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First Quarter Reports

The Gaucho Gazette A Focus on Team Building By: Gaucho Team During our last early release day, the Gaucho Team participated in a series of team building events. In one activity, groups of students were blink folded and taken on Trust Walks by their peers—including walking across 2x4s! In an activity called Tangled, students sat back to back with their arms connected and tried to stand up without letting go. Doesn’t sound difficult?? You should give it a whirl . Students then went on a large scale

scavenger hunt searching for items such as ladybugs and spiders to wild flowers and pinecones. Students identified clouds and leaves as well as calculated the areas of the basketball court and the learning cottage where they have class each day. Finally, students went on the hunt for liter around the school grounds. The area now looks pristine! All of our Gauchos did a FANTASTIC job!

What is a Gaucho you ask?? A gaucho is a South American cowboy. The history of gauchos began in Argentina where there were nomadic groups hunting cattle. They were generally reported to be strong, honest, and proud in addition to being fantastic horse riders.

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Science Update By Riley Holbrook

We have learned a lot in Science in the first quarter. Some of the things we’ve learned were related to the atmosphere, weather factors, and patterns. Also we learned about climates, biomes, and have just started to dive into information about the Earth, Moon and Sun, and the forces of the universe. In the atmosphere unit, we learned about air pressure, air quality and the layers of the atmosphere. In the weather factors and patterns units, we discovered how the energy in the atmosphere worked along with heat transfer, winds, precipitation, air masses and

Mrs. Bruce, Language Arts, Mrs. Gerber, Science, Mrs. Mercer, Steps to Success, Ms. Mikula, Social Studies, Mr. Rieck, Accelerated Math, Mr. Seibert, Health/Physical Education,

fronts, and storms. We now understand how climate works and its regions from our Climate Unit. Now that we’re done with those topics we can talk about my favorite part of science: trips to the river. Mrs. Gerber’s class went to the river to collect data for the Globe program. The Globe program is a worldwide hands-on, elementary and Junior/Senior High school-based science and education program. Globe supports students, teachers and scientists to collaborate on investigations of the environment and the Earth system working together. GLOBE

stands for Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment. We also do many hands-on experiments to better understand concepts in class labs.

Students collecting data from the River.

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By: Conner Rigney Language arts, in the first quarter, was very entertaining and educational. We read the novel The Outsiders, and looked at character development and motivation as well as how the setting affected the mood of the story. Mrs. Bruce also introduced us to the horror genre. During our studies, we discussed Edgar Allen Poe’s chilly tale, ―The Tell Tale Heart‖ and ―The Black Cat‖. At the conclusion of this unit, we began to discuss irony in its literary form. To fur-

ther our knowledge of this, we read stories by the author O. Henry; an extension of last year’s author study. Towards the end of the quarter in honors, we discussed propaganda and its use in political cartoons as well as in mainstream advertising media. This was the conclusion of a very successful quarter in Mrs. Bruce’s. language arts class.

November 7th-Conferences 3:30-7pm 8th-Waiver Day, No Students 10th– Taft Theatre Field Trip, Conferences 3-6:30pm 11th-Early Release Day 21th-Live Oaks Field Trip 22th-2nd Quarter Interims 23rd-25th– No School Thanksgiving Break December 1st-Explore Testing 21st-Jan 3rd-Holiday Break

New Math Skills By Daniel Belcher First quarter math class was, as most would admit, a little challenging. But with that came a lot of accomplishmentwe learned about all of the properties of algebra (distributive, commutative, etc.), we learned how to combine like terms and use inverse operations to solve equations and inequalities, how to solve proportions, how to graph and

solve inequalities and compound inequalities, how to use scientific notation to shorten giant numbers, and how to solve equations and inequalities with absolute value. We also learned many academic vocabulary words such rational numbers, orders of operations, and also we learned the differences between expressions and equations. While this may seem

like a lot, to top it off we learned how to use the new online math program Math XL, which at first seemed like it would be a drag… we all know technology… but it turned out to be relatively simple and fun. Overall, math class was pretty fun, even though hard, and we learned plenty of new things.

Colleen Grimm finishing up homework on the new Math XL program.

Keeping Up in Social Studies By: Amelia Pittman Well, it seems like the first quarter flew by, at least in Ms. Mikula's class. I applaud Ms. Mikula for being able to keep my attention through all of American History. I know a lot of my classmates will agree with me (particularly those who share first period history with me bright and early every weekday) when I say: sleep is hard to come by, and usually history would be prime time to catch a few winks. I know you're thinking: could anything possibly rank ABOVE SLEEP in a teen's mind? Well, this quarter, American History did for me and all my fellow students. In the very first

week of school, we started covering world exploration, and this past week, we just finished covering the Declaration of Independence. A lot to cover in one quarter, yes, but every detail was interesting. For instance, to help us understand colonization, Ms. Mikula played a humongous Game of Colonization where we got to put ourselves in the colonist's shoes. It was really fun, and surprisingly got pretty intense when we started attacking each other's colonies. We covered American History while also learning skills like mapmaking, negotiation, teamwork, strategizing, and hav-

ing Students strategizing for their fun. Colonization In the past, history Simulation. for me and a lot of my classmates has been a jumble of names and dates that I had no hope of putting together, but this first quarter has actually made sense. Ms. Mikula finds ways to make history relative to us. For example, we watched a video parody of the popular song Apologize by OneRepublic to help us understand the Declaration of Independence and the colonists' feelings behind it. We had a lot of fun and learned a lot. I speak for all of Team Gauchos when I say that I'm looking forward to the rest of the year in American History!

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