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From the desk of the CEO As promised, EMSA, AMR and Paramedics Plus are committed to helping you through the contract transition period with continual communications and answers to your questions and concerns. A transition team of leaders from various departments and organizations has been organized and is meeting regularly to ensure every area of this transition is addressed, questions are answered and needs are met. This is the first transition report to aid in communication efforts and maintaining a dialogue with you as we move through this process. This report includes critical information you need to ensure your position transfers without issue. We’ve also included valuable contact information so you know who to contact and how to reach them when questions arise. And, as always, your immediate supervisor is available to help answer any questions you have or find the individual who can answer them. Please read this report and let us know of any questions or concerns you have. You can email your thoughts to

Website created for transfer to employment with AMR


Interested in continuing your career at EMSA? It’s AMR’s intent to retain field personnel, dispatchers and support team members currently working in the system after the November 1 transition.

To begin the process of transferring your employment from Paramedics Plus to AMR, go to Click on the “Careers” tab and access the positions page. From there, select your position to begin the AMR employment transfer process (see screenshot inset) and complete the packet. AMR asks all current employees who wish to continue to complete the online process by Friday, September 6; this should take you no more than 20 minutes. AMR has already received several employment applications from EMS professionals in other systems and needs to know how many current employees plan to stay before outside hiring begins. If you need assistance, please call Sonny Geary, general manager, at (214) 724-8617 or Richard Barr, HR director, at (682) 227-6067.

AMR opens Tulsa, OKC offices AMR has opened offices in Tulsa and Oklahoma City to be accessible to employees as the transition occurs.

Steve Williamson EMSA President and CEO

General Manager Sonny Geary is currently staffing both offices so availability is limited, but he is accessible on his cell phone at (214) 724-8617. The Oklahoma City office is at 3030 NW Expressway, Suite 200, and the Tulsa office is at 7633 E 63rd Place, Suite 300.

Memo from Paramedics Plus COO Dear fellow Paramedics Plus employees, In an effort to answer any questions or concerns about the transition, I will be holding a town hall meeting in both divisions. Director of Human Resources Cindy Gillis will be present to answer any questions you may have regarding HR. Also, Recruiting Manager Jared Mullins will be present to discuss any questions you may have regarding transfer to other Paramedics Plus locations. Town hall dates and times: Oklahoma City – Wed., Aug. 28, 2013, at 16:00 Tulsa – Thurs., Aug. 29, 2013, at 16:00 Locations: Oklahoma City - Hyatt Place, 1511 NW Expressway. Tulsa - EMSA corporate offices in the classroom. Along with being at the meetings, Cindy and Jared will also be available throughout the day at post 41 in OKC on Wednesday and at the EMSA corporate office in Tulsa on Thursday to personally meet with any of you who prefer to meet in private.

AMR answers FAQs Frequently asked questions are housed and updated regularly on the AMR website at For the latest information, please visit the site. AMR will pay COBRA premium payments equivalent to the employer contribution amount currently provided by Paramedics Plus. COBRA premiums are usually quite a bit more than "normal" premiums. Is AMR going to match the dollar amount or percentage? Will the employee see an increase in his or her contribution during the COBRA period? During the wait period AMR intends to pay the employer portion and up to the two percent administration fee that is generally added to the COBRA premium. However, the deductions for COBRA premiums cannot be made on a pre-tax basis; therefore, based on an employee’s tax withholding level, they will see a slight reduction in net pay. Will it be necessary for Paramedics Plus employees to fill out an application for employment and provide a resume? Yes, it will be necessary to complete an application, I-9, W-4 and other employment forms since you will be considered a “new hire” with AMR. Submission of a resume is optional. What will happen with our PTO hours? Paramedics Plus will cash-out your current PTO bank in accordance with their policy at transition. What is the PTO accrual at AMR and what if we have current vacation plans? AMR is going to match the current PTO accrual currently in place in both Oklahoma City and Tulsa. AMR has also agreed for the first year to allow you to go into the negative for pre-arranged PTO time. AMR will work employees to complete the annual vacation sign-up as usual, just prior to the transition. Question: Will AMR honor the RN pay stipend currently in place? Yes (continued on page 3)


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How will AMR handle or address employees who are currently on a sign-on bonus, contract and/or EMT/paramedic school scholarships? AMR has asked for a list of all employees who currently have a sign-on bonus and scholarship agreement. We will discuss with the Authority and Paramedics Plus during transition meetings to see how best to address these moving forward. We will update this information as we work through the issue.

When will I be eligible for AMR Health insurance benefits? AMR employees will be benefits eligible on the first day of the month following 90 days service. To make sure that employees remained covered by insurance during this transition period, AMR will pay COBRA premium payments equivalent to the employer contribution amount currently provided by Paramedics Plus. Will Dental, vision and life insurance start on 11/1? Dental and vision benefits are usually part of byline COBRA eligible benefits depending on plan design. In the event they are COBRA Lorem Ipsum eligible, AMR will pay the COBRA premium payments equivalent to the employer contribution amount currently provided by Paramedics Plus. Employees will be eligible for AMR dental, vision, life, and other available insurances the first day of the month following 90 days service. Does AMR provide domestic partner benefits? Yes How will the HSA deposit due on 10/1/2013 be handled? Awaiting Paramedics Plus discussion during transition meetings. We will update this information after transition meetings. What will happen with my current 401(k)? The plan is administered on behalf of Paramedics Plus and you will need to follow their guidelines for continuing with the plan, taking distribution, or rolling amounts into AMR’s 401(k) plan, as applicable. What is the vesting schedule for AMR’s 401(k) plan and does my tenure with EMSA count towards the vesting? The 401(k) plan available from AMR has a five (5) year vesting schedule and vests 20% per year until fully vested. AMR will apply EMSA hire dates for purposes of vesting in the 401(k) plan. For example, if a full-time employee has worked in the EMSA system for four years at the time of transition, that employee will be 80% vested.AMR will also continue the employer match as it is currently being done. Why are we changing to a 48-hour work week? In preparing for the new response time requirements with fewer exclusions, the 48- hour shifts allow for better scheduling, more units on the street, and allow us to lower the overall workload per crew per shift. What is AMR’s recruiting process? We understand staffing is critical to both operations and believe that for long term retention we need home grown EMT’s and Paramedics. We will have in-house EMT and Paramedic programs coordinated through local colleges to meet employment needs. Who are the members of the AMR On-Site Leadership team? AMR is only bringing in three employees from outside EMSA. They are: Sonny Geary, Tina Wells and Mark Kessler. Otherwise, we plan to compliment the management team from the ranks within EMSA. How will EMSA fit into the AMR structure? EMSA will be a freestanding business unit that is not tied to any particular AMR region. Local management will be responsible only for the EMSA system and accountable for its local performance. (continued on page 4)


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What do we need to do about our training records and such stored in Ninth Brain? The Authority is working with Paramedics Plus to get those records transferred over in Ninth Brain to AMR. How will scheduling be handled going forward? The administration side will continue to schedule in both divisions while we are looking to implement the scheduling software, Telestaff. We have been working with Telestaff during the last year to help customize their product to meet our need for scheduling software that will interface with our payroll system and CAD, ultimately helping to eliminate payroll errors. What will happen with employees currently on workers’ compensation and/or FMLA leaves of absence? Since we are honoring EMSA hire dates we will follow applicable state and federal law regarding leaves and will continue to track and administer leaves locally. What will happen with an employee on a continuing workers’ compensation claim? The claim will continue under Paramedics Plus current provisions until the employee returns to work or the claim is closed. What is the purpose of the iPads? This device will function in numerous ways to improve communications between EMSA and the caregivers, including offering training, access to Ninth Brain, and so on. One element of the system will be to ensure that all caregivers have the very latest system protocols at their fingertips. Additionally, when new protocols are developed, they will be uploaded to the system. Paramedics and EMTs will be required to submit an electronic signature to validate that they have read and understood the new protocols. This system will provide EMSA with an easy-to-use method of tracking compliance communications to caregivers. What is AMR’s mandatory overtime policy? There is not a corporate AMR mandatory overtime policy. Our goal is to maintain staffing at a high enough level so that it’s not necessary. During Sonny Geary’s previous tenure at EMSA, mandatory OT was never implemented for field staff. However, due to winter storms, management was mandated one time to help fill some field shifts. What will happen to pay raises due in August 2013? Paramedics Plus will need to answer questions about the raise process and timing. I recently read that everyone currently employed with Paramedics Plus will be coming over to AMR with the exception of those who are uninsurable. What makes someone uninsurable? An individual would be considered uninsurable if they had motor vehicle issues that would preclude them from being covered under our liability policy while driving our vehicles. We will be conducting Motor Vehicle background checks to ensure that each current employee does not have a suspended or revoked drivers license, multiple moving violations, or DUIs. What opportunities to transfer to different AMR locations in the United States might be available? Also how long do I have to be employed by AMR before these opportunities would come available? AMR usually requires six months in a position before applying for a transfer to another business unit. You can get an idea of career openings nationwide on our company website under the careers tab.

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When will we know who the management team will be, from Sonny on down, in Tulsa? We continue to meet with current EMSA management staff to determine their interest in continuing with EMSA when AMR transitions in November as the contract provider. Once we have confirmed acceptance of an offer by an individual and receive their permission to release their names, we will be happy to share that information with you. Are our vision and dental benefits that are already paid for going to be carried over with the Cobra insurance coverage come Nov. 1? This is a question for Paramedics Plus as they own the plans and should be able to let you know if they will be included as COBRA-eligible. Generally, these types of coverages are available to continue through COBRA, but it really depends on the plan and the administrator If the AMR contracted insurance coverage starts on Nov 1, will the vision and dental benefits also start at that time? If AMR provides coverage beginning November 1, then, yes, it would include the vision and dental coverage at that time. Which Aetna plan does AMR utilize? The AMR Aetna dental offerings include a Dental Maintenance Organization (DMO), Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) and a plan called Select Choice that allows the member to move between DMO and PPO as necessary. Of course, the Select Choice will carry the highest premium cost. Will there be any real leadership change with AMR? AMR shares your desire for responsive accountable leaders. They are actively evaluating the system, its management structure, and the people. As soon as the leadership structure has been finalized they will let you know. Will AMR enforce a random drug/alcohol testing policy? AMR is committed to having a safe and drug free workplace. There are several different practices that will be employed to ensure your safety and the safety of the public including the appropriate use of drug screens. Will the EMT and Paramedic school be in house or out house? We continue to believe the best way to be successful is to home grow our field clinicians and that we can accomplish this by partnering with the local programs. How that partnership looks we do not currently know. Are the part time employees taking a cut in hourly wage as well? Do we know what the percentage of the pay cut is going to be? We have not developed a part-time pay structure for EMSA and are unaware of the current part-time structure in place, so we can’t provide an appropriate answer at this time. Do Paramedics Plus employees have to fill out an application for employment and provide a resume? Yes, it will be necessary to complete an employment packet, I-9, W-4 and other employment forms since you will be new to AMR. This information will feed into our HR and payroll systems. Submission of a resume is optional. Once we have applied for the position we currently hold with Paramedics Plus, when will we be notified that we are being hired by AMR? I have applied for my current position and I need to know if I will continue in that role on Nov. 1. Thank you for completing the process. Our intent has always been to hire current crew members and dispatch and field support personnel provided they complete the employment packet and meet our hiring qualifications that include the successful completion of a background screen, motor vehicle screen (for those driving EMSA vehicles) and drug test. Our plan is to have the hiring process complete by mid-September in order to begin bringing current employees on in a part-time capacity to complete orientation and training prior to the Nov. 1 start date. Current Paramedics Plus full-time employees would be moved to full-time status with us on Oct. 31, 2013. 5

Transition report 1  

EMSA employee communications during the contractor transition.

Transition report 1  

EMSA employee communications during the contractor transition.