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One of the biggest benefits I have seen with Twitter is the camaraderie and support with people who love this industry all over the world. In my eyes, that is a huge benefit. But let’s face it, we don’t just want to sit around and just tweet with other Realtors. There are people right now in your community, in your town talking about things that are relevant to you – local news, local events, hot spots around town, and yes people who are moving to your city or town. Go into Twitter and type “moving to _____” in the search field and you’ll be surprised at how many search results come up. Does that mean you should instantly Tweet them and say “HI! I’m a Realtor!!!!” No of course not – you wouldn’t do that in real life, so don’t do it on Twitter. Seriously, don’t even think about it! The point is that Twitter is like the Chamber of Commerce mixer. Remember those? You went, had a drink and came home with 10 business cards. But now, you get to stay at home, be in your PJ’s, and “collect” followers that you can connect with. It’s the same networking we’ve always done – it’s just done a little differently now. But let me tell you the BEST part about Twitter for me… As I go to Agent Reboot events all over the country – the cities may be different, some of the speakers may be different, but one thing remains the same; there is always someone that I had never met “in real life” that greets me with a hug. Why? Because I haven’t just blasted out tweets. Because I don’t shamelessly self-promote myself. Because I’ve taken the time to notice people. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Don’t people – don’t you and I – just want to be noticed? That’s the power of Twitter, and it’s one of the reasons I love what I do. So how do you jump into the conversation? How do you get people to start noticing you and engaging with you? There are definitely a few “secrets” that no one ever told me when I first started on Twitter that can really help jump start your Twitter fame! 1. Don’t use all 140 characters. I was in Seattle earlier this year when my friend Dale Chumbley reminded me, “Katie, I’d re-tweet you more if you didn’t write such long tweets!!” DOH! I had forgotten that so simple but golden rule. Don’t use every single space. I know 140 characters isn’t very much to begin with. So if you fill up that whole space and then someone tries to re-tweet you – there will be too many letters. If it’s a good tweet, some people will take the time to edit it – but most won’t. See if you can keep your tweets to 50 characters max! 2. Re-tweet a lot. We have a joke in the Inman News office – it’s all about the re-tweet! That’s right! You want people to stand up, notice you, follow you, and engage you? Then re-tweet a lot! Re-tweet 15-20 things a day. Re-tweet interesting articles, follow hashtags (like #agentrb or #icsf) and re-tweet things people are talking about. The more you re-tweet, the more people are likely to re-tweet you and take notice of you! Here’s a bonus secret – don’t re-tweet 15 things in a row (unless you want to annoy the heck out of your followers). Re-tweet 15 things but use my favorite app HootSuite and schedule out those re-tweets – once a hour so they “drip” out over the course of the day. Now instead of impacting a few people who happen to be on Twitter at the exact time you are on, you are impacting people at different times of the day. 3. #FF. I love Friday Follow. Every Friday pick 10 people to mention for #FF. Recognize people you enjoy following. Twitter is a very giving medium. You need to give, give, give if you want to receive anything back. Some of the people I have engaged with and talk to the most started with a #FF. 4. Post content you like to read. We all subscribe to email newsletters right? Well before you delete them all every morning, look at one or two in your inbox and make it a point to tweet out a couple things from those emails – interesting articles or tidbits of knowledge. 5. Don’t get so caught up on what to say. Don’t over think things. Post something if it’s interesting to you, but don’t spend too much time worry about everything you post. Be smart, if you wouldn’t say something on stage or in a crowd, don’t say it on Twitter. *This article was taken from the blog,

Happy birthday! 6/12 Bonnie & Gay, 6/13 Lynette, 6/15 Bryan & Megan, 6/17 Randy & Wendell, 6/18 Leigh Anne, 6/28 Debbie K.

Happy KW anniversary! David B, Shelie, Greg, Rose D, Brooke, Cindy M, Rhetta

Amy Gearhart, Whitney Jones, Jason Simmons, Julianne Stephens & Alisha Wright

Welcome to the family! Top 10 Agents based on Closed Production YTD

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Vince Wyatt Stacey Rogers Jean Moss Tara Newton Mary McGuire

6. Karla Bennett 7. Elizabeth Arduain 8. Sherry Gosdin 9. Greg Brownd 10. Kyle Fannin

Congrats to all of the Lubbock BOLD graduates that traveled to Amarillo weekly to complete this already challenging course. We are so proud of all of you and knew you could do it! Elizabeth Arduain SJ Burrus Amy Doty Stephanie Grantham Kelly Keesee

THE RESULTS: 34 agents 628 total transactions Averaging 18.47 transactions per agent

Debbie Kirby Tara Newton Rachel Townsley Leigh Anne Wikle

They asked, attorneys answered. *Article taken from the May issue of Texas Realtor Magazine. My seller reached a verbal agreement with a buyer. Before the buyer’s broker delivered the written contract reflecting the verbal agreement, my seller received and accepted another offer. Now the first buyer is threatening to sue my seller for breach of contract. Is that verbal agreement binding? No. The agreement must be in wring and signed by all pares to the contract. Since a wrien contract was not signed by the seller and the buyer, the statute of frauds will bar enforcement of the first agreement. While verbal negoaons of contracts may be a good and expedious way to negoate contracts, verbal agreements are not enforceable in contracts for the sale of real estate. How do I determine the effective date of a contract? The final date of acceptance is the date on which the contract becomes binding between the pares. It is the date that the buyer and seller have agreed to all terms of the contract and have executed the contract. Four elements must be sasfied for final acceptance to take place: 1. The final contract must be in wring (typically sasfied when negoaons are made using promulgated forms). 2. The buyer and seller must sign the final contract, including the inialing of any handwrien changes to the inially dra'ed offer, if applicable. 3. Acceptance must be unequivocal. 4. The last party to accept must communicate acceptance back to the other party or the other party’s agent, if applicable. The effecve date is the date when the last element (communicaon back) is made a'er the other three elements are sasfied. One reason that communicang acceptance back to the other party is mandated is so that the other party will know when the contract performance requirements or periods for performance begin. My buyer today signed a contract with a 10-day option period. When do I start counting the days? Do weekends count? The days referred to in the TREC contracts are calendar days. Since most of the days for performance are preceded by the word within, the last day for performance would be calculated by starng with the first day a'er the beginning day (o'en the effecve date of the contract) and counng the number of days specified to reach the last day for performance. For example, assume that Wednesday, May 11, is the effecve date of the contract and that there’s a 10-day opon period, denoted in Paragraph 23. The buyer would have unl 11:59 p.m. on Saturday, May 21, to terminate the contract under the opon period. My seller received two offers today. Can he counter both of them? It’s not a good idea. When a party makes an offer or counteroffer, that party gives to the other party the power of acceptance to create a binding contract. Therefore, if both potenal buyers accept your seller’s counteroffers, he’d be bound to sell the property to two buyers. Your seller should reject both offers and invite the prospects to submit beer offers, or he should make a counteroffer to one prospect.

MCA Minute: Don’t forget your statement will be emailed to you! Bills are due to Pam by Friday, June 24 @ 5:00pm If you submit your payment after 5:00pm on the 25th be sure to add $25 for the late fee. Your paperwork must be submitted 5 days PRIOR to closing.

Chances are your reputation as a mega agent in your market has helped you cultivate your profit share tree and begin your journey toward the seventh level. But where do you go from here? How do you tap into your profit share potential and reach the seventh level? First let’s identify the seventh level: When someone names you as their sponsor, they go into your “first level,” then when someone names one of those people as a sponsor, they go into your “second level.” This process continues until you reach the “seventh level.” If you wanted to get purposeful about building your profit share tree, you could encourage people in your first level to develop their first level. Time of course, is the nourishment that grows the other levels. Take Althea Osborn, for example. She has received more than $3,025,000 in Profit Share. Of the 5,258 associates in her tree, only 14 named her as a sponsor – those are people in her first level! Are you confident in your ability to help agents in your profit share tree leverage their business and build their first level? True to KW’s philosophy, there is a model and a system for recruiting and retaining talent. And now you have the awesome opportunity to teach agents in your profit share tree how they can leverage this system to build their business, leverage their time and start growing their first level. It’s called RSTLM Lite for Agents and certification is now available through a series of Webinars!

To learn more about growing your profit share tree, all the way from the first to the seventh level, add the following class to your calendar…

Grow Your Profit Share Tree June 3rd @ 2:30pm Objectives: • • • •

Investigate the meaning and opportunity of passive income. Understand how profit share is calculated and distributed. Learn how to build relationships and inspire interest in Keller Williams Realty. Learn how to refer potential associates to your team leader.

This class is good for: Anybody interested in passive income opportunities!

1. We want to hear from YOU! Let us know what classes you would like to see on the calendar! 6.

12:30 36:12:3 Session 1– Validity & Positioning Talk to your Team Leader NOW to register!! 7.


9:00 Team Meeting & 11:00 Productivity Office Tour

10:00 Contracts 101 12:30 36:12:3 Session 2– Prospecting 12:30 36:12:3 Session 3– 3:00 Breakthrough Masterminds Marketing with Doug ($1M-2M producers)



Committee 1:00 Culture Committee 2:00 Growth Committee 3:00 Profit Committee


9:00 Team Meeting & 10:30 Contracts Class 11:00 ALC Meeting Office Tour 12:30 36:12:3 Session 4– 12:30 New Agent Luncheon Leveraging a Database 1:30 New Agent Orientation 12:30 36:12:3 Session 5 & 6 3:00 Breakthrough Masterminds - Working w/ Mets & Farming with Doug ($1M-2M producers) 1:00 Team Masterminds 20.



9:00 Team Meeting & 10:00 Contracts 101 Office Tour 12:30 36:12:3 Session 7– Open Houses 12:30 36:12:3 Session 8– 3:00 Breakthrough Masterminds FSBOs & Expireds with Doug ($1M-2M producers)

12:30 36:12:3 Session 9– Agent Referrals 2:30 Listing Field Trip– Pictures & Measurements

27. 28. 29. 27. 9:00 Team Meeting & 10:30 Contracts Class Office Tour 12:30 36:12:3 Session 10– RICK GEHA– SHIFTING Lead Conversion MARKET CLASS. PLEASE 12:30 36:12:3 Final Session 1:30 Eating for Health w/ Dr. REGISTER WITH FRONT 11– Living Your Goals Clemmons DESK. $40 3:00 Breakthrough Masterminds with Doug ($1M-2M producers)



1:30 Navica Training 2:30 eEdge Training

9:00 New Agent Masterminds 10:00 Blowing Up Your Online Marketing-Intermediate 11:00 Capper Masterminds 1:30 Wealth Building Fridays 2:30 Grow Your Profit Share Tree



10:00 eEdge Training 12:00 Connie’s Bible Study 1:30 Jumpstart Your Online Marketing (for beginners)

9:00 New Agent Masterminds 10:00 Blowing Up Your Online Marketing-Intermediate 1:30 Wealth Building Fridays



1:30 iPad Class 2:30 eEdge Training

9:00 New Agent Masterminds 10:00 Blowing Up Your Online Marketing-Intermediate 11:00 Capper Masterminds 1:30 Wealth Building Fridays



10:00 eEdge Training 12:00 Connie’s Bible Study 1:30 Jumpstart Your Online Marketing (for beginners)

9:00 New Agent Masterminds 10:00 Blowing Up Your Online Marketing-Intermediate 11:00 Capper Masterminds 1:30 Wealth Building Fridays

30. 10:00 eEdge Training 1:30 Single Entry Listing Training 4:30 Door Knocking Class & Field Trip

* Calendar subject to change. Please use your KW login at to see the most current version.

For more on how Or go

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these ideas, use this QR code.

Cita’s daughter, Charmaine, graduated from Tech with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Mass Communications. She will now go on to Med School at Tech. Congrats and best of luck to you !

Doug’s daughters, Dakota and Kendall doing great at home!

Timmie’s great-grandson, Noah, was born on May 1st and weighed 7lb, 9oz. Congrats on the new addition to the family!!

From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank each and every person that contributed to Red Day in some way. It is truly a team effort and we couldn’t have done it without our agents, vendors, sponsors and hundreds of people who heard about us through word of mouth or through the media. Thank you again!

A few soldiers receiving their packages!

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