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Just Released: An even easier way to create real estate facebook pages Pretty exciting news! Just announced this Friday on Facebook, there will be a new and improved “flow” for how someone creates a business page on Facebook. I really like this improvement and think it will encourage more and more people to make pages (instead of using their personal profile for business). Here are a couple screen shots of the new process (see below) Once someone clicks, “Create a Page” they are re-directed to this page:

Once you click on your category, you are presented with a drop-down menu. For a real estate agent, you would click “Local Business or Place of Interest”

One of the biggest changes for lists is the amount of options – I don’t ever rememeber seeing a “real estate” option! In my opinion, this is one more way Facebook is really encouraging people to create pages but create them in a smart and organized way. Written by: Katie Lance, Senior Marketing Manager, Inman News. Taken from

Happy birthday! Stephanie Cindy D. Frank Debbie Kelly Steve Paula T. Connie

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Happy KW anniversary! Shannon, Wendy, Margaret, Tom, Jonny, Russ, Ann, Terri, Jan, Beena, Rachel, Cindy D.

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Top 10 Agents based on Closed Production YTD 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Jean Moss Karla Clanton Mary Benton Jonny Hutson Toni Golden

6. Kyle Rawls 7. Vince Wyatt 8. Mike Cleavinger 9. Elizabeth Arduain 10. Linda Boydstun

Relevency of Information in Social Media Article taken from

So, you have a Facebook profile. You signed up for Twitter. You’re even on LinkedIn. You’re pretty sure that you’re on track to go viral. Leads should be pouring in now that you’ve done everything possible to stay current with real estate technology, but your Playstation friend requests seem to be more relevant than who’s friending you on Facebook and following you on Twitter.

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The New Rules of Branding Your Business Online Article taken from

It's no longer enough to have a sleek website, social-media presence, and consistent brand aesthetic online. The new rules of branding your business on the Web have a lot less to do with presentation, and a lot more to do with interaction. In order to bring you up to speed, has compiled nine of the most innovative and ingenious tips from articles, guides, and interviews in Inc. and over the past year. These are the new rules of branding online. For more on how to implement 1. Don’t just start the conversation these ideas, use this QR code. 2. Either keep your personal brand out of it… Or go to 3. Or dive in and make all the headlines you can 4. Don’t favor edge over consistency 5. Be persistent in finding and targeting your niche 6. Excel at telling your customers “about us” 7. Fully integrate social media into your site 8. Monitor your brands reputation, and be ready to respond 9. Showcase your best work

Some things you need to know! TREC adopts revisions, new forms The Texas Real Estate Commission adopted new forms and several revisions to existing forms at its November 15, 2010 meeting. These changes are effective March 1, although you can now use the new forms and revised forms. Here’s a list of affected forms:

» One to Four Family Resiential Contract (Resale) (TREC 20-9, TAR 1601) » Unimproved Property Contract (TREC 9-8, TAR 1607) » New Home Contract (Incomplete Construction) (TREC 23-10, TAR 1603) » New Home Contract (Completed Construction) (TREC 24-10, TAR 1604) » Residential Condominium Contract (TREC 30-8, TAR 1605) » Farm and Ranch Contract (TREC 25-7, TAR 1707) » Addendum for Property Subject to Mandatory Membership in a Property Owners Association (TREC 36-6, TAR 1922)

» Third Party Financing Condition Addendum (TREC 40-4, TAR 1901) » Disclosure of Relationship with Residential Service Company (TREC RSC-1, TAR 2513)

You can see all the changes in the Forms section of

Legal Q & A: Is a seller ’ s disclosure required in a short sale? I took a listing that is going to be a short sale and will require the lender’s approval. The seller insists that since the lender is a necessary party to any sale that the seller is not obligated to provide a disclosure notice. Is that true? No. Section 5.008 of the Property Code does not grant a seller an exemption to the requirement to provide the seller’s disclosure notice because any sale of the property requires approval by the lender. While the lender’s approval may be necessary for the transaction to be successful, the lender is not a party to the contract. Only the seller is selling the property. Remember that the seller’s disclosure notice is a risk-reduction tool for the benefit of the seller. The seller does not need to add to his financial problems by risking a DTPA suit for nondisclosure of items that could have been provided to a buyer by the careful preparation of the seller’s disclosure notice.

MCA Minute: Don’t forget your statement will be emailed to you! Bills are due to Pam by Friday, February 25 @ 5:00pm If you submit your payment after 5:00pm on the 25th be sure to add $25 for the late fee.



9:00 Team Meeting & 10:00 Breakthrough Office Tour


2:00 eEdge: What’s It’s All About Webinar 6:00 ALC & Apprentice Dinner

Masterminds with Doug



9:00 Team Meeting & 10:00 Breakthrough Office Tour

9:00 New Agent Masterminds with Debbie 1:30 Seller Mastery with Debbie 3:30 Grow Your Profit Share Tree

12:00 Valentines Luncheon @ the Office 2:00 eEdge: What it’s all About Webinar

Masterminds with Doug 11:00 Productivity Committee 1:00 Culture Committee 2:00 Growth Committee 3:00 Profit Committee



16. 10:00 Breakthrough Masterminds with Doug 11:00 ALC Meeting 12:30 New Agent Luncheon 1:30 New Agent Orientation 3:30 Seller Finance with Susanne Moore

9:00 New Agent Masterminds with Debbie 1:30 Contracts Class with Pam


9:00 Team Meeting & Office Tour 1:30 Family Reunion Trip Info 2:00 eEdge: What it’s all About Webinar 22.

9:00 Team Meeting & Office Tour

28. 9:00 New Agent Masterminds with Debbie 1:30 Seller Mastery with Debbie




1:00 Jumpstart Your Online Marketing (for beginners) 2:00 eEdge: What it’s all About Webinar

10:00 Blowing Up Your Online Marketing (Intermediate & advanced) 11:00 Capper Masterminds 1:30 Wealth Building Fridays



11:30 LAR Luncheon 1:00 Jumpstart Your Online Marketing (for beginners) 3:00 Streamline your Leverage Resources with Doug

10:00 Blowing Up Your Online Marketing (Intermediate & advanced) 11:00 Capper Masterminds 1:30 Wealth Building Fridays



11:30 LAR Luncheon @ Scottish Rite 10:00 Blowing Up Your Online Building Marketing (Intermediate & 1:00 Jumpstart Your Online advanced) Marketing (for beginners) 11:00 Capper Masterminds 2:00 eEdge: What it’s all About Webinar 24.


1:00 Jumpstart Your Online Marketing (for beginners)

10:00 Blowing Up Your Online Marketing (Intermediate & advanced) 11:00 Capper Masterminds 1:30 Wealth Building Fridays

To order a KW Cares license plate, go to

on or after February 11th.

100% CLUB!! These agents capped and are now receiving 100% of their commissions!

Karla Clanton Wendy Jones Jean Moss

Some of Cindy D’s family pics from the holidays. From left: her son Jimmy, wife Cyndi and sons Blake, Canin and Clayton. Granddaughter Seagan and grandson Tanner.

Stephanie’s kids, Keagan and Kerrigan, got to ride a camel the other day in the Furr’s parking lot!

Everyone enjoying baby Jaxyn, Jon and Miranda’s new baby. She is precious!

Dick and Sherry Gosdin at the Ft Worth Stock Show with their grandchildren!

Paula and friends (also Tech fans) in Los Angeles

Cute picture of the Wyatt family!!

Ann’s grandson, Eli, leading his school choir group to sing for the merchants!

Doug and Debbie practicing for our Minute to Win It Christmas Party! Priceless!

Toni’s daughters and granddaughters, the Golden Girls!

Timmie’s granddaughter, Lexi will be competing in the Junior Olympics in Holland, Amsterdam in March. Good luck Lexi!

The Caprock Basketball Tournament that David and Julie participate in annually raises money to help buy AmTryke’s, a therapeutic tryke used to increase mobility in children and adults. Thanks, David and Julie, for all you do with AMBUCS and KW!

Left: Mary B’s granddaughters Alyssa and Molly playing outside. Right: Mary’s daughter, Cindy and granddaughter Ashley.

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