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DIVISION OF PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE AND EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING (ProPEL) MArch Co-op Adviser: Prof. Alex Christoforidis 556-5159 BSArch Co-op Adviser: Prof. Liam Ream 556-0321 Rev’d Mon Aug 27th 2012

Fall 2012 Job Search & After Co-op Meeting Schedule All BSArch students returning from co-op will schedule their After Co-op Evaluation meeting with Prof. Ream to review their recent co-op terms. These meetings are 50 minutes in duration and are scheduled on the hour. To prepare for this meeting, please: • • • •

If you filled out the Qualtrex pilot study, just print your employer’s PAL ER form (if they did it). If you did your PAL forms instead, print out ALL student and employer forms (even if they missed some). If you haven’t filled out anything yet, please do all the student PAL forms and do the step above. Come to Steger, Level 8 (enter from the 7th floor level bridge between Steger and Swift. Once inside, take the first door on your right and come up the interior communicating stair), to book a meeting time at our front Appointment Desk and to drop off any forms. Please book appointments at least 48 hours in advance to allow your adviser time to review your file. Please do not contact your adviser directly to schedule appointments. You can certainly contact your adviser for all other matters.

BSArch students returning to their employer Spring Semester: please inform Liam by email ASAP. BSArch students seeking to switch employers: please complete a blue Change in Assignment Record when scheduling your appointment. These forms are available beside our Appointment Desk. Prof. Ream must approve the “Job Change” and may, per policy, alternatively recommend return to your employer. To be referred to new employers, it is required to follow directions below and attend the Job Meeting. BSArch students seeking first-time employment for Spring Semester: please follow directions below and attend the required Job Meeting. Prof. Ream is preparing a portfolio seminar session with other DAAP professors and employers to review your class’ portfolios in one event (time to be announced). Students may also request optional individual or small group resume/portfolio review sessions with Prof. Ream as his 12F term schedule permits. Visit out front Appointment Desk for scheduling meetings.

Important Job Search Dates •

• • • •

Thurs Aug 30th thru Wed Sep 26th by 8am, Preliminary Choices Due: If you seek first-time employment or are seeking a Job Change, sign in to your PlacePro account (Access Code: UC2302) and rank your top eight company choices: five “very high” & three “neutral.” Once selected, click “apply.” Also, be sure to have your latest single page, portrait style, resume uploaded into PlacePro. Lastly, be sure your required portfolio link is working or that the URL is at least textselectable for cutting and pasting. Wed Sep 26th at 5pm, Job Meeting (location to be announced): Attendance required. At this meeting, we will review the selection reports, encourage some re-selections, exchange additional information and provide a quick resume screening. At the beginning of the meeting, please hand in two copies of your uploaded resume (printed directly from PlacePro, please). Fri Sep 28th by 8am, Final Choices Due: Changes to resume & PlacePro rankings completed. Sat Sep 29th thru Sun Sep30th, Referrals Sent: Your adviser will send the referrals during this timeframe. Once completed, you will receive Student and Employer Referral Reports and be given access to a Google Docs link for an online, real-time, multi-user status report to log your progress. Tue Oct 2nd by 5pm, First Follow-up: Please send a follow-up email to the contact name provided you in the Employer Referral Report to propose an interview. Also take note if PlacePro indicates if your firm has an additional online application requirement. Fri Nov 9th by end of employer’s business day, Offers: Employers are encouraged to make offers by this date but may continue making offers until end of the term. You have five business days to respond. You cannot decline an offer if it’s your only one. Inform ProPEL of accepted offers.

Job Search for Co-op  

Helpful Information for UC BSArch Co-ops.

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