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C LAY TO N BRYA N T 's LP Rel ea se "W il d H o r ses"



St. M arten's Best M al e Rap A rti st Of Th e Year Took Th e Proj ect-X Fete Stage By Storm A t #SX M Carni v al 2015



Step into the world of independent music from around the globe on # ArtistsUnited TV, where we will showcase the best of the best! Co-Host Angel Sessions joins us to share her 20+ years of experience in the Music Business, going from the life of a major label artist, to life as an Independent Business Owner who is succeeding and winning!


Host Kellie Leigh, after 14 years, many as a TV & Digital Executive in the world of Entertainment Marketing, founded # ArtistsUnited Worldwide Independent Music Community in 2012 after being given a vision of what her mission is from God.

Since then, she has worked hard to P build the community to what it is today... a wonderful world where I Angels music is a powerful message artists connect & support each other's that speaks gospel scripture to the S music. We will highlight and feature world through her powerful and their work on each episode of O # ArtistsUnited TV, showcasing who healing voice. Audiences love her, her music & her mission! they are as people as well as their D individual goals, and of course their We will share stories of being music! Real people, real artists. No E independent, why she chose to take fluff. It's just who we are! A well that road, and how you too can S respected, trusted community of THE succeed at being an independent business owner in the music THURSDAYS BEST of Independent Music. industry. Angel's work can be found on www.angelsessions.com


We are all 100% independent by choice and loving


every minute of it.


~Kellie Leigh,

Founder # ArtistsUnited TV

Poetic Flow Poetry For Y our Soul Š2008 Stars Have you ever went out at night - L ooked up at the sky L ooking up into the universe - Wondering what?s out there Trying to f igure out - While you?re engrossed in a long stare Saw the darkness - But also saw it as bright No birds are f lying in the air The crickets making a loud noise The noises of the night - Feeling just right

The sun has set - The moon has rose The breeze is cooler - An Eagle soars The rush of the day is gone - The settling of the night begins Y ou sit on the porch Y ou look up to the sky - To f ind a piece of mind While chatting with f amily and f riends I t opens up f or you - As it does all the time I t reaches to no end - The sky is the limit Y ou can get lost - Staring with imagination The moon is bright - I t lights the earth I ts like night - I s a brand new birth With lights all around & inspiration in the air L ike a no-hold-bars The night encourages us To continue to reach f or the Stars

Photography by Sean Maxwell Taken in Toronto, Canada



Watch epi sode 1 of th e sh ow , w h ere w e di scuss h ow th e song came to be, and w h y w e ch ose i t as our i nspi rati onal th eme song! You w i l l al so l earn h ow to sub mi t your musi c f or consi derati on to be a guest on th e sh ow !

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Le st e r M c Le a n L M 4 -3 -2 -1

Fe a t u r in g In st a n t " I t 's A l l

A b ou t

Cl a s s ic s Lov e "

" Th e Isl a n d Fe e l in g " " Lu l l a b y " & " H e l l o "

a va il a b l e on w w w .a r t i s t s u n i t e d t v .c o m

CLAYTON BRYANT Soon to b e a household na m e, Cla yton Brya nt's c a reer ha s ha d him sha ring the sta g e with a rtists so fa m ous he's still in shoc k. Artists like Rog er Da ltrey, Da rlene Love, Ashford & Sim p son, Bruc e Sp ring steen, Elton John Dr. John, Stevie Wond er, John Leg end a nd Fred d ie Ja c kson. In 1998 he ha d the p lea sure to sing a Duet every nig ht with Roc k Leg end Rog er Da ltrey on The British Roc k Sym p hony Tour, whic h he c a lls, "A hug e lea rning exp erienc e." I m et Rog er when I wa s 8 or so d oing a show with The Boys Choir Of Ha rlem a t Linc oln Center, b ut b uilt a rea lly g ood rela tionship while b eing on tour with him . Rog er told m e I rem ind ed him of Otis Red d ing , so of c ourse I ha d to resea rc h Otis Red d ing to see the c onnec tion. He sa id not so m uc h the sound a s the energ y a nd fire I ha d onsta g e. I keep tha t with m e a lwa ys.

Sinc e 2004, He wa s one of the sing ers b elting out, "Solid , solid a s a roc k." a s Ashford & Sim p son roc k b a c k a nd forth on sta g e d uring "Solid ." a nd his infa m ous Duet with Va lerie Sim p son on "Street Corner" a s the Leg end herself would c a ll Cla yton to c enter sta g e. Brya nt ha s b ec om e one of the m a ny b a c kg round sing ers who ha ve help ed p ower the m ost m em ora b le a nthem s in roc k n roll history. Now, he is owning the sp otlig ht a nd ta king c enter sta g e. Rec ently, I looked a t som e old p hotos of the tours I've d one a nd I think, "Wow tha ts m e on sta g e with p eop le I ha ve wa tc hed my entire life."Wha t I love m ost a b out sing ing is how I c a n c onnec t with the a ud ienc e a nd for a t lea st a n hour a nd a ha lf we a re a ll one m ind , one hea rtb ea t, we forg et a ll our troub les a nd just live in the m usic . Brya nt, is of this g enera tion, one of the m ost in-d em a nd b a c kg round sing ers in New York City, a nd now a n interna tiona l sensa tion. He Just finished his first Leg of the "Ca n't Let You Go" Tour with UK Artist SIMPSON. "It's a c a tc h 22 for m e, m ost of the tim e I sa y I'm a b a c kg round sing er. Bec a use it ha s b een a n im p orta nt role in my life for a long tim e... It's a b ea utiful a rt in itself sing ing & b lend ing with other p eop le. It's d efinitely a b a la nc ing a c t for m e." Brya nt c a n b e seen d oing just tha t in the Osc a r & Gra m my Winning d oc um enta ry, "Twenty Feet From Sta rd om ." At the m om ent, Cla yton is p utting the finishing touc hes on his LP "Wild Horses" a nd onc e this interview is relea sed should ha ve d elivered his Pop / Roc k m id -Ba lla d sing le "Will You Ca re?"

"I'm enjoying the journey I'm on b oth a s a b a c kg round sing er & Soloist I've never felt m ore free." He ha s his LP ?Wild Horses? out in Oc tob er, whic h he's insa nely exc ited a b out, b ec a use it sig na ls his tra nsition from b a c kg round sing er to a stra ig ht-up p op a rtist. "Would I ever g ive up b a c kg round sing ing ? No. It's p a rt of my DNA, it's why I sta rted sing ing in the first p la c e. I just ha ve a story to tell. My story. The journey tha t I'm on is a sp iritua l a nd lib era ting one tha t I wa nt to sha re. I rea lly like my life rig ht now. I ha ve friend s a round m e a ll the tim e. I've b een writing m ore a nd even sta rted a c hild ren's b ook. I've b een working out. Sp end ing tim e with my p up . Touring the UK a nd g oing b a c k in Aug ust. I'm in love with the a lb um I m a d e. I'm on a p a th to true & p ure ha p p iness."

As the title sug g ests, "Wild Horses" wa s influenc ed by som e of Brya nt's fa vorite p op / roc k a c ts, inc lud ing Phil Collins, Lenny Kra vitz, The Rolling Stones, The Who & Tina Turner. The a lb um is b eing exec utive-p rod uc ed by Brya nt, Ma rc us Fra nklin a nd Bra nd on Bost, with whom he first c olla b ora ted on his 2015 sing le "Will You Ca re." Offic ia lly, it's not even finished yet: "Som ewhere in my b ra in I wa nt to to ensure everything is up -to-d a te a s p ossib le. I wa nt p eop le to c onnec t it to a situa tion in their own lives. I won't tell whom my song s a re a b out, I wa nt to keep the mystery." Of a ll the song s on the a lb um "Will You Ca re." is my m ost vulnera b le song , it's your typ ic a l strug g le with Love & Life. It is a n Em otiona l song . But it a sks the Question to your Lover, your p a rents, friend s, a ll the p eop le in your everyd a y life who you a ssum e Love you enoug h to keep you from g oing to those d a rk p la c es, when your hea rt is b roken.

N O W A V A I L A B L E I N A L L D I G I TA L S T O R E S WILL YOU CARE Cl ayt on Bryant VERSE: If I st opped breat hing woul d you be my l ungs. Lose my sight but seeing your heart beat so st rong ... PRE-CHORUS: Press your l ips t o mine, l et ?s bot h l ose cont rol l ook int o my eyes, connect wit h my soul . So Now I?l l ask you t his once... CHORUS: Wil l You Care 3x VERSE: If I died t omorrow, hol d me in your arms. Resurrect my body wit h l ove?s f avorit e song. PRE-CHORUS: I know al l t his is heavy but yes you can deal . If you say you're not ready t he heart may not heal . CHORUS: Wil l You Care 3x BRIDGE: I've drowned in t he rain sl ept t hrough t he pain of wat ching l ove come and go. now and again I cry out in vain because I'm just not sure. So baby t el l me... CHORUS: Wil l You Care 3x (Pl ease Say Yes)

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F R O M T H E L P " W I L D H O R S ES '

CASEY FALLEN My name is Casey. I'm the lead singer of the band Casey Fallen. The band consists of three members: Doug Osborne, Kristin, and myself. Doug and I started the Casey Fallen project over a decade ago. I think what has made our sound stand out is the fact that it has never been contrived. We never tried to nail down a niche. We marketed to no single genre. We just did what came natural to us. We created art and turned it into music. Over the years we have seen something amazing happen. We seen every age group follow us. We've seen many different niche groups adopt us. We found reviewers giving us the greatest compliment of all. They would say we were unique, that we had our own sound, and that it was hard to pigeonhole us. The one thing that I understand best about music, is that it's personal. What one person may loath, another one will love. Doug and I are very aware that our music is unique. It's not purposely created to be this way, it just forms itself into what it is. I'm an artist, and I paint with music. Sometimes I have to remind myself that people feel safest when they see familiarity. We try to provide that without compromising the expression. We make music that we hope others can feel, music that tells a real story. Our latest album entitled "Atmospheric Disturbances" is a deep album. We did mix in some light hearted songs, and a few love songs are mixed in there as well. However, there are quite a few songs on this album that deal with real life scenarios. I didn't sugar coat them. This album was written for the poor, lonely, broken hearted, confused, and the unfortunate ones who are dealing with life changing illnesses. For instance, the song Lillian's Last Lyric is a true life story about a loved ones battle with a terminal illness. All the ideas for this song came from first hand accounts, her conversations with me, and all the music came from that energy. No it's not a pleasant topic, but I personally think that it's a beautiful song. Unfortunately, life changing illness is a reality for a great many people in this world. The subject shouldn't be swept under the table just because it might make someone feel uncomfortable. Lillian wanted a song that would allow a glimpse into this world. A song that could help people better understand those living with these kinds of afflictions. She wanted a song that would let others dealing with illness know that they are not alone. It had Lillian's love and approval, and that is what was most important to me. Steel Gray Sky explores my real life experiences as a homeless child. It is certainly a journey through the less explored topics in music. Our music is made for those that appreciate art, those that like to think, and for those who enjoy something different. I hope it will comfort someone who may feel alone and misunderstood. I hope it will open eyes and I hope you will feel its energy. The album also celebrates love. Our song "City Lights" is a euphoric journey with the one you love. It captures the imagery and emotion of a road trip. This sexy bass driven song will conjure the snapshot memories of young love. We also have a fun song entitled "Cocktail Party" A tongue in cheek tale about being in a room where you just don't fit in. This song has Jazz undertones and pokes fun at class differences.

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TO RO N TO - CA N A DA Born in Mel bourne Aust ral ia t o Greek parent s, Bil l Kourbet is, Founder of Toront o's f irst night cl ub promot ion t eam "B&A" or as we know him, Bil l BA, moved t o Toront o, Canada in 1972. The cl ub scene in Toront o was booming, and in 1979, Bil l was a VIP at al l of t he most happening spot s in Toront o. He al ways l oved music & social izing, and t hat al so l ed him t o become a part of t he bl ossoming underground scene. Throughout t he eras of Disco, Funk, New Wave, High Energy Freest yl e t o House music, he was a DJ f or privat e event s, had a passion f or dance, and he f requent l y ent ered some of t he hot t est dance compet it ions t hat t he cit y had t o of f er. The cl ub scene in Toront o was evol ving, and Bil l managed t o al ways st ay on t he beat ! In earl y 1993, t he scene was in a l ow period, and Bil l real ized t hat it needed t o be t ransf ormed int o being f ocused on t he peopl e who were support ing t he businesses. In Jul y 1993, Bil l Kourbet is decided t o be t he much needed change in t he l ocal cl ub scene. He f ormed Toront o's very f irst night cl ub promot ion t eam wit h t hen-f riend Amar, and t hey cal l ed it "Bil l & Amar." Word spread very quickl y t hroughout t he scene, and soon t he majorit y of t he cl ubs in t he cit y want ed t o of f er t heir cl ient el e t he t op not ch VIP Lif est yl e in t heir venues, an experience t hat Bil l & Amar were of f ering. Their unique approach t o cat ering t o t he prof essional s of t he cit y inf used l if e back int o t he scene, giving t heir cl ient s a copper met al engraved B&A card, which was given t o al l of t heir VIP's, t he card woul d get t hem int o any of t he B&A promot ed event s. It was a t rul y unique experience. Al l VIPs receive t he best of t op not ch service. Soon t hereaf t er, B&A coul d be f ound promot ing t he hot t est cl ubs, incl uding Kreml in, Exit 2Eden, Syn, Vat ikan, Fusion & Orchid. There were not enough days in t he week t o promot e t he cl ubs t hat were seeking t heir service, and due t o t he popul arit y of t he B&A Experience, more promot ion t eams st art ed popping up in t he cit y, at t empt ing t o mimic t he B&A phil osophy & work at t he cl ubs t hat B&A coul dn't get t o. Cl ub promot ers popped up al l over t he cit y, st at ing t hat t hey of f ered t he same l evel of cl ient service and sophist icat ion t hat B&A of f ered. In 1997, Bil l & Amar part ed ways & Bil l cont inued on as Bil l & Associat es. His l ong st anding t eam: DJ's Jimmy Jamm, Tommy K, & host s Tommy, Iceman, and of course Rob, t heir excl usive door host ! Every night t hat t he B&A t eam host ed, t he t eam woul d be t here t o of f er t heir VIP's t he best of t op not ch ent ert ainment , al ong wit h t heir very own bart ender & prof essional host s. In t he earl y years, al ong wit h t heir regul ar residencies at St il if e, Guvernment , Gl ass Lounge,Casino Lounge, Met ro, Dist rikt & SkyBar (t o name a f ew) B&A host ed many special event s, and began t heir excl usive Bl ackbal l part y where everyone had t o dress in bl ack. 22 years l at er, Bl ackbal l , a t rademarked event , just cel ebrat ed it s 22nd birt hday! The l ongest st anding cl ub promot er in Toront o is st il l going st rong, of f ering t he same t op not ch VIP service t hat t hey al ways have. It is in Bil l 's bl ood. He is a warm, f un-l oving peopl e person who l oves t o show t he VIPs of t he cit y t he way t hat t hey shoul d be t reat ed when t hey st ep inside one of t heir part ies. The experience is what al ways brings peopl e t o t he B&A part ies, and t hat is not about t o change. In f act , t he experience has onl y got bet t er over t he years. B&A, since t he beginning, has al ways had a residency at a cl ub in Toront o and not a week has gone by t hat B&A hasn't host ed! In t ot al , t here have been over 2,600 B&A part ies & over 75 cl ubs where t hey have provided t heir service! Since 1993, B&A promot ions have al ways been been humbl e & gracious, put t ing t heir guest s f irst . That is been t heir secret t o success & l ongevit y in a business t hat is very compet it ive and ever changing. One t hing is f or sure, great cust omer service and st rong business rel at ionships NEVER go out of st yl e. These guys are l ike t he f inest wine in t he cit y... t hey just keep get t ing bet t er over t he years. Today B&A wit h DJ Jimmy Jamm, Johnny, Rob & Iceman host a Friday in one t he el it e cl ubs of t he Great er Toront o Area, IVY Social Cl ub in Vaughan, & on Friday Jul y 10, 2015, B&A wil l be cel ebrat ing it s 22nd B'day! The B&A f amil y cont inues t o support t hem over t he years. As in any business, it 's al l about t he rel at ionship, and why woul d you want t o support a business where you do not have t he best experience coupl ed wit h t he best rel at ionship? Unl ike ANY cl ub experience in Toront o, t hese guys t reat peopl e right . Period.

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Bil l & Associat es t o me signif ies t he ul t imat e in prof essional ism and qual it y event s. It is an experience you won't f ind anywhere el se in t he cit y. Peopl e l ike t o be appreciat ed and remembered. The B&A part ies cont inue!

C o n g r a t u l a t i o n s A n g e l Se s s i o n s o n t h e s u c c e s s o f H e r n e w a l b u m "S o n g s O f C o m f o r t "

C L I C K T O B U Y I T N O W | w w w .a r t i s t s u n i t e d t v .c o m D e b u t e d #1 0 o n R N B / S o u l & C h r i s t i a n P r a i s e & W o r s h i p o n Am a z o n & r a n k in g o n it u n es in spir a t io n a l

J e s u s I s C o m i n g S o o n & D o n 't L e t G o r a n k e d i n t h e t o p 5 o f A m a z o n H o t N e w Re l e a s e s s i n c e Fe b r u a r y /M a r c h !

Coming f rom a management background bef ore deciding t o embark on his own music career, Moosh Mil l ionz shows us his smoot h R&B st yl e, st rong vocal s & product ion mixed wit h a great subject mat t er.

An R&B t rack's t rue st rengt h, t o me, comes f rom hearing t he singer's heart and soul in t he song. This t rack is packed wit h bot h! Moosh Mil l ionz has creat ed a t imel ess l ove song which capt ures t he heart and makes you want t o hol d your special someone in your arms and t el l t hem al l t hat t hey mean t o you.

The song "Because Of You" is a cl ear ref l ect ion of l if e l essons and wisdom, where he t hought he woul d be vs where he is now because of his one t rue l ove. It speaks of being in a rel at ionship and devel oping each ot her's st rengt hs. "Because Of You... I'm st ronger t han ever. Because Of You... I wil l give up never" This t rack exempl if ies how much a man's l if e can change when t hey are in t he right rel at ionship wit h a women who hel ps put t hem on and keep t hem on t he right pat h. I woul d l ike t o hear more of Moosh Mil l ionz work! Rat ing: Product ion: 4.5 st ars Vocal s: 5.0 st ars Feel ing: 4.5 st ars Subject Mat t er: 5 st ars Overal l Rat ing: 4.75/ 5

Sol id t rack... Congrat ul at ions Moosh Mil l ionz! ~Kel l ie Leigh, Founder, # Art ist sUnit ed Worl dwide Independent Music Communit y


T h e P o w e r f u l M e s s a g e O f .....

Jo n a h N a t h a n Co r n e a u Th e Tongue i s a Fi re f rom th e EP Wi sdom Sh outs i n th e Streets By Jonah Nath an Corneau f eaturi ng Rek s Th e tongue i s so smal l yet i t b oast great th i ngs Don't l i sten to th en rappers th ey don't care about th e k i ds Beast are tamed b ut w h o can tame th e tongue I t's restl ess ev i l and f ul l of deadl y poi son Spreads l i k e f i re mak es you ch ok e A nd w h at th e f i re can't consume i t'l l stai n w i th smok e So b urn bab y burn your mouth s an i nf erno Words b urn i n 3rd's and h urt l i k e sti ck s and bri mstone Protect your neck b one f rom th ese emcee cutth roats Th ey l i v e f or money b ut spi ri tual l y th ey're bead b rok e Th ough ts are steri l e w ords dead on arri v al Th at's w h y i speak l i f e f rom th e pages of th e b i bl e Sport Godl y apparel al l th i ngs are made new A s w e w al k th ese roads sel dom trav el ed by th e mul ti tude Ch orus: Th ei r gl ori es th ei r sh ame th ei r God's th ei r appeti te Th ey f ocus on th e materi al th i ngs i n l i f e Th ey ex pl oi t our w oman and mi sl ead our l i ttl e gi rl s Th e l i mi ts of th ei r h ori zon i s th i s w orl d Th ey target th e h ead tryi n to tak e out us men A nd w aste no ti me w h en i t comes to th e young So f orget ab out th e punk w i th th e gun Cuz th e pow er of l i f e and death i s i n th e tongue. 2nd V erse I ref l ect th e eternal th rough th i s musi c Yo th i s i s sacred truth i s nak ed bl ess i t n break i t Tak e i t n f eed th e th ousands I t's th at mustard seed f ai th th at's mov i ng mountai ns No l onger doub ti ng but dri v en to gi v e Hi m my al l Tryi n to sav e th ese k i ds f rom th e streets n i t's cal l We can't l et 'em f al l v i cti m Th ei r k i l l i n our ch i l dren w i th w ords of deadl y v enom th ey send 'em M essages l i k e sel f w orth i s eq ual to net w orth A nd i n th e same b reath th ey bl ess God and curse Li v i ng i n th e i mage of pi mps h ustl ers and h oes Reapi ng f rom th e f l esh w h ere corrupti on w as sow n Reach 'em bef ore th ey're grow n tel l 'em not to b e conf ormed Don't cast no stones cuz w e al l f al l sh ort I got l ov e f or you pl ayer I j ust h ate th e sport I got l ov e f or you pl ayer I j ust h ate th e sport Ch orus 3rd v erse f eat Rek s V amp I k now i t's h ard to speak peace w h en our nature i s w ar th e motto's get yours and l i f e i s so raw Yet th ere's more to l i f e th an w h at th ey're tal k i ng ab out so w e're h ere to tal k ab out w h at y'al l done l ef t out I k now i t's h ard to speak peace w h en i t seems out of reach But I ref use to pol l ute th e ai r our k i ds b reath e We must pursue th e th i ngs th at bui l d up our young Cuz th e pow er of l i f e and death i s i n th e tongue (repeat)


So m e t h i n g Go o d I n Y o u

You've filled my emptiness up, filled me with thoughts of not giving up, restored faith and put hope back inside, now I'm looking forward to the future to arrive. A heart so true there's something good in you. ~Eddy Malone @StellaHands1366

Po e t s W h o In s p i r e U s w h o m w e h a v e a l so in spir ed

LORD REI GN#SHHHTHEKI NGI SHERE Lor d Reign has seen gr eat success f r om t he r el ease of his al b um F.I .V.E in Decemb er 2014. 3 songs have b een pl ayed ext ensivel y on r adio in t he USA... On My Kanye, Do I t Right & My Bab y f t . Tinif f ia. Special t hank s t o t he f ol l owing st at ions f or t heir suppor t ! KTMR FM Tr ue Music Radio At l ant a Hot 102 Jamz , Memphis WDGR DJ Kel z , Tampa, FL KPTR FM, At l ant a, GA Power 92, Memphis, TN Gal a Radio, UKRAI NE wit h 2 r el ease par t ies in I ndiana, one of t hem f eat ur ing King l ouis, and opening f or Bone Thugs & Har mony, King r eign is t ak ing over t he wor l dwide hip- hop scene wit h his har d hit t ing st yl e of music, pr oduced b y none ot her t han Cur t is Low pr oduct ions (CLP) t his amaz ing pr oducer 's b eat s ar e l ik e none we have hear d b ef or e, and we can't wait t o see what t hese t wo wil l give us next ! Lor d r eign is pl anning anot her ep t o b e r el eased in t he next f ew mont hs. we can't wait t o shar e it !

FI VE can b e pr eviewed and pur chased on AMAZON | CD BABY | Googl e Pl ay Cl ean ver sions on www.ar t ist sunit edt v.com


Sketc h Artists Who Insp ire Us Chiz Portra its FACEBOOK | TWITTER

T h e W ish b y Ken n y Ba r n es r ev iew b y ev o l v 3

The feeling of the instrumentals on the song THE WISH draw you in from the moment you hear it! They will bring you to "that place!" A place that will make you want to hear it over & over... I could really FEEL this song from Kenny Barnes! The intro REALLY grabs you right away. THE WISH is about expressing yourself to that special someone, it is that kind of record that gives you the words that you can't always say! Kenny Barnes is helping you out in that area, so I gave the intro and meaning of this song 5 stars! Kenny brings amazing vocals to the table with tons of heart and warmth in his voice. A touch of soul mixed in there is the icing on the cake. Real music lovers around the world, if you love how music use to be, then they need to listen to this soon-to-be classic. Kenny's strong vocals & message along with the song's format deserve 5 stars too! Kenny really shows his depth & creativity as an artist while making this song. You can really feel what he is saying. Music should be expressed with feeling and definitely with soul, and Kenny really captures this! My wish for Kenny Barnes is continued success as an artist in the independent world.

Kenny has a definite purpose and a mission share beautiful, feel-good music with the world! P R E V I E W & B U Y "T H E W I S H " o n i T u n e s

P o et s W h o In s p ir e Us

CHARLIE By Purposive Ink Be free like Charlie Free to express what you see Free to say what you think Free to be who you like to be Be a philosopher like KRS Be on the cut like Eric Be the president like When Rakim B on the mic Be the best you can be Be your community Be yourself not anyone else Be free like me Not like on FB though Don't need no thumbs up Because I guarantee that Eventually the penny will drop For it ain't about how many But about the quality So be yourself not someone else Be free like me Not signed to any label No puppet to anyone Not trying to be anybody Just free to be someone An individual with a voice With the freedom to be me Free to speak of my freedom Moi? Je suis Charlie!

THE WONDERTWINS At an early age we noticed that dance can change a person's outlook on the world. What dance has shown us is that at any moment of your performance it can be a total reflection of the feeling your audience is going through. When we think about our early days, many memories come up. I remember how our mom would set the table on Saturdays with juice and cereal for all 6 of us to watch soul train comfortably. That experience of watching black men and women dance with joy to the music changed us, it changed how we looked at life. We knew from that moment we would be dancers - it was inevitable. We joined a professional street dance crew by the age of 10 years and learned how to approach the stage from our 7-8 yrs with the company. The importance of connecting with the audience has always been number one for us, connecting by staying true to who you are as dancers. One of the many struggles with being known hip hop dancers is that as black men, how do we represent our agenda and not be alienated by an audience who may not understand real hip hop due to the mainstreaming commercialized that we see today?

The hip hop agenda is a political agenda that is expressed through dance,music,art and culture. That's how we see it, and as dancers we have to show the history of it. Hip Hop dance doesn't mean disrespectful dance, Hip Hop dance is a social dance that is a part of the black community and it was even before the label of " hip hop"' was nothing but black life. The title is just for others to understand why we do what we do, when we go into a performance there are so many doubts that enter our mind before we get on stage. The reason for that is because we know that our dance is not just a form of entertainment. When we step on stage we want the audience to say "Wow!" and when we leave we want them to say "Whoa!". We look at dance the same way that a chef prepares his/ her meal that is being tasted for the first time, the most satisfying part for the chef is when the "taster" sighs and rubs the stomach afterwards. That's the goal for us after we dance - the connection to the audience is most important.

Our approach today is much different than it was when we were 20, when you're younger you focus on being eye candy, not your story. Today our history is part of our dance, we share the music that initially moved us to dance as a part of our show. That is how it becomes more than just dance, it becomes educational. As dancers who are blessed to travel internationally, we know that we can be factors in the mindset of how others see hip hop dance, we want to show the positive of hip hop culture through dance. This means that song selection becomes important, how do you carefully select a song that keeps the audience attention? How do you represent hip hop music and refuse to use what the current audience views as hip hop? How do you educate ages 10 to 60 in one performance? There are more questions that we ask ourselves as we continue to use the idea of dance as a learning tool and not just entertainment. Dance is not just movement, it's conversation as well, part of our workshops are strictly vocal. We share the history from when we started and the pros/ cons of the dance becoming global.

The affect that dance can play in a child's life is important, we feel every child is an artist, a dancer, a singer, a poet and graffiti. These are natural hip hop elements but how we get the child to believe it is the hard part. Imagine what positive hip hop dance will do to a child's life. We know the impact it has had in our life, as kids it taught us to be disciplined, and teaches public speaking through movement. Every aspect of that dance which was brought to us as children, we are able to use in other areas of our life.

THE WONDERTWINS "MOMENTS OF FIRE" CAN BE FOUND ON # ArtistsUnited TV Top 10 Countdown Episode 2 - Airing Mid June on www.artistsunitedtv.com

To be able make a kid smile through movement is a gift. Photography: Sophie Browne

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When my wif e of 14 years l ef t me, I want ed At t hat t ime, I had been l ist ening t o a l ot of t o end my l if e. In my mind, t here was not hing l ef t t o l ive f or. Not hing mat t ered anymore. Not hing. My marriage was t he one t hing t hat was st abl e in my l if e. Af t er she l ef t , I came home every day t o an empt y house, and cried inconsol abl y ? t he kind of cry where you t hink your heart is going t o hit t he f l oor. I f el t compl et el y al one. However, t his isn't t he st ory about t he end of a l if e. It 's a st ory about t he beginning of a new one. I am no st ranger t o l oss. The l oss of my sist er and f at her, compounded by my dad's debil it at ing brain injury whil e growing up had a prof ound af f ect on me. It 's no surprise t hen t hat I devel oped a serious depression l at er in l if e. The l oss of my marriage t o t he woman I l oved more t han anyt hing on t his eart h seemed t oo much t o deal wit h. I just want ed t he pain t o st op. I was compl et el y al one. What I used t o do is pour my heart int o music ? which was t he onl y t hing t hat made me happy. This t ime, it was dif f erent . Def eat ed emot ional l y, I packed up my st udio. Music was somet hing t hat I al ways poured my heart int o, but t his t ime I just st opped.

My musical journey began at t he age of 12 when I picked up a saxophone and pl ayed in school concert and jazz bands. In High School , our jazz band was short a bass pl ayer, so I vol unt eered f or t he rol e, and quickl y f el l in l ove wit h t he inst rument . My f irst musical ment or, Karen Kowel enko-Evjen, remains an import ant person in my l if e decades l at er. My high school music t eacher, Ian Cochrane, signed me up f or a schol arship audit ion t o at t end t he Berkl ee Col l ege of Music.

jazz f usion, and was inspired by art ist s such as John Pat it ucci, Vict or Woot en, Marcus Mil l er, and Jaco Past orius. The audit ion was t errif ying! However, I wal ked away f rom it wit h a f ul l schol arship t o at t end a Summer Perf ormance Program, which is where I was f irst int roduced t o digit al audio workst at ions. It was at Berkl ee where I had composed some cl assical pieces on an ol d Appl e comput er using Cakewal k. However, el ect ronic music woul dn't pl ay a rol e in my l if e unt il 15 years l at er. I quit universit y in t he mid 90's t o t our wit h a f unk/ rock band out of Saskat oon, Saskat chewan cal l ed Five Minut e Miracl e. We spent over a year producing demos, and a f ul l al bum which we t oured across Canada, event ual l y part icipat ing in Canadian Music Week in Toront o.

Af t er t hat , t he music st opped f or years, unt il I st art ed working on sol o el ect ronic composit ions beginning in about 2009. In 2014 I produced a coupl e singl es, and and EP cal l ed Next Cit y. My most recent rel ease is Expansions, a dark but energet ic col l ect ion of t ech house st yl e music using a l ot of anal og modul ar synt hesis f rom a eurorack synt hesizer I have been buil ding. Based in Cal gary, Canada now, I am inspired by t he amazing music communit y we have. Launched l ast year, my f avourit e el ect ronic music venue Habit at Living Sound hol ds a mont hl y event cal l ed St udio Social . It is where el ect ronic art ist s showcase t heir l at est composit ions, of t en having l earning sessions as wel l t o t al k about digit al audio workst at ions, synt hesis, and music t heory. St udio Social has been an inst rument al part of my art ist ic devel opment , as wel l as a support net work.

As I cl ick away on t hese keys, I l ook at t he hust l e and bust l e as l if e goes on here in Beijing and am reminded t hat t he worl d is incredibl e, and l if e is precious. I am beginning my second t our of China as Soul ier, perf orming in Beijing, Tianjin, Wuhan, and Guangzhou. It 's a t our, but it 's al so a journey of heal ing, t o hel p st art a new l if e. Everywhere I go, I am f aced wit h peopl e who have a passion f or l if e, f or making f riends, and being happy. Whil e I can't speak t he l anguage (yet ), t he music brings us

I am in China promot ing my l at est al bum Expansions, which was recent l y nominat ed f or Best El ect ronic/ Dance Al bum of t he Year by t he West ern Canadian Music Awards. It 's a bit t ersweet achievement f or me, because I wrot e t he al bum as my marriage was f al l ing apart . However, I am humbl ed and honored t o be considered f or t his award. Hours, weeks, and mont hs t oil ing away in t he st udio produced Expansions, during t he darkest t ime of my l if e. Wit h t he nominat ion behind me, I f eel inspired more t han ever t o keep t he music coming, make new f riends, and f ol l ow my pat h wherever it may l ead me. You might ask how I ended up t ouring in China? The f irst t ime was in t he summer of 2014, when I was asked t o pl ay t he St rawberry Music Fest ival in Changsha, China. St rawberry is a major music f est ival drawing t housands of spect at ors, occurring t hroughout summer in several cit ies across China. My opport unit y came af t er I had begun promot ing my music on Chinese social media net works such as WeChat and Weibo. One of my dear f riends suggest ed I t ry Chinese social media, and t he next t hing I knew someone f rom t he f est ival st af f f ound me and asked if I woul d pl ay. The t our f ol l owed, when I col l aborat ed wit h Eric de Font enay (New York) who special izes in t ouring art ist s in China. It has been an advent ure working wit h Eric. Music Dish hel ped t ake me t o cit ies I never imagined I woul d pl ay. My f amil y wit h Art ist s Unit ed has al so been a huge support in hel ping promot e mysel f and ot her art ist s. In t his indust ry, opport unit ies can come out of nowhere, and you need t o grab ont o t hem no mat t er who unreal t hey might seem! Music mat t ers, bot h t o t he art ist s t hat creat e it ? and t o t he audience t hat f inds somet hing meaningf ul by l ist ening t o it . It 's a f orm of t herapy, and an escape f rom t he t rial s and t ribul at ions of l if e. If t here are some l essons t o be passed on t o ot her art ist s, it woul d be never give up. Never l ose hope. Conf ide in your f riends. Happiness is a decision t o l eave t he pain behind, and l ive in t he moment . Depression is a serious il l ness, and if you have it , t here is support f or you out t here, so reach out f or it . Final l y, never l ose your passion f or your art , because you never know what might be!

Raising Jupiter - New EP in the works Raising Jupiter are busy putting together a new three track EP to be released in August 2015. The EP which will be a three song affair has a brand new remix of These are the Things taken from the debut album A better Balance plus two brand new songs No and Give me the News. The boys are mega excited to have handling the mixing duties Legendary Rock Producer -Beau Hill! With a career in excess of 50 million plus record sales,Beau reached out to the boys earlier in the year after hearing Tight Rope on a local Fort Worth Rock Station. High praise indeed,so it was really a "no brainer" says RJ frontman Dave Aitken - "I actually got goosebumps when I got the initial email from Beau - I have quite a few of the records he has Produced in my collection."




"Love You For Life" the title track from EVOLV3's upcoming EP, spent 12 weeks at # 1 on Amazon Hot New Releases RNB Quiet Storm! Click to preview and buy it on # ArtistsUnitedTV.com PRODUCERS -REMIX "LOVE YOU FOR LIFE" & WIN FREE PROMO

M zika run vis s valod s Hudba MluvĂ­ KaĹždĂ˝ jazyk De muziek spreekt alle talen

Musik Berbicara Setiap Bahasa A mĂşsica fala todas as linguas 12345 6789 :;<; =>?8 @8 Hizkuntza bakoitzak Mizik Pale Chak Language Musiikki puhuu Jokainen kieli Musik Taler Ethvert sprog Glazba govori svim jezicima Nagsasalita ng Musika Tuwing Wika ABCDE FG HIJI KLMEIMusique parle toutes les langues Muzika kalba Kiekvien usic hais Txhua Yam Lus Muzik Speaks Setiap Bahasa udba HovorĂ­ KaĹždĂ˝ jazyk ABCDE FG` a HIJI KLbcdefg mculo Ukhuluma Njalo Ulimi Music ku hadla luqad kast usic VWXYZ[Z\Z A mĂşsica fala todas as lĂ­nguas 10 / - - . - , Muzica vorbe te toate limbile n S t1l1 Gbogbo Ede ) #( '& %$ ! # " !

sica loquitur linguis: hijkl mn opqp rstup msv zik her Dili Konu uyor Muzyka mĂłwi ka dy j zyk %&'( %($)*+)% ,+-./& .0( +* # ) #( '* ! sikk Snakker alle sprĂĽk Ă‚m nh.c NĂłi M/i ngĂ´n ng0 sic Speaks Music akizungumza Kila lugha Cerddoriaeth Yn siarad Pob Iaith Musik talar alla sprĂĽk sica parla tutte le lingue NOP QR STU ST ne beszĂŠl minden nyelven Music Magana Duk Harshe usik spricht jede Sprache Glazba Govori Svaki jezik usic Kwuo Okwu b la As s

abhraĂ­onn Ceol Gach Teanga Muusika räägib kĂľikides keeltes nlist Talar Ăśllum tungumĂĄlum !" Musiqi H r dild dan r MuzikĂŤ Flet Çdo Language La mĂşsica habla todos los idiomas Music Speaks Vsak jezik Musiek Praat Elke taal Music xyz {|}~ € } Â‚ƒ „…†‡ , + - ) Music Namulong Matag Pinulongan Mu ika Titkellem Kull Lingwa a mĂşsica parla tots els idiomes ABCDE ]^_`a HIJI KLME, Music Speaks nga Reo #$ % &'('' ) *+ ! "


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You Complete M e F romEvolv3's upcoming EP Love You F or Life www.evolv3evolutionofmusic.com

www.artistsunitedtv.com Exclusive Song Release

London born, singer/songwriter Cherri V oncelle, has a level of tenacity which is rarely matched as an independent artist in today's music industry climate. She has constantly been climbing the ladder step by step making waves as a respected underground female solo artist, touring the world with J essie J , EP / mixtape releases to then scoring a top 20 single "The Drop" with Lethal Bizzle in 2014. Cherri V is no stranger to a music industry that?s been watching her ripen to perfection since she was a young teenager. W ith an awesome blend of unique Pop/Soul/RnB which stems purely from her vocal style, Cherri proudly makes up one half of dynamic alternate/RnB duo "Dora M artin" W ho were described by the Telegraph as "Two of the U.K s brightest R&B stars"

This delectable Cherri may be sweet and enticing, but she means business and she won?t stop singing her signature brand of music until she?s conquered the UK masses with an infallible victory ? Some say she's one song away? One thing?s for sure, after a sheer nibble of the divine glory of the Cherri V experience ? you?ll be gagging for more after the first bite! "Girl I n The M irror" The first offering fromher forthcoming EP "A thazagoraphobia" is out now:

Buy it on iTunes

Tha Hot$hot's "Party Freak" has been a huge success, ranking on Amazon during the first week! This club banger is one that every party lover must get their hands on. Congrats DY Entertainment, Tha Hot$hot's label & management on their successes, which saw him performing at St. Maarten's Carnival at the Project X Fete event alongside international artists "Future" & "Mr. Vegas" www.thahotshot.com Click to buy it on Amazon | iTunes





" A sy m b ol ic a n d l it e r a l r e pr e se n t a t ion of m y a m a z in g a n d b e a u t if u l e x p e r ie n c e s w it h Ey e g a z in g . Yo u j u s t N EED a s o u l t o s t a r e d e e p l y i n t o " " T h e I c e c r e a m , t h e c a k e a n d c o l Or s a r e s y m b o l i z i n g t h e e x pe r ie n c e b e in g sw e e t . t h e l in e s on t h e r ig h t r e p r e s e n t i n g d i m e n s i o n s ... B u t t h e r e s t i s l i t e r a l " . CLICK HERE FOR JACK'S MUSIC B U Y H I S A R T N OW



U uuh U uuh ×2. Y esu Wangu (M y L ord) , U uuh U uuh , N i nguzo yangu (H e's m y shield) U uuh U uuh ... N im etem bea kila m ahali (I have w alked to m any places) Sikum pat a m w ingine kam a wewe (I didn't find anyone else like you) H at a niwe m ashakani Baba (Even w hen am in despair L ord)

Ut anipa m kono w ako (You w ill give m e your hand) U uuh U uuh ×2. Y esu Wangu (M y L ord) U uuh U uuh, N i nguzo yangu (H e's m y shield) U uuh U uuh ... N im etem bea kila m ahali (I have w alked to m any places) Sikum pat a m w ingine kam a wewe (I didn't find anyone else like you) H at a niwe m ashakani Baba (Even w hen am in despair L ord) Ut anipa m kono w ako (You w ill give m e your hand) Unioneshe njia zako O ooh Bw ana (You w ill show m e your w ays O ooh L ord) Y esu w angu(M y L ord) Baba we ni nguzo yangu (L ord you are m y shield) M saada wangu Baba we ni m penzi wa kar ibu (M y helper, L ord you're m y love w hose ever near) N ishikilie,Baba usiniache hat a kam we (H old m e L ord and never leave m e) Y esu w angu(M y L ord),Baba we ni nguzo yangu (L ord you are m y shield) M saada w angu Baba we ni m penzi wa kar ibu (M y helper, L ord you're m y love w hose ever near) N ishikilie,Baba usiniache hat a kam we(H old m e L ord and never leave m e) U linifia m salabani Y esu (You died on the cross for m e Jesus) Sababu yako niko hai leo (Because of you am alive today) N ingekuw a w api kam a si wewe Y esu (W here could I be if it wasn't you L ord) N im ekuw a hur u sababu ya neno lako O oh (I have been set free because of your word O oh) N dani yangu nakuheshim u Bwana (I n m e I respect you L ord) M aisha yangu ninakupa wewe (M y life I give it to you) N dani yangu nakuheshim u Bw ana Eeeh(I n m e I respect you L ord) Y esu wangu (M y L ord) Baba we ni nguzo yangu (L ord you are m y shield) M saada w angu Baba we ni m penzi wa kar ibu (M y helper, L ord you're m y love w hose ever near) N ishikilie,Baba usiniache hat a kam we (H old m e L ord and never leave m e)

N guzo yangu (M y shield) N i yesu w angu (I s m y Jesus) M penzi wangu nishikilie (M y love hold m e)×2 N dani yangu nakuheshim u Bwana(I n m e I respect you L ord)

M aisha yangu ninakupa wewe, N dani yangu nakuheshim u Bw ana (I n m e I respect you L ord) eeeh... Y esu w angu (M y L ord) Baba we ni nguzo yangu (L ord you are m y shield)

M saada w angu Baba we ni m penzi wa kar ibu (M y helper,L ord you're m y love w hose ever N ishikilie, Baba usiniache hat a kam we(H old m e L ord and never leave m e) Eeeh ... Baba, Baba (Eeeh, M y lord, M y L ord)

If you have cl ean music wit h a posit ive message, we woul d l ove t o hear f rom you! Our mission is t o make worl dwide change in t he indust ry by giving t he worl d what f ans want t o hear --- real music t hat wil l hel p & heal t he worl d! We of f er publ ic rel at ions t o what we f eel are t he great est independent art ist s in t he worl d, most of whom are best sel l ers in t he digit al st ores. If you have a message and a mission t o change t he worl d, pl ease get in t ouch wit h our f ounder, Kel l ie Leigh, and pl ease int roduce yoursel f inst ead of just post ing l inks. We are a t ight communit y of real peopl e & real art ist s. Kel l ie Leigh's DM is open f or anyone t o message her on Twit t er by cl icking here ---> @Art ist sUnit edWW

Songwrit er/ Drummer Mark McLean's "Feel Alright " is a musical delight t hat is genreless! A def init e pick-me-up album!

www.markmclean.com Preview & Buy I t on iTunes

" OW N DA M N W A Y" REVIEW b y Kel l i e Lei g h

A jazzy song wit h hip-hop f l avor & a f unky soul f ul beat !

LYRICS The sky is t he l imit No inf ringement t o t he benef it of it Don't want t o see you wit h t he down and out man Don't be af raid, don't be af raid, don't downgrade To t he normal it y t hat l if e hands out wit h real it y Don't be sl owing down now because t hen you are bound To be achieving and succeeding at what you wanna be being A mot ivat ional speaker f or t he worl d and t he peopl e Fight f or int ensit y we're not f eebl e now Push t hrough t he doors and receive t he appl ause You're a bet t er man or woman f or f ight ing t his cause For a more energet ic, mind kinet ic, ecl ect ic cent re Where we edit our minds and advent ure Hook: You got t o f ind your own damn way Don't l et it sl ow you down now You got t o f ind your own damn way Don't l et it sl ow you down now Take l if e by t he horns, t he dawning of t he f eel ing t hat not succeeding Wil l not be pl easing but if you are kneel ing t o t he f act t hat you do not al ways win is t he weakness t hat we must eradicat e t o come out on t op winning and Michael Jordan, Opera Winf rey, Al bert Einst ein, Wal t Disney Mike got cut f rom his t eam Opera was not f it f or t he TV Einst ein coul dn't t al k t il l he was f our and Disney are you kidding me? No original ideas and l ack of imaginat ion? That man was t he ul t imat um of animat ion creat ion.



Bil l y Wil l iams speaks a l ot of t rut hs in t his song, and t he f l ow of it is real l y great . The song it sel f speaks of mot ivat ing ot hers t o achieve t heir dreams whil e ignoring what societ y is handing t o us. St anding up f or what we bel ieve in, and chal l enging t he st at us quo. I l ove Bil l y's st yl e, his unique voice and his way of t el l ing us t hat t he worl d wil l t ry t o chal l enge us and t el l us t hat we are not who we were meant t o be.... but NO ONE & NOTHING is in cont rol of your DESTINY! Great , powerf ul message... real l y great work Bil l y! I give t his song 5 st ars f or t he posit ive, mot ivat ional message t hat it sends t o t he worl d! I al so real l y l ike Bil l y's l ogo and branding. Thank you Bil l y f or sharing your work wit h us!

#A rti stsUni tedTV .com EX CLUSI V E A rti st ELA BRYNTH ~ New Rel eases M YTI M E | LOV ETHA TGI RL | STORYTELLER A maze of sound & emot ion t hat merge t oget her wit h art & soul . Using ecl ect ic, nat ural sounds such as horns, st rings and even t ribal sounding drums and wooden bl ocks ELABRYNTH has creat ed a unique al l ure wit h a quiet simpl icit y t hat al most sound unf inished. Group's creat or, MrBunziii f ight s t o maint ain honest y in his musical expl orat ion whil e keeping t he sound f resh. "I wait t il l I am nearl y asl eep in an al most l ucid st at e and l et t he mood of t he sound dance around my head. That 's my creat ive process."

I n sp i r i n g A r t w o r k

C o n n ec t w i t h C l ai r e 'Ci n dy ' L al a n n e & M c Ev a n s Fr a n c oi s h t t p :/ / w w w .k r ey ol k r af t .c om /

JU LIE C U RLY The beginnings - A passion for all kinds of art and music Since my teenage years, I have a tremendous passion for all kinds of arts. At 18, I began film studies, earning a master's degree, while learning the guitar. I started playing Nirvana and sang he hits of Celine Dion and Alanis Morissette in my bedroom. Strumming some guitar chords, I discovered my own voice and took singing lessons for more than 6 years with my teacher Monique Dumas. Even If I was still in cover bands, love singing Top 40 and the hits of yesterday. Doing my own original music has always been there, as a way of expressing myself. Music is a powerful tool in which you can infuse and explore your own feelings. When it gets to someone else?s ears, and it touches their hearts, it becomes universal. It?s both rewarding to the artist & their team, as well as for the listener. For me, it?s the same as movies, telling a story & touching people with it. That?s why I love to think that my music is coming alive in the form of stories and short films. The Process - Past musical experiences paved the way In my twenties, I began to perform as a singer & songwriter, in Montreal bars and in various singing contests, becoming a finalist at theMontreal Idol / Mix 96 and CTV (2005) contest, semi-finalist at Trois-Pistoles en Chansons (2010), and finalist at Chante en Francais, Montreal(2010). Long-time choir lover, I was a member of several vocal ensembles, in addition to performing in the first steps of the Gospel Challenge (2006). I love gospel and the power it generates through singing. Amazing Grace is a song I performed for many years and it always transcends me. I must say, Aretha Franklin is one of my idols. I also gave my voice to the song Humanity, official anthem of the Montreal Gay Pride in 2008. I?ve never hidden my colors and having more LGBT models in music can be beneficial and positive, in making the world a better place. While on a European trip in 2012, I presented some of my original songs, performing in both France & Belgium. An amazing opportunity to meet and discuss with the European crowd, enabling me to hone my musical skills. I learn a lot from this experience. It made me grow as an artist, finding my own voice, and led me to great musical collaborations.

The al bum Confessions, or t he joys of being an independent art ist In January 2013, I began a musical partnership with the talented composer Gilbert Cantin, bass player and guitarist, having performed alongside of professional musicians for years. We played in the same tribute band and the chemistry in musical creation evolved naturally. Then we gave birth to Confessions in 2014, a self-produced album. It was born from the fruit of multiple influences and mutual experience, and I think that being an independent album, it gave us the power of freedom, the freedom of speech & thoughts in creation. At the end, Confessions is a really personal album, pop/ rock & jazzy songs about relationships and reflections on life.This 12 tracks album is in French, my first language. With all the production and promotion steps, it was a long (but exciting!) creative process; and everyone, even if we are a very small team, has embrace the project. So then, for the launching of the CD, we had very talented musicians: Jean-Yves Cardin (keyboards), Didier Renaud (bass), Robert MassÊ (drums), Anne-Marie Kirouac & Jenny Kuca (percussions) and, of course, Gilbert on the guitar. Since the launching, we are all together, touring, rehearsing & composing new songs, and having the chance to make music with great musicians is amazing. It creates a musical microcosm where I can express myself, and this is priceless; this is the reason why I make music. For me, making great music is having great ideas and sharing them with passionate people and great musicians. It's a privilege to make music and have people come to my shows to listen to my music. I never forget or take it for granted! Still, putting your emotions out there -and personal thoughts and feelings - for the world to listen, may sometimes be a scary thing... but having people responding positively to your work while on stage, it's priceless! If exposing your creation to the world is in itself a challenge, I would say that the most challenging thing is to get heard out there! There is so many talented bands -and so much noise- out there, that's it's difficult to get heard by the right people to make it in the business. Seriously, for me, being an independent artist, is like being a Shredded Wheat... you know the breakfast cereal? Made from whole wheat, one side is frosted sugar, and the other remain whole wheat. So the frosted side is in the creation process, cause art doesn't emerge fromconstraints, but from freedom, the freedom of speech and thought. In fact, I may be a Flower Child - or let's say a hippie, for the creation process (in fact Flower Power is one of our songs in preparation? ) For the music business side- or the wheat side if we stay in the Shredded Wheat metaphor, I'm a really down-to-earth person, very organized; for me, that's what it takes to be anindependent artist. Working hard and making it work, with an amazing team! As far as sounding too humble, for me the team is everything. They help you spread the word about your musical universe. Can you imagine? (The Killing of John Lennon) - Making a move, from language of Molière to Shakespeare I was born in Montreal, on a snowy day, and still live there (but not because of the snow!) What I love about my city is the bi-cultural, let?s say bilingual, reality. Even if my first language is French, and always love the Molière language to express myself through songs, I also love writing in English. A decade ago, when I studied at Concordia University, I was already writing songs in English. So it?s kind of a natural path to make some songs in English (even Confessions has some songs in Fran-glish, If I must say, like Carences and Technicolor). My first video single in English is called Can you imagine? (The Killing of John Lennon). This unique musician, poet and peacemaker is my main influence, not only in music, but also in his vision of life. Did I mentioned I was born in a precarious premature condition in Montreal, the same time John Lennon died in New York? And that my mother was a Beatles fan? This is the story of Can you Imagine?, and I sang it for the first time live, when launching my first album. The song and the video was recorded live (putting afterward, in the editing process, some shots of a Montreal snowy day). I thought it made sense that I could pay a tribute with this song to John Lennon and my mother, since they both have a tremendous influence on my life. The lyrics of this song are important to me, as well as the music, composed by the talented Monique Dumas, who was able to translate my universe as well as pay tribute to the sound of The Beatles. As well as the other songs on the album Confessions, heartfelt s}Can you imagine? won prizes such as an Akademia Music Award (California) for best live performance and finished number one with more than 4000 viewson the Beat100 (Britain)Music Video Charts in 2015. Being humble toward success, I still love to think that my songs are touching people? And if they do, mission accomplish, cause it?s the reason why I make music.


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When I was a little girl, I would wait quite impatiently for Thursdays to come around. That was the day that the newly released music would hit the stores. I was literally obsessed with so many great artists that are still relevant today. After school, I would ride my bike down to a small record store to get the latest, hottest album or cassette tape. I loved vinyl. Not just for the sound of the needle hitting the record for the first time, but music was different back then. You didn't get a preview. What you did get was 1 or 2 songs on the radio and a date for the release of the entire album. So you literally had to sit there and wait with the 1 poster in-store, wondering what was to come next from your favorite artist. By the time release date rolled around you were so anxious to see what was inside that album... the beautiful artwork, the pictures, the words to the songs you have already heard...(which you were more than likely singing wrong) and you got to read what the artist had to say about the process of

making the album up until it's completion. I still remember the FEELING of buying albums: The first was Michael Jackson THRILLER. I remember seeing the cover of the album, MJ in his beautiful, crisp white suit... but when I opened it up and saw the inside... a FULL sized picture of Michael laying down with a TIGER standing behind him... my heart skipped a beat. To hear the songs "The Girl Is Mine" "Pretty Young Thing" and "Lady In My Life" featured on the album, after owning a Jackson 5 album... wow.. you don't forget that FEELING! Michael was always my fave. The album buying process was an experience. It was an emotional EXPERIENCE. The 2nd that I remember being VERY excited about was Bob Marley.. I would listen to Legend at least 5 times a day! I even influenced my nephew, who was 3 at the time and had the little my first boombox, and he would walk around with it asking people if they wanted to hear Bob Marley. Our passion for music inspires us to lead others to hear it... we each are music influencers, whether we realize it or not. When we FEEL the music that we hear, we want to SHARE it with those we love so that they can FEEL it too!

My best friend and I always wanted to be Madonna. We would dress up and put BIG bows in our hair like in her video for Borderline... and sing and dance with our brushes as microphones. We were huge fans! Between the 2 of us we always had the latest and greatest. Music was our life. Throughout our teenaged years, our taste in music changed. We went from loving Pop, to the New Wave & HOUSE MUSIC (ahhhh) of the LATE 80's... Classic House is still my fave to this day! I still remember the very first day that Much Music in Canada started and seeing our first video countdown... even recorded it with our VCR. They are shutting down our music TV stations in Canada. Yes, digital is here to STAY! Really what I am trying to say is that we VALUED music so much then. We couldn't wait to BUY it when it came out. It was the only way to get a hold of it... and when we did, it was a beautiful EXPERIENCE of art and creativity. A beautiful thing! Now that the digital age is here, I feel that we have definitely lost something along the way. The business model of the traditional music label is LONG GONE and never to come back. Things will never be the same now that every artist in the world has educated themselves on how to run a business and sell music. There is so much clutter out there with music, so how do you find the best? Somehow they have found and connected with me (To God Be All The Glory!) and we have embarked on this journey together to educate the FANS, letting them know that music is NOT FREE. Now the older generation in the business is so confused by the digital age that they have led you to believe that MUSIC is not WORTH the money that you spend on it. Most people buy a coffee every day and lunch for themselves, but won't spend 1 dollar for a song. I believe that they are just not aware of what it takes to make an album. Countless hours of studio time, mixing, mastering, marketing... it gets expensive... but artists feel it is WORTH it to put their own money out of their pocket to create it for you, the music lovers of the world! It is not FREE! Not to mention the fact that they pour their HEART & SOUL into their craft... Music needs to be respected! With the rise of streaming websites, it is obvious that the younger generation has been miseducated & misled on what goes into making music, the importance of showing support and recognition for the great artists who are out there just waiting for you to listen to their work. So today, I encourage all music fans to start DISCOVERING new artists, and learning what the older generation already knows. That artists deserve respect and recognition for their hard earned, heartfelt work. This month we also bring you # ArtistsUnited TV, where you will be able to find interviews with the hottest up and coming artists from around the world, as well as our show # ArtistsUnited Countdown, as Angel Sessions and I countdown the hottest videos from the world of independent music. Thank you to everyone for your continued encouragement and support... so much love to you all! ~Kellie Leigh, Founder # ArtistsUnited Worldwide Independent Music Community www.artistsunitedtv.com


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