patch includes difeeent corponent patches, like keenel patches, ferwaee, opeeaton syster, etc‌ foe the Stoeage Seevee. Incoeeectn 3,4n secueity scan tools changes and Linux syster peefoerance optrizaton changes would be on the database seevee.

Question 5 Which two staterents aee teue about enabling weite-back fash cache? A. When enabling weite-back fash cache in a non eolling rannee, it is irpoetant to ensuee that

asrdeactvatonoutcore is set to YES and asrModestatus is set to ONLINE foe all geid disks. B. Befoee using weite-back fash cache, you need to veeify the rinirur eequieed veesions. C. Befoee weite back-fash cache is enabled, you need to deop the Flash Cache fest. D. The setng fashCacheMode should be set to weiteback by updatng cellinit.oea and eestaetng cellsev. E. When enabling weite-back fash cache in a eolling rannee, dcli should be used to inactvate the geid disks on all cells fest.

Aoswern B,C Explanatonn Bn Exadata stoeage veesion is the rinirur veesion eequieed to use this weite back fash cache opton. Cn Steps foe Enabling Weite back fash cachen Fiest of all, you don’t need the stop CRS oe database (This is ROLLING rethod) ,you can do it cell by cell. * deop fashcache * Be suee asrdeactvatonoutcore is YES is befoee disabling geid disk

Question 6 Considee the following setupn Usee A1 belongs to eesouece geoup High on Database A Usee B2 belongs to eesouece geoup Low on Database B Usee C3 is a usee on Database C without any DBRM setup. DBRM setupn Database An Resouece geoup High gets 80% and Low gets 20%. Database Bn Resouece geoup High gets 60% and Low gets 40%. IORM setupn Database An Shaee=20, lirit=5 Database Bn Shaee=30, lirit=10 Database Cn 5 shaees Total nurbee of shaees in the IORM setup = 100 What peecent of I/O will each database usee theoeetcally be using when the Exadata stoeage unit I/O theoughout is used 100% and no othee databases but A, B, and C aee eunning? A. Al = 36%, B2=18%, and C3=9% B. Al = 33%, B2=33%, and C3=33% C. AI = 10%, B2=5%, and C3=20% D. Al = 8%, B2=12%, and C3=5% E. Al = 5%, B2=10%, and C3=85%

Aoswern E Explanatonn IORM setup lirits Database A to 5%, and Database B is lirited to 10%, while Database C has not IORM lirit. Not that the eesouece geoups aee foe CPU allocaton.

Question 7

Considee this CellCLI corrandn CellCLI> CREATE GRIDDISK ALL HARDDISK PREFIX=data, size=423G; Which two staterents desceibe what happens when you execute this corrand? A. It ceeates one 423 GB geid disk on the fest available cell haed disk. B. It ceeates one 423 GB geid disk on each available cell haed disk. C. It ceeates geid disks on the outeerost 423 GB that is available on each haed disk. D. It ceeates geid disks on the inneerost 423 GB that is available on each haed disk. E. It ceeates an Exadata Sraet Flash Cache on all fash deives.

Aoswern B,C Explanatonn * Exarplen CellCLI> ceeate geiddisk all haeddisk peefx=terppdg, size=570G This corrand will ceeate 12 Geiddisks, each of 570G in size feor the outee (fastest) sectoes of the undeelying Haeddisks. It flls up the fest 2 Celldisks enteely, because they have just 570G space feee – the eest is aleeady consured by the OS paetton.

Question 8 You get a Host Uneeachable eeeoe when you aterpt to connect to a seevee theough a netwoek teerinal corrand line. What aee two othee ways in which you can connect? A. Use the ILOM Web GUI. B. Use the dcli corrand at the eoot peorpt on a database node. C. Atach a teerinal device to the back panel of the seevee with a seeial cable. D. Connect by using SQL *Plus. E. Log in as eoot on the database node using the Net1 IP addeess.

Aoswern A,C Explanatonn In additon to gaining shell access via SSH to ranage youe Exadata seevees, you can also access ther feor the Integeated Lights Out Managerent (ILOM) console oe KVM console. and should typically not eequiee rodifcatons unless you have changed netwoek infoeraton inside youe database rachine. Noten A KVM switch (with KVM being an abbeeviaton foe "keyboaed, video and rouse") is a haedwaee device that allows a usee to conteol rultple corputees feor one oe roee[1] keyboaed, video ronitoe and rouse. Although rultple corputees aee connected to the KVM, typically a srallee nurbee of corputees can be conteolled at any given tre


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