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Second Quarter 2010-2011

Language Arts, Ms. Hutzelman We completed The Outsiders Unit with a creative project and presentation of the student’s choice. Many students chose to dramatize a scene from the novel, create a diorama, mobile, poster, etc. Also, before beginning “The Diary of Anne Frank”, we brought laptops into the classroom and researched topics based around discrimination. Students chose topics such as the Holocaust, Women Suffrage, Adolf Hitler, Harriet Tubman, etc. Similar to The Outsiders project, students chose their method of presenting what they learned from their research. In addition, we read “The Diary of Anne Frank” and have also been preparing for the Ohio Achievement Assessment by studying lessons in our Buckle Down books as well as our Vocabulary workbooks which we will be continuing throughout the year. American History, Ms. Siberski Having just completed the Revolutionary War, we were faced with the decision of what ideas and documents were needed to shape American beliefs about government. We have discussed the main freedoms outlined within the First Amendment, and analyzed the importance of each. As we are launching the new Nation, we are able to compare the domestic problems that we face today with those that President Washington responded to then. Discussion of Current Events through the use of Political Cartoons is a favorite in every class. Having "lively" debates over today's issues creates high interest. I encourage conversation and discussion of the day’s events with your son or daughter. Mathematics, Ms. Cooper We have been working hard this quarter on new content in both Math-8 and Algebra. Math 8 has been learning about transforming figures on a coordinate plane and we have spent most of the quarter finding the volume and surface area of various figures! Ask why a cone’s volume is 1/3 the volume of a cylinder?! Please continue to look over your formula sheet so you are prepared for the OAA in April!!! Algebra has really been working hard to accomplish the difficult task of understanding slope intercept form, point slope form, and rate of change. They made it through successfully and worked hard to get to where they are! We look forward to moving on to bigger and better things in Mathematics in the upcoming quarters. Keep reviewing past notes, FunSheets, and activities to help better prepare for the tests ahead!

Science, Mr. Long Second quarter saw us rap up the meteorology unit. The students learned to read and interpret a weather map and different types of clouds. This skill in forecasting should always give them something to talk about! We ended our meteorology unit with a look at different types of biomes and how long term changes have shaped them. Second quarter ended with us starching the surface of geology, but we plan to dig deeper in third quarter!

Team 8B 2nd Quarter Newsletter  

Team 8B 2nd Quarter Newsletter