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Punctuation In order to receive full marks, you must type out this page and then re-type the sentence directly under the original sentence, completing any grammar and punctuation mistakes. Keep in mind everything you know about commas, semi colons, colons, and periods. Name: ___________________________

1) My sister likes cookies donuts scones and muffins do you like them too 2) i found it a worthwhile endeavor it gave me something to do. 3) I thought contagion in spite of its exciting topic was a rather dull movie 4) we expected the oilers to be tired after the last game however they had more energy than the Flames. 5) A good grade depends on three strategies hard work extensive preparation and a hot homemade apple pie for the teacher. 6) Jamie sale who is a professional figure skater married her partner David Pelletier. (+1 bonus mark for the hidden mistake) 7) the problem isn’t that the punctuation is missing the problem is that this assignment is due tomorrow 8) although no one could prove that Rachel had been wearing the dress she was still fired

Punctuation Assignment NEW  

This is the assignment that goes along with the lesson plan I made.

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