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TEACHER: Kelly Walliser SUBJECT: ELA 10-1 Specific Learner Outcome: 4.2.4. (General Outcome 4: Create oral, print,

Assessment: There will be authentic assessment

visual and multimedia texts, and enhance the clarity and artistry of communication, 4.2: Improve thoughtfulness, effectiveness and correctness of communication, 4.2.4: Edit text for matters of correctness)

when they are answering the questions. I will judge how well they know the material depending on how quickly they answer the questions and the matter of correctness in which they answer. I will then be able to judge whether or not the students need even further help with this particular topic. The traditional assessment will be evident in the handout. They will be expected to complete it and hand it in for marks the following class.

ICT Outcome: Division 4, General Outcome P, Specific Outcome P1: 4.1: continue to demonstrate the outcomes achieved in prior grades and course subjects.

Lesson Objectives:

Students will be able to: -Recall proper uses of punctuation. -Explain why a particular sentence in incorrectly punctuated. -Solve incorrect sentences using the correct punctuation.


Teaching Points


Anticipatory Set: I will share learning objectives for the day and introduce the class’ schedule. I will ask about types of punctuation and who remembers what from previous learning, which will transition smoothly into the punctuation review.

Content Chunks: Input, Modeling & Guided Practice: Since these students are in Grade 10, they have already studied the

≈15 minutes

≈20-30 minutes

≈ 10 minutes

different types of punctuation and how and when to use them. I will review using a PowerPoint on punctuation including; periods, commas, semicolons, colons, and apostrophes. Activity: For each type of punctuation, I will ask for someone to explain to us when it is appropriate to use that specific type and for another volunteer to solve an incorrect sentence. If the sentence is not solved correctly, I will then model how to solve it properly. This method will actively involve at least one third of the class.

Guided Practice & Checking for Understanding: Jeopardy Activity: This I will divide the class randomly into three groups to ensure that no one is left out and friends are not just lumping themselves together. I will pair the students up, with one student being the “explainer” and the other being the “solver”. The pairs will then number themselves to establish in which order they will go. The teams will sit side by side, with the pairs lined up behind each other (2 behind 1, 3 behind 2 etc). The game will be set up like typical jeopardy on the SMARTboard, with five categories, and in each category there will be five different numerical amounts placed on the questions. The students will hit the desk as their buzzer to answer the question. In order to get full points, the “solver” will have to correctly solve an incorrectly punctuated sentence, and the “explainer” will have to explain to the class why you would use that type of punctuation in that particular place. If it is answered incorrectly, the other teams will have a chance to fix the mistakes and correctly explain in order to get the points. The team that gets it right will be able to choose the next question, after each question, the pair will switch to the next numbered pair. This will continue until every question has been answered. This will include essentially every student, however; of course there will always be those few students that will not participate no matter what. I will make my classroom environment supportive so that hopefully students can ask for help when they need it.

Independent Practice: Handout Activity: Hand out the assignment that is to be completed for the following class, and give the remainder of the time to work on it and ask any questions they may have. They must take the incorrect sentences and retype them, making the punctuation correct.

Closure: Answer any remaining questions and remind the students to have the handout completed for the following day.


Displays/materials: Punctuation review PowerPoint Jeopardy board (SMARTboard) Punctuation handout

If there is only a few minutes left to work on the homework, then that’s fine because they have until the end of class. (Assuming it’s a 50 minute class.)

Lesson Plan  

The lesson plan i designed for EDIT