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A look inside the

first and only agentbranded mobile solution

from a real estate franchise.

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Working Together to Help Home Buyers. Citibank has experience getting buyers into the home of their dreams and the tools to help you get buyers from your Open House to their dream home. SureStart®1 Pre-Approval: Your clients can shop with confidence, knowing their financing is secure. On-Time Closing Guarantee2 : With our $1500 on-time closing guarantee, your home buyers can be assured of our commitment to close their loan on time. Citi® Homebuyer’s Advantage3: Eligible buyers will receive .50% of the loan amount as a credit toward mortgage origination points, which can be used to reduce closing costs or lower their interest rate. For instance, if the mortgage loan is $400,000, the buyer will receive a $2,000 credit.

Together, we will work to provide your client with an effortless real estate experience.

To learn more about working with Citibank, please contact: Bill Ervin National Brand Manager Real Estate Relationships

Terms, conditions and fees of accounts, programs, products and services are subject to change. This is not a commitment to lend. All loans are subject to credit and property approval. Certain restrictions may apply on all programs. Offer cannot be combined with any other mortgage offer. 1 SureStart is a registered service mark of Citigroup Inc. Final commitment is subject to verification of information, receipt of a satisfactory sales contract on the home you wish to purchase, appraisal and title report, and meeting our customary closing conditions. This offer is not a commitment to lend and is subject to change without notice. There is no charge for the SureStart pre-approval, but standard application and commitment fees apply. 2 If you are purchasing a home, we guarantee to close by the date specified in the purchase contract, unless prohibited by federal law*, and further provided that the date is at least 30 days after the application date and the date of the purchase contract. If the loan fails to close on time due to a delay by Citibank, you will receive a credit towards closing costs of $1,500. Offer not available for refinance loans, co-ops, unapproved condos, residences under construction, community lending loans, and government loans. In Texas, the credit may not result in your client receiving cash back. (*Federal law requires certain disclosures be delivered to the borrower at least 3 business days before consummation. The guarantee to close does not apply if such disclosures are required and the closing is delayed due to the 3 business day waiting period.) 3 Eligible buyers receive .50% of the loan amount as a credit, which can be used to lower the interest rate by paying points or for other closing costs. For example, on a loan amount of $400,000 the credit is $2,000. The offer cannot be used to obtain cash from the transaction. Offer available on purchase transactions only, not refinance. This is a limited time offer. Citibank reserves the right to suspend, change and terminate the offer and promotion. Customer must apply and lock in rate by the offer end date to qualify. © 2013 Citibank, N. A. equal housing lender, member FDIC. NMLS# 412915. Citi, Citibank, Arc Design and Citi with Arc Design are registered service marks of Citigroup Inc.

Th i rd QUA RTE R 2013, VOL . 1 0 N O. 3


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Brittany Strong

A victim of the Boston Marathon bombing recalls the incredible support from our KW family.


Not-So-Basic Training

Don Callahan minds his mindset with KW MAPS Coaching – and reaps the rewards.


Cover Story

A look inside KW’s mobile revolution. Plus, everything you need to know to get started.



Supercharged Start

South Dakota has a new star in town. Find out how Tara Allen is nailing her first year in real estate.


Winning on the eEdge

eEdge continues to fuel massive results for associates like Craig Sherwood.


Tending the Farm

Jack Coden shares networking tricks from the Magic City.


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Keller Williams Realty




Dan an d Brittany Loring | Boston , Ma s s .

By Shelby O’Neill

“ I want Keller Williams agents to know how appreciative I am of their suppor t.” – Brittany Loring

Brittany Loring

Recovering, giving back and just genuinely enjoying life is how Boston Marathon victim Brittany Loring is spending her summer. The daughter of Dan Loring, associate with the Nor th Central (Mass.) market center, Brittany was only two weeks away from completing her dual MBA/law degree and preparing to star t work in the international tax depar tment at PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) when she suffered injuries in the devastating Boston Marathon bombing on April 15, 2013. Two days earlier she had been fitted for a wedding dress at a local bridal shop for her nuptials to her boyfriend of nearly nine years. 4

3Q 2013

Her fatherDan was on vacation in Mexico when he heard about the bombing. He had called Brittany that morning to wish her a happy birthday, and that afternoon, called and texted again with no response. When he tried calling family members, he couldn’t get through because cell service was down throughout Boston. Finally, a text from Brittany reached him. It read: “Hurt at Boston Medical.” “I knew it was bad when I received that message,” Dan Loring says. “I called my friend back in Burlington, Mass., and asked him to help me get home on the next flight. I had one hour to get to the plane, and the airport was 35 minutes from my hotel. The cab driver drove at speeds exceeding 100 miles per hour to get me there. When I arrived, US Airways held the plane and did everything to get me home. After a three-leg, 14-hour flight, I arrived in Boston and reached my daughter’s bedside at 9:30 a.m. I was relieved that she was alive. It was so difficult to process but the Red Cross was amazing. It made the situation manageable.” During the next two weeks, he stayed in Brittany’s Cambridge apartment to be closer to the hospital, while her fiancé, John, spent each night in Brittany’s hospital room. Dan worked with Boston College to get her final requirements waived for her degree and also helped make her apartment more accessible. While the family recovered, Keller Williams agents, both in Dan’s market center and across the country, stepped in to help their fellow agent and his daughter. “The Keller Williams family has been by our side since the attack,” Dan said. “Agents came to my aid to help get her apartment ready for her return from the hospital. We were pleased to see the email go out to all the agents in the company from Gary Keller and the entire executive leadership team. I received calls and emails from KW Cares and KW agents from all over the country. So many Keller Williams agents have donated to Brittany’s recovery fund. The very first afternoon, they donated more than $1,000. The support has been just what we needed to get through this difficult time. It is true that we are family at Keller Williams. I have supported KW Cares since 2007, and now I understand how important the support is to the families.” Dan helped start the North Central market center in Leominster, Mass., in 2007, and right after the bombing, Team Leader Mark Kavanagh and the rest of the Leominster team went to work to help the Lorings. As a student, Brittany has limited health insurance, and Homeland Security pays only $25,000 toward medical expenses, so Kavanagh and his team

established a fundraising account at a local bank and created a page they publicized through Keller Williams online channels. “Our local and regional Keller Williams families certainly have formed stronger bonds through the outpouring of support and care that has been exhibited almost universally,” Kavanagh says. “The foresight to be ever-prepared to assist with tragedy and turmoil in the lives of our associates and their families allows for a feeling of comfort when those storm seas rise up.” Kavanagh and neighboring Westborough Team Leader Jim Keenan and his wife planned a fundraising event. Brittany, an avid runner, walked in it alongside family and friends on July 14 in Devens, Mass. In the meantime, she continues to get support from all different kinds of people, including, neighbors offering to pick up groceries, a grade school choir concert benefit, reunions with first responders and a visit from members of the New England Patriots. “All of that gave me something to think of and focus on,” Brittany says. “Recognizing how many people care and how much positivity there is in the world adds to the will to get better.” Today, Brittany is doing great, she’s driving by herself and walking distances she didn’t think were possible just a few months ago. She even walked across the stage to receive her BC Law diploma. “I want Keller Williams agents and Keller Williams as a whole to know how appreciative I am of the support that’s been given to me and my family,” she continues. “Every message, every card – it was so touching, so heartwarming. It’s been really helpful in my recovery, and I want the entire community to know how thankful I am.” To find out more about the Lorings or to donate to Brittany’s recovery fund, please visit ( f582/recoveryforbrittany). kw

Planning for the Unthinkable When tragic events unfold or disaster strikes, it always helps to have a plan in place. Mark Kavanagh, team leader of the Leominster (Mass.) market center, offers this advice:

“My recommendation for market center culture committees is to have a very clear call chain set up so that any time adversity strikes there is a bulletproof system of communication. That way the well-being of everyone can be confirmed, it can be determined if help is needed and it can be determined in what form help may best take shape.” Keller Williams Realty



Start-Up Success

By Shelby O’Neill

Tara Allen | Siou x Falls, S.D.

Supercharged Star t Fueled by ambition and clear-cut goals, Tara Allen makes a big splash during her first year in real estate When agents first get into the business they have an entrepreneurial spirit that drives them forward. But they also tend to fly by the seat of their pants. The remedy? Goals, fueled with focus and powered by models and accountability. There’s a saying for this concept at Keller Williams Realty: it’s called moving from entrepreneurial to purposeful to achieve giant breakthroughs. Tara Allen began her career as a licensed real estate agent on July 28, 2012, but she’s already become a perfect example for what ambition and goals can help you achieve. In her first nine months as an agent, she sold 48 homes and also achieved her goal of paying off her student loans. Last year, her closed volume was $1.4 million. Her 2013 year-to-date closed volume is already $7.17 million (through July 15), and she has a new goal for this year – selling 80 homes. “Ambition and success go hand in hand,” Allen says. “I am fortunate to have a natural drive within me. There are thinkers, and there are doers, and I am one who just does it and figures out the details as I go. You can talk yourself out of anything, but if you just go do it, you will be surprised at the opportunities that will be presented.” Allen did exactly that when she made the tough decision to realize her longtime dream of becoming a real estate agent. Because of her passion for sales, helping people and the housing industry, she always thought real estate would be the perfect fit for her, but she worried about losing the salary her job afforded her. Her father and grandmother encouraged her, the latter even giving her a Donald Trump book entitled, Think Big and Kick A**. “One day while my husband and I were out fishing on our boat, I was reading this book, and I looked at him and said, ‘I’m going to quit my job on Monday and go into real

“Life will always throw us curve balls, but the sooner you own it and find solutions, the faster you can move forward.”


3Q 2013

estate!’” she recalls. “My mind was made up, so that’s just what I did.” Concerned about moving backward in earning potential, Allen immediately set a goal of making $100,000 her first year. She ultimately doubled that goal, which she credits to Keller Williams Realty. Starting over in a new career can be overwhelming. Allen relied on the Keller Williams systems to help her overcome obstacles and find success right out of the gate. “Choosing Keller Williams was my first and best decision as a new agent,” she says. “The models, culture, technology, extensive training and great mentors have provided me with all the resources I needed to get me to where I am today. Keller Williams can give you the tools you need to be successful, but if you don’t have the ambition, you might find yourself at a standstill. That is why finding your Big Why is so important, because it will help give you the ambition you need to succeed.” Some of the most useful tools for her included reading The Millionaire Real Estate Agent and attending Ignite, BOLD and Mega Camp. “I took Ignite while I was waiting for my real estate license,” she says. “That guided me to build my database, create my vision board and learn the importance of lead generating. About three months in, I finally had a couple closings and made some money, so I booked the trip to Mega Camp. I was really nervous, but it was one of the best things I could have done. Who better to teach me how to grow my business than a bunch of agents who are already successful? If you have the chance, go! I would not have achieved the level of success I have if it weren’t for the knowledge and motivation these opportunities provided for me.” Allen also found learning opportunities within the market center in mentors Tony Ratchford, the operating principal, and Patrick Showers, her team leader. “Tony’s knowledge from more than 30 years in the business and his drive and passion for helping others accomplish their goals has helped me overcome many obstacles and has kept me moving forward to achieve more than I could have dreamed,” she says. “Patrick’s enthusiasm and ability to light a fire under anyone has driven me to try new things, think outside the box and create my own path to success.” Creating her own path to success included coming up with ways to build in accountability for herself, like completing her 411, engaging in weekly coaching sessions with Showers and completing her daily motivational activities.

“Making a to-do list the night before helps keep me on task for what needs to be done each day,” she says. “A good morning workout with some affirmations also helps get your energy up and get you into the right mindset. Keeping a record of some of your accomplishments can help you to stay focused, too. For instance, each time I made a payment on my student loans, I would cross off the balance and write my new balance. Keeping that in reach reminded me how good it felt to make that payment. I also have a chain that hangs from my office ceiling with 80 links on it, and for each closing I have, I get to cut a link off and put it in my ‘80 houses in 2013’ bowl. You just have to find what works for you.” When it comes to realizing her goals, Allen has found that the best lead generation tools for her are open houses, for sale by owners, door-knocking and networking events. She has also learned the value of investing in herself. “After Mega Camp, I realized what investing in your brand and lead generation can do for your business,” she says. “I invested in, Trulia, Zillow and a Google Ad Word search. You don’t have to spend tons, but you should be putting a percentage of your earnings back into your business.” That rounds out to $875 each month, or $10,500 annually, for Allen. Setting measurable goals and keeping her ambition level high have become more important than ever as Allen found out in April that she and her husband are expecting their first baby. Her first trimester threw her some hurdles, reducing her energy level, but she powered through. “Tony and Patrick helped me realize I had to be really smart with my time,” she says. “Time blocking the money-making activities when my energy was the highest helped me get back on track. Life will always throw us curveballs, but the sooner you acknowledge it, own it and find solutions, the faster you can move forward. Sometimes it might be necessary to change your goals because, as life goes on, what is important to us changes, and that’s OK.” In addition to preparing for a new addition to her family, Allen has enrolled in an MBA program with an emphasis

on entrepreneurial leadership, and her husband is working to earn his real estate license as well. “I am going to build The Tara Allen Team and set our goal for 100 houses in 2014,” she says. “I will keep us on track with weekly team meetings and just keep doing what I’m doing. I am

excited to see what the future holds. If you are not setting high goals, then you are only cheating yourself. I knew setting and achieving my goals would offer me the financial freedom, flexibility and foundation that my family and I were looking for.” kw

Tara Allan

Keller Williams Realty




By Gwen Moran

Don C allahan | Savannah, Ga


Training Don Callahan’s business was growing. But when he saw how top-producing teams were operating their businesses at Mega Camp, he knew he could be doing more. How was he going to fill the gap?

From the moment he joined the Savannah (Ga.) market center in 2006, Don Callahan and his assistant Laura Hyatt followed the business-building plans from The Millionaire Real Estate Agent. They diligently tracked where the business was coming from, serviced customers with the highest standards and, as a result, had “increased volume dramatically,” according to Callahan. Yet so had the hours and the restless feeling that he still wasn’t reaching the levels of success he was capable of. Then he attended Mega Camp – KW MAPS Coaching’s annual gathering of the top-producing real estate agents in the industry – and everything changed. “I saw, for the first time, how others were mastering the business in ways I’d never thought possible. I was really impressed and knew that to get to the next level I needed guidance.” That guidance, Callahan determined, would come in the form of a KW MAPS Coach. In October 2011, he signed a contract and began weekly phone calls with his coach Joe Bogar, who also heads The Bogar Group in Syracuse, N.Y.


3Q 2013

DON CALLAHAN Savannah (Ga.) Market Center In Coaching: October 2011 - Present KW MAPS Coach: Joe Bogar

Coaching STATS Before 2010

$7.1 Million


$8.89 Million

AFTER 2012 2013 (Jan. - July)

$11.38 Million (A 75% boost in GCI over 2011)

$9.2 Million

The Mindset Shift

The Action Shift After the first few coaching sessions, Callahan was even more overwhelmed. He had new to-do lists in addition to the tasks necessary to keep his firm running. Over time though, the accountability sessions exposed some basic areas that, with simple adjustments, could lean out the business. “Slowly and methodically, I chipped away at it all,” he says. Among the first things they tackled were his budget and business plan. “It took me a while to understand it,” he says. “We chewed on the information for a while, then dissected it, looking at where we could trim the fat and focus our finances.” Next they examined some numbers that drive his day-to-day activities. Real estate coaches generally want to see hours prospected, contacts and appointments made, the number of new listings and listing appointments, price reductions and closed sales. Before Bogar, Callahan didn’t spend enough time generating leads or setting aside a specific time to make calls. He also wasn’t examining which marketing and prospecting activities were generating solid leads. Today, the two review those numbers on every phone call and have been able to identify the most dollar-producing activities. One of the most effective lead generation methods actually came out of that initial analysis. Callahan was generating a significant percentage of business through a direct mail newsletter that he sent to 2,200 homes in a specific neighborhood. Bogar encouraged him to

examine how to improve the conversion rate (or the number of prospects that turned into listing appointments), so it occurred to Callahan to deliver it in person, which would get him face-to-face with more prospective customers and referral sources. He began knocking on doors, delivering the newsletter and introducing himself. On his second trip out, he met a woman who was visiting the homeowner and chatted with her. Although she didn’t mention her interest in purchasing a home at the time, the woman and her husband were under contract one of his listings just two weeks later. Now, Callahan says he understands all of the “moving parts” of his business and how they need to work together to hit his overall sales goals and support his team. He knows how many people he needs to speak with to get an appointment, how many appointments are needed to get an agreement, how many agreements he needs to get a contract, and how many contracts he needs to get a closing. Breaking down the process into numbers helps him plot his day-to-day activities so no time is wasted and each of his team members has quantifiable activities they need to complete. It’s working. In May, even though Callahan was traveling internationally for 11 days, he went on 15 appointments, and his team put 11 listings under contract. On the buyer side, the team got 11 buyers under contract and four listings closed.

Marketing, lead generating, tracking listings and closing transactions – things Callahan and his team do – are only half of the coaching equation. Callahan explains. “Coaching is a commitment of time and money, even beyond the sessions. And it requires the willingness to change what you do on a day-to-day basis and to be open to that change.” Being open to making different choices about his business was the mindset shift Callahan needed to truly combat limited thinking and embrace a breakthrough. Now that he’s got his mind right, he and Bogar begin each month with an analysis of the previous month’s work and a new set of goals. Then, each week’s call reviews progress on those goals to determine what needs to be done to make up the difference or stay on track to reach monthly milestones. “Before coaching, the only goal I ever set was what I wanted to make on an annual basis, and I had no idea how to achieve it other than hard work. I didn’t break it down into what was necessary for me to accomplish that overall goal,” he says. “To really have a plan and have somebody help me identify what the next step was and hold me accountable to moving forward on it made such a difference. Every day, I really felt good sitting down to identify what I needed to do for that day, knowing it could bring my business to the next level. It has made me even more excited to dedicate that time to the appointments I needed to produce those results.” kw

What’s Your Conversion Rate? It’s the million-dollar question everyone should be asking. Use these numbers to track your performance, then calculate your lead-to-appointment conversion rate by dividing the two. To understand how many appointments it takes to get a close, divide the number of contracts closed by the number of appointments. (For more on calculating your performance, read pages 130 to 132 in The Millionaire Real Estate Agent)

 Number of Hours Prospected  Number of Leads Generated  Number of Appointments  Number of Contracts Written (Units, Total Volume and Gross Income Written)  Number of Contracts Closed (Units, Total Volume and Gross Income Closed)  Gross Closed Income (GCI)  Conversion Rate 1: Appointments/Leads   Conversion Rate 2: Contracts Closed/ Appointments Keller Williams Realty


If you hadn’t noticed, Keller Williams Realty has been

On the heels of the KW Mobile Search App launch

getting geeky lately. Last month, we announced

was our announcement that Keller Williams Realty

the release of not just one, but 90,000 KW Mobile

is implementing KW Google Apps for Business to all

Search Apps … and counting. During his State of

of our associates – a rollout that will make us one of

the Company address at Mega Camp, Mark Willis,

Google’s largest worldwide customers.

CEO, described the achievement best when he said:


“We’ve benchmarked against the best and we’re

If it’s not clear already, we’re entering a new phase of

trending forward with features that no one else has.

innovation for Keller Williams Realty. From desktop

Most importantly, what we have provided associates

to smartphone to tablet, we are creating a revolution

is something no other real estate franchise has been

that brings all of our systems together to create a fully

able to achieve. And that is giving every one of our

integrated online real estate business portal, one that

associates a custom-branded app. We couldn’t have

embodies our “My Listings, My Leads” mantra and

done this any other way. It’s who we are.”

puts YOUR brand first.

3Q 2013

new KW Mobile Search App. Plus, everything you need to know to get started now.


A look inside the



How Craig

Technology in the Classroom

Winning on the eEdge


Jessica Cojocari shares some common myths and frequent questions that arise during her eEdge training sessions.

Sherwood uses eEdge to fuel massive results.

Keller Williams Realty


KW mobi le s ea r c h app

By Laura Price

Inside KW’s

Mobile Revolution It’s more than property search, featured listings, maps and photos on a smartphone or tablet. The new real estate search app built for Keller Williams associates now serves up and saves information that lets consumers make connections and interact with the home buying and selling process in ways they never imagined. The future is in their pocket, and their business is in your hands. For free.


3Q 2013

YOUR APP, YOUR LEADS Available on both iOS and Android devices

Powerful Search in the Palm of Their Hands For Clients: Consumers search for properties by entering a location or by selecting “Nearby Homes.” The phone’s GPS capability displays nearby properties on a map. The app remembers saved searches and recommends new listings based on consumer criteria. For You: Your app displays all MLS and KWLS listings, giving you more opportunity to capture leads.

A Brand They Trust: You

Beautiful Listing Display

For Clients: Home buyers and sellers work with agents they trust, not corporate brands.

For Clients: Once a consumer taps on a home, they view easy-to-read listing details and swipe through a full-screen picture gallery.

For You: With your app, all leads go to you. Your name will be what consumers always see, your phone number will be the number they call when in your MLS market, and your app will be an opportunity to capture those leads and convert them into clients for life.

For You: Home shoppers expect photos, property details and driving directions on each listing. Your app offers all of those things and then prompts a consumer to call or email you from your app. It’s lead capture at its best.

Turn-by-Turn GPS Navigation Map-Based Search at the Tap of a Finger For Clients: You know the saying “location, location, location.” Neighborhoods matter, but consumers don’t always know the ZIP/postal code. With the map’s “Pointto-Show” and “Draw” functions, consumers insert a pin or draw shapes with their finger directly onto the map itself. Properties within that area are displayed and easily clickable for corresponding details.




For You: Point-to-Show is a key differentiator. No other app provides the flexibility to move around a map so effortlessly to find other homes your consumers are interested in.

The KW Mobile Search App gets your customers (or you) to where you want to go.


ON FOOT Keller Williams Realty


A Reason to Come Back

Access across All Platforms

For Clients: By creating an account on your app, consumers manage their profile, as well as saved searches and properties that peak their interest.

For Clients: Consumers save their search in the app, but they can also access it from their agent’s Website on any desktop, laptop, tablet or from another smartphone! It’s like cloud computing for real estate search.

For You: No other app by a real estate franchisor gives consumers so much: property search on the go and a trusted professional ready to help them at the touch of a button.

For You: Their saved searches and registration become your synced lead. From the computer to agent Websites and your WolfNet IDX, every captured lead is accessible to you.

Decisions, Decisions Consumers have a lot to weigh when searching for homes. And they need a place to keep track of it all. On your app, consumers have the ability to:  S ave notes and comments on each saved property.  S hare the property with family and friends via Facebook, Twitter and email.


3Q 2013

No agent? No problem! There’s an app for that. Two to be exact. Following the same models for, when a consumer downloads the KW Franchise App from the app store, they will be connected to a market center version of the app. Each lead will be distributed to an agent based on the market center’s policy.

How Leads Get to YOU myMarketing: Agent sends email blast to their myContacts database with a link to download the agent app. Contact clicks on the link, is routed to the Google Play or Apple iStore to download the agent’s branded app and enter the text code. OR


Agent prints property fliers with QR code and unique text code to their branded app. Consumer stops at yard sign, takes flier, scans QR code, downloads agent’s app and inputs the agent text code.

Agent prints business cards with QR code and text code. Hands out cards at open houses. Anyone who scans the QR code, downloads the app and enters the text code has access to the agent’s branded app.


Consumer downloads the KW Franchise App from the app store, searches (via a market center’s IDX), and saves a search. This mobile lead gets routed to an agent in the market center.

Cary Sylvester

Why Mobile, Why Now? Five questions for Keller Williams Realty International’s Executive Director of IT Product Strategy, Cary Sylvester Why is mobile important for real estate today?

Jason Tang Executive Director of Technology, giving a demo of the KW Mobile Search App at Family Reunion.

By 2016, more consumers will be surfing the Internet on their smartphones and tablets than on their desktop. Because of that transition, people will have an expectation that their phone will replicate the activities that occur on their desktop – that includes a robust search for real estate anywhere and anytime.

Why is the KW Mobile Search App the best in the industry? We’ve used our ability to scale a technology on behalf of our associates, and yet we are different because each agent is receiving an app uniquely

branded to them. No other real estate franchise has done that. From the consumer’s perspective, people want the ability to search freely, and we’re giving them the power to do that on their own terms in a big way. Our broad geographical footprint in the U.S. and Canada lets them search for properties in any location no matter where they are.

Why did Keller Williams Realty choose to launch the app now? We could have come right out of the gate and provided a solution to our agents. In fact, as a company, we pride ourselves on being first. This time we decided to benchmark the competitors, then build a system uniquely designed for our network of Keller Williams associates. We are thrilled that we are able to roll out a solution that is not only trending past the competition, it lives up to our “My Listings, My Leads” philosophy.

What features are you most excited about? The fact that we are going to be launching an app branded to more than 90,000 agents and generating millions of leads is huge. From a “wow that’s cool” perspective, I just love the “Point-toShow” and “Draw” features on our map. No other app provides the flexibility to move the map so effortlessly to find other homes for sale based on the way consumers search – which is often by neighborhood.

How will this change the relationship between agents and their clients? Consumers are already used to saving favorites, writing notes and sharing information with friends and family. We’ve taken those behaviors and applied them to the home search process on an app that – with the consumer’s permission – connects to our agents’ technology systems. It’s amazing because it means our agents will be just a tap away. And by the way, that connection doesn’t stop when the transaction is over. Referrals are the lifeblood of many businesses and this app is just one more way that our agents will stay in touch and earn repeat business.

Keller Williams Realty























For simple step-by-step instructions, visit ( and click on “Archived Training.”




3Q 2013





“Amazing! Cool searching features, love to b e able to draw an area to search! Great job!”

Keller Williams goes Start Your Own Mobile Revolution: A Step-by-Step Checklist to Setting Up Your App Complete your White Pages profile on myKW. Maximize your mobile profile by updating your myKW White Pages profile with the most recent photo, email address, Website and mobile phone number. The information in your White Pages profile will populate your app downloader page and the contact information in your mobile app. Sign up for WolfNet IDX. Your mobile app will only pull in your listings if your WolfNet IDX is active. To sign up and set up yours, visit ( myMobile-app). If your market does not have WolfNet IDX, KWLS data will be used to power the app instead. Locate your agent code by visiting the new Agent Website Administration Tool section 4.5. This is where you will go to copy your URL, QR code and text code to use to market your app. Optimize your listings with great photos, descriptive text and virtual tours. Additional media is crucial to create a listing that buyers look at and, more importantly, act on.

The ability to work anytime, anywhere will soon be possible through KW Google Apps for Business – at no cost to you! Communicate, coordinate, collaborate and close more business with these four cloud-based apps. Plus, get access to 67 other apps including Google Voice, Google Analytics, Blogger, Google+ and YouTube. KW Email powered by Gmail: • Get a full 30 GB of online storage for your email. That’s 154 times more than the current Webmail system! • Leverage the archive and label functionality to organize the emails you want to keep, the rest go in the trash and are automatically purged after 30 days. • Translate received email messages into another language in just one click. • Find important messages quickly and easily across your inbox or archived emails using Google-powered search. • Access your Gmail and respond to email on any of your mobile devices. Talk: One-to-one instant collaboration. • Instantly connect with other Keller Williams associates or any Gmail contact via text, voice or video chat using Gmail from your desktop or mobile device. • Access your chats through Gmail, where they are saved and searchable just like an email.

Calendar: Keep your business on schedule. • Send invitations, schedule appointments and manage multiple calendars. • Share as much or as little calendar detail as you like with other team members. • Easily schedule meetings and receive meeting reminders. • Create group calendars. • Access your calendar and create appointments on any of your mobile devices. Drive: Your online office productivity tools. • Store and read unlimited documents from your Web browser, then share them with your team. • Upload, categorize and share documents, spreadsheets and presentations. • Simultaneously edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations with your team members. • Access and edit documents on any of your mobile devices.

A select group of Keller Williams early adopters have already begun testing the system. In November, all Keller Williams associates will begin safely and securely migrating over to the new system. Visit KWConnect and search “google” to learn what KW Google Apps for Business means for you and how to prepare.

“I have been waiting for an easier way to view homes for sale in my neighborhood for a long time! This app is user friendly and well designed.”

Keller Williams Realty


Cra i g S h e rwoo d | To ronto, O nta r i o

By Eric Butterman and Laura Price

Winning on the eEdge Craig Sherwood

Everyone starts somewhere. For Craig Sherwood, his adventure into eEdge began when he joined Keller Williams Realty in 2010. After two years at RE/MAX and three years at EXIT Realty, he says Keller Williams was “a perfect match” because of the company’s commitment to a culture of education and training. Today, he adds technology to the list of advantages: more specifically, the lead capture and converting power he’s attained through eEdge, Keller Williams Realty’s complete lead-to-close real estate transaction solution. “I hadn’t fully embraced a CRM system and needed a database management system,” Sherwood recalls. “So when eEdge was announced, I immediately adopted it.” He is also among those associates who chose to purchase the Market Leader Professional add-ons for eEdge, a decision he says is just one of the reasons his business exploded. “I put the tools to work for me and the results followed.” 18

3Q 2013

A Routine with Results Sherwood estimates that between 70 and 75 percent of his business stems from his Internet lead generation strategy powered by eEdge. The other 25 to 30 percent comes from repeat clients, referrals and from mortgage brokers who he’s worked with in the past. In some respects, he attributes even that portion of his business to the long-term campaigns activated through myMarketing. Indeed, each component of the eEdge system complements the others and that makes implementing a few set activities on a regular basis a cinch. That, says Sherwood, is why his business keeps ticking. In fact, his weekly routine is quite simple in concept. Every morning he starts with a quick look at his eEdge dashboard. This is where the fun begins, he says. “I look to see how many contacts came in and how they got to my page, including the search terms people used to find my stealth Website.” By stealth, he means the site is only lightly branded to him. “In the

early search stages, people like to remain anonymous, so even though they are registering with the site, they feel more comfortable about it.” Sherwood says his pay-per-click advertising strategy is bringing in a lot of those new leads. He posts advertisements designed to attract house hunters interested in foreclosures or distressed properties. This also tends to attract people who are looking for a good deal in the market. All of the newly registered leads are immediately put into the myContacts section of eEdge. It’s an additional step (especially since his eEdge Website automatically sends new users to his eEdge Dashboard), but Sherwood believes in the power of the additional Website and he can’t argue with the fact that it’s working. Next, he assesses each contact’s situation – things like what kind of properties they commonly search for as well as the price range and location, and categorizes them as “active,” “hot,”




 Send “Free CMA” or “Relocation Package” email.  Include a link to a “Just Listed” property list in email (to view on your Website).  Send “How Am I Doing?” email.  Include a link to “Recently Reduced Prices” property list in email (to view on your Website).


 Send email stating availability over the weekend.  Make follow-up call and leave voicemail if no answer.   Send first video email (if video mentions that you are available, it can be combined with step 1).

 Take one day off during the plan. This can be put any day between days 3 and 9.


 Send “Bank Owned” email.  Find lead on Facebook and send a short message.

 Research their IDX activity.  Send “Specific Property” email.  Search other social media platforms and send a direct message, or send through Facebook if that connection is made.



Send introduction email. Make introduction phone call. Send follow-up email if you spoke to someone. Mail a note card with two business cards. Add to 10 Days of Pain activity campaign.

    



continued on page 28



system and realize they’ve been on the program!” According to Sherwood, out of the 10 touches, the second and fourth emails are the most effective at eliciting a response from clients. Why these emails? “I think it has a lot to do with the offers,” he says. One offers up a list

 Research their IDX activity.  Send “Long Shot CMA” email.  Make another follow-up phone call and leave a voicemail if no answer.

DAY 10

Following the Lead Flow With visitors entering his Website from more than 40 sources and 300 listing syndicates, the leads are certainly flowing for Sherwood. And if acquiring, categorizing and marketing to those leads is the first step, then the second and perhaps most important step is turning them into actual clients. Like the example of the woman above, these conversions can happen as a result of automated touch campaigns. Which is why, in addition to the suite of campaigns in the myMarketing design center, Sherwood deploys Market Leader’s add-ons for eEdge “10 Days of Pain,” which is an intense

program, focused on automated prospect communication over the course of, you guessed it, 10 days. “It’s making a difference in the number of leads I’m converting,” he says. Sometimes he forgets the program is even on. “Someone will email me saying, ‘Hey, Craig, thanks for emailing me, I’m ready to buy!’ and I’ll have no idea who they are. Then I look in the

 Research their IDX activity.  Send “Contest” or “Trivia” email or video email.  Attempt contact via social media platform.  Make another attempt at a phone call and leave voicemail if no answer.

DAY 11 +

or “retry,” “sold” or “trash.” Sherwood then assigns them to a group to target with the proper myMarketing campaign at a later date. He has six groups: buyers, sellers, sphere of influence, past clients, his top 100 and a FSBO group. This is a crucial step, Sherwood says, because it makes setting up and sending out those campaigns easy, especially when he’s on the move and deploys eEdge on the Go to manage incoming leads and contacts on the fly. Once the user is in the system, Sherwood monitors their activity and responds appropriately. “I email contacts right after they’ve viewed a listing, explaining the property’s features and why it might be a good match for them.” Sometimes the contact responds favorably and other times they ask not to be bothered. “But I never discredit or delete anyone. Everyone stays in the system in some shape or form. You just never know,” he says. In fact, just a few weeks ago, Sherwood called a woman who was searching for properties on his site and registered. She was cold on that first call, telling him that she didn’t need anything at the moment. Sherwood politely thanked her and then put her on “The Bottom Line” eEdge 8 x 8 campaign. And then something interesting happened. “Several months later, to my surprise, she emailed me in response to the ‘Staging Sells’ email, telling me that she would actually like to know the value of her home. We not only did that, we listed and sold her home!”

 Delete contact or categorize them as “trash” if contact is not working.  If contact information worked:  Add contact to drip campaign for long-term follow-up.  Add to listing alerts (if you haven’t already).  Change lead status to active, inactive or hot.  Put the lead in group A, B or C.

 Send “Special Services” email.  Make another follow-up phone call and leave a voicemail if no answer.  Sent a text message if you are confident that the phone number is correct.

Keller Williams Realty


J e s s i ca Cojocar i | Ottawa , O nta r i o

Technology in the Classroom What do you do when your company rolls out an innovative technology destined to change the way real estate agents conduct their businesses? For Jessica Cojocari the answer was simple: learn everything. In 2011, after the release of eEdge, she immersed herself in the product and quickly became regarded as the “go-to” girl for questions on getting started. The former front desk employee now flexes her geeky muscles on a regular basis both as MCA and MC tech coordinator, training agents at Keller Williams Solid Rock Realty in Ottawa, Ontario, and throughout the Canada Region. Here, Cojocari shares some common myths and frequent questions that arise during her eEdge training sessions. 20

3Q 2013

Cojocari’s Four eEdge Myths Myth 1: I need to be proficient before I start using eEdge. Cojocari: You don’t need to be an expert before diving into the system. eEdge is broken into myLeads, myMarketing, myTransactions, myContacts, myEmail and myActionPlans. While all of these components work together to complete the transaction cycle, they won’t work together if the administrative section isn’t filled out properly. I always instruct my students to start there before doing anything else. Then, at your own pace, dive into each section. If you need extra help, get into training or take advantage of the KW Technology Webinars that are listed in the weekly email updates. Myth 2: myMarketing can’t really be as simple as “set it and forget it.” Cojocari: This one is tricky. Yes, myMarketing is easy in that you can literally set it up once and not have to think about it, but I always recommend sending yourself a copy of the

content so that if a client calls and references your last email, you’ll know what they’re talking about! If you’re a beginner, the first campaign you should start is a 33 Touch. To do so, go into myMarketing and click on Campaigns. I always encourage associates to pick the “Advanced Setup” option for more customization. Myth 3: The Market Leader Pro add-ons for eEdge are just an upsell. Cojocari: This couldn’t be more false! If you choose to pay extra for Market Leader Pro, the Community feature is a fantastic way to engage your Website visitors with content based on a specific community (ZIP code) that you serve while ramping up your search engine optimization (SEO). To activate the Community feature, log in to (mykw., click on the + sign next to myMarketing and then on Manage eEdge Website. Enter in the neighborhood name and type in the first three characters of the postal code. Then you can type a short description of the area and add a pin to show the location of your neighborhood and click Save. Once your community page is live, post the URL on your Craigslist advertisements or on specific marketing pieces to generate leads for homes in those specific areas. Myth 4: I just need the bare minimum contact information. Cojocari: Filling out the database is crucial! First name, last name and a method of contact (email, phone number or mailing address) are the minimum requirements. What we’ve found is that the next layer of information – the how, where and when you met them, plus what you discussed – will help you make more effective marketing decisions. Also, the more current and correct the information in your database is, the more it will generate business for you. Once the contact’s information is in, the next step is to put them into the appropriate group and then launch the appropriate campaign. Extra Tip! Consistent contact info is crucial. Cojocari: The way you enter your contact’s information in eEdge now is the same way you’ll do it over the next 10 years. It never changes until the contact moves through the process of buying or selling! Laminate your system and make sure everyone on your team implements it! kw

Three Tips to Mobilize Your Lead Strategy with eEdge on the Go 1 Make sure all of your eEdge groups are created ahead of time so that you can easily add a new lead with the touch of a finger.

2 Make sure your campaigns (especially 8 x 8s) are customized and titled correctly. This will safeguard against putting the wrong contact on the wrong campaign. You wouldn’t want to put a buyer on a seller’s 8 x 8!

eEdge Lightning Round! The five most common questions Cojocari gets asked – and her answers.

How do I get my information to automatically populate the myMarketing materials? Cojocari: myMarketing pulls your information from the administrative section. So you’ll want to go into the admin section and click on My Account. Fill out each blank section and upload your photos, including your office logo. Click Save and you’re ready to edit your first myMarketing piece! Why does eEdge provide another Website – don’t I already have my eAgentC one? Cojocari: Keller Williams Realty wants you to have a wellrounded Web presence so that whether a buyer is searching for properties or a seller is interested in your history of success, you can be found! A good way to think about it is that your eAgentC Website is intended for your “Met” audience and your eEdge Website is intended for online lead generation. How do I change my email footer on myMarketing materials instead of changing them individually? Cojocari: Changing your email footer is easy once you are in the editing section of myMarketing. Make all the changes you’d like on your email footer first, then click on the gear next to the footer at the top. From here, name your customized email footer and check the box that says “make this email footer the default on all email campaigns.” How do I get my listings in the “featured listing” box on my Website? Cojocari: This question comes up a lot and people are always surprised at how easy it is. All you have to do is make sure “KWLS” is chosen and your Agent MLS ID is entered correctly in the admin section of eEdge. For listings to appear, they will need to be uploaded onto the KWLS. Why do you always click on “New Leads” to get into eEdge? Cojocari: I always click on New Leads when I am accessing eEdge because it brings you into the heart of your business – the eEdge Dashboard. You should be going there every morning to see who you need to follow up with and what reminders you have set to keep you on track to reach your goals. kw

3 Have your eEdge action plans ready to go so you can add your new contacts to the plans on the go. Keller Williams Realty



Marketing & Branding

The Jack Coden Group | Mi ami , Fla .

Tending the Farm in Miami, Fla. Jack Coden remembers when he first fell in love with Miami. It was 1979, and he was on a business trip for his New York City company where he was an international banker – a job at which he would remain for 30 years until deciding to act on his long-harbored dream of moving to the Magic City to become a real estate agent. Coden was successful right out of the gate, earning $80,000 in gross commission income (GCI) his first year and double that his second. His business has grown every year since, which opened up new opportunities for ownership in the Miami Beach market center and solidified him as a multi-year leader in regional and nationwide sales. Today, he averages three closings per week. Last year, he made $1,090,000 in GCI and this year he’s on track to make $1,500,000. As of June 2013, he’s closed $23.9 million, with another $21 million in contracts waiting to close. Clearly, Coden is still banking. What’s fueling that success is his team’s focus on farming, which is geographic, demographic or niche-based marketing activities to plant the seeds with future business and nurture existing clients. Coden farms several communities, condos, neighborhoods, commercial properties and restaurants in the greater Miami area, which he says requires consistency and frequency. “One of the mistakes agents make when it comes to farming is sending one or two print pieces and then stopping,” he says. Residents of Coden’s targeted farms see something from him every week for eight weeks, then every three weeks after that. His farm postcards stand out. They’re oversized, have a picture of Coden and his team, and showcase a home in their neighborhood that he recently sold or just listed for sale. “I never send the kind of card that says, ‘I’m your neighborhood agent, give me a call.’ I want them to see that nearby properties are selling well and plant the seed to call me when they want to sell theirs too.” 22

3Q 2013

By Celesta Brown

Coden has developed ongoing relationships from farmed clients, building up a reliable database that he uses for most of his outreach. He’s an expert networker and heartfelt relationship builder, which is the crux of his success. Here he shares some of his proven networking techniques that can help you meet new people, nurture relationships, and grow your own million-dollar business.

Create Personal Curb Appeal “Networking is often about displaying a genuine desire to help others progress. I make sure our clients sense that from the very beginning. I say, ‘I’m here to help you.’ Sometimes it’s to give emotional support, sometimes to give financial advice, and often it’s to connect them to people they can’t find on their own. Most of our listing appointments are a minimum of two hours. Half the time we’re not even talking about real estate, we’re just getting to know each other.”

Jack Coden

Talk to Strangers “My cell phone number is on every yard sign, postcard, magazine and marketing piece. When people call, it comes to me. I always answer their questions, but not right away. Instead I ask them questions, like whether they have kids, where they work or what they know about different neighborhoods; we bond over questions. At some point the conversation shifts to the price of the property. If it’s not in their range, they’ll often ask me to help them house hunt anyways. If it’s a personality fit, I’ll work with them or match them up with one of the buyer agents in the Jack Coden Group.” Enlist the Power of a Business Card “I have a unique business card. It’s a little larger than the norm, with a silver foil border. It’s kind of flashy; people comment on it and seem to love it. I never offer my card upfront. I engage in conversation and I wait until people ask for it.” Continue the Conversation “Once I connect with a client, I tell them they are adopted now; they’re part of the Jack Coden family, to call me anytime. I mean it. And they do.” kw

Keller Williams Realty



Team Building

Ale xan der Bran dau Real Estate Pa rtne r s | N a s h v i lle , T enn.

By Celesta Brown



Top-producing Nashville agent shares his tips to grow a successful team

Alexander Brandau IV’s blood runs orange. He’s a native Nashvillian, attended the University of Nashville School, is a Father Ryan High School and University of Tennessee graduate, is an ardent Vols football fan, and has a family connection to an original Tennessee Volunteer from the War of 1812. As a four th generation real estate investor and hometown real estate professional, Brandau loves helping clients find and sell homes in his beloved city. Alexander Brandau IV


3Q 2013

After getting his degree in sports management at UTK and a brief stint as the manager of major revenue sports at Vanderbilt, Brandau’s passion for helping people and his talent for sales led him back home – literally. Brandau’s family ran an independent realty practice out of the front of the house he grew up in. “I essentially have 34 years of training in the business,” Brandau says. He learned the ins and outs of real estate and was making a name for himself when a friend introduced him to Keller Williams Realty. Brandau was drawn to the models and systems and helpful tools and technology of the company. He joined Keller Williams in 2006, where he’s grown his business substantially and is on pace to close $40 million this year. He’s consistently ranked in the top five producers in the Nashville Green Hills (Tenn.) market center, the most productive real estate office under any brand in Nashville. As much as Brandau enjoys helping clients, he’s equally enthusiastic about leading and guiding fellow Nashvillians into career opportunities in the real estate industry. High-expectation professionals clamor for a spot on his growing team. Mandy Sage, team leader, explains why Brandau is someone people want to work with and be around. “In my first 100 days as a team leader, I interviewed every agent that would meet with me. As I interviewed Alex’s team, it became clear that they all felt supported, trained and committed to him. For the last year, I have watched him consistently meet with his team weekly and with each person one-on-one. Alex is a leader and he takes the time to get to know the people who work for him. He knows what makes them tick and he cares about their success. It is such a contrast from the norm. He helps people grow on many levels and equips them to reach their goals.” Brandau admits that in those first few years after transitioning, he didn’t take advantage of all that Keller Williams Realty has to offer even though it’s what originally lured him. “I was trying to run a business, learn how to market and get new clients and listings. Unfortunately,

the concept of building a team and profit share got lost in the shuffle. I didn’t understand the long-term impact.” At about that time, Sage suggested someone who would be a great buyer agent. When he eventually picked up The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, he saw the blueprint for growing Alexander Brandau Real Estate Partners. “It quite literally gave me the plan to put the infrastructure in place and showed me how to implement the disciplines and processes to build a bigger business. I realized Keller Williams was going to help me every step of the way, with training and tools and support to expand while developing my team personally and professionally.” He found the Missing Person Report from MREA and soon added a second, third and fourth team member. Brandau has partnered with Sage and Tiffany Fykes, also in Green Hills, to help one another grow their teams and the market center. They developed and led some programs to reach out into the community to tap the pool for talented team members.

Career Night – Monthly career night meetings that are marketed to a general audience. Participants range from those starting to think about a career in real estate to those who are in school trying to figure out where to work. Fast Track Mastermind – Many newer agents from all brands attend these small group discussions and question-and-answer sessions. Topics have included time blocking, multioffer negotiations and, of course, lead generation. Mega Mastermind – This is a quarterly mastermind with the same setup as the Fast Track Mastermind, but with experienced, top-producing agents. The group discusses the challenges and issues and masterminds best-practice solutions.

The vast majority (92 percent) of Brandau’s closed clients are referred to him from professional resources, such as bankers, attorneys, CPAs, builders and architects. Not only does his referral network increase his client base, Brandau uses it as a source for potential candidates and to post career night meeting notices. “Two out of my three recent hires came from referral partners. In every way, they are perfect additions to our team.”

When it comes to building a team, Brandau emphasizes a few key actions: “Stay authentic to your style. Whether it’s relationship building, farming, cold calls, mailings or Internet marketing, stay true to who you are.” “Get to know your team, your structure and your needs. Have a plan for growth. At first I didn’t envision a nine-person team, but success forced me to evolve and operate from a plan.” “Commit to long-term growth. It takes time. People are involved and they need time to season.” “Nurture it once you have it. Train, coach, teach and develop your team. Build an environment and create conditions that someone would never want to leave.”

Two years into his hiring spree, Brandau is seeing the difference. In 2012, he and his four-person team closed $21 million and 86 transactions. “I felt like a bigger agency at that point.” With the addition of three more people in 2013, they plan to double last year’s sales. “I understand the impact that building a productive team can have on the future. I see the passive income we can create and the longevity that we can have. I don’t want Alexander Brandau Real Estate Partners to have just one sole proprietor. I don’t want it to stop with me.” kw

Keller Williams Realty



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Carnagy Hall Jim Forde Robert Fields Joe Gluckman Brian Martin J. Matthew Gutierrez Andrew Smith Lori Mieczkowski Veronica Barefield Stephanie McClimon Jimmy La Peter Pete Peterson Elizabeth Riley Paul Kelly Marilyn Schott Brett Boettge Lee Tessier Patrick McQuaid Kristin Roossin Leigh Broughman Kristin White Brock Worthen Kevin Jarrett Carolee Chirico Angie Legge Jeremy P. Williams Paul Sessum Debora Murray Lauren Moore Jessica Spidle Janet Padalino Pegi Brock Mary Kenyon Cristi Hernandez Mark Wilkinson Caleb Hayes

Roseville, Calif. Yorba Linda, Calif. Coronado, Calif. San Antonio,Texas Austin,Texas Tucson, Ariz. West Conroe,Texas Jacksonville, Fla. Spring,Texas Houston,Texas Yorba Linda, Calif. Tucson, Ariz. Austin,Texas Orlando, Fla. Bradenton, Fla. Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. Bel Air, Md. Worcester, Mass. Chandler, Ariz. Lynchburg,Va. Danville, Calif. Newport Beach, Calif. Marco Island, Fla. Ridgewood, N.J. Phoenix, Ariz. The Woodlands,Texas Burbank, Calif. Moreno Valley, Calif. San Diego, Calif. Bedford, Novia Scotia Columbia, S.C. Altamonte Springs, Fla. Boca Raton, Fla. Stuart, Fla. Lee’s Summit, Mo. Madison, Wis.

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*Based on transmittals received for the Second Quarter 2013 (April through June 2013). Closed transactions identified with specific teams. **Based on transmittals received for the Second Quarter 2013 (April through June 2013). Closed transactions identified with the specific agent. ***Associates with the most growth at the first level of their profit share tree. Second Quarter 2013 (April through June 2013). ****Data from CEO report used for award purposes (KW owner profit adjusted for federal/state taxes). Second Quarter 2013 (April through June 2013).

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The Woodlands Greater Portland Heritage Summit Roseville Austin SW NYC - Manhattan Keller Williams Ottawa Realty, Brokerage Portland West Ballantyne Area Austin NW Boise Arlington Grand Rapids East Houston Katy Ridgewood Keller Williams Consultants Realty Denver Tech Center Houston Metropolitan Bedford-Manchester

The Woodlands, Texas Portland, Maine San Antonio, Texas Summit, N.J. Roseville, Calif. Austin, Texas New York, N.Y. Ottawa, Ontario Portland, Ore. Charlotte, N.C. Austin, Texas Boise, Idaho Arlington, Texas Grand Rapids, Mich. Katy, Texas Ridgewood, N.J. Dublin, Ohio Englewood, Colo. Houston, Texas Bedford, N.H.

Diane Flicker Mark Richard Craig Owen Jacky Elliott Patrick Woods Diane Johnson,Melanie Kennemann Eric Barron Jarrod Davis Katie Benson Lesley Williams Gene Frederick Carla Thompson Christy Broussard Jon Jackson Terri Coker Sally Ponchak Tracy Chambers Anthony Carnesi Bruce Kink Mark Mulcahy

$396,248.57 $338,343.74 $321,482.91 $314,779.91 $281,122.95 $274,366.25 $269,580.31 $261,399.83 $257,314.29 $257,080.96 $256,454.54 $255,341.77 $249,977.92 $245,349.64 $235,742.13 $234,366.54 $223,905.00 $223,133.91 $222,501.08 $220,962.01

Correction: In the last issue of OutFront, The Bizzy Blondes Team was erroneously excluded from the list of Top Producing Teams for the First Quarter 2013 (Jan. through March). The Bizzy Blondes should have ranked #40 with a GCI of $354,280. The OutFront Editorial Team regrets the error.

continued from page 13 of bank-owned homes and the other asks users “How am I doing?”

On the Brink of Big Now that a solid number of leads are coming in through Sherwood’s Websites and he has a system to cultivate and convert them, he believes he’s ready to build a staff. Adding a buyer agent


3Q 2013

is likely in his future, he says, and if sales growth continues on their current trajectory, “There will definitely be a listing specialist in our future.” “The ultimate goal is to build a mega team,” he adds, owing a lot of his success to the models and systems he’s learned at Keller Williams Realty and the technology that he’s employed

to automate and manage his sales. “My business would not run at its best without eEdge. If agents aren’t on it yet, I encourage them to tinker around and figure out what works for them. That or find someone who can show them how to do it. It’s been absolutely critical to my success.” kw



3Q 2013

THIRD QUA RTE R 2013, VOL . 1 0 N O. 3



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