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Morning Seven . Come Early July 16 , 2012 If this time features a title it must become "cameras will become smarter ". I will be able to that in a moment. Today can be tuesday , this summer seventeen within asia , and also monday , this summer 07 within Novato. As usual , i was upwards in some am. We examined a few voice emails and named Karen to check on within. It was about only two :fifteen evening about monday while i attained the girl. Fantastic enjoyment ! a2z tony was again and also feeling better. The lady and also Karen had been spending so much time over a selection of assignments get yourself ready for offering quilts within San Rafael thurs night night in the open industry. Many of us spoke for a bit only catching up and also getting collectively even if it was simply electronically. rEally i understand we have been always collectively spiritually so that helps. I recognize i am sounding recurring , but yet again we'd an awesome japoneses breakfast every day. Yoshie added and several japoneses roasted egg which can be just a little egg patty with all the persistence regarding Jell-O. rEally , this tasted fantastic ! i have already been wanting to take conventional japoneses foods because it's certainly lower in ldl cholesterol along with the providing getting smaller sized it is best personally. I have simply were built with a couple of tiny fits since i have are actually below therefore i have been preserving the particular sweets ingestion as low as possible. We shall see what goes on while i examined the dimensions in your house sunday night time. We remaining the particular Okayama look at motel in seven o'clock immediately after looking over. Each of our very first end was the particular Okayama impaired institution. I was questioned for you to very first meet with a course regarding impaired students for approximately forty units. And to speak to individuals identical students by building multi-disabled little ones for approximately one more forty units i was instructed how the second program would be a smaller amount official understanding that rather than just conversing i was gonna be questioned to learn some online games with all the kids in order to carry his or her interest. I decided to speak just for a short while about myself and also my entire life. Mainly we made this a new Q&a new program. The youngsters ranged coming from elementary via senior higher. A lot of inquiries pertained to steer dogs , that they work , exactly why i needed 1 , and also was obviously a information canine suitable for every single impaired individual ? approximately your five minute. rEmaining to penetrate the very first. I needed a new bright expensive. Gurus the scholars if they would want to meet cameras close-up. Obviously , there was a lot of excitement because of this. Therefore , we eliminated the girl harness and also invited anyone to come visit cameras. To start with , cameras would the girl usual bouncing about , wagging the girl pursue hugely , and also custom anyone around the corner. It was is that if the lady did not know where you can switch following. It doesn't matter how many individuals the lady greeted , more held arriving. All of a sudden , cameras ceased , set down on the ground , and also switched around on her again. It was as though the lady all of a sudden realized , "why should i do all this work if they're coming to see me personally in any

case ?". The lady remained almost motionless for a few or even some minute. Prior to the students relocated out. In no way allow it become said cameras is not intelligent. Enlightenment originates for you to cameras. Exactly why work so difficult ? Near the conclusion of this show the next number of little ones started out joining the very first team. Once anyone been feeling relaxed and also course started out i was questioned to consider just a couple of units to speak about cameras and also me personally. Following this , cameras and i wandered across the room where every one of the students had been placed in a new group of friends , so we said hello to each and every and each 1 independently. A few these little ones had been crying and also told me that they got in no way handled 14 in their lives. 1 asserted the lady got in no way handled a new puppie's ft. And also failed to know that they got toe nails. Then the children sang some music which include "manchester bridge can be dropping along ". It was intriguing to know this and also japoneses. Immediately after singing , the children had been questioned yet again for you to shout the particular tune when camping , but this time around i was questioned just to walk across the group of friends little by little then when the background music ceased i was wanted ought to the kid for you to whom i was nearest just what foods these people appreciated. Anyone enjoyed reading this video game. A few out of your 4 kids we wondered said these people appreciated grain. The 4th asserted he appreciated pastries. We ended each of our time in the institution close to midday. I should point out that now our team involved cameras and also me personally , Yoshie, mr. Shirai, and also Teddy which got delivered for you to Okayama with us the prior night. We remaining the college and also travelled straight to lunch break. As usual , we'd a great number of japoneses foods and a few oriental dumplings thrown in only for fun. While in lunch break we discovered a thing quite interesting. Within asia , you will find cut down domes and also strong ethnic background outlines together nearly all paths and so on the particular surfaces in public complexes , air-ports , train channels as well as other main houses it is the regulation why these brought up "path ways " exist to steer impaired people. The one that created it was obviously a impaired guy which resided within Okayama asia. Every day in route for the impaired institution many of us ceased and also needed a photo regarding me personally facing his bronze sculpture , but i did not learn the total history regarding his invention until later. The particular supposition is the fact that impaired people may use these brought up outlines and also dots for you to efficiently go walking together a new footpath and in a new creating to discover a certain place. We currently recognize where the ridiculous cut down domes employed in america originated. Whilst in the us all pieces of such domes are utilized to reveal ends regarding websites or even finishes regarding driveways entering roadways it is used greatly within asia for you to delineate true path ways along with ends regarding curbs and also websites. I was at 1 public creating where the brought up pathway started out in an elevator and also travelled about 50 feet finishing in the access to your very busy cafeteria exactly why on the planet would likely an individual need a unique pathway and also unique white markings on the floor showing all of them the best way to the particular cafeteria in the elevator any time almost all they had to perform ended

up being to use proper walking stick strategies or even his or her information canine and also listen to the particular seems which a cafeteria can make. We understand that it was designed by a new impaired individual , but of course we all excessively see impaired people might be their unique worst type of enemies. nUmerous vast amounts have eliminated into the setup of this unique pathway technique. It is one more illustration asia features learned about the features regarding impaired people. I understand that my own thoughts probably each of our controversial within asia. My own concern , i do think , would be to in some manner find individuals to believe outside of these decreasing path ways and obtain the crooks to take into account that impaired folks are more able and really should become inhibited only made the decision folks are inhibited. Within asia you will find a few jobs which is why impaired folks are mainly trained. They may be violin intonation , work in therapeutic massage , or being the acupuncturist. Impaired folks are certainly not inhibited to venture to school and also accept greater conventional tasks regarding profitable people who are able to see. For you to paraphrase "magic canine " people allow me to share enabling the website get in the clear way of his or her perspective. I will ought to mull over in case and the way i would like to talk about this within approaching toasts. After lunch break many of us headed to your christian senior high school where we chatted for you to 500 kids inside the 9th level. The original plan was will be able to speak to almost all 1600 students. On the other hand , the particular air-conditioning in the gym was not working. Therefore , i managed to get the particular 9th graders. I needed the chance to schedule an appointment all of them for 2 a long time. Mr. Shirai as well as the YMCA everyone has appreciated me personally showing a video within my speech. This time around i made the decision to complete an alternative video. rAther than showing a video about me personally , initially when i first questioned the children the things they thought impaired people can't perform. I was looking for a distinct solution , and also this time i managed to get this. One of the kids said they didn't feel that a new impaired individual could drive a car. While i asserted each of the illustrations these people provided had been things that a new impaired individual could should i said i own a video tell you in regards to a impaired individual driving a vehicle. Then i demonstrated the particular NFB impaired driver concern video together with tag rick about also generating across the Daytona Speedway ethnic background training course. Immediately after discussing a bit about me personally and also loss of sight we popped the bottom for inquiries. Many of us spent around an hour and also fifteen minute. In the two-hour. Asking and also answering inquiries and in general generating the particular program a new discussion as opposed to a address. Clearly the youngsters and also teachers had been impressed with all the video as well as the conversation. I additionally got discovered that several of these little ones got go through "magic canine ". Obviously the things they go through were built with a optimistic relation to all of them , and yes it designed for better inquiries. From the particular christian institution many of us travelled straight to santa corridor where i was to offer the past speech for the day. Many of us came there about your five evening. We were invited for

the offices in the Sanyo television network where we satisfied the particular overseer as well as the chief executive in the business. Many of us spoke for up to one hour. It was the honor in order to devote a great deal time using these very busy people , however they held plying me personally together with inquiries. Someplace throughout the conversation gurus if they had been planning to file my own speech since all things considered it was is know for a new television network. They had certainly not regarded documenting the particular speech , on the other hand , when i mentioned documenting the particular speech and also asserted it was great when camping to produce a documenting as long as i managed to get a duplicate all of a sudden people remaining the bedroom with out one more expression. The particular chief executive , Yoshie, mr. Shirai, Teddy, and i held discussing. Within your five minute. The particular overseer as well as other personnel had been again and also released that all the particular arrangements had been made. Gurus all of them 50 percent within jest the things they plan to do with all the documenting. I was told that that they failed to recognize , but when these people found a new attract they'd transmitted the particular speech. (every thing must be taken care of , appropriate ?) At about some evening many of us remaining the particular offices in the television train station and also travelled across the creating for the workplace in the chief executive regarding Sanyo magazine business , LTD. Many of us spoke together with him for approximately a new half-hour. He talked about how the "impaired prevents " had been created within Okayama. He asked me a few things i regarded all of them. We asserted i do think additional work has to be done in responding to other conditions so that impaired people might have correct self-reliance. Many of us brought up the fact that work selections for impaired folks are minimal. We instructed him how impaired people were energetic for most every single work place in the united states. We said we observed simply no reason impaired people can't have the same possibilities within asia , but that much education and learning would be essential. Just before some :30PM many of us took place for the creating assembly corridor where i was to speak to seven hundred people. Yet again we chatted for approximately 45 minute. Which include showing the particular KGO video. Many of us popped the bottom for inquiries and i spent almost 50 units reaching the viewers. Every single speech we supply carries a component by what impaired people can really perform. We describe how impaired people in america are working in nearly every work you can possibly imagine. We speak about the particular roles i have held and i talk slightly precisely i do my own work and also defined a number of the technology. In reality , virtually all of this technology aside from the particular e NFB viewer cell is available in asia. At 8 o'clock we'd to chop away from inquiries to acheive for the train station in order to aboard and also eight :forty six evening train sure for Fukuoka. The particular trip needed one hour and also fourty units. When we came we were satisfied through the overseer in the Fukuoka YMCA. He invited us all for you to evening meal. Mr. Shirai neglected to reveal about the evening meal strategies. He furthermore purchased us all snacks around the train. Yoshie questioned in case evening meal was customary , and also mr. Shirai asserted it was certainly not. It was great when camping as i was rather worn out immediately after delivering three main discussions in addition doing a number of

advanced talks. In route for you to evening meal , Yoshie and i had been delivered in the Nishitetsu awesome motel. This motel was rather great specifically because it got bigger rooms than others we'd experienced over the past handful of evenings. We provided cameras , needed the girl out , and also was at bed through night time. nExt week would be one more busy day together with 2 toasts and a plane trip time for tokyo. I am using a amazing time. I am let down about a number of the conditions i am discovering relating to impaired folks. I am hoping i could have the friends who will work to help individuals think of reexamining his or her lots of impaired folks within asia. I have to journey a new tightrope as i do not wish to generate enemies , but i do believe i have to speak about just what impaired people can perform but this suitable for you to force the particular envelope a bit. Tokyo hotel booking

Morning Seven . Come Early July 16 , 2012  

inquiries pertained to steer dogs , that they work , exactly why i needed 1 , and also was obviously a