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Editor: Kirsten Gadsby Sales: Anthony Dare Design: Kellie Ackerman

Contributors: Anthony Dare, Kirsten Gadsby, Kellie Ackerman, Brendan Maskey, Kate Hagenson, Deb Porteous Front Cover Photograph: Neil Chan

Disclaimer All material that appears in this edition of Zoom in Business is printed at the discretion of the publishers, but does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the publishers. We endeavour to maintain a high standard of credibility in the quality of articles published and our articles are intended as informed contributions to people seeking to pursue a rich and rewarding experience in business. Readers are advised to always use their discretion in using any product, service or approach either advertised or written about in Zoom in Business. The publishers can take no responsibility for individual outcomes of any such choice and readers should always be guided by their own business professionals. Copyright All material and content in this edition of ZOOM in Business is copyright under the normal copyright laws in Australia. No part may be reproduced by any process without prior written permission of the publisher. © ZOOM in Business 2010.


peak to many Townsville business owners and they will admit that the past financial year of economic downturn has taught them more about how to run their businesses than any other period. The prevailing pessimism and uncertainty has forced many operators in our region to assess their business profitability and embrace efficiencies to ensure they stay afloat. To add to this impasse, as we go to print, a new Prime Minister has been ‘switched’ on our behalf to evoke confidence in our country. Are you convinced? It’s already clear, we’re on a different road this financial year and those to come. I’m sure that

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the new realities our commercial sector is experiencing have redefined the world of business in the North - but especially the culture of small business in Townsville. In this second issue of Zoom in Business: Money and You, we celebrate our economy and focus on current topics from business to business. With tax being on the top of everyone’s list at the moment, local Accountant and Tax expert, Deb Porteous (cover page) opens by sharing some important business tax tips to help you this financial year. Then, Kate Hagenson’s column on “Converting Theory to Practice” is a fun read, and reminds us that networking

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involves much more than just turning up! Also, we thank Brenden Maskey (BCK Lawyers) for his article on Trademarking. A huge thanks to our regular columnists, Kellie Ackerman (Jasper Design) and Anthony Dare (BIZRICH) along with our Zoom in Business ghost writers who introduce some outstanding stories on local business owners and their services, including the all-new “Zoom in on...” feature article on Sheree Bateman, owner of Nothing But Chocolate (simply mouth-watering!). And so, we give you this: the Money and You edition of Zoom in Business, and inspiration for tomorrow’s economy.

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Money and you

by Deb Porteous, Tax Defence


t’s tax time and Deb Porteous from Tax Defence lends some helpful hints on reducing unwanted debt on your tax return this financial year. The basic tax management strategies are often neglected or overlooked and the benefits can be quite significant and there can be some great tax savings to reap. The key to maximising your refund or reducing your debt comes down to knowing your options and acting early to avoid last minute problems.

Key Strategies

for all groups of taxpayers

from individuals to businesses • Bringing forward deductions to this income year • Deferring income until the 2010/2011 financial year • Taking advantages of opportunities • Being organised and having knowledge is the key to maximising claims

What is benchmarking? Small business benchmarks basically provide a snapshot of what, on average is happening in businesses in a particular industry. The different types of benchmarking for the small business are: Performance Benchmarks - are based on information provided to the ATO from small businesses reporting on income tax returns and business activity statements. These can be used to enable taxpayers to work out whether or not they fall within the average for their industry. Input Benchmarks - are based on information provided to the ATO by industry participants and trade associations and basically allow taxpayers to calculate an expected range of

income based on the labour and the materials they use. Small business benchmarks are designed to help business meet their tax obligations by enabling them to track their performance against the rest of their industry. The ATO have benchmarked the key business ratios for high medium and low turnover businesses for more than 100 industries. By comparing your

business to the benchmarks for your industry, you can assess your business’s performance. We also use benchmarks to identify businesses that may be avoiding their tax obligations by not reporting some or all of their income. By developing benchmarks for small businesses the ATO is making it clear about what it expects from businesses in an

“...basic tax management strategies are often neglected or overlooked [but] the benefits can be quite significant...” industry. This makes it harder for dishonest operators to get away with not reporting cash income

There are five ratios available to help taxpayers compare and check their business performance Performance Benchmark Ratio

Calculation of ratio (%)

1. The cost of goods sold to turnover

Cost of goods sold / turnover x 100

2. Labour to turnover

Labour costs / turnover x 100

3. Rent to turnover

Rent / turnover x 100

4. GST – free sales to turnover

GST – free sales / turnover x 100

5. Motor vehicle expenses to turnover

Motor vehicle expenses / turnover x 100

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ATO Audit Hot Spots for business taxpayers in 2010

On the 6 August 2009, the ATO released its compliance program for the 2010 income year. This document foreshadows the ATO’s audit hit list. This information is extremely valuable because taxpayers operating in industries under the microscope can prepare for a possible ATO audit. As part of the ATO’s risk based compliance model, the ATO is increasing the use of data matching and small business benchmarking. The cash economy is a focus along with companies using prior year losses, the general business tax break and employer obligations including PAYG withholding and superannuation guarantee responsibilities.

– and makes it fairer for everyone else. Businesses reporting outside the benchmarks may attract the ATO’s attention. There may be good reasons for this disparity, but taxpayers who find they are outside the benchmarks for their industry should determine whether they have correctly recorded and reported their income and deductions. Categories include: • building and construction trade services • education, training, recreation and

support services • food services • health care and personal services • manufacturing • professional, scientific and technical services • retail trade • transport, postal and warehousing • other services Further information regarding the small business benchmarks can be accessed, by industry from the ATO website at:

Visit Deb at Annandale Central centre court, Cnr MacArthur Drive & University Road, Annandale from July to October this year for your tax return.

Converting theory to practice by Kate Hagenson

We go to school and university to prepare us for “the real world”, but does it really get us ready?


am in my final year of a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Management and Entrepreneurship after starting university a couple of years ago. What job/career/ position I want after I finish my degree seems to change with each new subject I take on. It’s a professional dilemma that I have been willingly encouraged to investigate. Over the past two months, I was given the project of converting theory to practice by participating in weekly morning breakfasts, monthly speed networking, online networking and special events created for Townsville professionals. At each


of these events, I have been encouraged to ‘network’ with total strangers and I can tell you that University does not prepare you for this awkward, yet very common occasion. Through the nerves and jitters, I managed to stand up, introduce and promote myself to these groups – all with a surprisingly positive result. A terrific complement this activity of networking creates is where members often meet outside this circle, on their own time, and build their own “one-to-one” relationship with each other. Out of all of the groups, I found that the most proactive medium








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Curing Cancer, One Child at a Time.

in Townsville was face-to-face networking as the potential for higher quality and lifelong business relationships are possible. It’s interesting that Townsville business owners also prefer face-to-face because they seem to prefer actually knowing and meeting who they intend to do business with. It seems to be the case of who you know, not what you know that brings in new business. Networking is easy to learn about, and I can list the benefits straight out of a text book, but converting theory into practice was a little more difficult. Although overall it was a very rewarding experience.

your Increase defence!

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Wealth for today

with Jemmy Best, Wealth Today and Best Home Loans


ost people would recognise Jemmy Best through Best Home Loans, her award-winning local business and we talk to her about her new and exciting role as Townsville’s exclusive franchisee of Wealth Today - a cutting-edge financial management service for everyday people. Over the last twelve months, the Best Home Loans team has been introducing the new Wealth Today system into their scope of services, providing clients with a combined lending and financial management service. With over 14 years industry experience, Jemmy has known that for too long, everyday Australians haven’t been able

to access relevant and secure financial strategies. Jemmy and her team at Wealth Today are absolutely focused on delivering

“...for too long, everyday Australians haven’t been able to access relevant and secure financial strategies.” clients the very best outcomes possible. The Wealth Today model draws from extensive local, national and international finance industry experience to

ensure that North Queensland clients interests are protected at all times, ensuring that they can achieve a life time of careful planning, celebration of life and early financial freedom. “The Wealth Today financial management system sets up a plan to own your own home sooner, to buy your first home, plan for retirement or at any stage in between, we can now structure a plan that suits your individual financial needs and that best fits your lifestyle,” Jemmy explains. Whatever stage you are at in life, Jemmy and her support team believes that everyone can and should have a financial plan in place - not just wealthy people! Jemmy says, “We work daily with individuals, couples

and families to structure loans and financial plans specifically tailored to their individual circumstances, whatever they might be!” Sounds like it might be complicated? Its not! In very simple terms, Jemmy will take you through the 6 step LIFT Process which looks for surpluses, devises a financial plan aimed at growing your wealth, sets in place appropriate protection and all the time giving you the peace of mind that you have the right plan at the right time with the right adviser. You can contact Jemmy and her team today to find out how to plan your tailored debt termination strategy helping you to pay off your debts faster!

Would you like to terminate your mortgage while building wealth with protection in place to safeguard your family or business?

YOU CAN! Make it your reality! Call today for a FREE discussion of your financial needs.

Get your finances on track through personally tailored financial plans, ongoing financial review and Wealth Today’s complete commitment to client results!


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We base our program on medical research and this allows us to create a unique nutritionally balanced program for each client. Eating everyday foods like fish, chicken, meat, fruit and vegetables. We understand weight loss is personal and your personal weight loss coach is trained to help. Quite often our coaches are SureSlim success stories themselves and are vital support in the success of weight loss for our clients. Phone today to book your FREE presentation!


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‘Making your mark’

Protect and improve your brand

by Brenden Maskey, BCK Lawyers

Why bother registering your brand name as trade mark? Here are 5 good reasons to protect and improve the intellectual property attached to your business. 1. Limited Protection Registering your business name with the Office of Fair Trading provides only very limited protection. All of the goodwill you have developed in your trading name, logo, advertising, slogans, and possibly even the ‘look’ of your business can only be properly protected from unauthorised use by registering your trading name, logos or slogans as trade marks. 2. Rip offs Have you ever stopped to think how many people may be interested in ripping off your trading name, logos or slogans? Competing businesses, especially when starting out, frequently attempt to ‘spring’ off the reputation of established businesses by creating a business with similar appearances, trading names, slogans or logos. Also, it is not uncommon for previous employees or ex-business partners to copy the key elements of your advertising, logo or trading name to compete against you. If you have a recognizable trading name, logo or slogan, the list of potential copycats is endless. 3. Copy cats What happens if a copycat business pops up?

Although you may see the copycat as an unrelated inferior business, your customers may be mislead into believing that you are involved in or somehow connected to that business, or support their practices. You may lose customers to that business, or suffer injury to your reputation because of poor customer service or inferior product. It will be more difficult, and far more expensive, to stop a copycat business from trading off your hard earned reputation if you do not have your trading name, logos and slogans registered as trade marks. Trade mark registration can provide you with nation-wide protection. If appropriate, international registration can also be obtained. 4. Goodwill A large portion of the value of your business consists of the goodwill you have developed over time. All of that effort and money spent on advertising, logos, slogans, signage, etc. has created intellectual property that should be protected. A potential purchaser of, or financier to your business may expect that your valuable goodwill is protected and supported by a registered trade mark(s). The value of your business can be closely

linked to the level of protection afforded to your intellectual property. Registering a trade mark is an important investment in the overall value of your business. 5. Classes Registering a trade mark is not a task to be taken lightly. You must give proper consideration in selecting the ‘classes’ of goods and services to which your mark will apply. There are over 40 classes of good and services. Within each class, you must properly describe the applicable goods and services to which your trade mark will apply. Getting this process wrong can result in inadequate protection and possibly expensive litigation. The right intellectual property lawyer will help you to ensure that you get the registration of your trade mark right the first time. That lawyer should advise you on other steps you can take to ensure that the value of your intellectual property is maximized and protected. Boulton Cleary & Kern Lawyers understand what is required to protect and maximize the value of your intellectual property, whether it be by trade mark, patent or registered design. Call BCK on 4772 9200 to discuss your business’ needs.


It’s all about focus

with Adam McKee, Focus Realty


s Australians, we all use a real estate agent to buy, lease or sell property at some stage of our lives and it’s great to know that choosing a quality Real Estate Agent in Townsville does not have to be another difficult decision to make after meeting Adam McKee from Focus Realty. With many years of sales experience and a passion for Townsville Real Estate, Principal Adam McKee is dedicated to real estate best practice and innovation ensuring that his clients receive professional, knowledgeable and courteous service. By combining local knowledge, Adam now enjoys a reputation as the local real estate marketing expert that clients, friends and family recommend with confidence. “I really understand that

selling and buying property can be an emotional and stressful time for people” Adam says. “That is why it is important to me that I am an agent who people trust. I am committed to always working in my client’s best


and selling a property can be an


and stressful time...”


interest.” Taking a new approach to selling and leasing property, Adam collected all of his knowledge and experience in real estate and packaged all the positive attributes to create an honest, ethical, detailed service - the service that vendors and landlords deserve. “Experience is so important to me because

it means I should be able to anticipate problems and prevent them from occurring. It also means my clients are relatively assured that over the years I have learned how to handle just about any type of potential difficulty with ease.” Adam has the commitment to manage your property or find the highest possible sale price in the shortest amount of time, encouraging buyers to make an offer as soon as they love your home. Located on Ross River Road, just above True Value Hardware, Focus Realty will give you a refreshingly different perspective to real estate and an unprecedented exclusive service.

A fresh approach to marketing T

here has never been a more important time to connect with your customers and right here in Townsville, The Marketing Factory is connecting more people, with more customers and creating bigger brands in a way like never before. Marissa Candy, OwnerDirector, has been actively working in and researching the marketplace for more than a decade. Along with her growing team, Marissa offers and knows how to get the most effective solutions for businesses at some of the most competitive rates in town. “There is significant opportunity in today’s market to be heard above your competitors, to gain new business and to become a bold leader in your industry and we

with Marissa Candy, The Marketing Factory

markets for businesses to focus on efficient and effective determine the segments that marketing that can also be will seek specific products and/ measured,” Marissa explains. or services. “Your target market The Marketing Factory’s awardneeds to be large enough and winning success is based on the sustainable to be able to support ability to clearly focus, create your business and and implement fresh “We focus brand and we identify marketing strategies on efficient and manage this for for their clients and effective our clients better than – all in one handy location. marketing that anyone in town”. Marissa and her “There are many can also be team have specifically ways we research the measured..” been concentrating marketplace for our on customers and what they clients and they are generally need (or want). “Customers inexpensive. The more we can are the essence of marketing – discover, the greater advantage they are the source of sales and our clients have over their profits,” she explains. competitors and sets a good The Marketing Factory also foundation for building a can create strategic marketing successful business for them,” plans to enable businesses to Marissa explains. identify how to ‘stand out’ Another important service in the market. Marissa says The Marketing Factory offers that marketing a business is the ability to identify target

effectively here in Townsville is an integral part of small business management and The Marketing Factory are experts at generating new business for their clients, encouraging them to spend their marketing dollars wisely and within budget. “There’s no doubt that Townsville businesses have started to look more thoroughly at their return on investment in marketing and embraced our cost-effective forms of promoting themselves over the past year.” Marissa says. “We are committed to delivering a truly supreme business branding service, conveniently managed with one account manager for our client’s.” If you’re looking to get the most out of your marketing budget this financial year, call The Marketing Factory today.


Pick a

Many happy returns


by Kellie Ackerman Serif vs Sans Serif Last issue I mentioned serif and sans serif fonts. These are the two major font categories, and the difference is quite simple. A serif is the tiny


thick and thin


structure on the end of some letters in a typeface. They originated from the flair of the brush stroke in old script, but it is common belief today that they are a useful visual tool when reading large blocks of text. For this reason they are most often used in lengthy texts, while sans serif fonts are used for headlines and shorter pieces. A serif font also has a more formal appearance.


same thickness

no serifs

Most serif fonts have thick and thin lines, while san serif fonts, (from the French ‘sans’ which means ‘without’) are cleaner bulkier fonts and are more readable on a computer screen where the constraints of screen resolution can make small serifs and thin lines hard to see. Sans serif fonts are also a good choice for logos and signage because they are clean and more versatile. So keep in mind what medium your text will end up in when you next pick a font. 10

by Anthony Dare

ALL of my clients will tell you I have a healthy left-brained passion and respect for the numbers in any business, especially that of marketing numbers. Numbers give you the power to make profitable decisions.


et’s face it, Christmas is almost here, and I have no doubt I will see an Easter egg on the shelf of my grocery store any day now. What am I trying to say? The same thing you say to your fellow workers everyday around the water fountain days are getting shorter and the years seem to be flying by. SLOW DOWN! The whistle has blown for the new financial year, time to celebrate! I look forward to seeing accounting buddies around September

when they emerge from their social hibernation, and annoy them with light repartee for not getting my just desserts back from Canberra. To ensure we ring out the marketing sponge of every last drop, we must be fully conversant with our Return On Marketing Investment or ROMI. Testing and measuring is just as important as doing. I can guarantee Christmas will come early. It may even be Christmas in July!

So after you have picked the low hanging fruit, the real work starts - you’ll need the ladder! Let’s look at some simple steps to get you testing and measuring your marketing investment. When we talk about numerics, remember what your bank account is measured in, and it ain’t goodwill! Test and measure as a matter of routine, you will save money, budget better, negotiate better and you will find that Christmas in July actually has a purpose! Many happy returns!

1. Start asking people where they heard about you, found you, attracted them to you. You will usually find one sector stands out.

4. Check the conversion rate. Everyone in business sells, and the conversion rate tells us how good we are at it.

2. Prune, modify, and increase. Go through the numbers with each element of marketing that you are currently employing. Remember the true test of any marketing strategy, campaign, or chicken suit hire is the ability for the action to pay for itself.

CONVERSION = enquiries that become sales.

3. Keep going! Why stop now? You’re killing it! Look, you have made good money here, it’s working! The local campaign engages people that want my services! That’s great, keep it going. If, on the other hand, the sword swallower did not impress the kids and the wife at Stockland, especially after that sneeze - don’t hire him again. The message wasn’t right, and you’ll save time on trauma suits.

If numbers are down here, you should consider investing in professional development, i.e coaching, sales techniques and training. A small incremental change can have huge effects on a healthy bottom line. 5. Consolidate. Work on some old branches, they may yield some fruit. 6. Branch out. Once you have the full picture numerically, then you can reach out and pick from the branches of the money tree you never thought reachable, attainable or achievable!

MASTER numbers your


2 hr Workshop Thurs’s 7 – 9pm Sat’s 10 – 12pm July, Aug, Sep Cost: $80 pp

2 for 1 L MYOB & Quickbooks expert DEA Ph: 0401 996 663 Presenter: Chris Rockemer

Putting pen to paper

with Berry Carter, Office Choice Pen to Paper


ntil putting “pen to paper” in this article (excuse the pun), I didn’t fully appreciate how integral office supplies are in my everyday life. Everything I’m looking at on my desk is classified as “office supplies” and Office Choice Pen to Paper on Hugh Ryan Drive, Garbutt has delivered most of them to my door. At the beginning of the school year, I buy office supplies from Pen to Paper who deliver them to my home. What is this article being written on? Office supplies from Pen to Paper delivered to my business. “Office supplies are integral in anyone and everyone’s life,” owner Berry Carter says. “Take the time to look at your desk – paper, pen, pencil, highlighter,

possibly even a computer, are all office supplies. Basically anything you write with or on, anything you colour, clip, snip, stamp or paste that is useful in an office, school, or home, that helps with learning or just overall literature.” So, are you buying from a 100% Australian, 100% locally owned and operated and 100% value service orientated business? Is it time to make a better choice for your office supplies? Office Choice Pen to

is available on request and Paper is 100% by communicating through committed to email, mail outs and flyers, providing your Office Choice Pen to Paper is total office committed to fully informing requirements you of all the tools obtainable to sustain to your work place, on a regular your business basis.” and the After my fascination with environment. Berry and this subject, I calculated that we his friendly team are highly use at least one of the million experienced in the stationery and one office supplies every and office supplies industry. hour. You may not even know “We have a 30-day interestyou’re using an free account facility “[We] are office supply when or customers may you do. wish to pay as they committed to Today, try to go by several easy providing your total take time and count methods: cash, cheque, credit card office requirements every office supplies you use in a normal and also direct to sustain your day and support our deposit,” Berry states. “Also a business and the 100% locally owned Pen to Paper office quicker ordering environment.” supplier today. speed online

spoilt for choice • all office stationery • rubber stamps • computer equipment • cartridges, toners & ribbons • office furniture • business machines • tea room supplies • filing & storage products locally owned & operated free delivery service

pen to paper

4775 7776

fax: 4775 7707 35 hugh ryan drv garbutt email:

(conditions apply)

great service | great range | great prices 11

in on... m o o

Nothing But Chocolate

with Sheree Bateman


xcellence comes in many forms and our “Zoom In On” business focus this quarter introduces us to Nothing But Chocolate Townsville’s Handmade Belgian Chocolate House and the driving passion of its creator, Sheree Bateman. When talking to Sheree

Specialising in Finance for:

Commercial Finance Business Finance Rural Finance Home Loans Investment Home Loans Construction Finance Vehicle Equipment Finance Cashflow Finance Lines of Credit

257 Charters Towers Rd Phone: 07 4728 8618 Fax: 07 4728 5904


"The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little Extra..." Moreen Arndell Sales Marketing Consultant

Ph: 0401 845 700 Email:

Helen Munro/Townsville




about the chocolate, the creation, the pursuit of fine ingredients and unique respect she possess for her art, it is evident that her passion speaks to us through these handcrafted masterpieces, which is as much a visual experience as it is culinary. Sheree’s journey into Belgian Chocolate began a mere 6 years ago as an interest in fine chocolate which has now spread into a continually evolving and burgeoning enterprise in just the first year of trading. The answer to the question is YES! She does eat her chocolate every day, “quality not quantity is the key to pure enjoyment..Also quality control is a great excuse!” The product line entails custom-branded chocolates, gift boxes, gourmet gift baskets, even a simple thankyou box. Sheree takes great pride in special orders which is a unique point of difference; the journey does not stop with the gift of giving, it is only beginning. Corporates, professionals, small business, private individuals and everyone in between use this product as the ultimate recognition, a way to say thank you, with a


Our corporate massage can relieve stress and revive your team.

From $1 per minute Seated massage chairs or massage tables, candles and music available Sturt Street 4772 0031 Jupiters 4722 2375 Or we come to your workplace



“[The chocolate] isn’t pulled off the shelf, it is created lovingly for you... the day before delivery.” uniquely individual gift. You all must understand here one vital difference when dealing with Nothing But Chocolate, you order the product - it isn’t pulled off the shelf - it is created lovingly for you or

that someone, the day before delivery. It is truly rare and a great indicator of exclusivity when we talk about something in singular terms, in particular the Nothing But Chocolate experience. Sheree’s customers who originally thought they knew chocolate, have been taken to a purely heavenly level... To be seduced by the Nothing But Chocolate experience, enquire at the website www. enter the product code 0174 to go into the draw for a Spring Racing Carnival Gourmet Hamper.

In-house: embroidery, screenprinting, laser engraving, computer engraving...

Quality Workmanship - Guaranteed Deadlines At Complete TAG Solutions, we have a wide range of promotional products, uniforms, trophies and awards to suit any occasion or event. Whether you want to update or redesign your existing uniforms, acknowledge the efforts of a worker, mark a special occasion or promote your business, we have you covered. Our huge range of products include trophies, medals, plaques, resin figures, Trophies, full colour plaques, medals, corporate awards, name badges, ribbons, desk nameplates, keyrings, badges, glassware, coffee mugs, shields, ribbons and sashes, polo shirts, safety shirts, caps, hats, corporate polished timber awards, polo shirts, safety shirts, caps, water bottles, pens, bags, uniforms, towels, stubbie coolers, promotional products, water bottles... caps, lanyards, stubbie coolers and much, much more.


48 Charles St, Aitkenvale

Phone 4779 4639

Businesses for sale Chic City Restaurant

Business Training

Hidden away from the hustle and bustle in a heritage listed building in the City Heart, this chic restaurant is one of Townsville’s best kept secrets and is now for sale. A tremendous opportunity to acquire this landmark restaurant at a highly competitive price.

Are you searching for a business that not only makes a great profit, but inspires you creatively every day? Do you love to shop and travel? Do you want to grow an asset? If that was a resounding YES!, then this business is primed and ready for you!

One-on-One Professional Business Training is a Registered Training Organisation and offers a wide range of training fields. Rarely does a Professional Training opportunity of this calibre come along in Townsville. Priced for immediate sale.

$315,000 WIWO

$215,000 +SAV

$130,000 WIWO

Kirsten Gadsby 0409 408 120

Kirsten Gadsby 0409 408 120

IT Consulting Service

Kirsten Gadsby 0409 408 120

Brumby’s Rising Sun


This successful IT business provides a full support, training and implementation service for a variety of IT solutions including cash registers and POS. This investment opportunity would ideally suit an individual or partners.

This busy Brumby’s Bakery Franchise is situated in the popular Rising Sun Shopping Centre, just 5 minutes from Townsville’s City Heart and nestled in the middle of 4 adjoining suburbs, schools and located at the beginning of Townsville’s motel strip.

This franchise is No. 3 in BRW’s annual list of Australia’s fastest growing franchises. If you’re looking for a business here in Townsville to walk in and make plenty of $$$, then this is for you.

$280,000 +SAV

$380,000 +SAV

$120,000 WIWO

Kirsten Gadsby 0409 408 120

Kirsten Gadsby 0409 408 120

Make big bucks outdoors

Kirsten Gadsby 0409 408 120

Kok Rose ct Chocolates ntra

oeks c r e und in 4 we This privately-owned business specialises in all landscaping and irrigation service. Includes machinery, trucks and all the equipment included. At TRV value! we believe that reliable and impartial valuations are the key to building a Unbeatable

Cleaning Contractor

Dweeks L O 3 S

successful business. We do not buy, sell or manage real estate. Therefore our business operations are never in conflict. Our team possesses intimate local market knowledge and an extensive range of in skills andWIWO experience. We believe this is the key to our ability to deliver timely, $415,000 tract n o C r reliable and accurate information and provide quality valuations. Kirsten Gadsby 0409 408 120 de

iness Your bus nt ta is impor to us.


We value businesses. Mortgage Security Valuations

Valuations for Stamp Duty & Capital Gains Pre-purchase/sale Market Valuations Feasibility Reports Asset Valuations for Financial Reporting Litigation Matters

Property Valuers & Consultants 16 Carroll St, Mt Louisa | P (07) 4774 3155 | F (07) 4774 3166 |



Mobile Cafe

ra t n o rc s



in 4 w

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Dweeks L O S tract in 6 r Con


Digital Central

Dweeks L O S tract in 4 r Con


Great Bite Fish Bar

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Townsville Young Business Achievement


rganised by the Young Chamber of Commerce, Townsville’s future business leaders were recognised at the 2010 Townsville Young Business Achievement Awards held at The Museum of Tropical Queensland on Friday 11th June 2010. The awards attracted many nominations, with a number of people entering to contest the two categories. The standard in both categories was “extremely high” making it a very difficult task for the judges. The Townsville business community should be very happy with the quality of young managers and business owners. The awards highlight the achievements of Townsville’s finest and help secure Townsville business future by encouraging young business people to step up and take on managerial positions or to open their own business.

Awards 2010

Above: Corporate Employee of the Year Isabelle Yates - Townsville Airport

Left: Business Person of the Year Ben Woodford - BNG Sports

Photos by Freetime Aperture

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