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two-word verbs Catch on

Meaning Finally understand what is going on

Come about come across

To take place; happen find unexpectedly

Come by Come on Count on

To gain possession of To progress or advance in increments Depend on.

Cut up

to inflict injuries on

Deal with

Handle, take care of (problem, situation)

Find out

Discover or obtain information

Found out

To detect the true nature or character of; expose

Get by

Manage to cope or to survive.

Get in Get through Get to

Enter to use, spend, or consume To start to deal with

Give in

To hand in; submit

Keep to Look around

To adhere to search

Look away

Find other way

Look for

Try to find something.

Look from Look into

To inquire into; investigate

Look out Look through Look to Put off Put on

To be watchful or careful; take care To expect or hope to Postpone / arrange a later date. Wear a garment or piece of

Example Everyone else realized what was happening, but it took Henry ages to CATCH ON. Come out of your house. I came across these old photos when I was tidying the closet. Come by 7:00 in the morning. The darkness came on after seven. I am counting on you to make dinner while I am out. The child cut up his finger with the paper. The manager is good at dealing with difficult customers. I'm going to call the cinema to find out what time the film starts. I found out the homework in my briefcase. It's difficult to get by on a low salary. How did the burglar get in? I get through the job early. I get to work early in the morning. She gives in a folder her homework. Keep to the original work. Look around your documents to find the homework. Look away your own knowledge. Jane went shopping to look for a pair of shoes. The police is looking into the disturbance. Look out your score.

She look to the best way. The meeting was put off because of the strike. Could you put on the light

Run into Stand for Stand up Stood out Take hold Take over Take up

clothing. Meet by accident or unexpectedly. Represent, mean.

please? Sophie ran into Maria at the shopping center. I'm not going to stand for such behavior Rise from a sitting position The pupils stood up when the headmaster arrived. To be conspicuous, distinctive, She stood out the school for a or prominent. long time. To become established He planted vines quickly took hold. To assume control, Carlos takes over the control of management, or responsibility. his business. To assume Take up a friendly attitude.

Two-Word Verbs  

The term two-word verb refers to a verb and a preposition which together have a special meaning