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THE MINI the new classic

letter from the editor Classic. Derived from the word class, a classic is something taught—or rather learned. We learn what is classic from history, from each other, and, most importantly, from ourselves. From history, we learn from our mistakes. And while it may takes us a few tries to get it right in our own lives or on a broader more global scale, we have to hope that we will appreciate what our predecessors took the time to uncover and discover about our world. In a broad focus, how does history teach us about our own existence? Social Editor

Caroline Kreul explores Badger culture through a historical lens, revealing a UW spirit than not even decades can change. From each other, we learn the ins and outs of the world. Tips and tricks, hacks for life. In our DIY obsessed age, we turn to each other for advice and demos—even looking back in time for inspiration from style greats. Beauty ideals were practically invented during the Golden Age of Hollywood when Marilyn an Audrey reigned supreme. Lifestyle Editor Jen Anderson takes us

on a retrospective learning experience for a new, old school beauty regimen. And from ourselves, we learn the most important lessons of all. College is our age of exploration; it’s when we, hopefully, discover who we are. What is our classic, and how do we show the world? Fashion Editor Paige Schultz presents a compelling argument for why fashion is the perfect instrument of our expression. The courage to wear your heart, let alone your entire personality, on your sleeve is immense and perhaps it’s time we

really celebrated what individual style can mean. It can express who we are or who we want to be, and even on the outside it can stay a personal secret. The development of personal style traces our own learning curve and becomes our classic. As MODA evolves this year, we hope to grow into our own style. Starting with this premier mini issue and brand new look, we are ready to take the world by storm. Thank you for your readership and support—and stay tuned for all the fun to come.


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