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Top 10 Agents based on Closed Production YTD 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Stacey Rogers Rhonda Brown Vince Wyatt Elizabeth Arudain Jean Moss

6. Tara Newton 7. Cindy Williams 8. Mary Benton 9. Rachel Townsley 10. Sherry Gosdin

BE Information-based. As a real estate agent you have a wide variety of topics to discuss on Facebook. Here are some ideas to incorporate into your posting plan.

• • • •

Local market data including days on market, current inventory, mortgage rates, and the average or median listing price in your area. There’s no shortage of data and statistics out there – get creative! Activities happening in and around your area or events you’re attending. When you’re posting, find out who in your sphere is coming. If you’re at the same event, why not make it a point to get some face-to-face interaction with the people who are following you? City-wide issues positively or negatively affecting your neighborhoods. Sue Adler, associate with the Summit, N.J. market center got the conversation going when she posted about a recent hot-button issue in her area. Seasonal topics of interest – time changes, back to school dates, best place to catch fireworks on July 4th, getting your home prepared for winter, Thanksgiving tips or recipes, local pumpkin patches for Halloween are a few ideas.

BE Yourself. You wouldn’t start a dinner party conversation with “HEY YOU: 3 bedroom, 2 bath home; just reduced!!!!!” That would be awkward, right? You are more than a real estate agent. Introduce yourself, talk about your hobbies, family, friends, and the latest books you’re reading. If real estate is on your mind, or you have an open house, absolutely post about it – just remember that it should be a two-way conversation. Talk WITH your sphere not AT them. BE a Success: Buyers and sellers base their decision to work with you on several qualifications. And while not all clients will choose you for the same reason, many will look at your reputation. Your Facebook page is an excellent way to let potential clients know that you offer the best customer service in your area. Reputation-based posts are to be used sparingly – no one likes a bragger. Clients do like seeing how you can help them. Some example posts might include:

• • • • •

Happy clients. Did you help a family purchase their first home, or perhaps successfully sell a home that was about to be foreclosed on? Talk about it. Better yet, ask your client if they’d be willing to post something on your wall. Briefly describe a challenging sale and how you and the client worked to get the home sold in the least amount of time and for the best price. (Remember to use your discretion on details, and ask your clients if it’s okay to post about their experience). Add the “Review” application to your page and ask recent clients to post reviews of their experience with you and your team. Set up a Yelp Profile and add a link on the notes section of your page. (Make sure you balance who you ask to post on your Wall and on Yelp. Not all of your clients will be willing to post on both sites.) Jonathan Osman, associate with the Charlotte – Southwest market center is a good example to follow.

BE Consistent. Now that you have new ideas for posting, it’s time to get organized. Create a posting schedule so that you can participate in the social media sphere while doing job no. 1: helping clients buy and sell homes. Try this one:

• • • •

Monday: Local market update or an interesting article on real estate Wednesday: What you’re doing that day or something interesting you’ve done that week. Make it real estate related or not! You choose. Friday: Highlight a weekend event. Ask who’s going! Saturday/Sunday: Post about a successful open house, a quote that inspired you that day, or something fun your family did over the weekend.

These useful tips were taken from a recent post on Check it out if you haven’t already!

Working both sides of a transaction-Part 1 A broker lists a property. Then a buyer comes along wanting to work with the same broker to purchase that listed property. No problem, right? The only way for a broker to handle this situation is to set up an intermediary relationship. And to form an intermediary relationship, the broker must successfully follow a series of steps outlined in the Texas Real Estate License Act (TRELA).

expected compensation to the broker. A written listing agreement to represent a seller or landlord or a written agreement to represent a buyer or tenant authorizing the broker to act as an intermediary is sufficient as long as the written agreement states in conspicuous bold or underlined print the prohibited conduct set forth in TRELA, which you’ll find at the end of this article. The written consent can be satisfied by having the seller How to achieve a slam-dunk intermediary relationship execute TAR’s Residential Real Estate Listing Agreement Creating a legal intermediary relationship reminds me of Exclusive Right to Sell (TAR-1101) or having the an alley-oop in basketball. (Yes, even lawyers get caught landlord execute TAR’s Residential Real Estate Listing up in March Madness.) For those who don’t know, an Agreement Exclusive Right to Lease (TAR-1102). alley-oop is a popular offensive play on the hardwood that Likewise, the buyer or tenant may execute TAR’s combines precision, timing, and teamwork—culminating Residential Buyer/Tenant Representation Agreement in a slam dunk! Similarly, the intermediary relationship (TAR-1501). Once the broker has obtained the necessary requires successfully carrying out several steps, timing, consent, the broker may appoint licensees associated with and teamwork to comply with TRELA. Here’s the the broker to communicate with and carry out the breakdown on those steps: instructions of the parties. Provide Information about Brokerage Services An intermediary is a broker who acts as a negotiator between the parties. Only a broker is permitted to act as the intermediary, not a salesperson. Prior to representing any party, TRELA requires licensees to provide the Information About Brokerage Services at the time of the first substantive dialogue. This form, which provides an explanation of the intermediary relationship, is the first instance where a party is introduced to the intermediary relationship. It spells out that the intermediary must act fairly and impartially to all parties. Get written consent Next, a broker must obtain written consent from each party for the broker to act as an intermediary and to appoint licensees associated with the broker. The written consent must state the source of any

Whose listing is it? Remember that under Texas law, listings belong to the broker, not the salesperson. The decision to pursue an intermediary relationship therefore rests with the broker. Lean More Find additional information about intermediary by searching the term Intermediary FAQ on You can also find intermediary FAQs on TREC’s website,

For part 2 of this story, see the March issue of Texas Realtor magazine or read the May newsletter.

MCA Minute: Don’t forget your statement will be emailed to you! Bills are due to Pam by Monday, April 25 @ 5:00pm If you submit your payment after 5:00pm on the 25th be sure to add $25 for the late fee.

We want to hear from YOU! Let us know what classes you would like to see on the calendar! 4. 9:00 Breakthrough Masterminds with Doug ($1M-2M producers)


*No Team Meeting this week. Intro to BOLD today at Scottish Rite building. 9am-1pm.

6. 11:00 Productivity Committee 1:00 Culture Committee 2:00 Growth Committee 3:00 Profit Committee

2:00 Camp 443 #11 & 12: Listing Objections & Selling a Home 11.


9:00 Breakthrough Masterminds Office Tour with Doug ($1M-2M producers) 1:00 Team Masterminds 2:00 Camp 443 #14: FSBOs 2:00 Camp 443 #15: Expired & Withdrawn

13. 11:00 ALC Meeting 12:30 New Agent Luncheon 1:30 New Agent Orientation 2:30 Camp 443 #16: Prospecting Farms



9:00 Team Meeting &


9:00 Team Meeting & 9:00 Breakthrough Masterminds 12:00 Connie’s Bible Office Tour with Doug ($1M-2M producers) Study-bring your lunch! 1:00 Contracts 101 NOON Easter 2:00 Camp 443 #17: Receiving/ Potluck @ KW Negotiating Offers 2:30 Camp 443 #18: Closing 25. 9:00 Breakthrough Masterminds with Doug ($1M-2M producers)



9:00 Team Meeting & 12:00 Connie’s Bible Study-bring your lunch! Office Tour

1. 9:00 New Agent Masterminds 10:00 Blowing Up Your Online Marketing-intermediate 11:00 Capper Masterminds 1:30 Wealth Building Fridays 7.


10:30 Contracts 101 2:30 Navica Training w/ Nancy 6:00 Enhance Your Marketing Workshop-KW Training Room

9:00 New Agent Masterminds 10:00 Blowing Up Your Online Marketing-intermediate 11:00 Capper Masterminds 1:30 Wealth Building Fridays



10:00 Contracts Class 11:30 LAR Luncheon 1:00 Jumpstart Your Online Marketing (for beginners)

9:00 New Agent Masterminds 10:00 Blowing Up Your Online Marketing-intermediate 11:00 Capper Masterminds 1:30 Wealth Building Fridays


22. Office closed today and tomorrow.

1:00 Jumpstart Your Online Marketing (for beginners)



10:00 Contracts Class 1:00 Jumpstart Your Online Marketing (for beginners) 2:30 Navica Training w/ Nancy

9:00 New Agent Masterminds 10:00 Blowing Up Your Online Marketing-intermediate 11:00 Capper Masterminds 1:30 Wealth Building Fridays

For more on how Or go

Pam, Camee, and friends in Dallas for a half marathon. Way to go ladies!!

One of the better pictures from Office Flood 2011!

to implement

Presley at a cheer competition in February. What a cutie!

Part of Doug’s things that are in a temporary office. We’re told construction to repair the damage will be done within the first week of March.. YAY!!

One of Ann’s paintings. Who knew we had an artist among us?! Great job!

these ideas, use this QR code.

Megan’s nephews Kayal and Gavin, ready for spring!

Left: Frank telling jokes at our Valentine’s luncheon, and right: Linda S. playing Pictionary at the luncheon. Thanks for making it a good time!! Ann’s Daughter Kerry and grandson’s Brady & Eli. Good picture!!

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